Title: Eye of Sauron
Authors: Feather-of-Maat and Skite
Category: Action/Adventure/General
Rating: G for now, may change later
Summary: SG-1 travels to Middle Earth. Set in an AU Middle Earth during "The Two Towers/Return of the King." Really generic summary I know, but I haven't worked out too many details yet.
Disclaimer: Neither Stargate SG-1 nor Lord of the Rings belong to me. I'm not making any money off of this fic, and, like many fanfic writers it seems, I am a poor student. Please don't sue.
Author's Notes: This is, obviously, a work in progress. I'm putting up this first part to help determine whether or not I should continue it. This chapter is co-authored with my beta reader, but I may write the rest of it on my own.


"This should be a routine mission. The MALP showed no signs of intelligent life, though of course that is not to say there is none. This is strictly an exploratory mission. If you meet up with anything, do try not to get us in a war." General Hammond leveled Daniel with a pointed look, causing the archaeologist to squirm in his chair. "That was just that one time. Besides, I didn't know they would be so offended," he protested. Hammond cut him off with a gesture before he could continue. "Just try to stay out of any dangerous situations. Dismissed."

SG-1 filed out the door, heading for the Gateroom. As soon as they were inside, O'Neill sighed.

"Routine. Right. Meaning, we'll all be stuck in the infirmary for a week after we get back."

Daniel shrugged. "Hey, part of the risk of having a job that's never boring."

O'Neill only sighed again and headed for the Stargate, wondering what exactly would be broken, shot or concussed this time.

The team emerged from the gate into a thick forest. The trees were big, knotted, and drenched in moss; O'Neill doubted he could get his hands around the smallest of them. Behind him, Daniel sneezed. So far, so good, the Colonel thought wryly. Slowly he turned to look at the gate; it was covered in vines, moss, dead leaves, and a good layer of forest.

"Well, it doesn't look like anybody's been using this thing periodically," Daniel noted, brushing some leaves off the barely recognizable DHD. O'Neill fixed him with an exasperated glare. "Ya think?" he muttered, shifting his gun. The whole place was too eerily quiet.

"I don't like this silence," Carter said uneasily. O'Neill nodded absently in agreement. "Let's move out," he said, heading in the direction that seemed lightest. With luck, it would be the edge of the forest.

Thankfully, it was, and four stepped out of the trees onto a long, dry plain. O'Neill wrinkled his nose. "Something's burning," he said, stating the obvious. Daniel sneezed again.

"Sir," Carter said, looking past the Colonel, "maybe the probe didn't show any intelligence, but there are three people headed our way."

O'Neill turned and looked in the direction Carter was pointing. Sure enough, a trio of figures was approaching.

"Hide!" he hissed, diving into a green mass of plant life. Carter followed suit, and Teal'c ducked behind an adjacent log. Daniel, however, was staring intently at the trio as it came towards the forest. "They might be friendly," he said. "I don't see any guns or staff weapons."

"Daniel!" O'Neill yelled in a whisper. "Get over here before they see you! Just because they don't have staff weapons doesn't mean they aren't hostile!" To Carter he muttered, "When will he ever learn?"

"Unknown, sir," Carter answered with a straight face. O'Neill rolled his eyes. Daniel reluctantly squatted next to Teal'c behind the log. O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c raised their weapons and prepared to fire, just in case...

"The tracks lead away from the battle!" the scruffy, dark-haired man yelled, tracking a set of footprints across the plain like a hound. Then he stopped cold. "Into Fangorn Forest."

"Fangorn!" his small, stout companion muttered. "What madness drove them in there?"

The man with the scruffy beard gave no answer to the rhetorical question, his eyes following the tracks worriedly. His tumbled thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a hand gripping his arm. He turned slightly. "What is it, Legolas?"

The third member of the party released his hold on the dark-haired man's arm. "There is someone in the forest, Aragorn," he whispered, his voice low and urgent.

Aragorn stiffened. Legolas, an Elf, had incredible eyesight and was able to see things at long distances that Aragorn himself could not hope to discern. "What was it?" he asked the Elf in an equally low tone. "One of the hobbits?"

Legolas shook his head. "It was too tall, perhaps the size of a man."

"An Orc?"

"No. I saw it only briefly before it vanished, but it was too fair to be an Orc."

Aragorn drew his sword. "We must proceed with caution. It may not have been an Orc, but other strange and hostile creatures may have made their lair in Fangorn. If Merry and Pippin are yet alive, they may still be in danger."

The small, stout man held his weapon, an axe, out at the ready and Legolas fitted an arrow to his weapon of choice, a wooden bow that was slender yet deadly. Cautiously, the three crept towards the edge of the forest, preparing to come face to face with whatever unfamiliar creatures were awaiting them.