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Students started flooding the gates of Crypton high on the beautiful April morning. Everyone was arriving to start a new term and on that day it was the freshmen in particular that were the most enthusiastic for more reasons than one.

"I heard that the eccentric foreigners mixed nephew is going to transfer in!"

"No way I heard it was her estranged daughter!"

"Maybe she will be a pretty blonde like that artist?"

"I hope he can play sports, we need fresh blood for the soccer team!"

Transfer students might not be super important to most people but to this small fishing town, it was the new hot topic that morning. The opening ceremonies started but no new students to be seen much to the gossiping student's disappointment. Sometime after the ceremonies some girls happily reported to their class that they saw the older foreign woman lovingly nicknamed "Sweet Ann" was seen leaving the school building. As all the class 1-C students happily chatted the door slid open and a gorgeous young man with purple hair walked into the classroom with a look on his face like he was wishing he was back in bed. Behind him, two blondes trailed behind the man much to everyone's pleasant surprise.

"As most of you probably know I am Gakupo Kamui, I'll be your homeroom teacher and history teacher," he said quickly. He could tell by the student's eyes he was not the person they were burning a hole through. He pointed to the slightly nervous students standing next to him.

"Transfer kids want to introduce yourselves?"

"Hello! I am Len Kagamine! I look forward to being in your care this year!" The boy had his pretty blonde hair put in a ponytail, he beamed a lovely smile at his peers.

"I'm Rin Kagamine…" The girl had soft blonde hair in a bob cut, she looked nervous as she clung to Len's shoulder.

The new transfer students were twins! Double the fun! (Or double the trouble Kamui-sensei worried) The Kagamines took their seats, Rin sat in the back next to the window and Len was right by her side.

After some formalities, Kamui-sensei left the class to just talk before they could leave for the day. Everyone crowded around the Kagamine's.

"Where did you two come from?" A girl with long strawberry red hair asked.

"Tokyo," Len answered.

"What was the city like!?" An enthusiastic girl with short green hair and red glasses asked everyone around her, she was similarly excited by the city kids.

"It was big, I didn't get out much," Len responded nervously.

"Are you going to join a club?" A gentle-looking boy asked.

"Maybe?" Len responded.

"Rin-chan what do you use to make your hair look so nice?" A pretty lolita girl asked with a playful tone.

"Your hair bow is so cute! Where did you get it?" A cutesy girl with pink hair asked.

"Rin! Do you have a boyfriend?" A blonde boy asked. He didn't notice the glare Len had started to give him.

Rin just turned to her brother with eyes pleading for help on what to say. Len's face softened for his sister and he gave a chuckle as he tried to deter the attention off his sister. Then someone cleared their throat, it was Miku Hatsune. She had a calm and friendly look on her face as her fellow peers deterred their attention to her. Miku Hatsune was the class rep all through middle school so she was used to reigning in her rowdy classmates. Everyone in the classroom has had her as a class rep at least once and were similarly used to the girl taking charge.

"Let's not overwhelm the Kagamine Twins," Miku said as she walked up to the crowd.

"They don't even know who we are yet, I will introduce everyone in the class."

"First I will introduce myself. I am Miku Hatsune your future class rep. If you need help with anything you two let me know!"

Miku walked over to the group that had formed around Rin.

"This is Mayu Hidari, she is adorable, collects stuffed animals and is also a great piano player!" She said pointing to the blonde girl.

"This is Momo Morone, she is great at domestic things like baking and keeping tidy, she loves sweets!" Miku said pointing to the pink-haired girl.

"This is Yohio Satrika, he's a fuck boy please ignore him Rin-chan," Miku said jokingly to the blonde boy.

"Hey!" Yohio pouted as Miku giggled and headed to the group next to Len.

"This is Miki Kozaki! She's literally the best human being in this room and I may be a little biased because she's my best friend," Miku said giving the red-haired girl a hug.

"And This is Gumi Megpoid, She's the number one gossiper in town and Kamui-sensei is actually her uncle," Miku said pointing to the green-haired girl.

"Isn't it biased for her to be in this class than?" Len asked but was ignored as Miku put her arm around the white-haired boy's shoulder. "This is Piko Utatane, he's really nice and good at soccer."

Miku than walked over to a blonde girl on her cellphone and a white-haired girl who was also on her phone. "The blonde is Neru Akita and the White-haired beauty is Haku Yowane. Neru can seem a bit mean sometimes but she's just not good at socializing, Haku is also not very good at talking with people. They both love sending memes to each other."

Miku than walked over to a pinked haired boy in a beanie who was listening to music and not paying attention, a boy with silvery-blue hair was sitting in front of the other boy reading a book.

"The pink-haired boy is Yuma Kazeno. He's really spacey but a good guy. The boy reading the book is Sai Yurika. He is very smart and his father is the mayor of our lovely little town."

"And finally there is…" Miku bobbed her head from side to side, her teal pigtails moved with her as she looked around the room.

"Damnit! Haku did your cousin already leave?" Miku asked.

"Oh, I guess?" Haku said looking up from her phone. Then she gave Miku a guilty look but Miku just patted her friend's head.

"Well, the other members of our class is Dell Honne, Haku's cousin. He's a wannabe punk but you don't have to worry he's all bark and no bite," Miku said with a smile.

"Well, that's everyone in our class! Hope this was insightful."

Rin who had been mostly quiet this whole time and even sort of scared suddenly burst out into laughter at the end of Miku's exposition dump. Her laugh was adorable and everyone was pleasantly caught off guard at the sudden change in her attitude.

"Haha what was that introduction? It was like you were introducing us to the characters in one of Len's dating sims! Ahahaha…" Rin held her stomach as she laughed and even Len gave a chuckle next to her, smiling at his sister.

Everyone made up their minds at the moment. Class 1-C may have only known Rin for half an hour but if anything happened to her they would kill everyone in this school and then themselves.

"Oh let's make a class group chat on Line!" Gumi suggested as she pulled out her phone. "Do you two have Line?"

"Yeah I got Line," Len said pulling out his phone. Everyone gathered and put their usernames into a group chat. Rin just sat there and had a faint smile on her face as she watched her classmates.

"Rin-chan do you not have Line?" Mayu asked.

"I don't have a phone," Rin mumbled.

"Don't have a phone?" Neru asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Her phone broke and she's getting it fixed! I'll make sure to put her in the group chat once she has it back," Len said quickly and the conversation was once again taken off of Rin. Soon the students were allowed to leave for the day and the twins followed Miki and Miku out of the classroom.

"We can walk home with you guys! Miku and I are neighbors and we live close to the edge of town where you guys live with Sweet Ann right?" Miki asked.

"Is that what you guys call Aunt Ann?" Len said with a chuckle.

"Len I want food," Rin said as she linked arms with her brother.

"There's a McDonalds on the way back, we can stop there, it might remind you of the city," Miku said.

"Usually the students here like to go to the locally famous sushi place but it's closed for renovations," Miki said. "Maybe next time!"

As the four students headed outside a male voice called out them.

"Miku! Miki!"

Everyone turned their heads to see a boy with a blue scarf that matched his vibrant blue hair and blue eyes, he was waving at the group with a dopey grin on his face. Behind him was a girl with short brown hair that looked a bit tired but still had a small smirk on her face.

"Kaito-Senpai! Meiko-senpai! Wanna go get McDonald's with us?" Miki asked as the two approached.

"Miku introduce me to these new characters dating sim style!" Rin said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Meiko and Kaito looked confused but Miku just giggled. "Kaito Shion is my big brother, we are only half-siblings though. He is the Soccer Team Captain and also an idiot."

"Hey!" Kaito said feigning annoyance.

"Meiko Sakine is his girlfriend and always the life of the party, both her and Kaito are third years so they are our senpais," Miku explained.

"Are you two the transfer students?" Meiko asked.

"Yes," Len confirmed with a smile.

"Well I hope you two enjoy your time here, this town is nice but a bit boring," Meiko said with a friendly smile.

"Let's not dally in front of the school gates too long, let's go get food!" Miki suddenly chimed in. The group all happily left the school property.

At the McDonalds, everyone ordered their food and the group grabbed some seats in the back of the restaurant. As they talked Rin ate her Big Mac and Fries as if she had never eaten fast food before. The conversation was mostly focused on the Kagamine twins.

"So which one of you is the oldest twin?" Miku asked.

"I am," Len said. "And I am a protective big brother." The short boy puffed out his chest playfully which made Rin giggle.

"Did you play any sports, Len?" Kaito asked.

"Nope I usually just studied and played video games," Len said.

"You should try out for soccer, are you interested in any clubs Rin?" Kaito asked Rin as she shoved fries down her gullet.

"I'll just follow Len," Rin said almost in a whisper before she returned to her fries.

"Are you guys mixed?" Miki asked.

"Yeah our mother is from Scotland and our father is Japanese, we look more like our mother," Len said.

"Why did you two come here?" Meiko asked.

"Our parents are both in the science field and work a lot, they both got promotions and became even busier so we decided to come to finish our high school career here out of their way," Len said.

As they were all talking and having a great time. Miki who was very expressive with her hands suddenly knocked her hand against her soda. She was sitting across from Rin and the soda spilled on their girl and bleed through her white shirt.

Rin grabbed her sweater that she had taken off and used it to cover her wet chest, soaking the sweater as well. The cashier Ruko and Ruby, the manager, saw this happen. Ruby ran into the back and brought out a spare employee polo and handed it to the girl.

"You should go get changed," Ruby said as they handed Rin the shirt. Rin walked to the bathroom and Len and Miki started wiping up the soda. Miki felt really bad. A few minutes later Len saw Rin motion to her from where the bathrooms were, nobody else saw this and Len just walked over. She looked like she might cry.

"Len I should have been more careful, I should have been paying attention. God do you think they saw my-"

"It's not your fault Rin and it happened really fast, I bet they didn't see anything," Len said putting his hand affectionately on Rin's head. She headed back out to the register holding her wet clothes in hand. Ruko handed the girl a bag to put the wet clothes in.

"When should I return this shirt?" Rin asked.

"Don't worry about it, we accidentally ordered way too many polos so just keep it!" Ruby said with a smile.

"Alright… thank you…" Rin said with a little bow. Everyone had finished already and prepared to leave. Rin ran over to join her friends as they all walked outside. They parted ways at the fast-food establishment and Rin took notice of the "NOW HIRING" sign on the door of the McDonald's as she followed Len back towards their house.

At the edge of town right by the sea was a house, actually calling it a shack might be a better description. This is where Rin and Len were living. They entered to see Ann painting something in the crowded living room/kitchen area. She didn't even look up when the pair first walked in. Len tapped her shoulder to get her attention and then handed her a McDonald's bag with the 20 piece chicken nuggets she had requested.

"Thank you for getting this Len!" Ann said.

"Oh yeah Rin you should give me your wet clothes so I can wash them, you should also take a bath you smell like Dr. Pepper," Len said. Rin handed him the bag and then walked into the small room to get out of the rest of her clothes.

The room in question was originally just for storage. On the floor, there was a size queen futon right up against the window. Right next to the door was a dresser full of clothes and this was basically all the material goods Rin and Len had. Rin took off her other clothes and put on some pajamas. When she walked out she threw her dirty clothes in a laundry bin right in front of the bathroom. The bathroom was as shabby as the rest of the place but it was perfectly functional. Rin locked the door and then took off her Pajamas, she put them to the side to put back on when she was done. She washed off her body and then hopped into the bath. As the steam filled the room she rubbed her hand over what she had tried so desperately to hide earlier in front of her new friends, a barcode tattoo.

Rin leaned her head against the tiled wall as she thought back to only a few months ago. She had only just emerged from her tube. She was surrounded by so many scientists and then she was introduced to a boy that looked just like her.

"R0727 this is Len. You both share the same DNA so consider him your big brother," A scientist said with a smile.

"Big… brother?"

The boy looked at her with pity in his eyes. After that, the scientists did lots of tests on Rin. She wasn't the first of her kind but they wanted to see if she was as smart and durable as they wanted. She would be tested on things for hours without a break. She went through a lot of pain but she never scarred. During all of this Len would sometimes be allowed to visit. He was very kind, he showed her the video games he played and told her about the real world and even gave her then name "Rin".

Rin loved spending time with her brother and she desperately wanted to see the outside world with him.

About a week ago when Rin was sleeping in her small room she was woken up by Len at around 3 o'clock in the morning. He had a big backpack on and looked tired yet determined.

"You wanted to see the real world right Rin? Let's go."

"Right now? But what about the guard?" Rin asked.

"I've taken care of that, also we aren't coming back."

"We aren't? Why not?" Rin asked.

"Because Rin you can't live like this, I hate seeing you in pain, hearing you scream… this isn't a good life for you." Len said as he took Rin's hand and helped her out of bed.

"I want to help you, Let's live a normal life!" Len looked into her eyes.

"Together?" Rin asked.


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