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-=Blue Diamond/Yellow Diamond/Steven/The Crystal Gems=-

-=After the Diamonds find Pink's leg ship=-

The Crystal Gems and Steven had finished showing the Diamonds what had happened to the Hems that we're on earth and recovering the ship, so now Steven and the Diamonds were off talking near Pink's ship about what they planned to do while the Crystal Gems have their own conversation.

"Garnet, Steven wants to go and talk to White Diamond, that means he will be going to Homeworld..." Pearl said anxiously as she glanced over at him.

Garnet was under a lot of stress right now. Steven was just casually chatting with the Diamond that wanted Ruby shattered, her wedding day was overshadowed by this attack, and the Diamonds were just acting friendly! She hated this, Steven wasn't supposed to be trying to redeem them, this was supposed to be their final battle.

"No, he won't be going anywhere." Garnet said, a glare under her visor in the direction of the two Diamonds.

"Garnet?..." Amethyst looked up to her with a confused and slightly worried expression.

"Steven, we would like to talk to you in private." Garnet called him over.

"Not now fusion, we are catching up with Pink." Yellow shot back with a glare five times more intense than the one Garnet had.

"It's ok Yellow, it'll only be a few minutes." Steven assured before rushing over to his family. "What's up guys?"

"Steven, inside. We're having a team meeting." Garnet said before walking inside, followed by the rest of the Crystal Gems, including Bismuth, who was holding the Gems of Peridot and Lapis.

Steven followed close, not sure what Garnet seemed so upset about. After they got inside Steven realized that this wasn't exactly all that private of a meeting considered the front of his entire house was gone. "So, why did we need to come inside what is left of the house?"

"Steven, you're staying here." Garnet said in her usual stoic voice. "We will not let you go to Homeworld with those shatterers."

"Whaaaat?! But, why not?!" He whined, receiving a raised brow from Yellow, who was waiting next to Blue and the ship.

"Steven, you need to understand, White Diamond is very dangerous, Homeworld is very dangerous, we can't just let you go there...not again..." Pearl said, looking away in sadness as she recalled the time she lost him to Aquamarine and almost lost him for good to that wretched planet.

"Pearl, it's different this time, I'm going there so I can help the corrupted Gems, I'm going there WITH the Diamonds, I'll be ok!" He argued, upset that they were trying to keep him from helping all the Gems they had been trying to save for a millennia now.

"I don't know guys, I think he can handle himself, he is a Diamond too after all, and trust me when I say I'm not trying to speak kindly of the Diamonds at all when I say this, but it's not like they'll hurt him, they far out power us and they know it, if they wanted him hurt, they'd do it already..." Bismuth said but it went ignored by all other than Steven.

"Well look at that, Bismuth: the Gem who hardly knows me, trusts me more than my own family! At least I can count on her...and you, right Amethyst?" Steven asked, turning to his sister.

"We'll find another way dude, this is just too much for you to be doing at your age, aren't you humans just supposed to just be... living life or something when you're kids?" Amethyst tried to convince him.

"You too Amethyst?..." Steven asked giving her a heartbroken look. "I-...I thought at least you of all people trusted me..."

"No, no, no! I didn't mean it like that! It's just, you're just a kid, this isn't your problem, this shouldn't be your problem." She explained, hoping he would understand.

"Well it is my problem!" He exploded in a fit on anger. "It's my problem because my mom made it my problem! Because she left me with ALL of her problems! An intergalactic war?! Check! Being blamed for the death of the leader of an entire race?! Check! Oh wait, she wasn't shattered?! Now I'm the son of a tyrannical war lord?! Check! She just had to have me and die didn't she?! Leaving me with three Gems that blame me for her being gone! Triple check on that one!! Oh, and let's not forget, she specifically left me with Pearl! The Gem who would sooner see me dead than deal with her Rose being gone! Remember?! You tried to pull my Gem out when you kidnapped me?! Or when you just let me fall off that cliff when I was trying to help you?! No, why would you care?! All you care about is getting back your stupid OWNER!!"

Steven immediately regretted that last part. "P-Pearl...I'm sorry, I just..."

"No...I understand...I haven't exactly been the mother figure that I should be..." she said, tearing up, looking like she was about to break into full blown sobs.

"No, Pearl... what I said was out of line...you're an amazing mother figure who is just having a hard time grieving, I understand, and I'm sorry... I know you loved mom, and would have done anything for her...but I also know that you love me too." Steven said as he embraced her.

"Of course we do Steven... we just...we want what's best for you, that includes keeping you safe here." She said, running her hands through his hair.

"But...I can fix everything. I know you think highly of mom, but she messed a lot of things up, if I have the chance to fix them...then I need to take it...right?"

"...Amethyst is right...Rose...she did make quite a few mistakes and that has unrightfully fallen on your shoulders unfortunately...do what you need to Steven, I'll support you." Pearl reassured him before looking to Garnet. "And Garnet will too,...right?"

Garnet just crossed her arms. "No. You will not go anywhere with Blue Diamond, I forbid it."

"But, Garnet, I could fix all of this, why don't you trust me?" Steven asked,letting go of Pearl. "What's wrong?"

"Steven, you know what Blue tried to do to Ruby! She was going to have her shattered! The fact that not only are you trying to redeem that, but you're trying to be her friend is just unfathomable to me, do you even know how that makes me feel?!" Garnet shouted uncharacteristically.

"You don't have to go! What about all of those corrupted Gems?! What about all the oppressed Gems on Homeworld?! What about their closure for Pink's shattering?! I promised Centi that we would cure her, I'm not going to go back on that promise because you are uncomfortable with me being around Blue Diamond!" He said turning to leave.

"Fine...go, but you're going alone." Garnet said before heading back towards the temple. "Pearl, Amethyst, and Myself are staying here, maybe some time with those tyrants and away from us will remind you who your true family is."

"What?! If Steven is going then so am I!" Amethyst argued, stepping up to Garnet, Pearl soon joining her. "Yeah, we aren't just going to let him go alone."

"No, you know what,...fine, I'll prove that I can handle myself, I'll go and fix everything she did on my own!" Steven said, accepting the challenge. "This has nothing to do with any of you anyway! I'll prove to you all that I can be trusted as a real Crystal Gem!"

Garnet didn't expect him to actually go after her bluff, but before she could turn back and stop him, he had already launched himself away from the house with his floating powers.

"STEVEN!" All four Gems called out to him as he left.

"Gems, we have to stop him!" Garnet ordered, rushing towards Steven and the Diamonds with the Gems in tow.

"We're leaving, right now." Steven said to the as he walked past the Diamonds and towards his mother's ship.

"Your little friends seem to want to join us, what about them?" Blue asked, seeing that the Crystal Gems were rushing towards them.

"No, we're going alone." He said, sending Garnet a slight glare. "Now... let's just get out of here...please?" He asked Blue, looking up to her with a tear in his eye.

"Y-Yes, of course." She said, lifting him up onto her shoulder. Before any of the Crystal Gems could even get close, they disappeared into the ship.

"Steven, come out here this instant! You can't leave with them!" Garnet demanded, slamming her gauntlets against the side of the ship, hardly leaving a scratch.

Steven didn't even acknowledge them as a pink aura enveloped him from the waist down. He then turned to his Diamond aunts. "How do I start this thing up?"

"Get a running start, it's not too hard. You sure you don't want to bring your Pearl with you? If you really have none of her memories, then you should have someone to show you what to do." Yellow offered, glancing at the hybrid while she propped her head up on her right hand.

"I'm sure,...I can do this by myself, I'll make sure I show them that much..." Steven said with determination before he began to run in place. Not three seconds later they were in the air.

Back on the beach, the Gems sat there, trying to convince themselves this wasn't happening. "No...I...I didn't see this as a possibility..." Garnet said, holding back tears.

"Well you should've! You're the one who told him to go alone, you put the idea in his head, and now we might never get to see him again!" Amethyst shouted, throwing her hands in the air.

Pearl just looked at Garnet with a glare. "She better hope we do...for her sake..." was all she said before letting a few tears slip as she ran back to the temple.

"I...I'm sure he'll be ok. This is Steven we're talking about. I hardly know the kid but if he's anything, he's charismatic, he won't have any issues with making friends there." Bismuth said, trying to cheer the fusion up.

Garnet said nothing as she just sat there in defeat. A minute or so went by before Connie came running onto the beach with her parents in tow. "Where's Steven? Why did the ship leave?!"

"He's gone Connie, Garnet got him upset and he went to Homeworld alone." Amethyst said bitterly.

"Alone?...He left me here again?!" She asked as she looked up at the sky. "Why does he always do this?!"

"This is about more than just you Connie, he left all of us, he's in space now with no food or water and he's all alone with the Diamonds, who cares if he left specifically you here again?" Amethyst growled, annoyed about how she was trying to make it about herself.

Before Connie could even argue, her mother stepped in. "I am so sorry about her, I don't know why she's behaving this way. Just please, try to get Steven home, I've grown fond of him myself and I would hate to see any parent- er...guardians with a child missing in space of all places, I wish the best of luck to all of you."

"...thanks..." Amethyst said, unable to really think of any other response to that.

Connie was about to speak up but Priyanka was quick to interject. "You apologize for your behavior this instant young lady."

"I...I'm sorry, I know this isn't about me and my reaction was...less than proper...I hope he comes home safe and soon..." Connie says before heading back to the car with her head down, her parents right behind her.

Amethyst was about to leave when Greg's new car came flying onto the sand. "I was packing for Steven, where is he?! Why are you still here and him and the ship are gone?! Why is my boy not with one of you?!"

"I'm done explaining for her, you can ask Garnet yourself, I'm going to my room." Amethyst spat, her voice laced with venom as she passed Garnet.

"Garnet? What is she talking about? What did you do?!" Greg shouted, loosing his patience.

"I...I messed up...bad. Steven left with the Diamonds alone after we got into an argument." She explained, still not getting up.

"He was insisting on going to Homeworld after I told him not to, and then I told him that if he was going, he was going alone, and I guess he didn't care if I was bluffing, because he left without us..."

Greg felt like he was about to have a heart attack, but instead of panicking and freaking out like he did when Jasper and Peridot came, he turned it into anger.

"You what?! You just let my kid go into space without anybody to keep him safe?! Is he even coming back?! Where the hell do you get off, sending him out there alone like that! You're lucky you're a powerful space lady or else I'd deck you right in the face right now!" Greg was more angry than she had ever seen him, he had never cursed before, nor had he ever threatened someone like that...she knew that she had messed up badly.

"I swear on Rose's proverbial grave, if he comes back with as much as a scratch, I will make sure you suffer for it." He growled before storming off to his car and slamming the door, falling into a sobbing mess the second he was out of sight.

-=Pink's/Steven's leg ship=-

-=Half an hour later=-

-=Steven/Yellow Diamond/Blue Diamond=-

Steven had let the ship fly itself after a while, it was now heading in the general direction of Homeworld. The hybrid sat in Blue's lap half asleep when he realized something: he's hungry.

"Um... so I guess it's best to explain more about myself now." Steven started, receiving a curious look from Blue and an actual answer from Yellow.

"Yes, I think you owe us an explanation as to what you are and why you have Pink's Gem..."

"Well, like I said, my mother, who you know as Pink Diamond, had a child with my dad...that child is me. She gave up her physical form so I could exist, and now she's gone... anyways, while I'm half Gem, I'm also half human, and I need to eat, drink, shower, use the bathroom, and all the stuff a human normally does. So is there any of that on Homeworld? Without it, I'll probably die." He explained.

"Oh, no I don't think we have proper accommodations for a human, I'll have some Gems go to the human zoo and bring some resources for you." Blue said, pulling up a holo-screen. She contacted some Gems in her court while Steven and Yellow conversed.

"I understand if you're upset at me or hate me and blame me for my mom's death...I know she meant a lot to you and I'm sure it hurt to get your hopes up only for your to be disappointed so much. I'd just like to say now, I'm sorry..." Steven apologized, not being able to find the will to even look at her.

"Pin-...Steven...look at me." She ordered in her usual strict voice, but with a hint of kindness to it. Steven glances up at here, tears threatening to fall. "You are a Diamond, you should never apologize for existing. Your mother had you because she wanted to, I'm sure even Pink would have her reasons for that. So no, I do not hate you for existing, I do not blame you for a decision your mother made, and I will never see you as the reason she is gone. That was her choice, and her choice alone, you do not have to ever apologize for her."

Steven couldn't hold back anymore, he jumped over to her and latched onto her, crying from the pent up sadness. He needed that, now more than ever. Blue just watched with a small smile, she hadn't seen Yellow like this in so long, Steven was really going to make things better again.

While Yellow knew what he was doing due to Pink doing it all he time, and while she would usually be annoyed by it, she didn't mind too much, she knew deep down that she needed it too.

After Steven stopped crying he fell asleep, they still had an hour before they would get there so Yellow allowed him to continue, even at one point showing her own little smile, even if for only a second.

Things were going to be better from now on...she knew he wasn't Pink and that he couldn't exactly replace her, but they didn't need to replace Pink, they just needed to fill the Diamond sized hole in their lives.

-=End Of Chapter=-

Well there you have it, Garnet screwed up because she was being selfish...oh well, now Steven is going alone, let's see how this changes things.

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