A young teenage girl sat in an office watching papers shuffle around. She listened to people talking. Several people with fancy suits and boring expressions. Sometimes they spoke with each other and sometimes they spoke to her. When she heard her name she would look up, as if from a trance, and tell them what they needed to know. More papers were shuffled around and filled out.

After a while a new person entered the office and spoke to her. The girl had met her before but only briefly. This was to be her new foster parent.

The girl mustered up a practiced smile and shook the hand of the woman. The woman smiled back and greeted her. The girl could feel the warmth in her voice and the care in her eyes. The girl did not say anything else. She just went back to staring as more papers were passed around and the woman signed and signed and signed.

Eventually the last paper was filled out and the adults had talked enough and the girl was ushered up to the desk. The business woman behind the desk asked her to sign one last line. After doing so, she would officially be assigned to the new foster family.

The girl bit her lip nervously and looked at the paper. Then she looked at the person behind the desk urging her. Finally, she looked at the kind-eyed woman who was to be her foster parent, who smiled encouragingly.

The girl then nodded to herself and signed her name slowly:


Adora tapped on the window of the car and watched the scenery go by. She was in the car of her foster mother, Angella. It had been mostly a quiet ride as most all of Adora's responses to questions had been a simple yes or no.

There was a bit of awkwardness in the air and soft pop music played on the radio. After a while Angella piped up again.

"So Adora," she spoke softly, "I am so thrilled that this can finally happen and that we can share our home and our lives with you."

Adora fidgeted a bit in her seat and then said, "Me too."

Angella carried on. "I know this transition will be a lot for you and I know you are probably very nervous right now but if you need anything at all, and I mean anything, you can come right to me. Or Glimmer at that matter."

Adora nodded, looking forward at the road. "Okay. Thanks."

She said this as politely as she could. She did not want to offend Angella. Adora could tell that she wanted to have more of a conversation, but Adora just wasn't in the right place for it.

To say that this transition was "a lot" was an understatement. Adora had just had her whole world shaken up. And while she had been told by her few friends in her old town that this would be a great opportunity, right now it just felt like a great source of anxiety.

The car ride continued in silence for a bit. Angella spoke out as much as she could. Probing to try and break through to Adora, but after a while she realized it might be best to leave her to her own thoughts until she was adjusted.

Adora didn't mind the attention, but she also didn't mind the silence. For now, she decided, she just needed to get through the day...and all the days after that. She kept staring out the window and wondered what the place would be like.

"I might have my own room for once," she mused. "Maybe they're one of those super rich families that have a pool." She tried her best to lower her expectations as Angella said they were almost there.

They turned into a nice suburban neighborhood with picket fences and nicely mowed grass and eventually pulled up into the driveway of one of the homes. Adora looked up at it. It wasn't huge by any means, but for two people it seemed like way too much space.

"Maybe they just fostered me so they could make use of the space a little more," Adora thought to herself.

Angella turned off the car, fumbled in her pockets, and excitedly turned to Adora.

"We're here!" Angella beamed and handed her a key that was so bright pink and glitter covered that it almost hurt Adora's eyes just to look at it.

"This is your house key! Glimmer picked it out for you. If you can't tell bright and sparkly is kinda her theme."

Adora smirked a little. "Well at least I won't lose it."

Angella laughed at this. "You'd have a hard time with it yes. I'll grab your things from the back and please feel free to go in and look around! I'll be done in a little while and I'll show you your room. Oh and Glimmer should be home from school before too long and I know she is just thrilled to meet you, Adora."

Adora smiled briefly and hopped out of the car. She started towards the house and tried to stem the surge of anxious anticipation welling up in her. She unlocked the front door and slowly entered, her head turning every which way as she took in her new living space.

It was nice! A big open living room with a bigger TV than she had ever seen was immediately visible. She could see a bit of the kitchen and that looked big too. Framed pictures of people she didn't know lined the walls and the whole house smelled like Febreeze. She stood in the doorway for a while just looking at things, not able to decide if she wanted to explore the house or run back out the door and all the way back to her old home.

Her old place hadn't been this big and she had shared it with a lot of people, but at least it was familiar. She had just set her backpack down when she heard a grunt from outside.

Angella was struggling with some of Adora's stuff. Adora didn't have a lot and they weren't especially heavy but Angella was trying to get them all inside in one trip and kept dropping things.

Adora walked back outside and offered to help. "I can..carry some of that if you want, ma'am."

Angella sighed and laughed lightly. "I suppose I was a little ambitious. And really Adora you can just call me Angella. Ma'am makes me feel old."

Adora smiled a little, nodded, and grabbed the case that was causing the most problems. She hefted it up and started walking towards the house.

Angella followed suit. "Wow I wish I had been as strong as you when I was your age! Or even now to be honest!" She laughed. "Do you work out a lot?"

Adora shrugged. "I used to but it's been a while," she said as she placed the big suitcase down in the entrance.

"Well it paid off!" Angella sets the rest of the stuff down and catches her breath. "You look pretty...swole." Angella emphasized this last word with air quotes.

Adora winced slightly at the use of the slang word and Angella picked up on it.

"Oh no I did it again. I promised Glimmer I'd stop using slang because it embarasses her. But between you and me," Angella leans in and whispers, "that's the only reason I do half the things I do. YOLO am I right?" At this she cracks a smile.

Adora winces even harder. "Noted." she thinks to herself, "New foster mom is a walking dad joke."

"Now," Angella says, "if you'd like I can show you around and you can get familiar with the place, or you can have some time to yourself. I know it's been a long day." She looks at Adora assuringly.

"I would really like to have some time to myself if that's alright, ma'am, er...Angella, shoot."

Angella brushes off the mistake. "I don't mind at all. This is your new home after all. You should feel free to do whatever you like. Your room is up these stairs here and the second door on the right. C'mon I'll help you carry all this up, though I'm sure you could do it all with one arm tied!" They get the stuff up the stairs and Adora opens the door to her new room.

"My room." Adora lets this sink in as she takes in her surroundings.

It is pretty bare at the moment, but all the basics were there. There was a big bed. A bigger bed than she had ever had for sure. And there was a dresser set up and a real big closet and a bookshelf in the corner. What really stole Adora's attention, however, was the huge sparkling cutout letters hanging from one end of the ceiling to the other that said WELCOME ADORA in huge bubble letters.

"Oh right," Angella says quickly, "Glimmer insisted on that. Made it herself too. She really is excited to meet you. But she would definitely understand if you wanted to wait until tomorrow to get to know her. Or as long as you need. Entirely up to you, Adora."

She then spent a bit letting Adora know where the bathrooms were and where she could get clean towels and more general information about the house. After the basics were out of the way she turned to leave.

"I'll just leave you to it then. If you need anything at all I will be right downstairs starting dinner. I'm a god awful cook but it's a special occasion so it'll have to do!"

"Thanks Angella," Adora replied as she smiled up at the handmade welcome. "I'll let you know if I need anything."

Angella smiled warmly, shuffled out the door, and shut it behind her.

Adora let out a huge sigh and plopped down on the bed, spread eagle.

"This is a lot," she thought as she closed her eyes and processed everything. "Angella is extremely nice. The house is super big (and I haven't even checked for a pool yet), I have my own room, and Glamor or whatever her name is sounds almost exhaustingly friendly."

This was a lot of change for Adora, almost too much to handle. And as she drifted off to sleep on the extremely soft bed, still in her hoodie and jeans, she wondered if it would be a change for the better.

Adora woke up a few hours later and wiped the drool off her chin. She had gone out like a light. There was a moment of temporary panic as she opened her eyes and didn't recognize the room, however she soon remembered where she was.

And she also heard voices in the hallway, probably what had woken her up. She yawned quietly and listened. She recognized Angella's voice.

"No not yet. The lights are still off, she's probably sleeping!"

Adora heard another voice, younger and more than a little whiny. "But mooom! How long is she gonna sleep? I wanna give her the grand tour!"

"There will be time for that after she wakes up sweetie I promise. But she seemed very tired when we got here. She's had a long day!"

"Or she just wanted to get away from you already," the voice of what Adora presumed was Glimmer chuckled. "Did you say all those cheesy lines from that book you read about accepting new children into the home?"

The hallway was quiet for a moment.

"I knew it!" Glimmer said loudly and was quickly shushed by her mother. "You gave her the boring mom welcome and I'll give her the magical best friend welcome!"

"Well just wait until she wakes up and is ready, dear. And lets just hope she can keep up with your energy! I'm gonna go finish dinner. Don't you bug her."

Adora heard footsteps descending down the stairs. Adora was pretty surprised by the exchange. It wasn't like nobody had ever cared about her, but it seemed like this family was really going over the top to make sure she was happy and that was relatively new. She decided that even with her nervousness about the new living situation, she should try to make sure that they knew she appreciated it.

But with that said, Adora was still pretty nervous to just go walking around in some stranger's home and get to know them.

"I could stay in this room for the rest of my life, or I could just go out there and get it over with." Adora thought about it and decided she could probably get them to bring her food and slide it under the door. Bedroom life may not be too bad. She could set up a bucket in the corner and everything.

In the end she flipped a coin, and as fate dictated she slid out of bed and slowly opened the door to her room.

As she opened the door, she heard it creak loudly as it groaned to a slow halt. Adora winced at the sound and froze. She immediately heard a bed in the room beside her creak and then the sound of feet running hurriedly.

"Well so much for bedroom life," Adora thought as the door next to her opened quickly and a pink floof with a head attached to it poked out of the room and gasped.

"Adora!" the girl yelled as she ran over to Adora and wrapped her in a big hug, "It is great to finally meet you! Welcome to our home! I'm Glimmer!"

"Oh! Wow. Uh...hey! Hey there! I'm uh...Adora! Nice to meet you." Adora awkwardly placed her hands around Glimmer in this impromptu hug.

Glimmer finally dropped the hug and stepped back with a smile on her face and Adora got a good look at her. She was a lot shorter than Adora but she looked about the same age. She was very...well...cute for lack of literally any other word. Her hair was a mess of fluffy curls that were dyed a purple/pink. She was wearing pajamas that also happened to be in different shades of purple. And she had a very very eager look on her face.

"Soooo…" she said slowly, "you met my mom." Glimmer's expression suddenly looked very embarrassed and she spoke in a quieter voice, "Was she too weird?"

Adora shook her head, surprised. "Oh no! Angella was very nice!"

Glimmer giggled profusely at this. "Eeeewww don't say Angella that's weird! I believe her proper name is: mom."

"Well...I could.." Adora looked a little uncomfortable and Glimmer realized that maybe it was a bit too early for Adora to see Angella as her mother in any way.

"Oh...uh..or you could totally call her Angella! I mean what a pretty name, right? Why let it go to waste?" Glimmer chuckled awkwardly and then pulled a soft reset.

"Anyway, it is just great to meet you! I've been excited for months after we learned you were coming to live with us! Did you like the welcome sign?"

Adora nodded. "Yeah it was very...colorful! Thank you."

"Oh no problem. That's just how we roll around here, roomie! Have you looked around yet?"

"Oh no I actually haven't, see I was pretty tired and it's been a looong day and I…"

Glimmer grabbed Adora's hand mid-sentence and began to tug her towards the stairs. "Oh you just have to let me give you the grand tour!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Adora decided it was easier to just give in. She was now a prisoner to this purple bundle of love.

She let herself be tugged along as Glimmer hurried down the stairs and began to show Adora around. She made sure to mention even small features like a coat closet and "the little cabinet where we keep tools and stuff."

Adora made sure to look interested. And honestly, she was. She wasn't sure if Glimmer's cheerfulness was infectious or something, but it was actually kinda fun getting shown around the place.

Soon they made it to the kitchen.

"Here," Glimmer said with a sweep of her arm, "we have a wild mother in her natural habitat, making what she calls...food."

Adora snickered a little at this and even more so when Angella turned around with a death glare and Glimmer giggled and ran off with Adora in tow.

"Don't let her wear you out too much, Adora!" she called from the kitchen after them.

Glimmer carried on with the tour and showed her a guest bedroom, the garage, the laundry room and many more spaces that Adora doubted she would ever use. Adora looked out a sliding screen door at one point into the backyard and Glimmer caught her eyes wandering. She truly was a top notch tour guide.

"Oh that's the backyard. It's pretty much your average backyard," Glimmer explained.

"Alright so they aren't like the super rich, pool in the backyard, kinda families. That's a relief." Adora thought silently. She didn't need any more of a reason to feel like a charity case.

"Oh but we do have this sick hot tub! Surprise!" Glimmer slid open the glass door and pointed out a large hot tub sitting in the corner by the house.

"Oh boy."

After the tour the two girls were called to the kitchen for dinner. Angella insisted a dozen times that Adora could take a plate to her room if she wanted but Adora decided that it would be polite to eat with the family tonight, especially after they had been so inviting. Almost too inviting. Adora hadn't ruled out the possibility that they were serial killers yet.

But regardless, they were extremely nice to her, and Glimmer was even starting to grow on her. She was simply so likeable that she defied Adora's nerves. She had already grilled her on her favorite things and was noticeably upset that her favorite color wasn't purple.

Dinner was pot roast with mashed potatoes and a bunch of other little sides. Angella had asked Adora prior to picking her up today what her favorite meal was and it looked like she had remembered.

The sun had gone down and the three were gathered at the dining table. Glimmer was telling her mother about how Adora's favorite animal was a cat and many other things and Adora was simply enjoying the company. She had let her guard down a little bit and was deciding to try to take the new situation positively.

"So Adora what do you think?"

Adora looked up suddenly to find both Glimmer and Angella looking at her questioningly.

"Uhm...think of what?" She replied a little flustered.

"Oh the food I meant. I burnt the edges a little but I think I cut the worst of it off."

"Oh it's very good! Thank you for making it. And...thanks for everything. Both of you."

Glimmer smiled at her and Angella said, "No need to thank us. We're just glad that you're giving us the chance to get to know you. Now...who the heck is gonna eat all this pot roast because I made way too much!"

Adora's appetite had come back after her stomach had stopped feeling like it was twisting itself into knots and she gladly took seconds. She enjoyed the rest of the dinner. She offered to help clean up afterwards but Angella absolutely refused.

"Keep that spirit though! Maybe I'll put you to good work one day! Lord knows Glimmer won't volunteer." She then said goodnight to them both and said she would see them tomorrow.

After dinner the two girls went up to Glimmer's room, which was the last part of the house Adora hadn't been shown. And boy was it a sight to behold.

The walls were painted a soothing lavender, which could barely be seen due to all the posters and drawings covering the walls. The floor was pretty messy and all sorts of things were strewn out over a shaggy pink rug. And the whole room was bathed in a warm light from an old lamp that looked like a definite fire hazard.

"What do you think?" Glimmer asked as Adora looked around the room.

Adora smiled wide and looked back at Glimmer. "It's fantastic."

"Oh I'm glad you like it! I was gonna decorate your room too but mom said to wait until you got here."

"Well then I guess I have her to thank for not choking on a cloud of glitter when I walked in for the first time. That's sweet though. Thanks."

"Oh for sure. And I'll still help you decorate whenever you want!" Glimmer said excitedly.

"I might take you up on that, Glimmer."

Glimmer smiled and ushered Adora over by patting the bed next to her. Adora went over and sat by her new housemate.

"She smells like frosting. Why does she smell like frosting?" Adora thought to herself.

Glimmer, without a word, started brushing Adora's hair. At first Adora freaked out a bit, as this wasn't something anyone had really done to her before, however after a while she found it comforting. They sat like that for a while and then Glimmer broke the silence.

"Hey thanks for hanging out with me today. I know that you maybe weren't in the best mood for getting to know me and you might not be for a while but I just was real excited to see you. I didn't mean to rush things though."

Adora turned to face Glimmer (even though she was starting to really enjoy the hair brushing). "No Glimmer, I'll be honest I wasn't in the best mood today. It's just been a lot. And it still is a lot. All the change. I mean I've moved around before, but I was younger. And I had been at the group home for a while before being here. It's just gonna be a lot to adjust to. New house, new school, and a foster...family. It's so much all at once."

Glimmer nodded and put a hand on Adora's shoulder.

"But," Adora continued, "You and your mom have been the best thing for me in this situation, I think. I'm sure there are loads of bad foster homes out there, but you two have been so kind and thoughtful. And you managed to make me feel better tonight when I didn't really think I could. So thank you Glimmer." Adora smiled thoughtfully at Glimmer and she could have sworn she saw some tears well up in the pink-haired girl's eyes.

"Oh. And also. Could you keep doing that brushing?" she asked with a laugh.

"Of course, roomie. Your hair is so long and pretty. Oh and just you wait. I'll make sure you're as comfortable as can be while you adjust. Especially when you start at school next week. If anyone so much as looks at you funny I'll give em the ol' Glimmer Beatdown." Glimmer threw her fists at the air pretending to beat someone up and Adora laughed.

"Well I'm glad I already have a bodyguard, what more could a girl want?"

"Well just wait till I start charging you for my protection! It's a hefty fee to rent out these fists." Glimmer punched the air some more and then gasped. "Oh and just wait till you meet my friend, Bow! I've told him about you and he's very excited to meet you! You'll love him. Everyone does."

"I'm sure I will."

The pair spent the next few hours chatting into the night and getting to know one another. By the time they were done it was very late. Glimmer hugged Adora and wished her a goodnight and Adora walked next door to her room and changed sluggishly into some pajamas she had in her bag. She slid into bed, still holding the pink plush cat that Glimmer had given her as a "room-warming gift." She shut off the lights and, contrary to earlier in the day, found that her mind was not racing.

Adora quickly began to fall asleep in her new bed, in her new room, and in her new house. She noticed before she passed out that she already smelled like frosting and smiled to herself in the dark.

"This might not be too bad."

Hey guys! Wow I have not written a fanfic in quite some time and I'm really glad that the new She-Ra series motivated me to write again. I just could not stop thinking of a modern, high school AU with all the characters I loved from the show. Next thing you know I wrote up all this in a day. I already feel like this project is gonna be really fun for me and I'm glad I can share it with you guys! I am super busy this year but I am gonna make time for this because I forgot how much I loved writing. If I spend too long without updating make sure to yell at me because I refuse to give up on this series. I am super excited to play around with AU versions of these characters and the next few chapters are gonna be really fun (I am psyched for freaking Catra)! Anyway, make sure to comment and let me know what you thought! I would love to hear from you guys and get to know what you guys think. And you can tell me if I had like a typo cuz that's embarrassing. Anyway thank you guys for reading and I'm excited for the content to come!