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Chapter 1: Arcana Cabana

An eleven year old boy awoke to the sound of his alarm clock with a tired groan before turning it off. His raven colored mop of hair was messy but most days he looked that way anyway as he usually ran his fingers through it and scratched his head when he was in deep thought or worry. This boy's name was Myles Emmett-Anderson, born in London, England but then came to New York a month ago to live with his Uncle *Giles.

After finally getting dressed, Myles came downstairs grabbing his backpack and grabbed a pack of pop tarts just as the voice of his uncle cleared his throat holding a plate of eggs "you'd be eating this if you would just let me take you to school." he said with a raised eyebrow and a stern gaze.

"How do you do that with your eyebrow? That's … that's not natural" Myles said making his uncle shake his head and put the plate down. Myles knew he meant well, but after his father left him and his mother just put him on a plane to New York, he was having a hard time with family. Well, everyone really. "I can walk." he said with a shrug.

"I thought you had a bike?" Giles asked making Myles freeze up. Sadly, like most kids, he was not immune to bullies. One in particular was Kyle Orson, a fourteen year old who liked to think he was in a punk band or something. He made his month here a living nightmare, the past weekend being a new low when he pushed him off his own bike and rode off with it. "It's …. Got a flat" Myles said as Giles stared him down.

"You're a bad liar, Myles" he said making his nephew scoff "ok ok … someone stole it, it's my problem" he said before looking at his watch "look I better go if I wanna go on time for the field trip" he said before taking off making Giles sigh through his nose before grabbing his keys. Myles was reluctant, but he knew driving would be quicker, so he sat in his uncle's car as they drove through the streets of New York.

When he was dropped off, he didn't look back.

"Hey Myles!" A voice said making the person in question turn and barely had time to catch a football being tossed at him, knocking the wind out of him. The thrower, who was also the one who called him, came up to him smiling. He had blond hair wearing a red hoodie and blue jeans. This was August Prince, the only person who even wanted to be Myles' friend "nice catch, you should think about joining the football team with me" he said accepting the ball back from his friend tossing it in the air.

"That is not a football" Myles said shaking his head while they kept walking to the doors "oh yeah, what'd you guys call it over there, Rummy?" He said with a smirk making Myles roll his eyes "Rugby" he said in annoyance "I don't do sports, and you know it, August" he said before getting stopped by his friend looking concerned "Myles what happened?" He asked but the person in question kept silent, even though August could tell right off the bat "It's Kyle, wasn't it? What'd he do?" He asked but Myles gave him a look that screamed 'drop it' and kept walking.

"You've got to start standing up for yourself, Myles!" August said catching up to his friend who turned to him "Why? What good will it do? I'm no one, I'm not strong or anything to back me up … if I stand up to him, he'll punch me in the face and keep doing it anyway! No one cares" he said leaving again leaving August stunned and swore under his breath. He hated that his friend was so stubborn, and even worse was he hated the bully that was giving Myles trouble was his adopted brother.

His self hate was interrupted by the sound of the bell and jogged to class before they headed to the bus.

/ / / / / / / / / /

The Statue of Liberty was always an awesome sight, in Myles' opinion. Even though everyone in New York saw it in one way or another, Myles had a sense of familiarity with it, he didn't know why. Sometimes he even imagined it had a sword in its hand instead of a torch, though he didn't know why. He just thought it was more majestic than it already was.

"She's French" someone said next to Myles, startling him out of his musing and turned to see a tan skinned girl named Gwendolyn Smith standing next to him with a friendly smile, though she always went by Gwen. "It was a gift to America from France, I mean" she said quickly making Myles smirk a bit and looked back at it "technically she's Roman, Libertas, goddess of Liberty" he said making Gwen blush and yelped when August came up behind them.

"Myles, must you always be such a know-it-all?" He said before Myles pointed over to a nearby plaque with a sarcastic look. "Well i do read" he said making the two laugh a bit. But stopped when Myles was pushed to the ground by Kyle looking smug.

"This loser ain't smart, moron still doesn't not to let his guard down" he taunted as August got in the way "leave him alone, Kyle!" He said but got shoved as well. "Miss Johnson!" Gwen cried and ran over to the group but Kyle didn't pay attention "liked having to walk, dweeb? Maybe i should take your legs too" he said before stomping on the ground close to Myles' legs making him jump back and Kyle laugh. "That's right, squirm away like the insect you are" he said and stomped again but Myles took off running.

He was terrified as tears threatened to appear as he ran through the city, not sure of where to go but he just had to get away. He felt his hands were red and raw from hitting the pavement to break his fall and something running down the side of his head, most likely blood. He kept running and running, until he was tired and needed to rest. Sitting down against a wall, Myles panted trying to catch his breath blinking away tears.

"Myles" a voice said startling the boy as he looked around. It sounded deep and old. "Myles" it said again making him stand up quickly looking around "w-who's there?!" He asked and looked around in fear before eyeing a long branch and picked it up, wincing as he did. "Ok … creepy voice … I'm armed so … stay back" he said before realizing how lost he was and wasn't sure what to do, one one hand stay here and wait for his class and possibly run into the creepy old voice. Or he could hope someone had a phone so he could call Giles.


"Yep, option two" he said as he took off and down an alleyway so see what looked like an antique shop ahead and ran to it. Dropping his stick, he barely noticed the name of the store before he went in: Arcana Cabana.

/ / / / / / / / /

The shop was cluttered and dusty, it was hard to believe that any business was done here. Which was a shame because there was a bunch of cool stuff: swords, statues, skeletons of weird animals, a bunch of knicknacks. Maybe this guy didn't like cleaning?

Myles touched his forehead and flinched before bringing his hand back to look at it. Yep, he was bleeding. Hopefully the guy had a first-aid kit too. "Hello? Anyone here?" He asked looking around for any sign of life while eyeing the artifacts.

"Myles" the voice said again, slightly louder now making the boy jump in fright and back up almost knocking over a large urn. Thankfully the owner of the shop caught it: he had long shaggy hair, a long tattered leather coat and a hat. His eyes were a piercing grey and looked like he was, as August would say: 'pants-crapping insane'.

"The second Emperor Of the Han Dynasty, locked his least favorite wife in this urn for ten years to the day." he said in a deathly calm voice "they say you open it up, the same thing will happen to you." he said as Myles gazed at the urn the back at the man "well … then good thing you have fast reflexes." he said, but the man wasn't impressed and rolled the urn to the side out of the way

"I'm sorry … I thought I heard a voice, I've had a rough hour." Myles said touching his cut on his forehead again "here-" the man said as he got out a first-aid kit and started to clean up his face. "now … what's this about a voice?" He said before disinfecting it.

"Owch! Y-yeah. It sounded like an old man with a deep voice. Pretty loud too, i thought you heard-" Myles said but then noticed the shop owner look at him curiously "it" Myles finished as the man placed a bandage on his head where the cut was.

"Is that right?" He said in almost a whisper then got up walking towards the counter "I have something I'd like to show you, Myles" he said startling the boy "h-how do you know my name?" He asked but then the man spun around quickly "BECAUSE I CAN READ MINDS!" He said in a raised tone making Myles jump but then the man melted into a kind grin "I'm kidding, it's on your backpack"

Yep, pants-crapping insane.

Reluctantly, Myles followed him and watched the man brought out a box made out of metal that appeared slightly rusted and opened it to reveal a tiny silver dragon statue and brought it out to show him. "This is very special" he said placing it in his open palm "and if it likes you, then it's yours"

Myles wanted to say no, he wanted to run away and call the cops on this weirdo. But something inside him made him reach for the statue slowly and placed it in his palm. For a second, nothing happened, until the dragon let out a roar of victory and crawled around the boy's hand and around his forefinger wrapping its tail around it until it was in the shape of a large ring.

Myles was so amazed at what he just saw that he didn't notice the owner blink back tears and close his eyes to take a deep breath before smiling.

Finally, Balthazar had found him.

/ / / / / / / / /

Ok so lemmie address this right quick: no this isn't an Avalon High crossover, I just liked the name Myles as a reincarnation of Merlin. That's the only reason.

*Giles is the name of Anthony Stewart-Head's character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My personal favorite character and figured it'd be perfect for the reincarnation of Gaius (yes he came back too)

If any of you are wondering about Freya, yeah she'll be there except after the ten year gap