I can't stop doing those... but the rare gamer fics in the bnha community are almost never self insert! Time to change that! Just,don't be too harsh on the reviews please. (btw this chapter was written months ago, chapter 2 will probably be better. And longer.)

This fic will be a mixture of past and present.

"Someone talking"


"someone whispering"


My Hero Academia:

The Teleporting Gamer


Well,the fanfictions were right,considering the blue screen currently floating in front of me.

i don't wanna talk about my death as it was rather... stupid.


Survived 29 year: +2000 pts

Graduated all levels of school: +200 pts

Ugly: -20 pts

Intelligent: +30 pts

Extra from a lot of little things: +2 pts

TOTAL:2212 pts

Okay, that was totally uncalled for. Well let's tap the arrow in the lower right.

Please spin to choose which world you're gonna be in.

Note:All worlds are worlds that you know.

Okay let's spin aaaaannndddd: I landed on My Hero Academia by an inch,almost landing on One Piece.

Nice. At least i didn't go to an horror movie. even the bad ones would be horrible.

Please spin to choose your quirk.

Note:You will have a different familly depending on the quirk.

I can't choose this either? Cmon...

This time i landed on: Teleportation.



Pre-Quirk Era [LOCKED: you need to have the [QUIRKLESS] Quirk.]

Quirk Hate era

All For One Era

All Might Era

Deku Era

Well i don't want to be an adult at the time most of the interesting things happen,so i'm going to select the Deku Era






Wow that's a lot of countries! Anyway, of course i'm going to select Japan,because plot and stuff.


Prodigy: You're a prodigy,you learn fast about your quirk and combat in general +20% Exp in everything. A lot of people will be jealous,-50% rep gain with unsuccessful people with some exceptions. 2000 pts

Skip early infancy: Skips to 4 years old. You will gain the memories of the 3 years. 100 pts.


Okay,i know what i'll select,of course prodigy and Skip Early Infancy.

Then,like in every damn fanfiction,there was light...