Written for the prompt "Wen Ning and advice" ; I wanted to do something soft and good for him (for once), since life has been so unkind.

No one asks Wen Ning for advice. He was a soft-spoken, stuttering child, too anxious to ever be taken seriously let alone asked his opinion on things, and he grew up into just as nervous an adult- right up until he died, and then who would ask the Ghost General for help?

Wei Wuxian, of course. Wei Wuxian, with his second chance at life and love, who still chooses to spend his days tinkering with magical items for the better of cultivators everywhere (though Wen Ning knows that it's equal parts a want to help and Wei Wuxian's never ending curiosity), and who waits until Wen Ning has returned from traveling before finishing anything because he wants to run all his ideas by him. He always drags Wen Ning into the jingshi to show off whatever he's come up while he was away, and the sectioned-off portion of the living space that's full of Wei Wuxian's inventions - organized in a way that barely makes sense to even Wei Wuxian himself - feels more like home than anywhere Wen Ning has been in a long, long time.