Written because I heard *whispers jgy/mxy into the void* & I had to make it angsty and messed up (because honestly, is there any other way?)

Mo Xuanyu is nervous, naive, and oh so eager to please his older brother. And there's just so much that Jin Guangyao has to take care of in Koi Tower, carrying out their father's plans and keeping the peace between every resident and guest cultivator, that it only makes sense that he'd need help sometimes. He knows he can trust Xuanyu, right? They've got so much in common, outsiders trying to prove themselves in this glittering tower, and he feels Mo Xuanyu's hands tremble as they brush his, hears the way his breath catches-

O-of course I'll help!
Anything you want-
It's- it's fine, I'll try my best

And perhaps his hands linger when he presses pages of the Yiling Patriarch's work into Mo Xuanyu's hands, straightening his robes ever so slightly after he clutches the delicate pages to his chest, and Jin Guangyao knows that Mo Xuanyu wasn't sent here to study demonic cultivation. But he's so stupidly eager to make him proud that it's almost embarrassing how easy it is to make a loyal servant out of the boy.

Ah, ah, Da-ge!
This- this part is done!
Is there anything else?

Every touch is measured when Jin Guangyao slips pages of forbidden manuscripts into Mo Xuanyu's robes, just enough for it to be chaste but still feed whatever silly crush his brother has shamefully developed, and the small gifts he leaves in Mo Xuanyu's rooms are carefully, perfectly timed to compliment him on a job well done. But-

I really do like-
I like you so much!

Mo Xuanyu presses himself against Jin Guangyao far too intimately and he loses his usefulness. He has plans in motion that are far more important than the misplaced affections of a teenager, and perhaps his sobbing disgrace of a brother should have better learned the art of subtlety.