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It had been several hours since the meeting with All Might. Izuku sat at the dining table, writing something in his notes, while Rias and Ochako were making dinner. Inko was upstairs, talking with her husband and Izuku's father on the phone, while Eri was watching an old cartoon with Fuyuko. Ibara sat across from Izuku, looking down at her hands with a troubled look.

"Are… you okay, Ibara?" Izuku asked.

"…No…" Ibara replied. "…I just don't understand. Twilight Healing has never failed to heal someone, so why didn't it work on All Might?"

"I'm not sure, either," Izuku admitted. "Do you have an idea, Rias?"

"No," Rias shook her head, seasoning some beef. "I'm not an expert on Sacred Gears, so I'm not sure why Twilight Healing didn't work."

"Would Phoenix Tears, work?" Ochako asked, chopping some vegetables.

"Not fully. Phoenix Tears, while they can be used to reattach severed limbs and heal fatal wounds, can't restore blood loss and organ loss," Rias revealed. "So All Might would still be missing his stomach even if we used a whole vial."

"Is there anything that can heal All Might?" Izuku asked.

"…I can think of a few things off the top of my head. The top one would be the Sephiroth Graal."

"Sephiroth Graal?" Izuku repeated.

"Do you mean the Holy Grail, the cup that was used by Christ at the Last Supper and was used to hold His blood?" Ibara asked.

Rias nodded. "The Sephiroth Graal is one of the Longinus as well as a Holy Relic. From what I hear, it has powers connected to the principles of life itself, from summoning and controlling souls, to restoring the bodies of others to their physical prime, even reviving the dead."

"Wow…" Izuku muttered.

"…And here I thought Quirks were BS," Ochako mumbled.

"Do you know who has it?" Ibara asked.

Rias shook her head. "No. The only Longinus I know are active are Izuku's Boosted Gear, the True Longinus in Cao Cao's possession, Divine Dividing, Absolute Demise, Canis Lykaon, which are allied with the Grigori, Zenith Tempest which is under the control of the Church, and Hyde's Void Red…" Rias paused. "Until we met Hyde, I've always thought there were only 13 Longinus Sacred Gears. Makes me wonder how many other potential Longinus gears there are."

"Maybe Mizu-san would know," Izuku suggested. "That reminds me, I need to ask her about helping Kendo-san."

"I didn't see Mizu-san at school today," Ibara said. "Where was she?"

"She said something about healing an old wound," Ochako answered.

Tartarus Prison wasn't for the faint of heart. Few people were ever granted access to the high-security prison. Allegations of abuse and human rights violations abounded. Heck, even the visiting rooms where a prisoner could speak with someone visiting were heavily reinforced with cameras, turrets always aimed at the prisoner, and thick, bulletproof, and bomb-proof glass between the prisoner and guest. Mizu honestly thought it was a tad overkill since the prisoner was still wrapped in a straight jacket.

Mizu sat silently, staring intently at the man on the other side of the glass wall. "It's been a long time, Stain."

The Hero Killer simply glared at Mizu. "Have you come to gloat?"

"…No," Mizu answered. "Just talk. I have a few things to get off my chest, regarding you and your… philosophy."

Mizu took in a deep breath, calming her nerves again. "Let me tell you all of the bad things that have happened in my life because of what you did to me. My parents' blacksmith shop was shut down because they couldn't make their payments, payments I was hoping to help them with. My grandfather was filled with worry because of what happened that his heart could no longer handle it. A girl I consider a little sister saw how broken her big sis became. Shall I continue?"

Stain remained silent, his gaze still the same.

"Now, let me tell you all the good things that came of it. Humility. Spirituality. Understanding. I've experienced things I never thought I'd experience, been to places I never knew existed, and met amazing people. And none of that could've happened had it not been for you."

Stain continued to remain silent.

"You and your fanatical ideals have caused great pain to not just me, but so many other people, but…" Mizu sighed. "You're not wrong. Not right, but not wrong. Some heroes are motivated by purely selfish reasons and would crack under the pressure when they're needed most, but you forget that heroes are merely human. We're all flawed. Even All Might isn't perfect."

Mizu honestly wanted to see how Stain would react if the Hero Killer saw All Might's decrepit state, but figured it likely wouldn't be good.

"That may be true," Stain spoke up. "But that still doesn't change the fact that there are countless so call 'heroes' who care more for fame and money."

"And you believe that the best way to 'fix' this system and root them out was by killing and mutilating any hero you could find?" Mizu countered. "It doesn't matter what noble words and pretty ideals you use, the fact is that you are a blood-thirsty killer."

Mizu and Stain stared at each other for a moment before a light above them flashed. "Looks like my time is up," Mizu muttered as she stood up.

Stain remained silent as he was dragged back to his cell while Mizu left the visiting room. Once the thick metal doors closed behind her, she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding onto.

"You okay, Akari-chan?" Midnight asked, walking up to her junior. The R-Rated Hero had accompanied Mizu to Tartarus Prison and witnessed the talk between her and Stain from a monitoring room.

"I'm fine, just need a drink."

Izuku was positive. Paperwork was among the greatest evils in the world straight from the lowest pits of Hell.

Having woke up remarkably early for his student representative work, being careful not to disturb the still-sleeping Rias, Ibara, Ochako, and the newest addition Fuyuko. Right now he felt like he should've stayed in bed with them, especially since filling out different papers repeatedly just slowly drains you away.

And that's what he's currently doing. As the Class Representative for 1-A, he had plenty of assigned tasks for him to finish. One of which required him to be in the Student Council's office, filling out several papers along with Itsuka.

The only other ones in the room with them were Sona and Tsubaki, doing their own paperwork also.

"*Yawn~* Ugh, I'm so tired," Itsuka muttered. Doing the same monotonous thing for a while was beginning to get to her. "I hate mornings…"

Sona smiled in amusement. "Tsubaki, would you go get us some coffee?"

"Of course, Kaichou," Tsubaki nodded.

Itsuka immediately perked up. "Black, please."

"Cream and sugar in mine," Izuku added.

Tsubaki nodded as she stood up and left.

Itsuka yawned again. "I'm… gonna take a nap real quick," the orange-haired half-devil didn't wait for a reply before she folded her arms onto the table and laid her head on them. It didn't take long for her to doze off.

Sona shook her head. She was still having a hard time believing that the girl was half-devil. They were in the same room, just feet apart, yet Sona could not sense any Demonic Power coming from Itsuka. Heck, she couldn't sense any kind of power that was abnormal. Which means that it was sealed. Whoever it was that sealed Itsuka's power clearly knew what they were doing, which was concerning. Both on who they could be, and why they did so.

"As much as I'm sure she needs to rest, Kendo still needs to finish her class's papers," Sona said, readjusting her glasses.

"I can finish for her," Izuku offered, to Sona's surprise. "I'm just about finished, and she doesn't have much left. And we still have a half hour left before classes start."

Sona looked up at the clock and saw that Izuku was right. It was 7:43, and homeroom doesn't officially start until 8:25.

Sona looked over at Izuku, who had finished his class's paperwork and began to work on Itsuka's. She couldn't help but admire how much he helped out. And she couldn't deny that Izuku, despite being plain looking (at least compared to most other humans), had this charm, was smart, and was kind.

Tsubaki soon returned with four cups of coffee, the smell of which woke Itsuka up. "Ugh… How long was I out?" Class B's representative mumbled as she looked up at the clock.

"Not too long," Izuku answered. "I did most of your paperwork."

"Huh?" Itsuka grab the stack of papers next to her, finding that almost all of them have been filled. "You didn't have to, Midoriya," Itsuka said as she graciously accepted her cup of black coffee from Tsubaki.

"Well, you were really tired, and I figured you needed the sleep," Izuku replied.

Itsuka smiled as she giggled. "You really are too nice for your own good…"

Izuku flinched and lightly blushed when he saw the gentle smile Itsuka gave him.

From her desk Sona watched. She thought for a while before finally coming to a decision. "Midoriya, since you've finished early and there's still time before classes begin, would you like to play a game of chess?" Sona offered.

Tsubaki looked at her master in surprise.

"Uh, sure. I don't mind," Izuku answered. He had gotten pretty good at the game thanks to playing with Liana during lunch.

It didn't take Sona long to set up a rather fancy-looking chess set, which had white and blue pieces. Sona took the blue pieces, leaving Izuku with the white.

The game started simply enough. Itsuka, once she had finished the last of her paperwork, watched the game with intrigue as the two played, the game having gone through several turns now, each side having lost some of their pieces.

Sona had to admit, she was having fun. There weren't many who could give her a challenge like Izuku was. It was part of the reason she broke up with that fiancé her parents arranged as he wasn't able to even give her a satisfying game, let alone beat her on her terms.

Sadly the warning bell sounded, interrupting their game. Izuku nearly jumped in surprise, having been so focused on the game that he had forgotten about the bell.

Sona simply looked at the loudspeaker and glared. "Looks like we'll have to finish at another time," she sighed.

"Yeah," Izuku nodded, getting up. "It was fun while it lasted."

Izuku and Itsuka soon left, leaving the two devils. "I'm surprised you held back, Sona," Tsubaki said as she collected her bag.

"I didn't," Sona admitted, to Tsubaki's surprise. "I have to admit, Midoriya came close to putting my king in check several times. Had the game not been interrupted, there was a chance he could've beaten me," Sona added, her face having a light blush.

Tsubaki continued to look at her master in surprise before smiling. It seemed that the Red Dragon Emperor may have unknowingly captured the heart of the Heir of Sitri. 'I'm not sure how this will turn out, but it sure will be entertaining. Though Saji's going to be devastated when he learns of this.'

Once Izuku arrived at the classroom, Mineta muffled a few curses in his direction, his mouth covered in bandages while his right arm and leg were in casts.

'Maybe I went a bit too far,' Izuku sheepishly thought to himself.

[In my honest opinion, I'm shocked he's still in one piece.] Ddraig said. [Young dragons such as yourself don't exactly have much restraint when it comes to protecting what they consider theirs.]

Izuku forcibly fought back the blush on his face as he took his seat.

Not long after the final bell rang, Aizawa walked in right after. "All right, now that you are all here, let's get right to what's important," Aizawa grumbled. "It's almost June, meaning the first semester will be ending soon. Summer break is fast approaching. But that doesn't mean you all can relax."

'Does that mean…' Many of the students thought at the same time.

"We'll be having a special training camp in the woods."

Despite what he had just said, Aizawa's class erupted into cheers. The chatter grew with their excitement over the training camp and everything that it would entail. It was a huge sleepover for the kids, filled with dreams of fireworks, and curry.

Mineta attempted to add his own opinion, but it was muffled due to his bandages.

Momo thought for a moment. "We've been training in cities, so these will be very different conditions for most of us."

"No matter what the environment, we must always remain vigilant. Yes. Very wise," Tokoyami said in agreement.

"Hanging out with everyone all summer! I'm so excited!" Hagakure exclaimed with glee.

"However," Aizawa declared as he activated his Quirk, silencing all his students. "Those who don't pass the final exam before that… will be in summer school hell."

"Everyone, let's do our best!" Kirishima shouted in excitement and nervousness.

Bakugo huffed, sinking down in his seat. "This is so stupid."

[You kids get excited way too often.] Ddraig deadpanned.

"Speaking of your exams, the results of your midterms just came in. While the practical exam will be your high grade, that doesn't mean you can ignore your studies. This will give you an idea on how you can improve for the finals."

Aizawa grabbed the remote to the side and clicked it, the board in front changing to a large bracket of all the students' rankings.

1. Yaoyorozu Momo

2. Liana Kozuki

3. Iida Tenya

4. Midoriya Izuku

5. Bakugo Katsuki

6. Todoroki Shoko

7. Asui Tsuyu

8. Jiro Kyoka

9. Yura Tsubasa

10. Kido Hyde

11. Mineta Minoru

12. Shoji Mezo

13. Uraraka Ochako

14. Tokoyami Fumikage

15. Kirishima Eijiro

16. Hagakure Toru

17. Sero Hanta

18. Aoyama Yuga

19. Ashido Mina

20. Kaminari Denki

While most were not too surprised by some of their classmates, others gasped in shock as they saw their own placements.

"Huh. I did better than I thought," said Hyde.

Mineta mumbled something through his bandages.

Tsubasa let out a sigh of relief. Sona would've had her head if she placed any further down.

Bakugo felt an eye twitch. Deku did better than him again AND he was in fifth place. AGAIN! 'What the fuck is this?! Some shitty running gag?!'

"Oh, and one more thing," Aizawa spoke up. "The school will be having a Parents' Day next week."

"Oh, what?"


"Oh god no!" Kaminari in particular wasn't happy, knowing full well his mother will come and embarrass him to hell.

'I've never been more glad my parents work overseas,' Hyde silently thought.

Izuku let out a yawn as he headed for the ORC clubroom. He had a long day from getting up early to do paperwork in the student council's offices, to the regular classwork, and finally hero training, today involved returning to the USJ to find civilians (really just robots acting like civilians) among the various zones.

Afterward, he had to take some papers to the teacher's lounge, along with Momo. Once finished Izuku had to use the restroom so Momo went on ahead to the clubroom. Today with Mizu they would be helping Itsuka learn more about her devil heritage.

As he walked, Izuku couldn't help but think about what they would learn. Maybe-

" Mirror, tell me something, "

"Huh?" Izuku blinked, confused. 'Singing?'

" Tell me who's the loneliest of all? "

Izuku looked to his right hand and asked, "Ddraig, do you hear it?"

[Yes, clear as day.] Ddraig answered.

" Mirror, tell me something,

Tell me who's the loneliest of all? "

Izuku looked up. The singing was coming from close by, not far from the normal pathway. "It's coming from over there." Without thinking, Izuku ran toward the source.

" Fear of what's inside of me "

" Tell me can a heart be turned to stone? "

It was close, somewhere nearby. He didn't know why, but despite how sad it sounded, the song made his heart warm.

" Mirror, mirror, what's behind you?

Save me from the things I see!

I can keep it from the world,

Why won't you let me hide from me? "

Upon reaching a small clearing, Izuku stopped. There, standing in the middle of the clearing, was Ingvild Levathia.

" Mirror, mirror, tell me something,

Who's the loneliest of all? "

By now Izuku was mesmerized by the singing.

" I'm the loneliest of all. "

Ingvild shed a single tear, looking down. Suddenly she turned around, her orange eyes landing on Izuku, just now noticing his presence. "Ah!"

"Oh, uh, sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt!" Izuku said to her, having regained his senses.

"You… scared me," Ingvild said.

"Sorry," Izuku apologized again. "I'm Midoriya Izuku, by the way."

"Oh, um," the purple-periwinkle-haired girl twiddled her fingers. "My name Ingvild Levathia. It nice to precious you."

Izuku blinked. "Pardon?"

"I mean meet you!"[1] Ingvild quickly said. "Sorry, I… need work on my Japanese."

Izuku chuckled a little. "It's okay. So, why are you out here?"

"I… like singing. It helps me relax," Ingvild answered reluctantly. "I come here since it's quiet and away from the school."

"Why alone, though?" Izuku asked. "Your singing is too pretty to be out here by yourself."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah, your singing voice is beautiful."

Ingvild felt her face heat up at Izuku's praise. It's been a long time since anyone complimented her on her singing. "T-Thank you, Izuku."


"Oh, right, Japanese prefer family names."

"No, no, it's okay. You can call me by my name if you want."

"Oh, okay," Ingvild nodded.

*Vrrr!* *Vrrr!*

"Oh," Ingvild pulled out her vibrating phone from her blazer's pocket. "I need to take this."

"Okay. I need to go anyway," Izuku turned around, but he didn't get far when Ingvild called out.

"Wait, Izuku! I'm still new to the city, and I was wondering, if you have the time, can you show me around?"

"Sure, I don't mind," Izuku replied.

The two exchanged a brief goodbye before Izuku ran off.

Ingvild felt herself smile before she looked at her vibrating phone. The caller ID was unknown, but she knew who it was. It was the man who had awakened her to this world. Sighing, she reluctantly answered.

"Wow, this place is…" Itsuka paused, trying to find the right word to describe the ORC clubroom. Koneko was sitting on one of the sofas eating some ice cream. Next to her was Momo, drinking some tea, Kyoka sitting next to the raven-haired beauty. Xenovia and Ravel were on the other sofa. The blue-haired young woman was drinking tea too, while the youngest Phenex watched Itsuka with arms crossed. Hyde was standing behind them. Yuuto was standing next to Momo, also drinking tea, and Izuku, Ibara, and the club's newest member Fuyuko were standing next to Rias as she sat at her desk. Mizu stood beside Itsuka, watching the ginger with amusement. "…rustic?"

"That's the best you can come up with?" Hyde asked. "Be honest. It's Halloween 24/7 here."

"It isn't that bad," Izuku tried to reassure.

Rias sighed.

"We can discuss Rias' poor room decor later," Mizu smirked.


"So, you're a… wizard, Mizu-sensei?" Itsuka asked.

"The preferred term is 'Master of the Mystic Arts' or Sorceress," Mizu corrected. "So, I've been informed of your situation. I gotta admit, I had no idea you were half-devil."

"Join the club," Itsuka grumbled.

"Is it possible someone could've sealed her Demonic Power?" Rias asked.

"That's the only explanation for why none of us noticed before," Mizu said. "Itsuka, I'll be examining the seal, but I want you to decide what to do after. Whoever sealed your power probably did so for a good reason."

Itsuka thought back to the night at Hosu. To Lailah. To how all she could do against that demented angel was run before happening upon Izuku and the others. "I'm sure I want it undone. In case I run into Lailah or someone like her again."

"…Okay. Let's get started," Mizu traced a circle in midair which caused a magic circle to appear before her. With a twist of her wrist, the circle emitted a light blue light that bathed Itsuka. "Huh… well, this is interesting."

"What? What is it?" Itsuka asked, somewhat hopefully, somewhat fearfully.

Mizu dismissed the magic circle. "I'm going to need a closer look. So, Itsuka, take off your shirt."

Itsuka blushed. "HUH!?"

"What!?" Hyde, Yuuto, and Izuku all exclaimed, blushing.

"Why?!" Rias, Ravel, Ochako, and Ibara all asked.

"I need to get a better look at the seal," Mizu replied.

"But wh- Hey!" Itsuka protested as Mizu removed her tie and began unbuttoning her school shirt.

Yuuto, being a gentleman, swiftly turned around and stared up at the ceiling, Izuku's eyes were covered by Rias's hands, and Hyde closed his eyes. "Mizu-sensei, what the hell!?" Itsuka exclaimed as she covered her now exposed bra.

"Sorry," Mizu walked behind Itsuka and placed a hand on her upper back. The moment she did, several glyphs and demonic symbols appeared. "Hmmm… This seal was definitely done by a devil, but I can't tell which clan."

"Can you undo it?" The still-blushing Itsuka asked.

"It's incredibly complex, so it'll take me some time to create a counterspell. But- wait…" Mizu's eyes narrowed, her enchantment picking up something else.

The former pro traced down Itsuka's arm to her hand, her enchantment detecting something else. "…Itsuka, you have two seals. One relating to your demonic power, and another for a Sacred Gear."

That caught everyone by surprise. "You mean… I have the same kind of thing Midoriya has?"

"Yeah, and it looks like both this seal and the other were done by the same person."

"Why would they do two separate seals, though?" Ravel asked.

Mizu shrugged. "Making one seal for one specific thing, like Itsuka's Demonic Power, and then adding onto it to alter memories is simple enough, but making a seal for multiple things takes time and there's the risk of the seal breaking overtime. I'm guessing whoever did this was in a hurry to get it done," Mizu examine the seal on Itsuka's back. "This seems to be simpler than the other one, so if you want, I can unseal your Sacred Gear right here and now, Itsuka."

Once she was sure Mizu was done, Itsuka put her shirt back on. "What kind of Sacred Gear is it?"

"Hard to say. It could be anything."

"Can you undo the seal?" Itsuka asked.

"Easily," Mizu waved her hand, creating another magic circle that was smaller than the previous one. Mizu grabbed hold of the circle and held it up in front of Itsuka. "Now hold still…this may sting a bit."

"Sting how-?" Itsuka started to speak only to be cut off as Mizu's magic circle glowed with a bright green-yellow light, before tossing it at her. The circle dissolved into a mote of yellow light the moment before it engulfed Itsuka, making her flinch slightly for a second as a sound akin to shattering glass filled the air, the aura dissolving and dispersing as her eyes glazed over for a moment. Her hands suddenly shot out, a light pink light covering them.

Two mechanical-looking garnets formed over her hands. They were square-shaped, having teal, orange, and black armor, with a light pink glow on the linings. There were also what looked to be black bandages. Her fingers were not covered but from the palm to the end of her forearms were covered in black bandages. "Whoa…" Itsuka mumbled out, eyes wide and clear once again as she stared at her Sacred Gear.

"What Sacred Gear is that?" Izuku asked, having already pulled out a notebook and begun writing.

"I believe it's a Spiritus Armiger," Mizu answered.

"I've heard of that Gear," said Rias. "It's a somewhat common Sacred Gear that, based on whom they manifest in, can take on various forms, using the inner desires and traits of the wielder as a basis."

Itsuka did a couple of mock punches. Despite how heavy her Sacred Gear looked, there wasn't any weight on her arms. It feels… natural. "This is really cool! I wonder…" Itsuka activated her Quirk in her right hand. As her hand grew, the gauntlet over it grew also. "Oh, this is awesome!"

"Gotta admit, it is pretty cool," Hyde nodded.

As Itsuka shrunk her hand, a thought came. "So… how do I… turn them off?"

"Just think about unequipping it or deactivating it," Izuku advised.

Itsuka nodded and thought about it. The gauntlets glowed before disappearing.

"It's a fairly simple process that should become second nature with a little effort," Mizu advised. "Though considering that it's been sealed for a while, you might have a bit of trouble putting it away at first."

Nodding, Itsuka summoned her Sacred Gear again.

"So what are you gonna call it?" Mizu asked.


"Like Rias said, every Spiritus Armiger is different. No two are alike. As such their wielders often give them unique names."

Itsuka looked at her Gear, the two gauntlets' mechanical appearance reminding her of a time her father took her to a museum when she was little. One of the exhibits had items from Greece, including special gloves that were used for boxing.

Itsuka smiled, deciding on the perfect name. "Turbo Cestus."

A couple of hours later, Izuku was at the home of one of his regular clients, playing a racing game.

"Player 1, Wins!"

"Heh, looks like I won this round," Izuku's client laughed as his character celebrated their victory.

"Ah, darn," Izuku sighed.

"Care for another race, devil-boyo? You can pick the track this time."

"Sure," Izuku looked over the many different tracks in the game, which ranged from real-life cities like Rome and New York to more outlandish places like a kid's bedroom and under the sea. "I have to admit sir, you've gotten pretty good at these games since last time."

"What can I say? I had a lot of time on my hands to practice," the client said with a smile. "After all, it's been a while since you last visited me."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I was pretty busy," Izuku replied as his eyes wandered around his client's new game room. "Never mind that though, what brought you to go out and buy every single gaming console known to man? I didn't even know there were this many."

"Yeah, I kinda got obsessed with video games after you introduced me to them. I can't stop when I start collecting stuff," a wry smile formed on his lips. "I've often been told that I get completely immersed in whatever I'm collecting."

"Really? That's kinda-" Izuku stopped mid-sentence. He heard that before, from Kokabiel. Izuku's eyes slowly went to his client, whose wry smile didn't fade. Silence permeated the air in the room before it was broken

"Oi, we're back."

"Why must you be so damn rude!"

Izuku blinked before he looked up, surprised to see Bakugo entering his client's home, along with some girl. "Bakugo?!"

"Deku!?" Bakugo gasped.

"What are you doing here?!" The two asked each other.

"Ah, Katsuki, Mittelt, back are ya?" Izuku's client casually greeted them.

Izuku stood up and defensively took a few steps back. "What is going on? Who are you?" He asked, though he already had a good idea.

The man, still smiling, calmly stood up. "Guess it's pointless to keep the charade up, huh, Red Dragon Emperor."


In that instant, 12 jet-black wings expanded from the man's back.

"My name is Azazel, the Governor General of the Fallen Angels and Grigori. Pleased to meet you, Red Dragon Emperor, Midoriya Izuku."

Izuku gaped in shock. His client had been the leader of the Fallen Angels this whole time!? Izuku's eyes then turned to Bakugo. "Why are you here, Bakugo?"

"I saved his life," Azazel answered. "And got a new guinea pig."

Bakugo's eyes twitch. "Stop calling me that!"

Izuku looked at Bakugo curiously. "What does that-"

"Don't ask, Deku!"

"It's not much, I just have him help with my Sacred Gear research from time to time," Azazel continued. "And since Katsuki hasn't melted yet, it's been a success so far."

"Melted?!" Both Bakugo and Izuku yelled.

"I'm kidding," Azazel waved his hand. "Geez, Katsuki, learn to take a joke. People might actually like you then."

"Shut up! Everyone likes me!"

AN: In the real world, maybe. But not here.

The girl, Mittelt, sighed and shook her head. "Oh, shut up, Katsuki."



"I can call you whatever I want, midget!"

"Oh yeah? Then what if I started calling you Kacchan?"

"Don't you fucking dare!"

Izuku blinked twice as he stared at the two as they began arguing. He wasn't sure if he was seeing Bakugo with his long-lost twin sister or his soulmate. Both thoughts were mildly disturbing. "Are they always like this?"

Azazel deadpanned at that. "You have NO idea." The Fallen Angel's leader walked up between them and pushed them away from each other. "That's enough flirting, you two."

"WE'RE NOT FLIRTING, ASSHOLE!" They both yelled.

Izuku sighed. He better get back to Rias and let her know about this. "I better get going now."

Azazel spoke up. "Before you leave, here's your payment," Azazel reached into his robes and pulled out several tickets.

"Oh, thank you," Izuku took the tickets.

"Also, you should know. The location for the conference between the Three Factions has been decided, and it'll be here in this city at U.A."


"This is absolutely intolerable," Rias said with her eyebrows raised in an angry expression.

After Izuku got back home and told her about their meeting with Azazel, Rias immediately called an emergency meeting.

"The Governor of the Fallen Angels has infiltrated my territory and interfered with my business. And on top of that, he's attempting to make advancements on my Izuku! He deserves to die a thousand deaths!" Rias exclaimed in anger.

'I think she's overreacting a little,' Izuku sweat-dropped.

"So, this Azazel guy, he's been Midoriya's contract for a while now, right?" Hyde asked. "Why reveal himself now? And why Midoriya?"

"I think the answer is rather obvious for both," she looked at Izuku with worry. "He revealed himself now because the conference between the Three Biblical Powers is happening soon. And he's interested in Izuku's Boosted Gear."

"Right," Izuku nodded. "Kokabiel did mention that Azazel had been collecting Sacred Gears and unique Quirks, which explains Bakugo."

"You don't have to worry about a thing, my precious Izuku," Rias declared firmly as she abruptly reached out, took his head in her hands and pulled it to her chest, and hugged it fiercely, one hand resting against the back of his head and holding it in place. "I'll do everything in my power to protect you."

Izuku tried to respond to her declaration but it barely came out as a muffled noise as his face was pressed into Rias' very ample cleavage.

Koneko looked back at Rias and asked, "…So are there really going to be a bunch of leaders meeting here?"

Rias released Izuku from her affectionate embrace and nodded her head at Koneko's question. "It's true. I just received confirmation from my brother before we got here. We're going to need to make a plan and discuss what will happen in the future." She then looked at the others. "Any thoughts on the matter?"

Xenovia stared off into nothingness with a troubled face and arms crossed under her large breasts. "I still cannot believe this happened," she said. "All relationships have been changed. Nothing will be the same anymore between the factions."

"That's precisely why this is such a delicate situation. A meeting such as this could very well make things more complicated than they are now. I honestly have no idea what's going to happen," Rias admitted begrudgingly.

"And that's not including certain other incidents besides this Kokabiel," Fuyuko added.

"Right, the League of Villains," Ravel growled. Even though there wasn't evidence that the League was connected to Kokabiel in any way, the villain group still had turned several supernatural creatures, including Ravel's brother, into their Nomu.

"So, when is this meeting taking place?" Itsuka asked.

"A few days after Parents Day next week," Rias answered.

The next day, as everyone got ready for class to being, Iida walked up to Izuku. "Midoriya-kun."

"Iida? What's up?" Izuku asked.

"I recently received some tickets to an amusement park from Native," Iida answered. "He still felt he needed to thank me, so he sent me these tickets. There is enough for most in the class."

The girls in the class all picked up on that. 'Amusement park?'

"I was wondering if you would be willing to come this Sunday."

Izuku thought for a moment. A trip to an amusement park sounded fun, and after yesterday he could use a break. Plus he could bring Eri. "Sure. Is it okay if I bring Eri along?"

"The girl you're taking care of? I am fine with that," Iida said, handing him one of the tickets.

Izuku took a look at it and realized it was familiar. "Hold on," Izuku reached into his bag and pulled out the tickets Azazel had given him. There were the same.

"You already have tickets, Midoriya-kun?" Iida asked, surprised.

"Yeah. I got them as payment for my job last night," Izuku replied. He silently wondered if Azazel knew Native was going to give Iida tickets like these.

"You have amusement park tickets, Midori!?"

Izuku yelped as Mina suddenly was at his desk, along with Hagakure.

"I'm surprised, too," Momo said, she, Kyoka, and Ochako walking up to Izuku's desk. "Why didn't you mention them?"

"Well, I had a lot on my mind yesterday," Izuku answered.

"Ah," Momo, Kyoka, and Ochako nodded.

"How many tickets do you guys have anyway?" Kyoka asked.

"Native was only able to secure 15."

"And I have 10," said Izuku. "So 25 in total."

"Maybe we can invite everyone in the club?" Ochako suggested.

"Counting Iida and Eri, that would be 13," said Momo.

"Twelve," Hyde corrected. "Sorry, but I'll have to pass. I need to do something Sunday."

"I'll come," Tsubasa offered. "Kaichou gives us a break on Sundays."

"Can we come?" Hagakure asked, referring to herself and Mina.

"Sure," Izuku nodded.

"What about you, Kozuki?" Momo asked. "Do you wish to come?"

"I suppose so, and my sister will want to come also once she learns," Liana said.

"What about you, Tsu?" Ochako asked.

"Kero, I'll come. Is it okay if I bring my brother and sister?"


"So that's 20 now," Iida noted. "Todoroki, do you wish to come also?"

"Sorry, but I visit my mother on days off," Todoroki declined.

"Maybe Kendo and Fuyuko will want to come also?" Ochako added.

Later during lunch, Izuku and Iida explained to the ORC and their friends in 1-B about the tickets. "That guy gave you tickets to an amusement park?" Rias asked, surprised that Azazel would do something.

"Yeah," Izuku nodded. "I was thinking of bringing you guys and Eri. Hyde-san already declined, though."

"Sure," Yuuto nodded. "I'll come. It sounds fun."

"We'll have to tell Koneko and Ravel later, but I'm sure they're willing to come," Rias smiled, already imagining all the things she can do with Izuku at the park.

"What about, Kendo-kun? Do you wish to come with us?" Iida asked.

Itsuka nodded. "A break from studying and training does sound nice."

"I'll come, too!" Setsuna declared. Yui nodded in agreement.

"I'd like to go," Milia said.

"I've never been to an amusement park before," Ibara said. "I'm excited, but also nervous."

"I've never been to one, either," Fuyuko said.

"What!?" Mina gasped. "Oh, we have to fix that as soon as possible!"

"Agreed!" Hagakure (probably) nodded.

"I suppose that is everyone," Iida said. Nearby, Mineta cried at not being invited to an amusement park with a bunch of beautiful girls.

"I can't wait to go!" Ochako happily hummed. "Where are we going anyway?"


AN: Again, I apologize for how LONG this took, but a lot happen. Life sucks, as we all know.

Bit of info on Itsuka's Sacred Gear. The idea of it came from "DxD - The Last Amagiri" by HolyKnightX on FanFiction. As for its appearance, it's a pallet-swapped version of Ghondor's Blade from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

[1] When Ingvild tried to say "meet" (会う, au), she mixed it up with "precious" (, tau) when greeting Izuku.

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