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Chapter One: Unexpected Circumstances

Donatello sat down at his computer desk and cracked his fingers, leaning back in his chair. He loved the internet. He could get lost for hours looking up and discussing certain theories and ideas. As he typed in his password and it began dialing up, he thought about the last time he'd had a good debate with someone on a subject other than what kind of pizza they'd get for supper that night. He loved his brothers, but sometimes he yearned to talk with someone who had the same interests as him.

*You've got mail.* The familiar voice made Donatello smile. He loved getting mail. Especially from a certain person whom he'd met in a chat room.

"Junk…. Ads… Junk… More junk…" He sifted through the mail until he came to what he'd been looking for. "Ah." He smiled and sat back. He clicked on the email.

*OK, Don. I've thought about it and I think that meeting you would be great! OK, if you'll just tell me where and when, I'll be there.


Donatello smiled, but still felt that old sense of nervousness. He'd met Liv online months ago in a chatroom and they had just hit it off right away. Soon they were talking everyday and they had enjoyed each other's company immensely. At least, Don did. Liv was happy and funny and outgoing and everything that Donatello wasn't. He never thought of himself as being as confident as Leonardo, as outgoing as Raphael or as funny as Michaelangelo. With Liv he found that he could be more like that when he was talking with her. He felt… freer, somehow. They had only discussed meeting once, after they found that they both lived in New York, and it was his idea. A stupid one, maybe, but he'd decided to go for it. He really wanted to see her in person. And now she apparently agreed. He typed in a date, time and place and sent it. Then he signed offline and sighed, thinking about meeting her and what she might say when she saw him. He'd told her that he was… different, but you never know how people are going to react. He'd never seen a picture of her, either, but she had described herself to him. He sighed again and then stood, walking to the other room to see if any lunch had been left for him.

The sounds of Michaelangelo fighting Raphael for control of the remote greeted him when he walked into the other room. Leonardo sat at the table, reading a book. Or trying to, at least.

"Mikey. Raph. Can you tone it down, please?" Leo asked through gritted teeth. Obviously the fight had been going on for awhile. Donatello wondered how long, exactly. He seemed to lose himself on the computer and often found himself out of the loop when he came back into the real world.

He grabbed a plate of cold pizza and a drink and then sat down at the table. "You guys." He sighed. "I just fixed that remote. Mikey, it's Friday, your show's not on for…." He looked at the clock. "Another two hours. Raph can watch his movie until then." Mike and Raph looked at each other, discussing this through their eyes.

Soon, with a sigh, Michaelangelo handed the remote over to Raphael. Leonardo looked over at Donatello with a look on his face which clearly said: "How did you do that?" Donatello simply shrugged and then continued eating his food.


The next day, an email was in Donatello's mailbox that read, simply: *Great, I'll be there.*

But there were no more emails after that. Donatello was becoming concerned. They'd emailed each other at least once a day for months. That didn't include IM's and chat rooms and the such. But four days later, Donatello headed out for their meeting spot, after giving his brothers an excuse about going to the dump to look for more supplies. He couldn't believe himself, but he felt nervous. As he approached the alley where they had agreed to meet, he tightened his trench coat around him. He looked up again and saw a movement in the shadows.

"Liv?" He called, picking up speed. He looked, crossed the street and then came into the alleyway. He stopped. There was no one there. "Liv?" He called out again, suddenly uncertain about this whole thing now. What if it was a trick? What if this was someone that he wouldn't really want to meet?

He took a few steps into the alley, and then took a few more. She didn't come. He felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. Did he really think that she'd come? Yes. The little voice in his head said. He turned around, kicking a pebble into the shadows beside the trash cans. It hit something and as he walked forward, he heard a noise. He stopped, concentrating on the sound. And then he heard it again. A small mewing cry was coming from the shadows. He inched forward, not making a sound, until his foot hit a can and kicked it.

Shoot. He thought. There goes the element of surprise. The same small, mewing cry came from the shadows. A cat. He thought to himself. It's got to be a cat.

He leaned towards the sound, and then moved the trash cans from out of the way. He stumbled back a few steps, totally unprepared for what lay before him.

A tiny baby in a carrier was laying there. He leaned forward again, noticing a paper inside the carrier. Against his better judgment, he picked it up, and, reading the words, gasped.

*Don, I need you to take care of her for awhile. Something's come up. Liv.*

Donatello looked down from the note to the tiny baby that lay before him. What have I gotten myself into now?