Chapter 38 - Finding What's True

Don sat at the computer, and moved the mouse around, rousing it from it's hibernation. A familiar ping and an announcement told him that he'd gotten mail. He clicked on the mailbox icon, and browsed through the recent arrivals.

A grin broke out on his face as he saw April's latest message to him. He eagerly clicked on the name to read the email.

Hey, Donnie… Sorry it's been awhile. I've been busy. I actually can't really type much now, because I'm heading out the door. Everything's good here, and we HAVE to figure out a day you guys can come visit. Thanks for the newest pictures… Lindy's getting SO big! Oh, and tell Leo he'd make an excellent photographer.

Again, Don, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond… I'll write back sooner this time, okay? I'll look forward to talking to you.


Don sighed. 'Awhile' was right. He'd written her almost a week ago, and this was the first he'd heard back from her.

They had made a 'date' to talk to each other today, though. They kept missing each other online, and finally scheduled a time and day for a much needed talk.

But he couldn't feel too bad. April's job was going well, and she really seemed to enjoy it. But it still didn't make up for how much he missed her. She'd gone back to visit almost three weeks after she left, then only once more after that. Time between phone calls and emails were getting further and further in between. Not that he could really blame her… At least, he tried not to.

No, he really blamed himself.

Sighing, he turned back to his computer, and typed in a quick response to another email. Laughter floated in through his open window, causing him to look outside.

It was the first really nice day of the season, and the rest of them were taking full advantage of it. At the moment, Raph, Leo and Mikey were attempting to fill the small child's pool that Lindy had received from April for Easter.

Don grinned wryly as a thought passed through his head. How many turtles does it take…

Leo looked over towards the house as he saw a movement through the corner of his eye. He grinned slightly, as he realized it was Don. His brother had gone back to his old routine of spending massive amounts of time doing work over the past few months.

A sudden splash, and Lindy's peals of laughter brought Leo back to the task at hand. Mike was just standing back up, drenched.

"My-my!" Lindy shrieked, laughing and holding her arms out for him.

Leo raised an eye ridge at Mike, who pointed at Raph.

"I was just testing the water out, and he pushed me!" Mike exclaimed, wiping water from his arms.

Raph grinned widely, not even bothering to deny it. "It was too easy, Mikey." He said, then laughed.

"That water's cold…" Mikey muttered, ignoring his brother's friendly ribbing.

"About ready, guys?" Leo interrupted. "I mean, this is entertaining and all, but it is getting late…"

"And we want this baby beach bound before supper!" Mike exclaimed, grabbing Lindy from Leo's grasp, and spinning her around.

Leo smiled, watching his brothers with their niece.

Their niece. The words played themselves through his head again. He never thought they'd ever be able to say that.

It brought him a joy… A peacefulness that he'd yet to experience before she came into their lives. He knew his brothers felt the same way.

He just wished Don would let himself enjoy it now, as he did before…

Don stared out the window a few moments longer. Lindy's joyful laughter were music to his tired ears, and he quickly turned back to the computer. He'd spent too many months feeling sorry for himself. Typing quickly, and sending the message, he swung his chair around, and went to meet his brothers and daughter out in the yard.

April logged onto her computer, and was greeted by the familiar 'You've Got Mail'. She grinned lightly, and was pleasantly surprised to see a return email from Don.

Clicking it open, she read it over. Tears formed in her eyes as she went, and she wiped them away swiftly, before her boss could see.


We're good, thanks. Lindy and the guys are playing with the pool you got her, as it is nice here finally.

I so wanted to talk to you, April, and I know I promised, but… but I've got a little girl outside, who's growing like a weed, and I'm missing it.

I'll write you soon, okay? We DO miss you.

I have to go, April. I'm sorry I missed you.

Talk to you soon,


April's eyes went to her screen, and, sure enough, he'd logged off before she'd gotten there. She sat back in her chair, tears streaming down her face now, and she didn't care to wipe them away.

She knew what he was and wasn't saying. And how could she blame him for that?


She turned, as a co-worker walked up behind her. "Is something wrong?"

"No." April shook her head. "It's just a letter from an old friend is all…"

Her co-worker nodded, then left again. Taking a deep breath, April turned back to the computer, and saved the email, wondering when she'd speak to him again. And what she'd say when she did.

Don had just put the last plate down on the table that night, when Leo and Raph walked in, chatting amicably.

They both stopped short, and looked at him.

"Where's Mikey?"

"You didn't cook, did you?"

They spoke at the same time, Leo barely hiding the uneasiness in his voice, and Raph paling slightly.

Don let out a chuckle. "No," He said, reaching down to straighten a knife that had been knocked crooked. "Mikey cooked, he just went to change Lindy." He looked up at his brother's faces. "Don't worry! I didn't touch dinner." He grinned.

Suddenly, he heard Lindy cry, and he turned to Leo and Raph. "I think I'm being paged." He grinned, then left the room.

Leo and Raph both shared a knowing glace as he left. Leo sighed, then sat down at the table. The change in Don was great. He was back to… well, not his old self, but back to… him. They'd all changed, Leo mused. Even he, himself, had undergone a transformation this past year and a half.

Raph sat back in his chair, smirking at the thoughtful look on his brother's face. Leo's gaze met his, and he nodded in understanding. Then, together, they waited for the others in peaceful silence.

Don looked down as he entered the room. Lindy was being uncooperative in getting re-dressed. Her arms and legs flailed, and Mikey was having no luck getting her to stop.

"Go ahead down." Don said, walking up to Mike. "I'll finish."

"Good luck, dude." Mike grinned sympathetically at his brother before going to the kitchen.

Don waved his hand, signaling he was fine, then turned to the writhing mass of arms and legs before him. At his gaze, Lindy calmed for a moment. Her gaze caught his, and she grinned, her smile wide and her hair wild. As it grew longer, it had a natural wave in it that tended to make it stick out at times.

Don grinned back, and an understanding went through them, though silent, but effective. He dressed her quickly, and carried her downstairs. They stopped at the door to the kitchen momentarily, and he listened to the quiet chatter of his brothers.

Looking down at Lindy again, with the conversation flowing through the kitchen door, Don was struck by a sudden thought. Funny how it works out… What we get isn't always what we expected… It rarely is. And, many times, we don't even know we want it until we have it... Or it passes us by. But, as it turns out, it's most definitely what we need.

A gentle tugging on his bandana brought him back to the present. Lindy had placed the tails of his bandana into her mouth. He chuckled softly, then removed it.

"Hungry, angel?" He asked, and she nodded quickly.

And, with a quick peck on her forehead, they went to join their family. Not always perfect. Far from it, sometimes, but, ultimately, exactly what they needed.

Each other.

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

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