In case the description didn't make it obvious enough, this is a World of Light idea where the main fighters are replaced by different spirits and Assist Trophies. I hope you all enjoy this fanfic!

A cliffside was left empty, with nothing seemingly coming on it. However, a moment later a army of footsteps was heard before coming to a halt.

An arm cannon was aimed forward as a hero known as Mega Man X glared at something out of sight. "Whatever you guys do, don't hold back!"

The rest of the group was revealed. It was a group of unexpected characters, from the superpowered, the skills, the determined, and even evil. All jointing forces against a foe; Galeem, who had many, many Master Hands clones with him.

Felix, a Venus Adept, stated "If we want to win, we'll have to take down at least ten of those hands."

Krystal nodded in agreement. "Right. We have to do what Felix says; our friends and family are counting on us."

Starly rolled her eyes. "Alright, let's get fighting already!"

Just as those words were said, the clones suddenly were ripped apart, leaving nothing behind but blue energy. They began to enter Galeem, confusing the group as they saw it. Magolor, who was also confused, began to realize something.

"Everyone! It's an attack! Get ready!"

For a moment, silence occurred a Galeem turned into what looked like a black hole. No one said a word.

And then it happened; the attack. A barrage of powerful beams of light came from where Galeem was and made their way to the group below.

Isaac was the first was the first one struck. He used Granite to set up an barrier as he used Move to hold the beam back. However, it powered through the psyenergy hand, destroying Isaac with ease. Saki, having seen his new ally got slaughtered, started shooting retaliation, just to face the same fate.

Shield Knight and Eggman stood their ground, Shield Knight holding up her shield as Eggman set up the shields of his mech. It failed to match the beams

Mimikyu stared in horror at the beams of light. Knuckles quickly grabbed Mimikyu and dug into the cliffside, but a beam smashed through the cliff, hitting them both.

The Black Knight did not falter in the face of death, and managed to slash away a few beams. It was futile, as he was eventually struck, but lasted five whole seconds within the beams before he finally was done in.

X shot out his strongest beam to fight back, and Marx went to his side, unleashing a mouth laser in hopes of doing something, but were overpowered and slain.

Goroh, aware the danger had gotten bad, decided to flee, but he couldn't even sit down in the Fire Stingray before he got struck.

Shovel Knight used the Phase Locket to be able to bypass the beams, and was successful until it wore off and was hit. Zero leaped over a beam about to hit him, and prepared to perform Genmu Zero, but couldn't do it in time and was destroyed.

The two Octolings, not wanting to die, shot ink at the ground and went in to hide. It wasn't effective, as they were still vaporized.

Tails, having been told to flee, went into the Tornado to escape, and almost did, if it weren't for six beams going after him. He and the tornado were reduced to nothing.

Tiki and and Ashley decided to fly away, as Viridi made a giant plant rise from the ground. It did not help, as the goddess was slaughtered, and so was Tiki and Ashley.

Raymond Bryce had taken cover on one of the tall rocks on the cliffside, and was waiting for the beams to stop for a chance to fire back. He never got that chance as the light beams took him out.

Midna and the Ghosts attempted to float away from the slaughter, but were caught while in the air.

Nikki stared, frozen in terror of the beams that slayed many heroes, as Ayumi looked away from her incoming demise. Mattel, having seen Starfy and Starly fall to the beams, was now in a frenzied panic, running around in fear before all three were struck, bringing their young lives to an end.

But in this horrific rampage of beams, one was faring better than the others; White Bomber. Having faced light beams before, he was easily dodging them with ease. But he was worried about the others.

"Shadow! Are you there?!" He called as he leaped over a beam, but did not hear the Ultimate Lifeform give a reply.

"Takamaru?!" Bomberman still didn't hear anything.

"Alucard! Please..." Hearing no voices, White realized he was the only one left standing. He knew he had to escape; he had to get to his spaceship!

He slid underneath a beam and rolled past a volley of beams, and made a break for it to his spaceship. Managing to jump in, he started it, and managed to take off into space.

White sighed, before looking back, and his eyes shrunk in fear as he saw that not only have the beams covered the entire planet, he was being chased!

He started piloting the ship to go faster and faster. Eventually, he blasted off at enough speeds to escape the universe.

"Whew...close one..." Bomberman looked out and his eyes widened to see the universe being engulfed in the light. He slumped, sighing. He failed to stop Galeem's goal.

Hours after Galeem's attack...

The universe was remade, as Galeem wanted. The spirits of the deceased floated in this world, confused and scared. But as this happened, a light shined in the sky...

White's spaceship landed on the rocky cliff, as he got out. He looked around, feeling distraught. "Galeem won...he got what he wanted.."

So many people many dreams made him sick. He clenched his fists, glaring at Galeem, who was in the sky.

"You won't get away with this..."

Gasping as his eyes opened, Isaac looked around. The last thing he remember was being vaporized...and he was still alive, somehow. "Where am I?"

Isaac tried to move, but found himself tied up with wires of light. Grunting, Isaac began to struggle against his restrains, but has no success.


Isaac blinked. "Who's there?"

"I am very dissapointed...I expected more from the Venus Adept that saved the World from destruction. But perhaps stories aren't always accurate..."

Isaac gritted his teeth. "How do you know me? Who are you?!"

"I"m surprise you don't know who had ""killed" you."

Isaac's eyes widened in realization. "Galeem...?"

"Exactly. Now, I'm going the universe better, and you will be a great help."

"What makes me think I will help you?! You killed everyone I know!" Isaac shouted...then his eyes suddenly shrunk...and he closed his eyes. "There. Now just wait, you will be living a happy life again."

A golden liquid poured onto Isaac, covering him, before coming off, forming into a colorless Isaac. It fell, akin to an action figure falling off a shelf.

Then a spirit came in, looking around; to he exact, this was Ivan, one of Isaac's friends. "What's happening...?"

Galeem spoke from the shadows. "Enter the body. You'll be back to your life in short notice."

Unaware this was the enemy Isaac was going to face, he entered...and saw everything as it was before Galeem attacked. Weyard was the same. Blinking, Ivan walked forward.

But ths was FAR from the truth.

In reality, Ivan was in a puppet body of Isaac, colored to look like Ivan. And so were so many other spirits, in other character puppets. Galeem chuckled as his work...before realizing ONE was missing.

"Where...where is White Bomber?" Galeem realized as he looked into his world he made. After scanning, he spotted White on a cliffside.

"He escaped...well, I can't release another attack...but I can do something else." With his power, he made it so whenever a spirit saw Bomberman, they would instead see someone evil.

The story against the World of Light...

The war against Galeem had begun.

And that's opening chapter for this story. You got to see some characters who are making an appearance! Now if you're wondering why Bomberman was picked for the survivor, he has actually dodged light beams before. And with his spaceship, he likely could escape the universe! But for now, leave a review, and time for a bio on Bomberman and Galeem.

Bomberman: Leader of the Bomberman Bros., White Bomber has saved the universe countless tomes with his explosives, mixed with strategy. Having survived Galeem's onslaught, he prepares to undo what Galeem brought and save the entire universe once more.

Galeem: The Lord of Light, who believes the universe needs to be remade. Trusting no one's opinion but his own, he slayed all in the universe but one hero. Determined to have his newly made universe stay prospering, he plans to take down the survivor no matter what.