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The story is starting in the summer of year two to year three.

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It was two weeks into the summer vacation and Harry had not heard from Hermione nor had he heard from Ron. Harry did know that Ron had made the effort to contact him through the phone a week ago due to him overhearing Ron screaming into the receiver Uncle Vernon had to his ear. Uncle Vernon immediately turned a plum color when realizing that the call was from a wizard and not only told Ron not to call back but made sure Harry paid for giving out the home phone number. Harry narrowed his eyes at the ceiling above him. He knew that Ron probably warned Hermione, who actually knew how to work a phone and would NOT scream into the receiver, not to call but he still expected at least an owl from either of them by now. Especially since he was able to let Hedwig out at night now so he could reply.

Harry started to wonder if he should send a letter first especially since Hermione did not have an owl to use, when a Great Grey Owl started tapping on his window. Harry noticed that he had seen plenty of these owls at Hogwarts and was a bit hesitant to open the letter once he had it off the owl's leg. It was way too early for the school's supply list to be sent out and was afraid that what ever was in the letter was not good. Immediately the owl flew off, once it was free of the letter, disappearing in the cloudy night sky. Harry looked down at the letter, curiosity out weighing his fear, and opened the letter. Harry was right to be concerned about the contents of the letter but never in a million years would have guessed what it had said:

"Dear Harry,

I am writing to you to inform you that Hermione has suffered something terrible while on holiday with her parents in France. While she is physically unharmed, she ended up witnessing the murder of both of her parents.

For the time being she is in the care of the ministry until she is adopted by a wizarding family. I am informing you of this as Hermione will need time and is not expected to reach out to anyone for the time being.

When she is ready, I do expect you and Ron to be the best friend's she has had for the past two years.

Yours most sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore."

Immediately, Harry's heart went out to his friend. What many did not know about being an only child was that once your parents were gone, that was it. Unless your parents were close with your cousins who accepted you for who you were and not lock you in a cupboard, you were by yourself. Harry specifically remembered Hermione mentioning that her mom was an only child and her dad was the last surviving member on his side.

Harry reread the letter six more times before stopping and taking off his glasses.

Murdered. They were murdered. Harry had so many questions, questions he knew he would not be able to get answers to because the only person who would have answers is Hermione. Asking a survivor any questions about the attack was not just the worst thing to do but disgusting. It was one of the few things he hated more that the Dursleys and Professor Snape.

Harry barely noticed his face was wet with tears as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He wanted more than anything to reach out to Hermione and let her know that he was not just there for her but understood her. Biting his lip he decided to listen to Dumbledore and give her time.

Wondering if there would be a funeral, Harry grabbed two fresh parchments, one for Dumbledore's reply and one for Ron. He knew that Dumbledore probably sent a similar letter to Ron but wanted to reiterate giving Hermione the time she needed.