Eirik & Blod

United in grief at losing their daughter, Eirik and Blodeuwedd converged. They eventually had more children - redhead Tue (a quiet, peaceful and sociable boy), dark-haired Stian (a loner who preferred to walk the forest with only birdsong for company) and redhead Alva (who took life with the grace and elegance of an elf). Eirik took on an apprenticeship in the fields under the mentorship of Solveig but still had to man the forge and workshop occasionally. Blodeuwedd, having had the taste for outdoor pursuits and relished them, decided to follow in Kari's footsteps in providing for the clan.

Solveig & Cissé

Cissé helped Solveig come to terms with Knut's death and cared for Thormod like he was his own. Together, they conceived Abigail, who truly was her father's delight, and Vali (who grew to become a strong, courageous lad always ready to protect others), both of whom had dark hair. Solveig retained her roles as mother of the fields, chief harvester and head cook but also took charge of the village's nursery, such was her love of being surrounded by children. Cissé became the village's schoolteacher in addition to his co-leadership duties.

Yaghoub & Moira

Yaghoub and Moira were drawn together after Lady Tomoe died on the battlefield. It amazed them how much humour greased the wheels of acceptance. In that vein, they named their daughter Iona, she having been born on an island. Yaghoub became the island's trader and negotiator that Tom had encouraged him to be and he loved it. Moira continued to be co-leader, head healer, alchemist, dark wizard etc. and was rarely home either. Having largely absent parents, Iona would have followed in Kari's footsteps had she not been unofficially adopted by Cissé and Solveig. She grew up with patience and a mind for scheming (which can be creditted to her natural mother).