Act 1 Scene 1

Gudrun and Moira are in a clearing, mixing up a disgusting-looking concoction in a large pot.

Gudrun: I need more soapwort! Fetch me more soapwort!

Moira: Ok- someone's coming.

Gudrun: Ooh, something wicked this way comes! Kekekeke!

Eustache: Good afternoon to ye charming ladies!

Knut: Witches! *spits*

Gudrun: Hail Eustache, fisherman of the camp!

Eustache grumbled.

Moira: Hail Eustache, leader-to-be of the camp!

Eustache: Leader, huh? Fine women, pray tell me, how does this come about?


Moira: Hail Knut, forefather of leaders!

Knut: Hmpf.

Eustache: What about my question?

Gudrun: Be patient, fool! You will know when it's time.

Knut: Eustache, I can hear enemies approaching. Let's do some skull smashing!

Reluctantly, Eustache left with Knut.

Act 1 Scene 2

Eirik has learned that Yaghoub has been planning to assassinate him. He slits his throat in front of everyone.

Eirik: With his former titles, greet Eustache.

Act 1 Scene 3

Later in camp, after Eustache has confided in Blodeuwedd...

Blod: I think you should kill him. He is not the man I married anymore. *caresses his shoulders and whispers in his ear* You would make a much better leader. You're not afraid to do what needs to be done. *moves around to face him, straightened up and looks him in the eyes* Are you?

Eustache: Hmm...but when would the best time be?

Blod: When he's guiltily chopping wood after dark, then you could blame Björn's men. Come on, man! You can figure these things out for yourself!

Act 1 Scene 4

That night, Eustache stalked Eirik at a safe distance.


Eirik eventually collapsed out of exhaustion. Eustache saw his chance and slit his throat. Now he needed to find a couple of goons to take the blame.