Act 2 Scene 1

Kari: Hey, everyone! Wake up! Dad's been murdered!

Everyone woke and gasped in horror. There were sleepy whispers. Then Eustache staggered in with a couple of corpses, cut, bleeding and panting.

Eustache: Found the blighters! They did... not deserve to live.

Act 2 Scene 2

In the healing tent the following morning...

Gudrun: Well, don't just stand there! Enter! Hail Eustache, King of camp!

Moira: Hail Eustache, King of camp!

Eustache: Had I two ears, I would hear ye. Oh, wait. Ignore me. Can you patch me up?

They bandaged him up.

Eustache: Thanks. Before I go, do you have any foresighted advice?

Moira: Erm...

Gudrun: You shall not be harmed by any man of woman born.

Eustache: That's good to know. Anything else?

Moira: You are the first and last of your line.

Eustache: Pah! We'll see about that! Thank you, ladies! *to self* Knut won't live to father any more brats!

Act 2 Scene 3

He made his way over to the forge.

Knut: Oh. Hi, Eustache! What's up?

Eustache: Well you should ask, my friend. Well you should ask...

Eustache stuck his dagger in the back of Knut, aiming for his heart.

Knut: But...I'm your friend!

Eustache: I can't have your heirs challenging my rule. Sorry.

Knut collapsed, his head landing in the forge and being set alight.

Act 2 Scene 4

At dinner that night, several of the women were in mourning. Eustache was feeling as though he had vanquished his main threats.

Then Eustache saw Knut's ghost glide in, turn and deposit himself next to him. Eustache jumped out of his skin.

Blod: What's up, my love?

Eustache: Can't you see him? He's here!

Blod: Who?

Everyone else was looking at him, completely unaware of the apparition.

Eustache: Nobody. Sorry. It's been a tough couple of days. For all of us.

Act 2 Scene 5

Later that evening, when Eustache had gone out for a walk...

Parvaneh: This doesn't seem right to me. Eustache wasn't the most loyal to Eirik, happened to be out when Eirik got murdered, came back just in time to catch the tail end of Kari's announcement that her father was dead, announced himself temporary leader and now Knut mysteriously fell into the forge. Björn doesn't go sneaking around to vanquish his foes. It must be someone here.

She looked around. Kari's blood was boiling, Solveig was crying and the other three women were oddly silent. Shifty, even. Gudrun pretended to be asleep. Moira tried to make her excuses to go to bed.

Parvaneh: Blod, I would go as far as to say you are not affected by Eirik's death how a loyal wife should be. You're also out of character. You would normally be hotly seeking vengeance.

Blod: What are you trying to say? That I murdered my own husband!?

Kari: Mum was here when I got back. Who wasn't?

Parvaneh: Eustache.

Kari exploded and stormed out.

Act 2 Scene 6

Eustache came back to find Kari's face radiating barely contained fury and venom.

Kari: You fucking arsehole! You killed my father! And Knut!

Eustache: I did not! Those goons did! Knut just fell in the forge! Nobody killed him!

Kari: LIAR!

She thrust herself on him, kicking, biting, punching. Eustache laughed.

Eustache: No man of woman born can kill me!

Kari: It's just as well I'm not a man, then.

Eustache gulped.

Kari then noticed Eustache's dagger in his belt. She used it, thus ending his blissfully short tyranny.

Kari: Anything else you want to tell me, Aunt Moira?