Day 0

Moira gets flashes of Eirik getting hooked on pot and sleeping with Gwen and Parvaneh, a drunk Knut beating Solveig, Eustache molesting Shanaw and attempting to rape Blod and Angelo murdering Shanaw.

Blod: That's enough, Honey. She's coming round.

Moira wakes and the first face she sees is Eirik's. She stumbles backwards.


Eirik: Wh-? I don't understand...

Moira: Sorry. I got a vision of some events that may happen on this island. Don't ask me what I saw but please hark my words - we cannot have any men with us. Our safety and sanity are at stake.

Eirik: Moira, if this is one of your games-

Moira: It isn't. I really wish I could ignore it but I can't.

Eirik: I'm not leaving you two here. Not now. Not ever.

They then notice Solveig and Knut arguing. Knut gets violent.

Blod: Eirik, DO something...

Kari: I'LL do something!

She let rip an arrow, which landed squarely in Knut's shoulder. His face writhed with agony as he span round to face his tormentor.


He started making his way to Kari. He zigzagged, stumbled and fell. Badly.


Knut tried to get up again but slipped. Blod hurried over.


Knut: wife...

Solveig: You pig! I left you, remember?

Knut: My...son...


Knut: *full of menace* you don't get to dictate to me, woman! Learn your place. *spits*

Solveig went to slap him but Blod stopped her.

Blod: You don't want to risk hurting him. What's his name?

Solveig: Thormod. Isn't he adorable?

Blod: Yes he is! Let's hope he doesn't turn out like his father.

Solveig: We'll need to make sure he doesn't.

Moira: We?

Blod: We'll have to make some friends if we are to survive here.

Then Eustache turned up, trying to look positively suave despite his torn clothes, lack of sleep and general misfortune that comes with being a castaway in the New World that had not yet been discovered by what he considered to be civilised people.

Eustache: Greetings, my friends! I can see you are unfortunate enough to have landed on this godforsaken island too. Eustache the Black Monk at your service! A pleasure to meet you all! Especially you, my pretty *at Blodeuwedd*.

Moira: You can fuck off! We don't need you! Go find a sheep or something!

Eustache: My lady, there's no need to be like that...

Moira: BEAT IT!

Eustache turned away, bitterly retorting...

Eustache: Typical Norse hospitality...

He noticed Knut on the ground. He knew he had to get some men. This one could clearly fight but looked worse for wear. And smelt worse for wear too. Phew. Alcohol, sweat and dirt are a foul combination.

Eustache: And you, fine sir! Do you need a hand getting up? It's no trouble...

Knut: Not from a French pansy like you! *spits* I can get myself up anyway...

Eustache produced a knife and spat back.

Eustache: You won't be getting up at all if you insult me again.

Blod: *quietly to Eirik* Go with them, please... before they kill each other...

Eirik grunted in irritation and started making his way over.

Kari: Daaad! Please don't go...

Eirik: It won't be for long, I'm sure. Right now, they need a competent warrior and peacekeeper. You can be your mum's warrior and she can be your peacekeeper.

Kari looked on as Eirik went to help the other two men. She couldn't help wondering how long this separation would be.

Blod: We need to find a place to bed down for the night and build a campfire. We can take stock of what we have left in the morning and start exploring the island then.

A short while later, the women find an abandoned shelter...

Kari: Look! A shelter!

Moira: Let's hope it's not occupied...

Kari broke into a run to be the first to check out their potential new home.

Blod: Be careful! You don't know who or what is in there!

Kari: Relax, Mum! It's fine. I can handle myself anyways.

Blod sighed.

Kari opened the door and went inside. About a minute later, she came out again, holding a couple of skulls.

Kari: It looks as though the last inhabitants had a fight...

Moira: Let's have a look...

Moira went inside and saw that the place had been turned upside down. Sure, the skeletons showed signs of lethal combat but no weapons (or indeed anything else useful besides furniture) could be found.

Moira: They didn't fight each other. This was a raid, or retribution...

Blod: Oh, well. It's ours now. Let's make the most of it. Kari, will you fetch us some firewood?

Kari: Of course, Mum!

Blod: Don't stray too far!

Kari: Do you want this firewood or what?


Kari didn't hang around to argue further. Thormod started bawling, which preoccupied Solveig.

Blod: Now that we're as alone as we can be, what was in your vision, specifically?

Moira: That drunken piece of shit out there beating his ex-wife, Eirik getting high on dope and playing away with two other women, that womaniser Eustache molesting a young girl and attempting to rape you and a young man murdering that same young girl, saying "God created Adam and Eve, not Ada and Eve!"

Blod: That's all...horrible. I'm glad you waited until we were alone before you told me all that. So what do we do now?

Moira: Live separately and don't let the men in to prevent these despicable deeds from ever taking place.

Blod: I agree. I just hope Eirik can stop them from killing each other.

Moira: Would it be so bad if they did kill each other?

Blod's pondering was cut short by Kari's return.

Kari: Mum, Aunt Moira, I have firewood! Also-

Moira: I'll get a fire going with my tinder mushroom. That should keep the wild animals away for tonight.

Blod: And attract the attention of whoever killed the previous inhabitants.

Moira: We will need to face them sooner or later, anyway.

Kari: We might have a bit of luck there. The men are manning an abandoned large stone tower about four hundred paces away. It looks to be on the same path anyone would take in order to reach our camp.

Blod: Thank the gods. That's something.

At the large stone tower...

Knut: This is sturdy stonework but it needs repairing.

Eustache: I would say there's enough room inside for seven occupants, maybe eight.

Eirik: Is there anything inside in the way of supplies or something to suggest why this tower was abandoned?

Eustache: There looks to have been a raid. The skeletons in there are showing fatal blows. Anything of value has been taken.

Eirik: I suggest we pitch up here, all the same. So long as we stay relatively sober, I think we stand a chance.

Knut: Was that a dig at me? Watch your tongue!

Eirik: It wasn't but I will say now that we all need to be handy with a bow. We can't shoot straight if we are half cocked.

Knut: Bows are for cowards and women.

Eirik: They are also for tower guards when they are under siege.

Eustache: I'll scout around a bit and get some firewood.

Eustache left.

Eirik: So what do you think of our new friend?

Knut: *spits* That's no Christian monk. Don't be fooled by his cross that he wears round his neck, his good manners or his smile. He's a filthy crook, no doubt about it.

Eirik: I agree. Something tells me he's a pirate. He could be very useful.

Knut: Hmpf.

Eustache bumps into Cissé...

Eustache: Who goes there?

Cissé: I am Cissé, a storyteller from the distant sunny land of Sao. Please don't kill me.

Eustache: I am Eustache the Black Monk, formerly of the nobility of France. Are there more of you here? How long have you been here, how did you get here, etcetera?

Cissé: I am the only one. I only arrived a day or so ago. I was exiled from my homeland learning too much about the Royal Family. My boat was caught in a terrible storm and I crashed here. And yourself?

Eustache: I arrived earlier today and joined two Norse warriors. Their women they were with didn't want men around.

Cissé: Where I come from, we have a saying. Women are like the Sun. They nurture and amaze but they also burn.

Eustache: Hmm. So tell me, Cissé, do you have any skills beyond storytelling? We don't really need a storyteller.

Cissé: I can cook a bit, I can heal, talk to the spirits, play this instrument here-

Eustache: Okay, that's enough. One of our men has taken an arrow to the shoulder. Could you assist?

Cissé: Gladly. I am a man of peace, not war.

Eustache: Then I hate to tell you that whoever else lives on this island is not friendly. Carry some of that wood, would you?

Back in the ladies' camp...

Blod: Listen up, everyone! It isn't all bad. We're alive. The climate is amenable. There's plenty of vegetation and hopefully small wild animals. This shelter could do with some work done to it but it's much better than sleeping out in the open. Kari, I need you to fetch water for us. There are two large barrels outside and buckets.

Kari: But Muuuum, someone needs to explore the island...

Blod: Will you do as I say, child? I have good reason.

Kari: *mutters to self* This is so unfair...

Blod: Solveig, what are you like with building and crafting?

Solveig: I barely know a hammer from a chisel!

Blod: Then will you salvage what you can from our ship? It won't be so painful for you because you have no memories of it.

Solveig: Okay. Anything to help.

Blod: Moira and I will take it in turns to build tools in that workshop area. Firstly, we need a good axe to go logging and chop wood to build and repair camp facilities but also to keep the fire going. If our fire goes out, we can say goodbye to warmth overnight and hello to human-eating animals. I think we should all take a turn at logging except Solveig, again because of Thormod.

Moira: You forget, sister, that my body isn't as strong as yours...

Blod: It will do you good. No arguments. We then need to forage for food, so we need to build a fruit basket. After that, a fishing pole, a pickaxe and a cooking pot.

Kari: What about a hunting bow? Shooting rabbits and boar is a lot more fun than just sitting at the water's edge all day.

Blod: Yes, yes, after the cooking pot! Well, I think that's everything for now. Sleep ti-

Kari: What about exploring? We need to know who and what is out there.

Blod: Your aunt and I can do that.

Kari: But-

Blod: NO BUTS! Sleep tight, everyone.

Kari: *sniffs* Dad would let me explore...

Moira comforted her.

Moira: Give her time.

Knut: What did you bring a cannibal back to our camp for?

Cissé: I'm not a cannibal. None of my people are.

Knut: You could have fooled me. Your dark skin and your accent... wait, you speak Norse? How and where did you learn to speak Norse?

Cissé: I'm not. We're speaking Saoese. Where did you learn that?

The four men paused looked at each other.

Knut: What the fuck is up with this island?

After the right amount of dramatic pause, Eustache decided to take the lead in getting things back on track.

Eustache: Gentlemen, I suggest we introduce ourselves and offer skills and interests, then get some sort of plan or roster organised. Does anyone want to start? No? I'm Eustache, French noble turned monk turned pirate. I can read, fight, fish, hunt and scavenge. I'm willing to learn logging, mining and building/crafting. I can roast a fish on a fire and change a bandage but I would rather not. I like women, drinking, pillaging and the odd skirmish. As a proven leader, I would like to bid for that role. Next?

Knut: Knut, from the Jutland coast, warrior turned blacksmith. I can also log and mine. I'm useless at cooking and healing. I love my family, pillaging, fighting and drinking. I hate all witches and healers! *spits*

Eirik: I'm Eirik, from Bergen. I can and am willing to do pretty much anything except cooking and healing. I guess I'm better at building, logging, mining and fighting than anything else. I don't enjoy fighting but it's a means to an end, especially to protect my family. I would eventually like to become a farmer. Please don't elect me as leader. I don't want to be.

Cissé: I am Cissé, from the sunny land of Sao. I am a storyteller and my people like a good story. I can also heal, talk to the spirits and cook. I refuse to do anything that will cause harm to another living creature who has done no unprovoked harm to me. I also hate mining. I have a great fear of enclosed spaces like caves and mining shafts. Shelters and fortifications are okay, though. I wish to be a teacher.

Eustache: Great. Does anyone else want to be leader?

After a few moments of silence...

Eustache: -

Knut: Why should I take orders from a slimy cretin like you?

Eustache: Because you will find my style to be right up your alley. Do you want to fight, be our chief strategist, weaponsmith and master builder? So long as you are not injured, as leader, I would encourage you to take part in every skirmish. Does that sound promising?

Knut: I find this arrangement acceptable.

Eustache: Very good. So Cissé, what ARE you willing to do?

Cissé: I can build, craft, fetch water, forage for fruit, scavenge and explore for now. To heal properly, I need a healing tent and to cook, I need a pot. I can help construct them.

Eustache: That's all great but our immediate attention must be wood. Then we can worry about fruit baskets, fishing rods, cooking pots and a healing tent. We can cook fish on the ends of our swords until then.

Cissé: You'll cook the outside but not the inside if you do that.

Eustache: We'll cook for a bit longer then, won't we?

Cissé: Then it will be completely charred on the outside.


Eirik: Eustache, calm down.

Eustache: Sorry...old habits die hard and all that...

Knut: My ship still has supplies and can be dismantled for wood and rope.

Eustache: Great! Eirik, would you be so kind as to get onto that tomorrow while I explore?

Eirik: Certainly, if Knut shows me where he landed.

Knut: Sure. I'll get on with crafting a woodcutting axe.

Cissé: I'll get the fire started. I have a tinder mushroom.