It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon in that solemn month of September. School was just beginning in the main island of the Masco archipelago. However, that did not stop Hollywood from producing their exciting new releases. "IT: Chapter 2" being one of the big ones. At this, no one was surprised by the hype that ensued. Even at the McDonald's house.

Ever since she had gotten home from her first week of school, Cathy-Fey was begging her father to see Stephen King's new film. No matter where he went, poor Ronald would be followed by the relentless repeats of "Please" and "Pretty Please". This went on for an hour until-

"Please, dad!",cried the broken record as she grovels at his feet, "Please, let me see the movie! I promise I won't develop coulrophobia!"

"Cathy…"groaned a weary Ronald, "For the last time, you are not seeing that movie."


"First starters, you're way too young."

"I'll be 12 in October. And the kids at school are going to see it."

"With their parents' approval? I highly doubt it. Second, will you even be able to handle it? You're gonna get nightmares."

"Grandpa Mercury says that childhood trauma builds character."replied Cathy with an innocent a sigh, Ronald place a palm on his face when, from the front door, his wife, Astria comes in.

"Hey, you two.", the lovely matriarch spoke with a smile, "The cafe's giving out free pumpkin-spiced donuts. Wanna go?"

"Ria, help.", Ronald pleaded as his wife sees his tired disposition. "What's going on?",she asked as her preteen walks up to her.

"It all started today at school...", started Cathy, "During lunch time, Priscilla was talking to her friends about seeing the new "IT" movie. Somehow, she pointed to me and said, 'Bet you're seeing it too, huh Cathy?'

'What? No.', I said, 'Why would I?'

'Well, with your...heritage, it's so obvious that you're going to see it. Your dad's already a creep anyway.'

'Take it back! Take it back right now!'

'No. You know it's true. I was ready to fight...but then I remember we're on school grounds, 'And I am NOT seeing that film!'

'Aw, Cathy, Not even for a dare?'

'Not even, Prissy.'

'A double dare?'


'Oh yeah? Then...I TRIPLE-DOG DARE you!'

I looked at her and all the other kids crowding around us. It's either going on with it or backing down. So…"

"You said 'Yes'?", Asked Ronald, who knew what was coming next.

"I had to.", Cathy answered with a frown, "I would look like a wimp I didn't. They already think I'm a baby.", then she begged once more with a hopeful smile, "So, can I go mommy and daddy? Please, please, please, please, please?"

Ronald and Astria looked at eachother then back at their kid in a concerned manner. Cathy was just about ready to turn on the puppy-dog eyes when her mother picked her up from the floor to stand while her father began to reply.

"Cathy,"started Ronald, "I know this movie is a big deal, but you've always been terrified of scary things."

"Not all scary things, dad.", Cathy-Fey innocently pointed out, "Your family's full of clowns and mimes while mom's mom is the child of a merrow man and a she-viper. And grandpa can be one messed up fairy from what you two had told me. All of that I can handle. I just...can't handle gore...body horror...and jump scares…"

"Exactly. We don't want you to be scared and get matter what your psychotic grandpa says." Ronald turns to Mercury's full-grown daughter,whispering a "No offense, honey." to her.

"None taken, dear.", the weresiren chuckles a bit when she returns to the subject,"But, your father's right, sweetie. Besides, you can't just see a movie on a dare. That's just peer pressure. If you go along with it, that'll just give Priscilla more power over you."

Cathy understood her parents' words. Yet, the little red-head was still unsure. As her dark turquoise eyes looked up to their faces, she then went on to inquire, "But how can I prove myself? The kids are going to make fun of me for sure. It's bad enough that I'm 11 ½ and still don't have any powers yet."

Astria then speaks up,"Cathy, we've talked about this. You're a late bloomer and there's nothing wrong with that."

"But…", Cathy looks at the floor with a shred of frustration, "now they'll really think I'm...worthless. They already do...and I can't stop it."

The clown places a hand of comfort on her shoulder as he lowers himself to her level. "Sweet heart..when moving to Masco, I had to learn a lot of things; there are people who will always think the worst of you. Even if you did nothing wrong. You could save the universe and still be looked down on. But, it's important that you don't let it get to you. Remember, you are special. You are worth a great deal and have people who love you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

"Even if I break the law?", Cathy asked with a simple stare. Needless to say, her question was not something the clown foresaw.

"Uhh…", Ronald's eyes widened as he looks at his spouse who happily helps.

"It depends on the crime, sweetie.", she answers as she scruffs her daughter's red hair. Ushering a giggle from the cheered-up preteen.

"Feeling better?", inquired Astria with a laid-back grin.

"Yeah. Thank you.", Cathy answered as she embraced her loving parents when Ronald stood up with a cheerful, "Good!" He then heads to the door. "Now,", he started, "Who's up for donuts?"

"ME!", the jubilant Cathy-Fey was truly back to her normal self. As she dashes out to the car, her folks chuckle at her enthusiasm. They catch up when, under the cool grey clouds, Ronald asked, "Took good care of that, didn't I?". It wasn't long until his emerald-eyed wife answers by giving him a peck on the cheek.

"What was that for?", he wondered as Astria answered,"For just being you."