October 12th, 2008. Ronald McDonald and Astria Bucks (along with their dogs, Sundae and CoCo) were enjoying a gorgeous autumn day at the local park of Brand-Side Avenue. The temperature was not chilly nor heated and the fire-colored leaves fell from the tree branches. Anyway, while on their fanciful outing, the clown and the siren had discussed one thing; their baby. At that time, Ronald and Astria have been married for 2 ½ years and their first child was going to be due any day now. They could not help but be excited and were still trying to come up with names. Ronald wanted "Velvet-Rose" for a girl but Astria had won with "Cathy-Fey". Everything was going fine until Chuck E. Cheese and Ronald's niece, Wendy, came to get the clown's help. The reason: a wicked sorceress named, Dimitra was at the Emblem Forest terrorizing the land.

Moments later, Ronald, Chuck E. and Wendy were helping out The Magic Burger King (Daniel James Bing), The Dairy Queen (Missy Bing), Jack Box, and Catalina (of Chicken of the Sea) battle their latest foe until she had done a strange thing; she had disappeared into thin air. All over the Masco Archipelago the party had looked but no sign of her. So, Catalina, Daniel and Missy continued the search while the rest of the dang went home to rest.


When the red-headed clown got to his house, he had found that Astria, Sundae and CoCo had just returned from grocery shopping while he was away. At this, Ronald had took it upon himself to help his wife put the items away. However, once opening the fridge, there was a literal black whole! One that had sucked both Ronald and Astria in to the dogs' shock.

The pair had been transported to one of the islands of Masco. Specifically the Lionheart Island. Fortunately, Ronald and Astria knew where they were and went off to find King Linus the Lionhearted. They had started to walk for a while until Ronald noticed how exhausted poor Astria was getting. So, the red-headed clown, using rocks, sticks and magic, created a vehicle that resembled a land-cruiser. A vehicle that was safe, and functioned like any other car.

As the evening went on, they had rode on when they had heard the excellent singing of a familiar bear. And that bear was none other than Sugar Bear with Tony the Tiger accompanying him. When they met up with Ronald and Astria, they went on to help them get to a hotel where a tired Astria rested while Ronald went to Linus's castle for help.


Once at the castle, Linus, Sugar, Tony and Ronald had managed to contact the already aware Missy about the fiasco via Sundae calling the White Castle quickly after. Fortunately, Daniel, Wendy, Catalina, and Jack were on their way to help them investigate the cause of the mysterious black hole. Though, in the meantime, Ronald had found himself in another situation. While Astria was staying at one of the hotel rooms, she was talking with Tony's wife and Granny Goodwitch when she began to go into labor. With a call from , Ronald, Tony, Sugar Bear and King Linus had rushed to meet the women at the hospital. Both Astria and Ronald were calm during the whole ordeal. As for the rest...not so much…

Nonetheless, by the time Daniel and the others had made it to the hospital (Missy had called to tell them), Astria had brought a new life into the world. A beautiful baby girl with dark, brownish red hair, stellar aquamarine eyes and the name of Cathy-Fey. Naturally, "Aaws", tears and goofy faces ensued.


Later that night, the new parents were left alone with their small daughter, Dimitra had magically appeared. Once casting a sleeping spell on Ronald and Astria, she had taken the infant from her mother's arms and disappeared once again.


Morning came when the McDonalds awoke to realize their child's abduction and alarmed their friends about it. The group was determined to figure out where Dimitra had gone off to. It was not long until Granny Goodwitch had realized that Dimitra was once a pupil of hers by the original name of "Dazey" who had turned evil once being on her own.

With Granny's help, the gang goes to find Dimitra's lair at the edge of the island. There, they met with the sorceress who explains that little Cathy-Fey will be a powerful being thanks to her parents' genes. So, with the black hole from earlier, Dimitra was able to track the McDonalds down more easily. She could justify herself all she wanted, but Ronald and Astria were driven to save their child from her clutches.

The battle wasn't easy; everyone had to use their wits, skills and powers to finally defeat Dimitra. By the end of the big scuffle, she did not die but was rather weak. Yet, she still managed to use her remaining magic to escape into the air. Though, not without proclaiming that she will return.

With their infant back with them, Ronald and Astria were worried about Dimitra's revenge until Catalina and Daniel comforted the pair. Vowing that, whatever happens, they will be ready for her. Instead of living in fear, they will just deal with it as it comes and tell Cathy-Fey about the ordeal when she would be old enough to understand.

And so, with the hospital's permission, the main gang had bid the Lionhearted group farewell and went safely back home to Masco.

The End