Were the Heck is Kenosha?

A Knight Rider short story

" Michael, is this really necessary?"

" Yes, KITT. It really is."

"But, Michael."

" KITT. They know who you are. We need to both be undercover for this one, buddy."

"But. A Gremlin? And a purple one at that?"

" Purple with white trim, pal. And you're not just any old Gremlin. You're a 1973 Gremlin X."

" Michael."

"Yes, KITT."

"Where's my back half?"

"You're a Gremlin. You don't have a back half."



"Yes, KITT?"

"I'm developing some strange cravings."

"Like what, pal?

"A brat cooked in beer and onions. A State Fair cream puff. Cheese curds, whatever THOSE are."

"Anything else, buddy?"

"A cold Miller and an old fashioned."

"Just drink Wisconsibly, pal. No drunk driving for you. Is that it?"

"Just one more thing, Michael. How do I get to Lambeau Field?"