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Summary: Hogwarts gets owl pals and they all gets nicknames. A whole week with your enemy? How lovely. Watch as feelings changes, trouble shows up and some of the most embarrassing moments you can ever imagine!

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Type: Romance/Humor

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......................................................*Talk About BLIND Date*........................................

-Chapter 1: FireBird and DragonIce-

Hermione, Harry, Ron and the other students at Hogwarts was sitting in the Great Hall, waiting for dinner to begin. Earlier that day at lunch Professor Dumbledore had told them that he had something important to say.

"I wonder what Dumbledore wanted to tell us." Ron said

"Yeah, maybe You-Know-Who is back!" Harry said, worried

"Harry, I'm sure it's-" Hermione started but she was cut off by Harry.

"Oh my god! What if Voldemort comes here to Hogwarts and-"Harry exclaimed, his voice full of panic.

"Harry." Ron said

But Harry didn't listen, he just kept babbling about Voldemort.

"What if-"Harry started again.

"HARRY!!!"Hermione and Ron yelled

Harry jumped slightly at his two friends' sudden outburst.

"Oh, sorry guys!" Harry said apologetic

The doors to the Great Hall suddenly burst open and Professor Dumbledore walked in. He walked over to the Head Table and said something, he then turned to the students.

"Attention everyone!" Dumbledore said

The Hall went completely silent and looked at their headmaster curiously.

"I and Igor Karkafoff, the headmaster of Durmstrang have decided to start a project." Professor Dumbledore informed them.

Everyone in the Hall begun to whisper with their eyes wide in curiosity.

"The idea with this project is that you students will get to know each other and get new friends." Professor Dumbledore stated with that famous twinkle in his wise eyes.

When he noticed the students confused faces he smiled to himself.

"You all know what a Pen Pal is, right?" He asked in a calm voice.

Most students nodded while others just shook their heads.

"Good, but instead of sending letters in the Muggle way we're going to do it by Owl. You can not tell your Owl Pal who you are or your name. You will all choose your own nickname and that's the only name you can use. Your Pal can either be a Durmstrang student or a Hogwarts student but you're not allowed to tell which school you're in to your Pal. We have already decided who your Pal will be so there's no arguing. When you have finished eating you will all go to your dorms and in there you will find a letter. The letter will explain what you are suppose to do. Now dig in!" Dumbledore finished out of breath.

The Hall begun to cheer and whispers could be heard all over the Hall.

"Wicked! Maybe I will meet some hot girl!" Ron exclaimed excited.

Harry grinned but said nothing, Hermione however rolled her eyes and threw her arm in the air.

"Honestly, Ron!" She exclaimed hopelessly.

"What? It's not my fault. After all, I AM a guy!" Ron said, trying to defend himself.

"Whatever." Hermione muttered and begun to eat.

[*After Dinner*]

Harry, Ron and Hermione entered the Common Room and said their goodnights.

Ron and Harry went to the Boy's Dorm while Hermione climbed up the stairs to the Girl's Dorm and stopped in front of the door.

Okay, this is it. I hope my Pal is nice.

She opened the door and saw her roommates Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown sitting on a bed, giggling like mad and holding an envelope.

Hermione hurried to her bed and closed the curtains, she looked at her bed and as she had thought; there was an envelope there.

She sat down on her bed and took up the envelope, on the front side it stood,

Miss Hermione A. Granger

Hermione took a deep breath and slowly opened the envelope with shaky hands.

Miss Hermione A. Granger,

As you have been informed, you are not allowed to tell your name, so instead you will have a nickname.

All you have to do is to choose a nickname that you want to use, you can not change it so make sure that you choose the right name.

Now, write the nickname you have chosen on this paper-

Hermione thought about what nickname she would choose.

Hmm, it has to be simple but interesting.

She looked around the dorm and her eyes fell on her Potion book, on the front side there was a bird with flaming red feathers.

"FireBird." Hermione whispered to herself.

She grinned as she took a quill and wrote FireBird on the paper with red ink.

The letters sank into the paper and green letters came up, which formed the word DragonIce.

She looked at the paper again and saw new words form on it.

Your nickname is FireBird. DragonIce is your Pal. You will send letters to each other by owl and you can tell her/him anything besides things that can tell who you are. DragonIce will be the one to sends the first letter.

Good Luck!


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts
Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster of Durmstrang

DragonIce? I wonder who it is. I can't wait until she/he sends me the first letter!

And with that thought Hermione fell into a deep sleep.

[*Draco Malfoy P.o.V*]

Draco ran up the stairs to his Dorm.
He ran inside his dorm and slammed the door loudly after him.

Grabb and Goyle had chased him to the Common Room, Draco didn't know what they wanted to say but he knew that whatever it was, it wasn't going to be something important.

Draco looked around the room and saw that it was empty.

Yes! Finally some peace!

He walked to his bed and saw the envelope, he took it up and looked at it for a while.

On the front side it stood,

Mister Draco E. Malfoy

Draco snorted at the idea of Owl Pals.

Owl Pals. What a stupid idea!

He read the letter.

Nickname? For god's sake! I'm a Slytherin not a stupid little Gryffindor! But I have to have a nickname..Lets see, something cool but simple. DragonIce! That's perfect!

He wrote the name on the paper with green ink and watched as the ink sank into the paper, new words begun to form on the paper.

DragonIce is your nickname.

You will have to wait until your Pal as decided his/her nickname.

Please hold!

"Stupid letter! Can't it just tell me who it is and get over with it?" Draco muttered angrily to himself.

The next thing he knew there was a new word on the paper.

It stood FireBird with red letters.

FireBird? Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Suddenly new words formed on the paper again,

FireBird is your Pal. You will send letters to each other by owl and you can tell her/him anything besides things that can tell who you are. You will be the one who sends the first letter.

Good Luck!


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts

Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster of Durmstrang

I will send the letter tomorrow; I'm way too tired now.

Draco thought and after a while he was in a deep sleep.


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