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                                                        *Talk About BLIND Date*

[*In Previous Chapter*]

Draco and Hermione dusted off their clothes and saw Narcissa and Lucius doing the same. They had just flooed into the house that the Christmas dinner was held in. Hermione looked around the unfamiliar living room and saw amazing art hanging on the maroon colored walls and lots of antique furniture. It looked just like an old castle with it's high ceiling and huge elegant stairs.

A sudden loud squeak interrupted Hermione's thoughts. She looked up and saw Nienna running towards a terrified Draco, which made her laugh slightly but she couldn't help feeling a little jealous and angry.

Why am I angry at Draco? He can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. But why Nienna? Even Pansy is better than her, heck, she's ten times better than her. I just wish I could show Nienna a lesson..a real painful lesson. But I can't do that...or can I? Why shouldn't I be able to show her not to mess with me? I'm the smartest witch in Hogwarts! It couldn't hurt to just earn a little respect..now could it? Well then, I guess it's settled then.  Watch out Nienna Petrell, I'm going to make you wish that you never came to this dinner. Or ever laid eyes on my Draco.


-Chapter 19: Father, I wanna be a Ballerina -

When Draco finally succeed in breaking away from Nienna's tight grip, Hermione was sending both Draco and Nienna death glares.

"Nienna Sweetheart!" A shrill female voice called from the kitchen, which was just around the corner.

A thin woman who looked almost exactly like Nienna appeared in the gigantic doorway. The only difference was her eyes, they were even creepier than her daughter's; they were big and round in the color of mustard yellow.

She gave Hermione these weird vibes, as if she was planning something for her, something not too good. And it didn't exactly help that she was mother to Hermione's now worst enemy.

"What do you want?" Nienna asked rudely.

Her mother though didn't look angry or hurt at all, she just smiled and replied in a disgusting sweet voice,

"I am just wondering why you have switched places between you and Hermione? I thought we had agreed on the places. Weren't you supposed to sit beside Chay?"

Hermione's eyes were now burning with fury and her eyes were narrowed at Nienna.

Nienna just threw her black hair over her bare shoulders so that it just happened to hit Draco right in the face. Draco's face now looked highly disgusted and Hermione saw him take out a stray of hair out of his mouth.

How graceful. Hermione thought with a small satisfied smirk forming on her lips.

"I just thought that like it would be good for like our dear Hermione to get to like know the rest of the kids around here in like the neighborhood. I mean, she like already knows Draco. And like I'm sure they'd like appreciate a bit of distance from like each other for like a while." Nienna said and gave Hermione the most disgusting fake smile she'd ever seen.

That lousy little rat! She did NOT do that because I and Draco need some time apart! She just wants Draco all for herself, well, she can just forget that! Maybe I should get Draco to understand first what a bimbo she really is. And after that I'll deal with Nienna. God, it sounds as if I'm going to beat her up. I wasn't thinking of doing that, I'm just going to play a little with her head. This will be fun.

"Nienna, how kind of you. You really are too friendly." The thin woman said to her daughter with a proud smile.

Hermione just rolled her eyes and glared at Nienna a little more.

"Narcissa!" Nienna's mother suddenly exclaimed as if it was ten years since met.

Narcissa smiled slightly and reluctantly gave returned the woman's hug.

"Hi Mortina! How are you these days?" She asked in a quite dull tone.

Hermione didn't bother to listen to their conversation any further. Instead her eyes searched around the room for her blond haired friend. She found him standing together with Tardos, talking so she decided to join them.

When she reached the two boys she heard her name being mentioned. Curiosity took over Hermione and forced her to listen to what they were saying.

"I don't know what to do?" She heard Draco saying.

"How about we play a game of Truth or Dare? It's bound to happen something between you two then." Tardos said.

Draco looked as if he was wondering before he gave him blond friend a small smile.

"Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea after all."

Hermione couldn't take it anymore; she needed to know what they were talking about so she walked closer to them.

"Hey guys! What's up?"

The two boys suddenly looked up at her surprised and Draco's eyes became wide in fear.

Strange. What were they talking about? And why did Draco say my name? Did I really hear right about the whole Truth or Dare thing? Wizards aren't supposed to know about Muggle things. Maybe they're starting to figure me out..? I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

"Uhh..we were just talking about..you. Yeah, Draco said that you're kind of shy and you really don't know any of us so I thought that maybe we should play Truth or Dare before dinner. What do say?" Tardos said nervously.

Draco just nodded in agreement and looked at Hermione quizzically, as if wondering if she heard anything she shouldn't.

It couldn't hurt with just a little game of Truth or Dare. And besides, it's just going to be me, Draco and Tardos. It's completely safe. 

"Okay…sure." Hermione said and shrugged.

"Great! You guys just wait here and I'll be back before you know it." Tardos said and left the other two teenagers standing there, looking rather embarrassed.

"So, I didn't know that you knew how to play Truth or Dare. I thought pureblooded wizards like you weren't supposed to know about muggle things." Hermione said the last part a little harsher than she meant.

She still hadn't forgotten about the fact that Draco had been cruel enough to judge her by her blood for so many years. But she had learned now to see things from his point of view. And even though she still couldn't believe it, she had actually found a truly amazing person in that cold hearted wizard she knew from school.

Draco looked both a bit hurt and surprised at Hermione's words but he quickly ignored the feeling.

"What's that suppose to mean? Aren't we allowed to play it too, just like everybody else?" He asked with a slight hint of anger in his voice.

Neither of the two teenagers could take the conversation any further because Tardos suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He told them to follow him, so they obeyed his order.

A short while later they entered a small cozy room with four persons sitting on the marble floor. Hermione recognized them as Nienna, Neven, Weans and Tendan. She also saw that there was a bottle in the middle of the circle that they were all together forming.

Ooooh No! No way! I am not playing Truth or Dare with Nienna. I'd rather eat my own wand! I've got to get myself out of this.

"So, what are we doing here?" She asked innocently.

Both Draco and Tardos looked at her as if she was absolutely insane.

"Um, we're going to play Truth or Dare. I asked you and Draco if you wanted to join us, remember?" Tardos said with one eyebrow raised.

Come on Hermione! Make up something NOW! It's really not that hard.

"Oooh! You asked if I wanted to play Truth or Dare? I thought you said Choose a Pair." Hermione said and laughed nervously.

Everybody in the room looked at Hermione strangely, especially Draco.

"Come on guys! You know the game when everybody take off their shoes and then they have to figure out which pair is who's." Hermione said and looked at Draco pleadingly.

[*Draco Malfoy P.o.V*]

Why is she looking at me like that? And what in Merlin's name is she talking about? I have never ever in my whole damn life heard of a game called Choose a Pair. But I guess I'll have to help her out of this since she obviously can't do it by herself.

"Uh yeah, now that I think about it, I think I've played it before one time with my..eh..cousin." He said and gave Hermione a look that clearly said 'You owe me for this…BIG TIME!'.

Nienna all of a sudden gasped and gave out a squeak.

"Like oh my god! I just like suddenly remembered that I've played it too! Choose a Pair is like the hippest game in like the whole Wizard World!" She exclaimed in her annoying girly voice.

Both Hermione and Draco snorted in amusement while the others just looked confused at them.

[*Hermione Granger P.o.V*]

Nienna really does anything to get Draco's attention. Harry and Ron would be laughing their asses off if they were here right now. HARRY AND RON! Oh my god, I have completely forgotten about their letters! I will read them as fast as I get home.

Draco, Tardos and Hermione joined the others on the floor as Tendan spun the bottle; it landed on Weans. He shook his head, making the pitch black hair fly everywhere.

"Noo..I don't wanna play. Come on Ten." He said with his espresso colored eyes looking pleadingly at Tendan.

"Nuh-uh. You're sitting in the circle and agreed to play. So, what's your choice?" Tendan answered playfully.

Weans choose "dare" reluctantly and watched curiously as his friend thought about what to chose.

"I know! You have to tell your dad that you want to be a ballerina!" The blond haired girl said with her yellow eyes shining in amusement.

Hermione had to join the laughter as Tendan announced this news. Weans however, wasn't half as happy; He looked really surprised.

"WHAT? NOOOOOO WAY!" He yelled and stood up.

His brown skin was slowly turning green at the thought.

"Yes! You have to do it…in the middle of the dinner." Tendan exclaimed proudly with a satisfied smile on her face.

Poor guy…I feel so bad for him. But Weans as a ballerina? Now that's just plain comical.

A shrill yell interrupted Hermione's thoughts. As she turned her brown eyes towards the bottle on the floor she saw that there was now a face in it. Or more like Morina Petrell's face.

"The dinner is ready, dears." She said before she disappeared and the bottle went over to being just a plain green bottle.

"Remember what I said." Tendan said to Weans as they all begun walking towards the dining hall.

Nienna quickly grabbed Draco's arm and laid her head on his shoulder. Of course she didn't see Draco try to get her away from him, you know what they say; Eyes see what they want to see. Hermione was walking behind them and was seriously extremely ready to kill her rival any minute by now.

The revenge hungry girl decided to do something about the situation instead of just watching it pathetically. She quickened her steps and caught up with Draco and Nienna.

"Oh my goddess! There's mustard all over your dress. It looks disgusting, you better go fix it." She said in mock surprise.

Nienna gave out a shriek as she saw that there suddenly really was mustard on her silky pink dress and rushed out of sight. An evil grin spread on Hermione's face as she continued walking with Draco by her side.

She could feel him watching her but as usually, she tried to not let it bother her.

And as always, it didn't work very well. 

[*Draco Malfoy P.o.V*]

Hermione is so up to something. I can feel it.

Draco watched as a big grin formed on him female friend's face. She turned her head towards him and shook her head.

"It's such a pity that she had to leave. Poor girl." She said in mock pity, trying to hold back the grin.

Draco looked at her suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

"Okay, what did you do this time?" He asked and continued to look at her suspiciously.

Hermione gasped in mock surprise and gave him a look that said 'I wouldn't hurt a fly even if it forced itself into my mouth!'

"What do you mean? I feel sorry for the poor girl, can't even eat without spitting food everywhere." She said innocently.

Soon the two of them arrived at the dining hall; it was the largest room both Draco and Hermione had ever seen. The big antique reddish-brown table had about fifteen matching chairs surrounding it. More of the fantastic art were hanging on the sienna colored walls.  There were lots of candles also; they gave the room a kind of laid back feeling.

[*Hermione Granger P.o.V*]

"Your seat is right next to Chay. Right over there." Narcissa said and pointed to Chay, sitting at the end of the table on the left side.

Hermione made her way towards him and sat down on the antique chair. She returned Chay's shy smile and gave him a slight wink.

She looked further down the table and saw Draco, with Nienna clinging onto his arm. Hermione just wanted to bite the other girl's head off. But she decided against it since there were quite a crowd of adults around the table.

Morina Petrell stood up all of a sudden and raised her glass of white wine.

"I'd like to make a toast to my dear wonderful daughter for helping me to fix this little party. Thank you all for coming." She said and laughed.

Everyone clinked their glasses and drank a sip of their drinks. Hermione met Draco's eyes for a short moment. He quickly looked away and turned his head towards Nienna again.

Hermione didn't want to care about the pain she felt every time he ignored her. But she did care, a lot. She couldn't help but wonder what was going on. It wasn't very like him to just pretend like she didn't even exist. On the other side, she had known him for like two weeks. Maybe she just thought that she knew him.

But all of this didn't change her feelings for him. She still got that fluttering feeling every time she saw him.

[*Two hours later, Draco's P.o.V*]

The dinner was finally over. It was the most boring thing Draco had ever gone through. Nienna had been all over him for the last couple of hours.

God, how thick can a girl get?! I feel sorry for her. The dinner was the most annoying thing I've ever been at. Nienna was giggling constantly for over two hours. And I couldn't even look at Hermione. She was so beautiful and I didn't want her to see me drooling all over her.

But there had been one funny thing. The highlight of the dinner had been when Weans had told his dad that he wanted to be a ballerina. Let's just say that his father wasn't all that happy about his son's decision.

See? Weans could tell his dad a thing like that, while you can't even tell your father about your muggle friend. Now that's just pathetic.

The small evil voice in his head didn't want to go away.

I can't tell him. Dumbledore said that I wasn't allowed to. And besides, I decide whether or not I want to tell anyone about my feelings for Hermione. No!! I mean my non existence feelings. Yes.

Draco felt as if he was trying to convince himself that he really didn't have any romantic feelings towards Hermione. Even though he knew damn well that they were there. And that they were bugging the hell out of him.

God, who said that love is the greatest thing on Earth? It certainly wasn't me.

Now there was just one thing left; the cursed dance. He'd have to see Hermione again. Not that he hated her or something but hey, give the guy a slack. Can you really expect a 16 year old teenage guy with raging hormones to just ignore a beautiful girl? No, I don't think so.

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