Here it is, the promised new story. This takes place just after the slime incident, right before Izuku starts his training. Also, I'm writing all the names without honorifics. Most people who like using them filter through them while reading anyway so meh. Hopefully, I don't mess this up. LET'S GO!

If someone had told me that I was going to meet, be saved by, and subsequently be offered the quirk of the world's number one hero. Then I would ask them what they took before calling for an ambulance as quickly as possible. Such a thing was an impossibility, right?

Well, that was until it happened. And said greatest hero was also terminally ill and on the verge of retirement! Did I mention that? Well, he is, and he chose me to be his successor. ME! A quirkless nobody who was just at the right place at the right time! Honestly, it felt like a dream, one that I never wanted to wake up from.

Well, I did wake up the next day. But what awaited me just made me question my sanity and lucidity even more.

Welcome to the Game of Life!

That message appeared over my head after I opened my eyes. A green text box, reminiscent of a computer game. I lay there frozen and thought up explanations. 'Ok, someone is either pulling a prank on me with their quirk. I've finally gone insane. Or I accidentally took something and it only started to kick in now… I don't know which one's worse.'

Standing up I noticed that the screen seems to follow me around. I also noticed that there was a small, white arrow on the bottom right corner. Seeing that I had nothing to lose I pushed the arrow, and to my surprise, I made contact with a glass-like surface and the text changed.

Greetings! My name is Asobi, and I'm what you might call a god. Why am I here you may ask? Well, I've grown bored and decided to mess with you mortals for a bit. How? By giving one of you an unreasonable power of course!

Even though it was just text on a screen, I could have sworn that I heard a mischievous voice while I read it. Along with a burst of almost never-ending laughter. Whatever this was, it was way too elaborate to be a prank. And I'm reasonably sure that even the most powerful of drugs couldn't pull this off.

Correct! Now don't interrupt me again. Here's the gist of the situation. I'm giving you a 'quirk' to call your own. It's called: Sike! Name it yourself. It's your quirk now so I'll leave it to you. The only thing I'm going to give you is the instruction manual.

That was the only warning I got before a massive thousand-page book smashed into my face. Which somehow weighed nothing. 'I'm starting to believe him, as crazy as it sounds. Speaking of which why am I not freaking out right now?' It was starting to worry me, to be honest. I was a jumpy guy on the best of days, this has not been my best day, to say the least, yet I'm perfectly calm.

Just read the manual. I made it super-comprehensive so don't be like one of those idiots that just jump right into a game without doing the tutorial.

'Fair enough.' I did as I was asked and looked through the first page of the, way too light book. "This Asobi guy really likes his jokes I guess, explains the name." The book wasn't a book after all. It was just a hollow case with a modern holographic tablet inside. It actually looked even more advanced than any of the newest models I've seen so far.

When I turned it on a globe-like logo was made before it turned into a basic screen which read as such: Congratulations Izuku Midoriya! Your life has now become a game. Both for yourself, and for those watching at home. *Audience applause. This obviously comes with some pretty cool advantages, including but not limited to the following:

Gamer's Body: The user's body now acts like that of an RPG character. Don't believe me? Would you kindly look at the top left side of your vision?

I did so, almost involuntarily. And a red health bar was there waiting for me. Under it sat the numbers 100/100. At least I was healthy. Physically anyway. I went back to the tablet which immediately changed to show the next 'advantage' as it said.

Gamer's Mind: All negative mental status effects are lowered. The player can still feel emotions, positive emotions have no reduction applied. Neutral emotions likewise. Negative emotions are only felt at 30% intensity. (Can be modified based on preference)

Ok, that explained it. That was pretty incredible for an entry-level ability. 'I should get up now, All Might asked me to come by rather early and I shouldn't keep him waiting.' After getting dressed, writing a note for when mom wakes up and eating a quick breakfast. I ran towards Dagobah beach at a jogging pace. *Ping

Movement skill tree unlocked. Skill already leveled up. Starting level 14: Increases running speed by 7% Cost: 2 SPS(Stamina Per Second)

A green stamina bar appeared just under my health bar. It started at 200 and it was slowly depleting as I ran. It was a pretty basic skill, but hopefully, I can level it up some more and gain a better bonus.

About halfway to my destination, a thought occurred. 'I wonder...' I picked up the pace and started sprinting. Going about twice as fast as I used to. *Ping

Sprinting skill unlocked. Sprinting skill already leveled up. Starting level 20: Increases sprinting speed by 10%(stacks with Running) Cost: 4sps.

'Why is my sprint skill at a higher level than my running skill?' My mind flashed back to most of my life and I found my answer. 'Fucking Deku! DIIIIEEEE!' Right, stupid question.

With these two skills combined, I was able to run a good deal faster than I used to. However, with the stamina drain being what it was I would run out of SP in under a minute. I decided to keep going like this until my stamina ran out. I then started walking until the meter fully replenished. Rinse and repeat for the hour that it took me to arrive at the beach.

"Young Midoriya! You're early!" Was I? I looked at my wristwatch and confirmed it, I was a half-hour early and I didn't even notice it. 'Was I too focused on leveling my skills?' I realized pretty early on that the messages I was receiving from the game system were entirely internal. It wasn't tied to my hearing or sight, but my mind itself. So whenever I wanted to see something all I had to do was think about it.

END +2

WIS +1

Running lv 20: Increases running speed by 10% Stamina Cost: 1sps

Sprinting Lv 25: Increases sprinting speed by 12.5% Stamina Cost 3.5sps

'If the bonuses are any indicator, each level increases the bonuses by .5% and every 5 levels subtracts .5sps from the cost. Now the only question is: What is the level cap?' And those stat bonuses... I need to study that manual the moment I get home.

"Good, it shows that you're serious about this. Now we can begin your training to make you a suitable vessel for my quirk." I thought he said I was already worthy? Maybe he means my physical body, it would make sense I guess. I looked down at my rather scrawny body.

"I understand. Where do I start?" He smiles at that and points at a heap of garbage a few meters away. "For the next 10 months, you will be pulling trash from this beach and moving it to the local recycling site. Most of the stuff here is broken metal junk so it would be a waste to just dump it all. I want this beach spotless by the time U.A's entrance exams begin!"

If I was my old self I might have gawked at him and deemed the task impossible. But with Gamer's Mind, I just saw a new objective, and I was more than determined enough to try. I nodded at him and got to work.

All Might POV

"Wow, he didn't even question it. The kid's got determination I'll give him that." He whispered to himself, shivering slightly at Izuku's determined face. "I know I made the right decision, this just proves it further." And so his new pupil's 10 months of hell began.

Epic Training Montage: START! 1 Month in

All Might was a pretty bad teacher. Ok, that was rather blunt but no less true. He was one hell of a motivational speaker and a damn good coach. But a teacher? No. 'Luckily I have The Gamer to fill in the gaps' I thought to myself as I lugged around two microwaves to a fairly large pickup truck that I dug out a few hours earlier.

It turns out that it was fully operational. 'Did All Might know about that? It wouldn't surprise me, he was pretty sneaky when he wanted to be, practical too.' With our new transport, I was able to nearly triple my time. The nearest recycling center or dumpsite was several kilometers away so this was a welcome addition.

In fact, with the truck lightening my load I managed to clear a good 15% of the beach in just the first month. All Might was noticeably impressed, and also a little suspicious but that would come later.

Anyway, back to The Gamer. I managed to finally read the manual. The thing was a huge repository of information, and the game itself was massive in scope. Most of the progression seemed to rely on 'skills' There was an uncountable number of them. If you could think of an action, ability, or talent. It was probably a skill. Speaking of which, I had the following:

Running Lv Max: Increases running speed by 15% Cost: None

Sprinting Lv Max: Increases sprinting speed by 25% Cost: 1sps

Free Running Lv 30: The player is no longer bothered by rough terrain. Increases movement speed by 10% Cost: 5sps

Controlled Breathing Lv Max: Increases stamina regeneration by 100% Current Regen: 60spm(stamina per minute)

Acrobatics Lv 10: Grants 1 AGI per level. The player can treat vertical terrain as regular terrain with a 75% movement penalty.

Unarmed Combat Lv Max: Unlocks the Fighting skill tree. Grants 1 STR per level. Player deals 30% bonus damage with unarmed attacks.

Boxing Lv 20: Grants 1 AGI and 1 STR per level. The player deals 20% more damage while using boxing forms.

Heavy Lifting Lv Max: Unlocks the labor skill tree. Grants 1 STR and 1 END per level. It allows the player to lift objects 60% heavier than normal. Current limit: 80kg(Each additional 10kg reduces player speed by 25%)

Intense Studying Lv Max: Grants 2 INT per level. Increases learning speed. While active anything that is read, heard or experienced will be remembered without fail. Cost: 15sps

These were just some of the more important skills that I've learned in the past month. If you were wondering about the level cap, each skill had a rarity. Running, for example, had a rarity of Common. This meant that its level cap was only 30. Sprinting, on the other hand, was an Uncommon skill. Its level cap was 50. The rarities went: Universal, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. With level caps of 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90 respectively.

I had a sneaking suspicion that there was a 6th rarity, and its cap was 100. But I had no way to prove it. A good portion of the manual was level capped. Unless I had the prerequisite level, skills, or talents I couldn't access it. What was my level you may ask? Well...

Character Sheet: Izuku Midoriya

Title: Apprentice Hero(+10% experience gain when taught by a hero)

Level: 17

Age: 14

Height: 166cm

Weight: 65kg

Stats: STR: 117

AGI: 41

END: 62

INT: 112

WIS: 12

CHA: 30

Points: 16

I had no idea why my wisdom was so low. Or why my charisma was so high, but I couldn't complain about the results I was getting from training. In just a short month I had already gotten 10 times stronger! It was insane.

Although my most important skill would have to be this one. The only Epic level skill in my collection:

Analyze Lv 32: Grants 1 Int per level. It allows the player to analyze any object and receive information on it based on skill level. Current information: Object name, object quality, object stats. Analyze does not work on objects 20 levels higher than the player. Cost: None

It was insanely useful for a variety of reasons. At first, the information that it gave me was vague at best, and it only applied to inanimate objects. After leveling it up however I've been able to analyze living things too… Including myself. Any damage that I received from overworking myself, any opening in my guard, any misstep. I'm aware of all of them so long as I'm paying attention. This skill single-handedly accelerated my training to new heights!

So much so that All Might even pull me aside one day during training. "Young Midoriya! Your rate of growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not only have you taken to your training like a fish to water, but you've improved exponentially in both your technique and your analytical abilities. Are you sure you didn't have a quirk? HAHAHA!" His praise was welcome, but he was right. This would look suspicious to anyone so I decided to come clean. At least partially.

"All Might, I think you might be onto something. You're right this growth rate is unnatural, and I have no idea how it's happening… Maybe I should see a doctor?" Not an outright lie. I just minced the words a bit. Maybe All Might will know someone that can look into this Gamer ability further.

All Might deflated into his true form and gave me a serious look. "Good idea, it seems to be a beneficial change if anything, but it would be best to make sure of that rather than continue blindly. Meet me here again on Saturday and I'll introduce you to a friend of mine. If anyone can make sense of this it's her. Hopefully, you're just a late bloomer."

I agreed to it of course. The only thing I really knew about The Gamer is how to use some of its features, and the name of the person, or god that gave it to me. And if mythology has taught me anything it's to not trust a god when they give you something for free. 'At least he was pretty upfront about the reason.'

Who knew my life would spiral this far out of control. I'm officially All Might's apprentice and apparently the new source of entertainment to some random god and an 'audience' if the manual was to be believed. "Yare yare daze."

Well, that was chapter one. If you haven't noticed I'm keeping the game system fairly flexible. If I have to change anything I can do it on the fly with little to no consequence this way. Also, I'll list any new skills that Izuku gains in these little outro's.

Running, Rarity: Common Reasoning: Sure anyone can run, but only a few people bother to learn how to run correctly, so common works better than universal.

Sprinting, Rating: Uncommon: It's considered a specialty skill for a reason. It takes a good deal of training to become an accomplished sprinter. Not to mention the dangers inherent in overexerting yourself.

Free Running, Rating: Rare: Self-explanatory, it's essentially the Assassins' Creed free-running skill.

Controlled Breathing, Rating: Rare: Inspired by the Total Concentration breathing from Kimetsu no Yaiba. It encompasses basic breathing techniques in the real world that make exercise much more efficient. In through the nose out through the mouth and all that stuff. Again most don't see the value in skills like these so they don't bother.

Acrobatics, Rarity: Rare: Free Running taken to the extreme, incorporates parkour into it. It also improves flexibility.

Unarmed Combat, Rarity: Common: Fist fighting, kicking, the whole shebang. No styles or technique though, just raw physics at work.

Boxing, Rarity: Uncommon: Self-explanatory.

Heavy Lifting, Rarity: Common: Self-explanatory.

Intense Studying, Rarity: Common: Not eidetic memory. Izuku just memorizes things on first viewing but he can still forget things if he goes too long without applying said knowledge or reviewing. It also improves reading speed slightly.

Analyze, Rarity: Epic: Explained in the story, read it ya lazy suckers.