I can't get Lan Xichen & Jin Guangyao's first meeting in The Untamed out of my head because like- boys, was all the lingering hand touching necessary? Absolutely, actually, because it made me write about hand kink :3

Jin Guangyao has always had nice hands, from when he was a young man taking in a wanted cultivator with nothing to offer to now, where he stands successful and kind to all. Despite all the hands-on work he does - both during night hunts and the hours he spends writing out detailed plans for his sect - he always keeps them clean, with neatly trimmed nails and not a spot of the ink that Lan Xichen has seen drop onto his fingers during their late night meetings. It's no surprise; he's meticulous about keeping his appearance immaculate.

But Lan Xichen is always drawn to his hands when they're working together quietly; it's easy to get lost watching his hands spread out scrolls on his desk, his fingers curl around his brush as he dips it in ink to carefully write out his newest proposal, and the way he pauses slightly before serving Lan Xichen his tea, as if he's testing the temperature first- knowing Jin Guangyao, he probably is.

and he knows that there's also a
skill and grace,
to how efficiently he can kill-

And Lan Xichen's hands linger as he takes the tea cup from Jin Guangyao, feels the warmth that comes from a shared touch, and smiles. There's an intimacy in the simple moments of their friendship that comforts him even when they're apart and he keeps it close in his heart.

He passes him a jar of Emperor's Smile, the sweetest treat Gusu has to offer, and savors the spark between them when their fingers brush. Jin Guangyao thanks him with a smile, eyes bright as his hands work to open the jar, fingers sliding over the cord that holds the lid in place, and Lan Xichen contents himself with watching Jin Guangyao sample the fine wine inside it.

and he knows just as well
how to touch him,
to press into him,
to make him scream in pleasure-

It's the way he carries everything out with such careful consideration - the good and the bad and anything in between - that draws Lan Xichen in, and he can't help but lose himself in Jin Guangyao.