Chapter 1

Accessing File: Area 49-B

Located 300 miles from Arcadia Oaks Area 49-B is a top secret military base that has existed for several decades as a black ops unit dedicated to the capture and imprison any form of extraterrestrial life that reaches Earth, without worrying about their motives. Its existence is kept secret from the rest of the world, but there have been mere rumors about experiments with extraterrestrials that carry out there.

The Area is heavily fortified with explosive walls, 20,000 volt electric flooring underneath the control panels of the security gates that activate when someone tries to splice through, and advanced security systems located within the base. Because of their high contact with aliens, they have been able to assimilate much of their technology. One of which are the Neurometes, thermo-radiant pulse blasters they recovered in the 1940s from an Antidam ship.

For sixty years no alien has ever escaped until the Durian Stuart of Durio, who crashed near Arcadia Oaks thirty years ago during the cold war and was captured by a hazmat team despite trying to show that he was not a threat. He managed to escape from the base and has been living on Earth for thirty years. He helped Princess Aja and Prince Krel of Akiridion-5 break into Area 49-B to recover an osmic circuit from his ship so they could repair the daxial array of their ship so they could leave Earth. He also joined so he could rescue his friend a large animal spider-like alien he named Buster from the facility, though Buster was a little mad that Stuart took thirty years to rescue him he was known the less grateful that Stuart and House Tarron rescued him.

Unknown to Area 49-B a US Air Force Facility in Nevada called Area 51 has stored alien devices and 775 aliens have been taken prisoner.


January 19th, 1992.

"Your project will require all the advance technology you can muster Professor Zinnia," said a man wearing a dark green military uniform. "Luckily Area 49-B has recovered plenty of alien tech from every alien invader we came across."

"I thank you for your contribution to the project Colonel," said Professor Zinnia. He was initially skeptical of the Area 49-B base but seeing all the technology they recovered was truly amazing. Though he was sure that some of the aliens they captured and experimented on had no intention of invading the planet he still needed the technology. He considered it a necessary sacrifice to protect the planet from Grimm and terrorists who seek to undermine the peace.

"Aside from the neurometer pulse blasters I'll require a few other energy based weapons and a few other devices you have on this list," Zinnia said as he gave the Colonel the list.

The colonel looked through the list but stopped at one spot. "Are you sure about this one Zinnia isn't your boss' company already working on the same thing?" The Colonel asked.

"Similar," Zinnia corrected. "But it was deemed too inhumane to be used for our goals so we request the item you have for it."

"Understood I'll have sergeant Kubritz gather the requested materials you need," the Colonel said.

Zinnia looks at the trucks as the materials and devices he requested are being loaded on for transportation. His project ever closer to being completed and the world will soon have a strong group of guardians protecting it.

May 1st, 201X, two weeks before the Eternal Night, Tokyo Japan.

In an apartment home to Nier and his spouse Kaine they were listening to a message from an old friend. On their computer screen was a rat Mobian talking to them. This was Master Splinter the Headmaster of Yamanouchi Academy.

"So what is it that this mission your sending us on is about?" Kaine asked. For most of her life she was hot-tempered and foul-mouthed but meeting Nier and his sister Yonah improved her personality, making her calmer and more polite with others.

"As I've told you several warehouses across Japan have been robbed by robots that are believed to belong to the criminal Doctor Ivo Robotnik," said Splinter.

"What can you tell us about the warehouses?" Nier asked. "What was in them and who did they belong to?"

"What the stolen items were is currently unknown but we know who they belong," Master Splinter said. "Clovis Bray."

"The Russian space and robotics corporation?" Nier said. "I know they've made a lot of advances in science but if it's robotic research Robotnik is after he's better off on his own."

"Their Frames maybe advanced but they require to be deployed in large numbers to overwhelm combatants and still require Hunstmen to back them up," Kaine added.

Frames are multi-purpose non-sentient robots designed by Clovis Bray to serve in civil and military roles. The bots have only been sold to Russian corporations and the military. They possess humanoid bodies and come in two models: the 55-30 series which possess a flat-top head, and small circular eye, and the 99-40 series which possesses a more typical head shape with a larger, more square eye. The 99-50 series is more advanced and has been steadily replacing the older 55-30 models.

Though the Frames have lack sentience they are capable of learning from experience and even developing their own unique personalities over time. Squads of military Frames called Redjacks have been sent out to secure territory from Grimm but require large numbers to overwhelm their enemies and still require Huntsmen to back them up. Few Frames actually survive deployments and are linked together to share their combat data to improve their performance. This data is also saved for posterity and downloaded into new Redjacks and other military Frames to increase their effectiveness and survival record.

"True but in 2009 their combat effectiveness and survival rate against the Grimm increased well above normal," Splinter said. "Whatever new data they used shows that Frames only now suffer minimal losses to the Grimm."

"Okay that might actually be a problem," Kaine said.

"But why is Clovis Bray operating out in Japan?" Nier asked.

"Apparently they have shelf corporations operating in Japan that sends them materials they need and stores prototype devices," Splinter said. "And that warehouse was owned by one of them."

"So what's our first move?" Nier asked.

"There's another warehouse that's owned by one of Clovis Bray's shelf corporations in Nagoya that has to be where Robotnik will strike next," Splinter said. "I've also contacted someone that has experience with Clovis Bray he'll assist you in any way he can."

"Good to know Sensei," Kaine said. "We'll call you if we need anything."

"Good luck my former pupils," Splinter before logging off.

"Are you sure you're up for this Kaine?" Nier asked. "It's been a while since you've been on a mission."

"I'll be fine Nier," Kaine said to reassure her husband. "My grandmother said she could watch over Selene while we're gone and besides I have been keeping up with my training so you have nothing to worry about."

Nier was still worried but he knew better than to question his wife. Despite softening up when she met Nier and Yonah she can still revert back to her old self which can make arguments longer. Still he just hoped that the mission will be short and that they'll return home safe.


"Command has learned that a three man Huntsmen team is investigating the break-ins at Clovis bray's warehouses. They'll be heading for the one in Nagoya you are to maintain a distance and not to engage."

"Copy that."

"Command also wants you to capture one of Robotniks bots and hack into it so we can learn his plans."

"Understood. Over and out."