Chapter 2

Accessing File: Clovis Bray

Founded by Clovis Bray I in 1950 the company was first seen as the Soviet Union version of the USA's NASA corporation. In 1972 the corporation began developing robotics one of it's most known robotic product is the Frame which is designed for civil and military roles. The Frames possess no true sentience but are capable of learning from experience and even developing their own unique personalities over time. In 2009 military grade Frames have shown remarkable combat abilities against Grimm suffering little to no loses. The corporation has been known to make dealings with the Russian military and Outer Haven Academy.

By 2002 the corporation has finished building a space station entirely run by Frame units with the purpose of testing prototype devices before using them on the planet.

Since the 1980s the corporation has been experimenting with advance AI research. In 2005, rumors have been circulating about the company creating an AI to serve the military. Such rumors say that it operates orbital weapon satellites that Russia had sent into space and even directing the military forces. These rumors have been declared as false.

It has been rumored by conspiracy theorist that the Bray corporation has been in contact with Area 49-B however such ideas have only been regarded as crackpot theories and therefore are not true.


"Okay, so I'm in this super boring meeting about...something. I don't know. Wasn't paying attention then BOOM! It was like an ugly contest where everyone was a winner. This one dude is all "RARGGH," so I shot him. PEW! Then I shot this other one. PEW! Shot a couple extra guys just to be safe. PEW! PEW! PEW! I did-I did a lot of shooting if I'm being totally honest. Then *mimics a explosion* they destroy my favorite store-second favorite there's this spicy ramen shop in San Fransokyo-I'm getting sidetracked, look long story short, I get busy and I'm thinking "I got this," you know when you go "I got this," but man I so did not have it."

The man who spoke wore brown colored clothes, gloves, a bandoleer, and a cape that had red markings on the hood that was on his head. At his right side was a black revolver with white markings and a spade symbol that was also on his right shoulder. He appeared to be a 42 year Caucasian man, he had brown hair, blue eyes, and a five o'clock shadow.

He was talking to a wolf Mobian that was sitting next to him eating a bowl of ramen. He had a blank look on his face and got up to walk a way.

"Well I guess you just had to be there," the man said as he finished his drink.

The man was at a small ramen shop in Nagoya. He was being observed by Nier and Kaine.

"This is Splinter's contact?" Kaine asked with an incredulous look on her face. She and Nier just heard the man tell his story and she was not at all impressed by it.

"According to the file Splinter sent us he's a mercenary but he's considered a Class IV ranked Huntsmen," Nier said. "Besides we've seen even stranger things out in the world."

"Yeah like that magic book of yours," Kaine muttered.

The two entered the shop and sat next to the man.

"Are you Cayde Reynolds," Nier asked.

"That's my name don't wear it out," Cayde said casually. "I take it the two of you are Nier and Kaine."

"Yes," Kaine said in an annoyed tone. Suffice to say she was not a fan of Cayde's laid-back attitude.

"Okay then," Cayde said as he put some money on the counter and got up. "Follow me I know were the warehouse is."

The trio reached the warehouse, it was located in a part of town that had no one in it making it a perfect place to store anything that no one wanted found.

"So how are you familiar with Clovis Bray?" Nier asked.

"Okay, I may have hunted down a criminal in a Bray facility in Russia and I may have accidentally caused some damage to some high level assets of theirs," Cayde said. "And I may have had to hunt down some Satyra members that were causing them a few problems in order to pay off my debt to them."

"You can't be serious," Kaine said. Hearing everything about this guy made her think. 'This guy has to be an idiot.'

"But I'd like to point out that explosion was caused the security Frames shooting at me when they thought I was the bad guy, because I didn't have clearance when I was chasing after the real criminal," Cayde said. "So I'm not the guilty party their bots were just stupid."

'Okay yeah this guy is an idiot,' Kaine thought to herself.

"While working for Clovis Bray I discovered that they had some top secret nanomachines in development," Cayde said. "Before my debt was cleared I learned that it passed Alpha testing on their space station and was ready for Beta testing on the planet. They were moved to these warehouses for safekeeping after Satyra tried to raid the facility housing them in Russia."

"Any idea what these nanomachines do?" Nier asked.

"All I know is they didn't bother putting in safety measures, like a kill switch," Cayde said his tone sounding more serious. "They were too confident that no one would steal it from them."

Kaine took notice of the change in tone of Cayde's voice. 'Whatever this stuff is he must know enough that it's very dangerous in the wrong hands.'


"Command has taken notice of your message alerting them that the mercenary Cayde Reynolds is assisting the Huntsmen. They've issued that your original orders are in effect."



The trio had hidden themselves on the roof of a nearby building. Night had fallen on the city .

"Night's here if this Robotnik guy wants the nanomachines then this would be the best time to get them," Cayde said.

As if on cue they hear the sound of metallic footsteps and find groups of humanoid futuristic looking robots that stood over two meters tall approach the warehouse. They have a slim and almost triangular torso with a pronounced chest area, legs with knees bending backward, and three-toed hook-like feet. They had small machine guns for left hands. On their backs, they had what appeared to be a propulsion system shaped as two joined disks, and their heads are shaped like disks with a glowing light blue line on the front for eyes.

The robots are predominantly black, with white formfitting-plating covering their legs and front torso, and have white round plates on their shoulders. Their heads are white with a black stripe, and the midsections of their arms and pelvis are completely white. Additionally, they have a light on the left side of their chest.

"You know the music time to dance," Cayde said as he got up and jumped down while being followed by Nier and Kaine.

The robots turned their attention to the Hunters and the mercenary.

"Okay either pack-up and leave or we to this the hard way," Cayde said as he drew his revolver.

The nearest robots just pointed their machine guns and began firing at the trio. Nier countered this by activating a spell called Dark Gluttony. They were shielded by four barriers that reflected the shots back at the bots destroying some of them.

"Hard way it is," Cayde said. He then jumped over Nier and began firing his gun. Unlike a traditional revolver that normally has six rounds Cayde's had twelve rounds. He began firing at the bots taking each one out with a headshot.

"...nine...ten...eleven...twelve," Cayde said as he kept count of each one he killed. As he began to reload another bot grabbed him by neck and hoisted him in the air. As it tried to strangle him he grabbed combat knife from his belt and threw it at the bots head taking it down and making it let go of him. "Thirteen."

Kaine rushed into the horde of robots and was slicing them with her curved serrated swords. One robot tried to grab her when she had her back to it but spun and sliced it's hand off and then she sliced it in half at it's torso. Four more then transformed their right hands into missile launchers and fired at Kaine. She then dodged the missiles and destroyed the robots that fired them. Then an explosion is heard and Kaine turns around to see that a whole was made in the warehouse and several of the robots entered it.

"Oh $###," Kaine cursed realizing that she just gave them a way in.

"After them," Nier said as he and Cayde entered the building followed by Kaine.

As the group entered they see the Robotniks machines have engaged in a firefight with Frame units that were defending the contents of the warehouse. While the Frames may have taken out a few of the attacking machines it was clear that they were losing the fight.

"Back up the Frames remember we don't have authorization to be here so don't be surprised if they shoot at you," Cayde said as he reloaded.

Nier engages with a squad of machines and starts slicing them with his odachi blade but more start surround him. He then uses another of his spells called Dark Whirlwind. Four blades appear around him and begin to spin cutting down any enemy that got too close to him for fifteen seconds

Cayde kept firing at any robot that he could find. He then planted a device on a crate that he walked he walked away from. When two bots walked in front of the device it exploded and sent their remains at Cayde who sidestepped and made a gesture that mimicked a butler opening a door for a guest as the broken robots hit some other robots that were approaching Cayde. Cayde then looks as at six more robots that were approaching him and then they turned their right hands into missile launchers.

"Alright you buckets of bolts," Cayde said as he held gun. "Let's see whose faster."

After few moments of silence the robots pointed their missile launchers at Cayde who was engulfed in an Aura of golden fire and he fired at the bots. His gun fired six molten fire shots that disintegrated the robots and after the sixth shot the golden fire aura was gone.

"Bam said the lady," Cayde said as he holstered his gun after seeing that their weren't anymore enemy robots even the remaining Frames weren't attacking the Hunters and mercenary. 'Okay that's new.'

The trio regrouped to discuss what just happened.

"Looks like some of the robots got away with the nanomachines," Nier said as he looked around. "Why aren't the Frames attacking us?"

"I don't know," Cayde said. "It could be some new friend or foe identification protocol or...,"

"Or someone is watching us," Kaine said.

"Exactly," Cayde said. He looked around and found a terminal and approaches it.

"What are you doing?" Nier asked.

"Clovis Bray always has a few terminals in these warehouses for their organic personal," Cayde said as he accessed the computer. "The nanomachines hidden in this warehouse and the ones broken into are called SIVA."

"SIVA?" Nier asked.

"According to the terminal it's some sort of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology," Cayde said. "It's designed to break down matter and reconstitute it into nearly anything anyone could need."

"Why would Clovis Bray make this?" Kaine asked.

"Think about it, what if you come across an area that would make for a good city but you don't want to spend years making it," Cayde said. "If you have enough of this SIVA stuff you could make it in a matter of days."

"Doctor Robotnik could use it to create an impenetrable fortress," Nier said. "But he'd need the right location and a specific number of SIVA."

"Then he'd need to raid the last SIVA warehouse cache," said Cayde. "According to this terminal theirs another cache of SIVA outside of Ichikawa and it has the largest one."

"Then we go their, stop the break-in, and then figure out his location," Kaine said. "This stuff is dangerous in the wrong hands and he can't be allowed to have."


"Have you finished hacking the machine yet?"

"Already done ma'am I got everything off of it's hard drive. You'd think Robotnik would have better anti-hacking defenses in place. You know I don't normally get a partner on these missions it's kind of fun!"

"Emotions are prohibited."

"GAH! Sorry ma'am."

"And quit calling me ma'am! It's unnecessary."

"Okay then."

"Operator have the files we recovered been received?"

"Yes, we received them."

"What should we do about the Hunters and the mercenary?"

"Commands contacted Clovis Bray they'll have them stop being in the operation so they won't interfere."

"Copy that."

Name: Cayde Reynolds

Species: Human

Aura: Gold

Semblance: Sundance

Description: Becomes covered in fire as hot as the sun that makes his attacks more deadly. Can be channeled into his revolver to fire molten shots at his enemies or used to form exploding daggers.

Weapon-Ace of Spades: A revolver that is capable of firing twelve rounds.