Chapter 5

Accessing File: YoRHa No.2 Type E

Unit 2E (covertly known as 2B to hide her identity as a executioner unit) is a executioner combat model designated with the function of killing rogue YoRHa units. Her skills make her suitable for solo missions into enemy territory, Grimm or terrorist.

One of her purposes is to observe YoRHa unit9S and to execute him should he perform an action that could jeopardize Project YoRHa. She has executed him five times and with each time his back up memory is reset to prevent him from remembering anything. Observers have noted that 2B expresses frustration and pain each time she kills 9S. One of his rogue acts was when he hacked into Clovis Bray and discovered that the Black Box cores of the androids was actually based on the core of the unknown machine life form recovered by Area 49-B.

Observations have suggested that 2B values her memories and has grown to see 9S as a friend. It is believed that this behavior stems from when she killed the rogue prototype android A2 (who 2B seems to be modeled after based on their striking resemblance to one another). In the encounter she took A2's weapons, Virtuous Contract a normal length white katana, and Virtuous Treaty a much larger white katana. Both swords held copies of A2's memories as well as the memories of A2's deceased squad mate A4. YoRHa weapons are equipped with a function to copy the memories of the units who use them so should a different unit use them they can gain their memories. This was done purely for the purpose to increase the combat abilities of YoRHa units, the process was also used to see is any YoRHa unit taken out planned on betraying the project.


"Commander we've received a transmission from Pod 042," said Operator 6O.

The Bunker is the underground headquarters for Project YoRHa to commence their operations. Located in the Vostochny Cosmodrome of Russia they were able to monitor their field units and right now they were communicating with their android who are attacking Dr. Robotnik's base of observations to recover the SIVA nanomachines he stole from Clovis Bray.

The communications room was large and manned by Operator units and the Commander White. In front of the room was a large screen that showed a map of the world and one part of it was marked showing the operation against Dr. Robotnik. On the sides of a platform were two groups of Operator units communicating with the field units and connecting the platform by an elevator was Commander White and in front of her was another group of Operators.

Commander White of Project YoRHa is 5 ft 74 in tall, she wore lolita styled clothing that was the same color as her name, she had green eyes instead of blue like the other YoRHa units, possessed long blond hair, and carried a riding crop with her. Her hair had two orange ornaments in it, one on each side of her head.

"What does it say?" White asked.

"New information on the SIVA nanites...NO WAY!? Commander if I'm reading this right the SIVA nanites are capable of taking control of any machine they come in contact with including androids." Operator 6O said.

This was troubling news for the commander to hear. Clovis Bray didn't know their own device could be capable of such a feat. She has to let them know about this, if SIVA can affect machines then what could it do to organic life.

"Operator 6O have all our deployed units be more careful with the SIVA they're transporting and send this data to Clovis Bray." Commander White said.

"Copy that."

"Have 2B and 9S reported anything else?"

"We lost contact with them once Pod 042 sent it's message. And all our other squads are busy securing the other SIVA nanites and eliminating the rest of Dr. Robotnik's machines."

"As soon as one of the other squads becomes available send them to 2B and 9S' last known location they might've encountered trouble."

"Roger that."

White looks at the screen in front her and mutters, "Stay alive you two."


9S had hoped that when the operation started everything would go smoothly but their had been so many surprises and none of them were good. First it was when SIVA took control of the members of Omega squad forcing him and 2B to kill them but now...



Him and 2B are currently fighting a giant mech being piloted by Dr. Robotnik. It's a large and humanoid old gold-colored machine with a round torso. Its upper torso and back possess thick armor while its undercarriage is smaller and dark green. A white rim separates it's upper and lower torso. It also has red and old gold bolts covering its underbelly, a dark green neck collar, and a round blue and purple window into its cockpit in the center of its torso. Its right should is round with red and white spikes, and its right arm consists of a long old gold lance with a gray tip. Its left shoulder is more cup-shaped and its left arm has a gray hand with a dark green back. Strapped to its left forearm is a tall red shield with a circular gray and red center, a gray outline, and old gold edges. Its legs are also gray and thin while its ankles have old gold armor with red lower edges around them. Its feet are dark green with old gold soles, and its kneecaps have spikes. Its head also has sharp teeth and red spikes for a mustache. Lastly, it has dark green eyes, a fin on its forehead, and long rocket flaps on its back.

The mech has proven to be very powerful. In addition to flight, it's lance is capable of launching destructive energy waves when swung, and the mech is capable of deploying missiles.

9S and 2B had spent most of the fight evading the mech and only managed to hit it by having their pods use their fire mode, but that wasn't enough to make a dent and the mech used it's shield to block whatever Pod Program attack they used in order to deal it heavy damage.

"9S we need a new plan of attack," 2B said as she dodged a energy wave and retorted by swinging her sword releasing a few shockwaves at the mech that were blocked by it's shield. "We need to get closer to it and use our swords in close range combat."

"But what about it's shield?" 9S asked. "Not to mention that getting up close and personal might be a little more dangerous."

"We'll attack Robotnik from all sides and use hit-and-run tactics to maintain an advantage," 2B said. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," 9S responded a bit unsure about this plan.

"I'll flank him you charge at him from the front!" 2B commanded as she ran around the move in order to flank Robotnik.

From inside the mech Dr. Robotnik could see on his computer that 2B was circling around the room and that 9S was charging at him. "Now what are you androids doing? Hmph. I'll kill the boy first and then I'll deal with that girl."

The mech charges toward 9S and tries to hit him with the lance but the androdi was smaller and more nimble than the mech allowing him to evade the attack and cut it with his word.




"WHAT!?" Robotnik turned the mech around to see that that 2B was behind him and she managed to land a few hits in while he was focused on 9S.

"Those androids tricked!" Robotnik growled as punched the wall of the cockpit. "NO ONE PLAYS DR. IVO ROBOTNIK LIKE SOME FOOL!"

He tries to hit 2B with the lance but she evades it and 9S and attacks him with an energy wave from his lance but like 2B he was too fast and was able to avoid it.

"He can't hit us," 9S realized.

"Analysis: That mech was not designed for this level of close range combat," Pod 153 said. "Hypothesis: Maintain this level of close range when attacking the mech and possible counterattacks made by Dr. Robotnik."

"Good advice."

2B and 9S maintained the same attack pattern, they got close to the mech and hit it, and when Robotnik tried to hit them they managed to evade his close range attacks and then they attacked him again. Though the damage from the sword strikes would've seem trivial but thanks to the continued attack pattern it soon became terrible terrible damage.

"HOLD STILL BLAST IT!" Robotnik yelled growing frustrated from attacks. "YOU WANT TO GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!? THEN FINE BY ME!"

When 2B and 9S got close to the mech Robotnik fired the last of his missiles into the air and then they came down aimed right for the mech and whatever was around.

"GOD**** IT IS HE INSANE!?" 9S shouted as him and 2B ran away from the mech.

The screens inside of Robotnik's mech show him the missiles about to hit him. "This was not a good idea."

The missiles hit the mech and the area surrounding it. The mech is damaged even further with it's left arm coming off and falling face first onto the floor. 2B and 9S slowly approach the damaged mech ever so cautiously.

"Is he dead?" 2B asked.

"Scanning: Dr. Robotnik is still alive inside of the mech," Pod 042 answered.

"Alright, let's get him out of that mech and bring him in," 2B said.

Suddenly something red poured out of the mech and covered it some of the stuff even reached out and grabbed it's severed right arm and reattached it.

"More SIVA!?" 2B exclaimed.

"Correct Dr. Robotniuk seems to have enhanced his mech with the SIVA nanotechnology," Pod 042 said. "Analysis: the SIVA nanotechnology is regenerating the mech."

"Regenerating!?" 9S said.

As the mech rose to it's feet the SIVA nanotech returned to inside the mech but not before it left shoulder mounted turrets on it.

"I must admit you androids have become more troublesome than I expected." Robotnik said as we now see the inside of the cockpit now glowing red from the SIVA repairs. "Even more so than a certain blue pest who will remain unnamed."

"Which is I'll make sure that your deaths are quick and painful," Robotnik said as a grin came to his face. "Once that's done I'll study the layout of your bodies to see what makes you tick. I'll take great pleasure in applying from what I learn to the new robot soldiers I'll make from your data."

2B pointed her sword Virtuous Contract at the mech and said, "That's not going to happen."

"So be it."

The mech's new shoulder mounted turrets began firing red energy blasts at the two androids forcing them to run. 2B and 9S were closing in on the mech to use their strategy again but...

"Not this time!"

The mech jumped and slammed it's lance into the floor sending an energy wave all across the room that sent 2B and 9S back.

"What the hell it couldn't do that with it's energy attacks before?" 2B said.

"Hypothesis: in addition to regenerating and equipping the mech suit with turrets many of it's existing features have been upgraded," Pod 042 said.

"Seriously!?" 2B exclaimed.

"Wait 2B I think I might have a way to beat that mech," 9S said as he regrouped with 2B.

"I'm all ears."

"Robotnik has to be controlling the SIVA nanites from inside his mech, it's the only way they can move around." 9S said. "And since he upped it's systems with it then maybe if we shut down his control of it we can shutdown his mech."

"That might work."

"Keep him distracted while I try to hack into his mech."

2B nodded and began to run around the mech having her Pod fire at it. When she got close she swung her sword at it and managed to make a few hits but the SIVA tech only started to repair the damage.

"Not very intelligent are you? That plan won't work this time."

"Keep talking Robotnik," 2B muttered to herself.

Meanwhile 9S raised his right hand towards the mechand soon everything changed.


9S suddenly found himself inside of the mech's own cyberspace. It resembled a hallway at the end he saw a red glowing sphere and it kept saying the same three words over and over:

"~consume enhance replicate~"

"~consume enhance replicate~"

"~consume enhance replicate~"

"What is that?" 9S asked as his Pod unit appeared before him.

"Analysis: that is the SIVA program connected to the system of Dr. Robotnik's mech," Pod 153 said. "Recommendation: unit 9S should destroy it immediately."

9S ran towards the sphere with a virtual representation of his black sword Cruel Oath in his hand. When he got close he swung but it was blocked by a red and black program that looked humanoid and had sword of it's own made of data.

"~consume enhance replicate~" it said repeating the same thing as the sphere.

"Pod what is this thing," 9S said as he dodged a swing from the program.

"Analysis: the SIVA units possess a small degree of sentience and is trying to defend itself. Unit 9S should destroy the defense program immediately."

9S jumped back from the defense program but it started to shoot red spheres at him. He managed to dodge most of them but one managed to hit him causing him to stagger.

"Pod initiate program A160: Missile," 9S ordered as he grabbed onto Pod 153. "Aim straight for that defense program."


Pod 153 began to swell with energy and it launched itself toward the defense program. The program is hit by the charge and breaks apart. 9S wastes no time and strikes the red sphere.


9S suddenly finds himself back in his body to see Robotnik's mech begin to shutdown.

"NO! What did you androids do!?"

The mech falls unto it's back no longer operable. 9S runs up to 2B and they both approach the downed mech cautiously. Suddenly the cockpit opened and out came Dr. Robotnik riding a small hover craft. He was rotund in appearance, bald, possessed a very bushy brown mustache, he wore a red coat with some white stripes and yellow buttons, sporting white gloves, black pants, blue lenses over his eyes, and wore goggles as headgear.

"Time for me to take my leave but don't think you'll be able to chase me," Robotnik said as he dropped some sort of ball onto his broken mech and it released an energy wave that hit 2B and 9S causing them to fall. Robotnik took this opportunity to leave down a tunnel when he heard the conveyer system activate.

''This whole operation was a complete failure. What's worse is that I didn't have enough time to figure out how to reverse engineer the SIVA nanotech. But I should consider myself lucky to get out of here with my own life. Andromeda City will have to wait *groans* again."


"System restart in process."

2B wakes up to find herself in a digital space alongside her was Pod 042.

"Pod what happened?"

"Dr. Robotnik launched an EMP attack on YoRHa units 2B and 9S. A system restart is currently in process."



"Warning virus detected in memory banks. Any memories deleted could prove detrimental to the performance of YoRHa unit 2B."

"Take me to my memory banks right now!" 2B commanded her tone becoming angry.

Pod 042 complied and a pathway opened up to 2B she walked through it and saw many panels floating around that displayed her memories. One panel appeared in front of her showing her of when she once fought a human wearing a purple trench coat and a black straw hat in a construction zone in Hong Kong. The weapons 2B was using in this memory weren't the ones she had with her in the present, here she had two standard issue YoRHa swords and a dagger with her.

The assassin was using a two pronged dagger that he swung out the past 2B who moved out of the way and grabbed her past Pod 042 and fired a close range concussive blast that sent the assassin back. Both combatants charged at each other and the past 2B swung her dagger at the assassin but he deflected the strike with his two prong dagger.

"Dig that beautiful sound, baby," the assassin said.

Though it couldn't be seen because of the visor blindfold but the past 2B glanced at her dagger as it began to emit a sound and then exploded. The past 2B was sent back from the explosion but managed to get back up.

hey babe, I told you, I'm the best assassin out there. No one plays the blades like I do," the assassin aid as he struck a cement block with his tuning fork blade. "NO ONE!"

He charged at her with a grin as the cement block exploded but 2B took out one of her swords and charged as well. The two strike at each other multiple times but each attack is deflected by the other's blade. The two stop with the past 2B looking at the assassin from behind with her sword emitting a louder sound then before.

"Well it's been fun, baby, but I've got to run and kill a target. Aur revoir," the assassin said as he turned around. "That's French for, you're dead babe!"

The past 2B displays a blank expression and then tosses the sword at the assassin. He looks surprised and then the sword explodes right in front of him causing him to fly back into some construction equipment. The past 2B takes out her other sword as she approaches the assassin who was struggling to get up.

"Well babe, time for me to shuffle off stage. Looks like your you're the headliner now, huh?"

2B just looks at the assassin and then she runs her sword through his stomach, an audible crack was heard indicating that the sword broke the assassin's spine.

The assassin weakly says, "Do-do-dooo, that's all babe."

The past 2B pulls the sword out and blood sprays out of the wound. The assassin falls forward and police sirens are heard forcing the past 2B to leave without making sure that the assassin was dead.

"Pod whatever happened to that assassin?" 2B asked. "I faced him a few days ago."

"The assassin was named Scaramouche according to records he was place in the hospital Hong Kong. Subject was left in a critical condition and is currently on life support. Records show that he is currently in the care of a scientist named Di Lung. The likelihood of Scaramouch being able to return to his field of work is unlikely even with a full recovery."

As 2B moved down the meory banks she saw one of herself without her visor blindfold on and had stabbed 9S killing him. The past her was crying for committing the action.

"I'm sorry Nines but it always ends this. I just want it to stop," the past 2B said as she sobbed.

The present 2B saw this memory and looked away from it. "Let's just hurry up."

2B and her Pod unit reached the end of the memory banks and saw memories that weren't hers one showed four female YoRHa units. One unit had dark brown hair and carried a gun that was black and looked futuristic. The second unit had brown hair and a hood. The third unit had white hair tied up into a ponytail and unlike the other YoRHa units she wore her visor blindfold like an eye patch covering her left eye, and she had the same heavy sword that 2B was carrying Virtuous Treaty. The fourth YoRHa unit was the spitting image of 2B and she held the same normal sized katana that 2B was using Virtuous Contract.

"A2 and A4's memories," 2B said as she looked around.

"Unit 16G killed by Satyra agents when she stayed behind to give enough time for her squad to escape. Unit 21S killed by Grimm. Unit 4B killed by Satyra agents. Unit A2 killed by unit 2B, official designation 2E, when she left YoRHa to pressure hunting Satyra agents," Pod 042 said as another panel appeared in front of 2B.

It showed 2B facing A2 who now had long white hair, lacked her blindfold visor, and was missing pieces of her synthetic skin. In her hands were the swords Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty.

"These swords hold the memories of me and my dead friend A4. These memories are proof that the two of us and our friends 16G and 21S existed. I know you're here to kill me and when I do I can't be brought back since I left YoRHa before the memory backup system was made. I'm tired of running from the pursuers command sends and I'm tired of fighting. I'm entrusting these memories to you 2E." A2 says as she hands the swords to 2B's past self. The past 2B brings up the Virtuous Contract and stabs A2 with it. "I'm coming...everyone."

The panel closes and 2B looks around at the memories.

"Since that encounter unit 2B has been shown to value memories. What is the logic behind this?" Pod 042 asked.

"I didn't fully understand the importance that day but when their memories entered my systems I began to see the importance of it all. Each memory is precious and holds value if it's just forgotten then it's like it never happened. if I hadn't taken these swords then it's almost like A2 and her friends never even existed," 2B said.

Suddenly a red and black mass of data taking on a humanoid form appeared in front of 2B and looked at the memory files and reached toward one before it was hit by 2B's simulated sword.

"Stay away from those memories!"

"~consume enhance replicate~"

"Warning virus is a remnant of the SIVA nanotech program. Hypothesis: rogue program entered 2B when the EMP bomb made contact with Dr. Robotnik's SIVA enhanced mech."

"Yeah that's good know," 2B said sarcastically.

The virus created a sword and swung it at 2B who evaded it and struck the virus with her sword. The virus then put it's hand in front of 2B and blasted her back. It charged at her but she slashed at it with her sword and then she took out her simulated Virtuous Treaty with her other hand and slashed the virus with it. The virus began to weaken from the damage it was taken allowing 2B to continuously hit it over and over again until...


2B stabbed the virus in the chest and it exploded into bits of data.

"Virus destroyed system fully restored," Pod 042 said.


When 2B woke up she saw 9S and other YoRHa units looking at her.

"Your okay!" 9S exclaimed.

"Yeah...and I see your fine as well," 2B said. "Did Dr. Robotnik get away?

"I'm afraid so," a YoRHa unit said. "But we managed to recover all the lost SIVA nanites. Clovis Bray wants it brought back so they can destroy it."

"Destroy?" 2B asked.

"Yeah apparently once they got the data we sent to command they decided it was too dangerous to make so they decided to shut it down," 9S said. "Though after what we saw it used for I can't really blame them.


Sometime passes and 2B and 9S are shown approaching a shuttle ready to be take them back to the Bunker.

"Well today was certainly something," 9S said. "But I think we're overdue for a break, wouldn't you say so 2B?"

"Yeah I believe so Nine...z."

9S stops walking and looks at 2B with a surprised look. "Wait, hold on! What did you just say!?"

"I said 9S."

"No! It sounded like you said Nines or something close to it."

"Cut the chatter and get on the shuttle before the Grey Agency sinks the island," 2B says as he walks to the shuttle.

"2B hold just tell me what you really said! 2B! Come on!?" 9S says as he walks after 2B


Tokyo, Japan one day before Nier joins Valhallen and Krunk to rescue the Elementals.

Inside of Nier and kaine's apartment Nier was seen walking around his living while kaine was sitting on a couch holding their daughter and Kaine was sporting a new baby bump.

"And you're sure he's in Nowhere Cayde?" Nier asked to his phone.

"Positive, my buddy saw him entering a saloon a while ago. Not really sure why he's their."

"Thanks again Cayde I'll send you a check to your email," Nier said as he hung up and sat on the couch with his family.

"You seem more worked up than usual. Is everything alright?" Kaine asked.

"Yeah this mission Sebben offered me it remind me of that Project YoRHa. It jsut seems so similar to what they were doing," Nier said.

"That mission were w learned about Project YoRHa was almost two months ago. But on this mission you won't be doing anything unethical like those a-hole Clovis Bray II and his backers are doing," Kaine said. "We already know that Sebben doesn't agree with what Project YoRHa is doing but you can't keep dwelling on the past."

"Then what should I do," Nier asked as he faced his spouse.

"Focus on what you can do for the future and keep moving forward" Kaine said as she handed their daughter Selene to Nier.

Nier looked at the giggling face of his daughter and smiled at her. "Yeah, keep moving forward."

The End

Another story finished and I like to thank you all for reading my story, you have all been a wonderful audience.