Okay, this is a message mostly for the benefit of everyone who has story alerts active on this particular fic -

As i mentioned before, i was going to re-write betrothal... I can now, with much pleasure, state IT IS DONE. ... Or at least chapter one of it is.

Under the title Betrothal R, you can find it in my authors profile (i would link to it here but... er... we all know how badly Ff net responds to anything that looks vaguely like a link... ehehehe... )

As to what will happen to this, the original Betrothal, I don't know – it might end up that i'll be told to remove it because... well, it is the same fic as the re-write after all and stuff... Though i would like to keep it up here for archival reasons XD (If not i do have backups... and i suppose eventually i could get me my own site or something maybe... i dunno)

So anyway, go enjoy Betrothal R XD (or not, the choice is yours)

- Lackey H, bowing out of the original Betrothal