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The Island Themyscria on the Planet of Asmos

Diana could see beyond the stars that illuminated the night sky. She wasn't look for anything particular, but she always caught herself looking past the ships that flown through space and the planets that held other live organisms. Diana could only describe the feeling as wanting more which was odd for her to think about because she was a Princess.

What more could a Princess ask for?

Diana was Princess and soon to be Queen of her small Island on the planet of Asmos. Even though they weren't as advanced as some other civilizations and planets the little Island of Themyscria and its people had a lot to offer the Unified Systems.

Shifting on her feet, Diana leaned over the railing of her bedroom balcony and sighed. The stars had told stories of heroes she learned about in her studies but it didn't say anything about her. Not that Diana wanted to see her name in the stars but she wondered what her purpose was. Diana's duty was to be a Princess and then ruler of course but she wondered if that was all she was. Donna, Diana's sister was a Princess as well but Donna had more free rein than Diana could ever dream of. Was it the wish of freedom that Diana wanted?

To not have any obligations?

To simply be Diana and not a Princess?

Diana couldn't deny the fact that she envied her younger sister. While Diana had to be in council meetings, meet with dignitaries, make legislation and study on cultures along with the events through the system, Donna didn't have to worry. Donna could travel through the galaxy, party til dawn, sleep for days and eat whatever she wanted. Diana didn't like complaining for she knew that she was better off than other people but she didn't feel as if it mattered, as if she mattered. Just for a night, Diana wished that she could be a normal girl but that was a dream and she was planted in reality.

So, Diana worked to be the best in everything she did. Diana met with dignitaries, passed helpful legislation, learned languages and studies the various cultures. Diana liked that part, the learning but it was the performing that bothered her. Diana could not afford to make mistakes unlike her sister and maybe thats what Diana needed, to make a mistake and then learn from it.

"Diana!" A female voice screeched.

Turning around, Diana was quickly pushed back against the railing. It didn't take long for Diana to wrap her arms around her sister who had been gone for so long.

"Hello, Donna." Diana greeted.

"I missed you!"

"I missed you too." Diana said pulling away from the intense hug. "How was your trip to Mars?"

"Hot." Donna said fanning herself. "My garments got dirty, the red of the planet stains any and everything."

Walking to the bench, Diana sat down with Donna.

"How's the Island going?" Donna asked.

"As well as it can be." Diana replied. "The Bana still refuse to accept the idea of men on the Island."

"It wasn't long when our Amazon's denied the idea." Donna noted. "But you informed them about the purpose of growth and redemption. They'll come around."

Diana smiled at her sister, even though Donna was not as serious about ruling like Diana, Donna still informed herself with the politics. This Island was still Donna's home and the choices that Diana would make would affect her as well.

"When did you get so wise?" Diana said as she nudged Donna.

"Traveling offers a lot of different opinions." Donna replied. "I've met some interesting people with rather good opinions."

"I assume you did more than listen to other peoples opinions?"

"You know me so well."

"You are my sister."

"I actually met a few interesting people." Donna admitted. "That is why I'm here."

"What?" Diana asked turning to her sister.

"I am supposed to meet a few friends at this club but it's in the Milky Way."

"You were there during the trip to Mars, why didn't you go?"

"Cause I was with Phillipus and she is not the easiest to sneak away from."

"Donna." Diana warned. "If you have to sneak out to do it, you probably shouldn't do it."

"I know."

"And what could have been so bad that you had to sneak out instead of asking?"

"Well, it's a club."

"I see."

"In an astroid belt."

"What?" Diana questioned.

"It's perfectly safe." Donna confirmed.

"Astroid belt and safe are words that should not be in the same sentence."

"I know." Donna replied. "But there is this new club called the Watch Tower and it's in the center."


"Before you say anything, it is perfectly safe. I promised this girl I met that I would meet her there." Donna defended. "It's safe and she goes all the time and invited me."

"And who exactly is this girl?"



"She's Kryptonian."


"Hush." Donna hissed. "Do you want to wake everyone in the palace?"

"Donna." Diana growled. "Kryptonian's are dangerous how did you even get one to talk to you without threatening you?"

"Okay, Diana." Donna rolled her eyes. "Not all Kryptonian's are cold blooded. I would hope that someone as culturally informed as you would see past stereotypes of a race and give them a chance."

Diana frowned as she took in Donna's words. Diana did not like people to judge her simply because she was from a small Island on an even smaller planet. Diana was not one to make snap judgments but all she had read and learned told her of the Kryptonian race and the planet they lived on. The planet was far more advanced than most planets in the Unified Systems. They were knows for their technological advancements along with their cold and unwelcoming society. Diana had never met a Kryptonian only heard about them but to Diana's defense, the Kryptonian's never attended any meetings held but the Unified Systems.

"I'm sorry." Diana apologized. "I just haven't heard good things about them."

"Well, I am here to tell you that Kara is amazing and I would like to see her tonight." Donna informed.

"And how exactly do you plan on doing that?" Diana questioned.

Donna gave Diana a look.




"You're a better pilot."

"Donna, this is not in hyperspace, this is an astroid belt."

"It's not that big."

"How would we even get a ship?"

"Take it."


"What, you are the Princess I don't think they can deny you."





"You better hope this works." Diana warned as she walked down the helipad.

"Princess!" A voice rang out from the distance.

Diana groaned and Donna cursed as they turned around to see Mala walking towards them.

"Hi, Mala." Diana greeted.

"Hello." Mala replied. "Queen Hippolyta informed me that you both would be the training arena but I couldn't find either of you"

"Oh, yes." Donna interjected. "I left something on the ship, I was just getting it."

"Both of you needed to go to the ship?" Mala questioned.

Diana looked at Donna and then looked back at Mala. Diana didn't like lying and Mala was a very close friend of hers.

"I wanted to-"

"You're sneaking out." Mala stated.

"No." Donna lied.

"Yes." Diana admitted.

"Diana!" Donna shouted.

"What?" Diana groaned. "I don't like lying and it's not like Mala is going to tell anyone."

"I won't if I can go with you." Mala added.

"Yes." Donna replied.

"Donna!" Diana replied.

"Well then, let's go!"

The Kandor Royal Palace of Krypton

Kal El of House El had enough of this meeting. As Prince of Krypton there were certain meetings he and his brother H'el had to attend. The meetings dragged on and he found himself drifting off to sleep only to be woken up by his mother, the Queen of Krypton, Lara-El, who would kick him under the table. That's all his life was, meetings with diplomats, making legislation and touring the galaxy but this young Prince wanted more. But he had everything so what else was there?

Kal wanted to be King, he was groomed for the position but there were moments when he lost interest. The same could not be said for his younger brother, Prince H'el who had an interest for politics. Kal could see the fire in his brothers eyes when H'el spoke about ruling and part of it thrilled him but another part of him feared his brother gaining power. Kal thought about giving up the throne and finding himself beyond he stars but his parents would never approve.

Kal was destined for greatness.

But if he was destined for greatness, Kal wanted to find that out on his own. He knew that his house, House of El and his people were counting on him to succeed but what they were asking for him was not fair. If Kal was to succeed and to find his own greatness, he could do it himself he did not need a wife.

"No." Kal protested.

"Kal-El." Lara replied. "You will speak to your council members with respect."

"Then I will not speak to them at all." Kal said waving his hand flippantly.

"We understand that this is hard to digest." Von-Gur, Head Council Leader stated. "It is not an ideal situation but it's what's best for Krypton at the moment."

Kal rolled his eyes at the council members words. Kal wanted to curse and question about what was best for him and his future. He could rule Krypton alone and be great, but the council needed to believe in him and they did not. Kal wanted to convince Von and the council that he was good for krypton, without a Queen by his side, without the need of another planet to aid Krypton.

"Thank you for your consideration." H'el interjected. "My brother and I will meet with the council once we've come to a decision."

The council members nodded and exited the room. The El's still sat at the round table, Jor-El had not spoken since the council had proposed the idea of an arranged marriage. Lara was not fond of the idea as well, but she had to speak due to her husbands silence. Lara did not marry for political gain, she married Jor-El cause she loved him and he loved her. But now, the council was asking her children to sacrifice for their planet because Krypton was running out of resources and their only chance at saving the planet was aligned theirselves with another one.

"This is stupid and humiliating." Kal-El stated. "I will not do it."

"It is not the best situation." Lara replied. "But it is the cards that we have been dealt with."

"We?" Kal questioned. "This does not affect you."

"Watch your tone, Kal-El." Jor-El warned. "Neither of us are happy about this situation."

"Then fight it." H'el suggested. "Tell them no, that they Prince's of Krypton are not bargaining pieces."

"The Princess has already accepted." Jor-El informed. "It would look bad for us to deny Almerac. They are a powerful planet and we do need their help."

"We can find another way, but marriage?" Kal questioned. "Anything else I will do but not that."

"Brother." H'el interrupted. "We will find a solution."

"And what of you?" Kal questioned. "And your marriage?"

"The Amazon's have not accepted yet." Lara replied. "I assume the carrier pigeon got lost in deep space."

The El's chuckled.

"Get some rest." Jor-El ordered. "Our work begins tomorrow."