Character File

Name: Rio Haruno

Born: March 28th (Firstborn)

Gender: Female

Age: 12-13

Height: 151cm

Blood type: AB+

Occupation: Academy Student (Graduated), Genin

Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village

Team: Team 7 (Kakashi Hatake)

Clan: Haruno

Ninja Rank: Genin

Ninja Registration: 012673

Academy Graduation Age: 12 years old.

Sensei note: There are hopes of Rio along with a few others to graduate the Academy this year as she has progressed further than we can teach.

Relatives: (Father) Kizashi Haruno, (Mother) Melouki Haruno, (Sibling) Sakura Haruno

Nature Type: Earth Release (AFFINITY, ADVANCED), Fire Release (AVERAGE), Water Release (INTERMEDIATE)

Skills: Chakra Control (ADVANCED), Marksmanship (INTERMEDIATE), Taijutsu (ADVANCED), Aerial attacks (INTERMEDIATE), Ninjutsu (ADVANCED), Naginata (EXPERT), Genjutsu (AVERAGE)

Interests: Training, Fighting, Weapons, Friends, Family, Naruto, Studying, Being Number 1, Books, Games, Reading books on flowers, Warm weather, Naginata, Rain, Blood, Flowers, Planets, Medical herbs, Gardening, Herbs, Winning, Learning new Jutsu, Onigiri, Tigers, Music

Disinterests: Enemy Ninja, Boredom, Silence, Ignorance, Mean spirited people, Injured Naruto and friends, Sweet foods, Losing, Bullying, Death, Sickness, Crude comments, Rude behaviour

Personality: Bubbly, Proud, Bold, Girly, Intelligent, Smug, Collected, Lovable, Honest, Loving, Supportive, Protective, Strategic

Appearance: Short pixie cut dark pink hair, Green eyes, Porcelain skin, Slender, Innocent appearance

Attire: Pink short kimono dress with bow, Black sandals, Bandages wrapped around both legs, Weapon pouches, White leather fingerless gloves with a bow

Enter Survival Test: My Name is Rio Haruno. Friend or Foe?

Land of Waves Mission - Episode 1 - 4 (Beginning)

3rd POV:

"A long time ago, a powerful demon fox appeared with nine tails. With its powerful tails, it could smash mountains and create tsunamis. A band of Shinobi rose to defend their village against its attack. However, one great Ninja was able to seal the monster away but died in the process. This Ninja was known as... The Fourth Hokage."


Twelve years later in the Hidden Leaf Village, a young blond-haired boy runs down the street with a bucket of paint in hand laughing as two Ninja chase after him. "Hey, Naruto!" One shouts after him in outrage.

"Why did you do such a thing?!" The other shouts along with his partner.

"You're really gonna get it this time!" The first one shouts and Naruto jumps up and the two Ninja jump up after him, the three jump around the side of buildings as they give chase, Naruto jumps down slowly trying to get away from the two Ninja pursuing him.

"You're annoying, ya know!" Naruto shouts after them. "You know what your problem is; you can't do the things I do! But I can pull it off! I'm awesome!" He says and looks up at the mountain face with the four faces of the Hokages.


Inside the Hokage building, the Third sits painting relaxing when two Ninjas burst into the room, disturbing his peace. "There's a problem, Lord Third! Lord Hokage!"

"What is it? Did Naruto do something again?" He asks, stopping as he turns his head slightly.

"Yes, he climbed onto the Hokage Monuments…" The one on his left informs him.

"And vandalised them with graffiti!" The other one on his right finishes waving his arms around and the Third Hokage let out a sigh knowing his relaxing day is in ruins.


Naruto continues to try to evade the two Ninjas after him and drops down back onto the street and hides almost appearing as if he's leapt off and the other two Ninjas jump after him unaware that he is hiding. "Wait!" One of them shouts, Naruto reveals himself hiding using a Ninja tool, he pulls the blanket that looks like an ordinary wooden fence, and he looks in the direction that the two Ninja disappeared in and scratched the back of his head laughing.

"Too easy." Naruto laughs to himself when another Ninja comes up from behind him angrily bending over.

"Hey, Naruto!" He shouts in the young blond's ear, scaring him as he jumps falling on his ass.

"What are you doing here, Iruka Sensei?" Naruto asks him as he looks up at his Academy Teacher.

"The question is, what are you doing here during class?" Iruka asks him, pointing down at him looking miffed and gets some rope out of his back pocket, tying up the blond delinquent.


Iruka drops Naruto still tied up on the floor in his classroom in front of the desks filled with his students. "Listen up, Naruto. You failed the last graduation exam and the one before that. This is no time to be goofing off, you fool!" Iruka scolds him but Naruto being too stubborn turns his head away with a huff, Iruka grits his teeth with frustration and points behind him. "Today we'll do a re-test on the Transformation Jutsu! Even those who already passed will take it!"

"WHAT?!~" The class all exclaim in surprise and frustration at their classmate but the look Iruka gives them they all quiet down. They stand up from their desks to line up at the front of the classroom. Sakura Haruno begins her turn as she stands in front of their teacher using the correct hand formation.

"Sakura Haruno. Here I go! Transform!" She says and with a puff of smoke forming around her which quickly disappears to reveal another Iruka standing there still doing the same hand formation.

"Okay," Iruka confirms and writes down on his clipboard, Sakura deactivates the Jutsu and reverts to herself once another puff of clouds form, and she cheers to herself.

"I did it!" She cheers on the spot. "I did it!" She thinks to herself "Sasuke, did you see that?" She asks her long-time crush but doesn't get a reply.

"Next, Sasuke Uchiha…" Iruka calls out; he steps up as Sakura walks back to her seat.

"Yes," He answers before walking to the vacant spot and uses the Transformation Jutsu as Iruka writes on his clipboard, he looks up to see that Sasuke has done it.

"O-okay," Iruka says, and Sasuke deactivates the Jutsu before walking off back to his seat. "Next, Rio Haruno." He calls out,

"Man, this is such a drag," Shikamura complains looking at Naruto, and Rio stands next to him.

"It's all your fault, too." Ino joins in complaining.

"Like I care," Naruto replies, brushing it off.

"Ino, Shika, enough," Rio tells them, they stiffen their backs and look at their friend who gives them a look, and they shut their mouths, and she walks to the spot, does the hand formation and a puff of smoke surrounds her and floats away revealing the 3rd Hokage standing in her place.

"Good Rio." Iruka comments and she deactivates the Jutsu before walking away. "Next, Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto cockily walks to the vacant spot as Rio walks past him.

"Good luck, Naruto." She whispers, and he nods to her before placing his hands in the correct formation.

"Transform!" Naruto exclaims, and chakra surrounds him, then a puff of smoke surrounds him and reveals an older, naked female version of himself, with long blond pigtails and smoke covering him slightly, Iruka looks in shock at the sight of his students transformation when blood leaks from his nose and he falls back on the floor, Naruto deactivates his Jutsu laughing clutching at his stomach. "How's that? I call it the Sexy Jutsu!"

"You idiot! Stop making dumb Jutsu!" Iruka shouts at Naruto.

"Excuse me, Iruka Sensei, but Naruto technical did perform the Transformation Jutsu and created a new one in the process." Rio remarks as she sits at her desk, Iruka and Naruto look back at her, and she smiles brightly before lowering her head to the book in front of her.


The next day at the Academy, it's time for the graduation exam, the students all sit in the classroom with Iruka standing at the front of the room. "We're about to begin the graduation exam. When your name is called, come to the classroom next door. This is a test on the Clone Jutsu." Iruka announces some of the students groan at the prospect of doing that Jutsu.

"But… I'm so crap at that Jutsu…!" Naruto groans inside his head, clutching at his face in frustration.

"Rio Haruno," Iruka calls out, and she gets up from her seat from the back next to her friend Shikamura and walks past Naruto stopping.

"Good luck Naruto, I hope you pass." She tells him before continuing out of the room.


Rio Haruno stands in the classroom in front of Iruka and Mizuki, another teacher at the Academy. Rio stands in front of their table full of headbands, and she does the correct hand formation with a puff of smoke surrounding her. The towering clouds dissolve to reveal five copies of Rio standing in different poses, Iruka sighs at her not because she is showing off, but because she is holding back. "Well done, Rio you've passed, here is your Leaf headband," Iruka tells her as he picks one of the headbands from the table and Rio walks over, taking the headband from his hand.

"Thank you, Iruka Sensei," Rio replies and walks out of the room.


Rio waits outside as all of the parents enter the playground, along with other students that have passed. Rio sees Naruto sitting on the swing under the tree all alone. Mum and Dad seem hesitant to congratulate Sakura and I but non the less they do, I can't help but look at Naruto as he's all alone, looking so sad. Rio pulls away from her family and walks over to the other side of the playground towards Naruto, she slowly walks in front of him, and he looks up, seeing her sandals in his view. "Hey, Naruto, I'm really sorry you didn't pass." She tells him, and he looks back down, fixing his goggles.

"It's okay Rio I can always try again," Naruto replies and Rio nods.

"I can always help you when I'm not busy." She tells him, and he nods his head.

"Rio, darling!" Rio's mother calls out to her; she turns her head over to the gaggle of happy families and nods her head.

"I should go. I hope you pass next time, Naruto." She says, and they both hear approaching footsteps, the two look over to see Mizuki standing there. "Good luck, Naruto." She speaks and walks away, not saying anything to Mizuki as she feels something in her stomach about him and walks over to her family.


At the Haruno home, Rio and Sakura sit at the dining table eating their favourite meals. At the same time, their parents wash the pots and pans, Rio picks at her food a little knowing how her parents feel about Sakura and her becoming Ninja. But Rio feels upset over her friends' failure, Naruto looking so sad still an image inside her head, Sakura looks at her Sister and nudges her in the side. "Are you okay, Rio?" Sakura asks her older sister with concern.

"Yeah, I just think that Naruto should have passed this time and I have a bad feeling about Mizuki." Rio answers and Sakura looks at her Sister in thought before nodding knowing her sister is never wrong.

"Maybe you're right Rio, but Naruto always fools around in class and Mizuki Sensei… well, he's a teacher you said the same thing about Iruka Sensei when you first met him." Sakura points out, and Rio nods her head in agreement.

"I know that Naruto always goofs off in class, but he does that for the attention that he doesn't get from anyone else and Mizuki isn't right off the bat." Rio replies and Sakura hums in agreement.


Two days later Rio and Sakura stand side by side waiting for their turn to get their picture taken, Rio walks up next after another student and stands between the two lights and gives the photographer a pose she wants for her photo ID, he takes the picture. Once done Rio walks over to the side as Sakura takes her place in front of the camera and he snaps the shot, and she walks over to Rio, and they leave chatting unknowing that Naruto is in the line dead last looking like a clown.


Rio and Sakura walk down the street on their way home and notice Naruto lying on the ground with a young boy standing next to him looking frightened, a woman storms past them enraged. "Oh, poor Naruto." Rio comments and they continue walking down the street.

"Oh, poor Naruto." Sakura mocks her older Sister, Rio looks at her Sister and nudges her in the side, pushing her away from her jokingly. "You like him, don't you?" She asks, but Rio doesn't verbally answer her as a blush forms on her cheeks. "I knew it!" Sakura squeals and Rio rapidly speeds in front of her Sister.


Three days after the Academy graduation exam, Rio stands in her room looking in front of her mirror as she fixes her hair and straightens up her dress when her Mother calls out to them. "Rio! Sakura! Shouldn't you be heading out soon?"

"I was about to go!" Sakura yells from her room next door.

"We're leaving now!" Rio yells at the same time from her room, and the two of them leave their bedrooms at the same time, they look at each other and head out to the front door.


The Haruno Twins walk down the street towards the Academy when Ino comes out of her family shop. "I'm off!" She waves off stepping out onto the street and notices the Haruno Twins, Rio continues walking ahead.

"Hey, Ino." Rio greets her and continues walking past her as Sakura and Ino as they walk behind her, she ignores their petty squabble and fixes her headband around her right thigh. Rio looks up as Ino and Sakura rush past her, she sighs as she walks behind their racing figures.


At the Academy classroom, Naruto sits at one of the desks in a dazy happy he's passed to become a Ninja and another step closer to achieving his dream when Shikamura walks down the steps passing him. "What the…? Why are you here? Today's meeting is graduates only." Shikamura asks him.

"Hey, can't you see this headband, buddy? Starting today, I'm a Ninja. It's like… how do I put it… it looks really good on me!" Naruto rambles on when Sakura and Ino slams open the door to the classroom; the two girls try to fight their way inside the room, Rio walks up behind them, she pushes them through onto the floor and steps over them.

"Sorry," She apologises, but there is no sincerity in her voice as she slowly walks into the classroom.

"Goal!" Sakura and Ino shout as they stand up.

"I won again, Sakura!" Ino brags though the two of them look exhausted.

"What are you saying…?" Sakura replies, "My toe entered the classroom before yours by a centimetre."

"Are you blind?" Ino exclaims causing Naruto to turn around at the loud yelling between the girls and sees Rio Haruno walking towards him, his cheeks turn as scarlet as her hair.

"Hello Naruto, I see you passed, I'm delighted to see you here," Rio tells him sincerely as a slight blush forms on her cheeks as she walks around to the other side to her seat.

"Hey, Sakura!" Ino calls out as she dashes over towards her sister, Naruto and another and Rio is sitting on the other side.

"M-morning Sasuke." Sakura greets him with a hint of a blush as she pulls Naruto out of the way and Sasuke finally noticing she's there looks up at her. "Can I sit next to you?"

"Hey! I'm going to sit next to Sasuke!" Ino argues grabbing hold of Sakura's elbow.

"First come, first served!" Sakura snaps back.

"I got into the classroom before you!" Ino argues and more of the girls in their class walk over to the squabbling girls.

"I did!" One of the girls yells out.

"If that's the case, then I did!" Yells another fan.

"I was first!"

"I'm sitting next to Sasuke!"

"Still at it huh Sasuke, seem as popular as ever." Rio comments, Sasuke looks at her with a hint of a smile as he looks at his best friend and he closes his early, trying not to get frustrated at the fangirls enthusiasm.


Inside the Hokage building, in the private room, all the assigned Jounin stand around looking down at the desk where a crystal ball sits on a purple cushion showing the classroom of the awaiting Academy graduates. "Is that him? This years number one rookie, Sasuke Uchiha?" One of the Jounins asks as they all look inside the crystal ball.

"The year's number one male rookie, yes." The 3rd Hokage corrects the Jounin.

"Sole survivor of the Uchiha clan?" Kurenai questions the 3rd Hokage.

"This years number one female rookie is Rio Haruno." He adds on, and the image inside the crystal ball changes showing Rio sitting next to Sasuke and the image moves towards the gaggle of fangirls along with Naruto sprawled out on the floor leaning against one of the desks.


Inside the classroom, Naruto comes too and gets up from the floor and walks over to the desk. He hops onto the surface, crouching down to face Sasuke. The two glared at each other. "Naruto! Stop staring at Sasuke!" Sakura orders him; the two boys glare almost emitting lightning between them.

"Sasuke just beat him up!" The fangirls all yell, "Yeah, yeah!" The fangirls all go quiet when the boy in front of Naruto accidentally knocks him into Sasuke, resulting in them kissing. Everyone, including Rio, turns to look in shock "Eh…" The two boys pull away in disgust, holding their necks trying to spit out the foul experience.

"Naruto, I'll kill you!" Sasuke threatens him.

"My mouth is rolling!" Naruto complains.

"Was that my fault?" The boy questions as he watches the two boys as they try not to hurl when Naruto stops looking startled.

"Huh, bloodlust?" Naruto wonders and turns around to see all of the fangirls looking him dead in the eye with such hate.

"Naruto…" Sakura growls at him, "... you little…!"

"An accident… it was an accident, ya know!" Naruto defends himself.

"You're so annoying!" Sakura growls as she cracks her knuckles looking very threatening, Rio shakes off her shock and comes to Naruto's defence.

"Girls, that wasn't Sasuke's first kiss, I did last year," Rio announces, the fangirls go silent, the bloodlust in the air fades away with the shock at the girl, but they seem to accept this more than the face that Naruto took his first kiss.


Inside the private room, the Jounin and Hokage watch in surprise at the announcement, "That Naruto… the centre of attention as usual." Hokage comments.


Inside the classroom, Iruka walks into the front of the class. Everyone is settled down and sitting at their desks. "As of today, you all have become full-fledged Ninjas. However, you're still new Genins. It's only going to get tougher from here! From here on, you'll be in a team of three, and one team of four, and accomplish missions under your Jounin teachers." Iruka informs the class, Sakura, Naruto and Ino perk up with two different reasons.

"I wonder who's going to be in Sasuke's team...?" Ino teases Sakura as the two sit near each other.

"I don't know," Sakura replies, seeming all serious.

"The teams have been determined so that the strength of all members will be balanced. Here they are! Team 1-" Iruka announces as he goes through the list of students, "Next is Team 7. Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura Haruno. Rio Haruno." Naruto jumps up in a cheer in his seat next to Sakura who sighs and Rio breaks out into a smile. "And… Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto sits down in a sigh of defeat while Sakura jumps up in her seat in a cheer, Rio nudges Sasuke in the side who turns to look at her as she smiles at him glad she is with her friends and Sister. "Next is Team 8. Hinata Hyuga."

"Y-yes," Hinata answers hesitantly.

"Kiba Inuzuka. Shino Aburame." Iruka announces the next team, and Sakura turns around grinning at Ino, giving her a smug gesture.

"Why did you get to be with him?" Ino seethes clenching her fists angrily at her classmate.

"Why do girls like that kind of guy anyway?" Shikamaru questions looking as bored as usual for him.

"Don't you know that, Shikamura?" Ino asks him, simmering down slightly.

"Well, I'm not a girl." He points out.

"That's why you aren't popular. I wouldn't want to team up with a guy like you." Ino teases him.

"Team 10. Ino Yamanaka. Shikamaru Nara." Iruka announces.

"Looks like you have to team up with me." Shikamaru teases her right back.

"And, Choji Akimichi. That's all for the groups!" Iruka says and lowers his clipboard when Naruto jumps up from his seat.

"Iruka-Sensei!" Naruto shouts pointing towards Sasuke. "Why is a top student like me in the same group as this guy?!"

"Sasuke graduated with the second-highest scores. Naruto, you're at the bottom!" Iruka says, and the class all laugh at him. "This is how we're trying to balance the strength within groups."

"Just don't get in my way, loser." Sasuke taunts him, Rio hits him in the side lightly.

"What did you say?!" Naruto yells in outrage.

"You want to fight, loser?" Sasuke replies and Rio sighs to herself as the class all laugh at Naruto.

"Knock it off, Naruto!" Sakura scolds him.

"I'm sorry," Naruto, apologies.

"I'll introduce you to your Jounin teachers in the afternoon. You're dismissed until then!" Iruka tells them, and the class get their things and leave the room, Rio grabs her lunchbox quickly, leaving the classroom.


Rio sits on the grass surrounded by flowers as she eats her lunch unaware of what is happening outside the garden she cares for, the pinkette hears the grass crunching under footsteps, she glances up through her bangs to see Sasuke standing by her side. "Good afternoon, Sasuke, I thought you'd be eating alone?" Rio asks him, and she goes back to eating her food.

"I wanted to talk to you," Sasuke tells her, and she looks up at him tilting her head to the side and smiles at him.

"It's okay Naruto, we can talk," Rio says, and he looks at her in shock transforming back into himself still looking at her in shock.

"H-how did you know it was me?" Naruto asks her.

"Sasuke always likes eating alone, and we may be friends, but he doesn't know about the garden. Only you or Sakura know about it." Rio replies and Naruto sits down next to her, and they begin chatting, laughing and smiling as they enjoy their lunch together when Naruto bolts to his feet running off. "Are you okay!" Rio calls after him, and he runs into the academy. "I hope he's okay." She whispers to herself.


Lunch has finished Rio walks back into the classroom with a glass of water with some leaves inside; she walks over to Naruto, placing the glass in front of him. "What is this?" He asks her, and she points to the leaves inside.

"These are basil leaves they help to fight bad bacteria inside the stomach, Sasuke told me you weren't feeling well, and I picked these from my garden," Rio explains and Sakura hearing this gasps.

"You actually picked something from your garden?" Sakura whisper-yells and Rio nods her head in agreement and sits down at her seat from before as Naruto sips hesitantly at the rim of the glass.

"Drink that slowly Naruto," Rio warns him, and one of the Jounins walks into the room announcing his Team number.

Too much time passes as Team 7 stay in the classroom awaiting their Jounin Captain, but still, they have not turned up, Rio continues to sit in her seat along with Sakura and Sasuke though Naruto stands at the front of the classroom. "He's late," Naruto complains as he opens the door of the classroom peaking out into the hallway and Sakura stands from her seat and moves to the front leaning against her desk.

"Naruto, stay still." Sakura scolds him.

"But why is the teacher for Team 7 the only one that's late? All the other teams went off somewhere with their new teacher, and Iruka Sensei's gone too." Naruto complains moving from between the door.

"Don't look at me," Sakura tells him when he drags a chair towards the door. "Hey, what're you doing Naruto?" Naruto gets up onto the step placing the chalkboard eraser at the top of the gap in the door with a wicked grin on his face.

"It's his own fault for being late!" Naruto proclaims and jumps down from the step putting his hands on his hips.

"Geez, you're asking for it." Sakura tries to act all mature, Rio scoffs.

"A Jounin wouldn't get caught in such an obvious booby trap," Sasuke comments from his seat.

"That's right. Naruto, you're such an idiot." Sakura scolds him, and Rio stiffens up when a hand touches the door. The others all see the same hand and watch as the door opens the reveal their Jounin teacher opens the door moving in headfirst allowing the chalkboard eraser to hit him on the head as he enters. A silence settles over the group before Naruto breaks it by laughing, pointing at the Jounin teacher.

"He fell for it; he fell for it!" Naruto laughs with joy as he continues to point at him.

"I-I'm sorry, Sensei! I tried to stop him, but Naruto just didn't listen." Sakura says acting all innocent as the Jounin picks up the eraser.

"How should I put this? As for my first impression of you guys… well, I hate you." He says, and the four of them hang their heads. "Come follow me." Sasuke and Rio get up from their seats, and the Jounin walks back out of the classroom, and the four students follow after him.


Upon the roof of the academy building, the Jounin sits on the railing while the four students sit on the tiled ground in front of him, Sakura, Rio, Sasuke and Naruto looking at their Jounin teacher. "Let's see… First off, why don't you introduce yourselves?" He asks them.

"Introduce ourselves… what should we say?" Rio asks him.

"What you like, what you dislike, your dreams, hobbies. Well, things like that." He replies.

"Hey, hey. Before that, why don'tcha introduce yourself first, Sensei?" Naruto asks him.

"Me? My name is Kakashi Hatake. I don't really feel like telling you about my likes and dislikes. I guess I've never thought about dreams… and hobbies… well, I have a few." He introduces himself in the vaguest way possible.

"In the end, isn't all we know his name?" Sakura complains looking at the others.

"Yeah." They agree with the same disappointment.

"You guys are up. Let's start with you." Kakashi says and looks over at Naruto.

"My name's Naruto Uzumaki! I like cup ramen. But when I like even more is the ramen from Ichiraku that Iruka-Sensei gets me. What I dislike is the 3 minutes I have to wait after pouring in the hot water. My hobby is eating and comparing cup ramen! And my dream is… to become the greatest Hokage! Then, when that happens, the whole village has to respect me!" Naruto declares.

"Okay, next!" Kakashi says and looks at Sakura.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. What I like, I mean who I like is…" Sakura stutters out with a blush on her cheeks at Sasuke. "And my hobby is… well, my dream is to…" Sakura lets out a squeal.

"And? What about your dislikes?" Kakashi asks her.

"Naruto," Sakura answers glaring at said-boy who seems a little upset that his Sister's crush doesn't like him.

"You next," Kakashi says, looking at Rio who smiles.

"My name is Rio Haruno. My likes are training, gardening, reading, and being older than Sakura. My dislikes are sweet foods and bullies. My hobbies are training and gardening, along with reading different types of books. My dream, I've never thought of one." Rio introduces herself, and Kakashi seems intrigued by her answers with hope for the future.

"And, last but not least…" Kakashi points to Sasuke.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are a lot of things that I dislike, and I don't like anything in particular. Also… I have nothing like a dream, but what I do have is an ambition. The ambition to restore my clan, and to absolutely… kill a certain man." Sasuke announces, and a dead silence hangs around the group.

"All right! The four of you all have very unique personalities! We'll be doing a mission tomorrow." Kakashi informs them.

"Roger! What kind of mission, sir?!" Naruto asks him eagerly, excited at the thought of a real mission so early from graduation from the Academy.

"We're going to start with something that just five people can do," Kakashi says.

"What, what, what, what, what?!" Naruto repeats, showing his eagerness.

"A survival test." He answers.

"A survival test?" Naruto echoes in confusion.

"Why are we having a test when it's supposed to be a mission? We've had plenty of tests in the Academy." Sakura points out, feeling offended.

"This is no ordinary test," Kakashi replies.

"Then… then what kinda test is it?" Naruto asks, and Kakashi lets out a sinister laugh at the question.

"Hey, what's so funny, Sensei?" Rio asks him not understanding the funny side to this news or the question.

"Well. It's just when I tell you; you'll be surprised. Out of the 28 graduates, only 10 or 9 are going to become Genins. The remaining 19 or 18 will be sent back to the Academy. In other words, this exercise is an extremely difficult test with a failure rate of 66%." Kakashi explains seeming too pleased with this information as the four pre-teens look at him with different amounts of surprise on their faces. "See? You got surprised!"

"That's crazy! I've already gone through so much crap! Then.. then what was the graduation exam even for?" Naruto questions in upset.

"Oh, that? It was just to select those who have the potential of becoming Genin." Kakashi explains.

"What?!~" Naruto exclaims in frustration.

"Well, that's the way it is. I'll determine whether you pass or fail tomorrow at the training ground. Bring your complete set of Ninja tools! We meet at five in the morning!" Kakashi tells them.

"Sensei, may I bring my own weapon along with my Ninja tools?" Rio asks him, Kakashi looks at her in surprise, not having completed his reading on the four newbies and nods not seeing the harm on the bubbly little girl.

"Now then, you're dismissed. Oh, yeah, you'd best skip breakfast. You'll throw up." Kakashi warns them, and Rio brushes it off, and the four of them get up when Kakashi vanishes in a puff of smoke.

"Come on Sakura, we'd better get home," Rio tells her Sister, waving goodbye to Naruto and Sasuke. "See you tomorrow, Naruto, Sasuke."


The Haruno Twins arrive home to food on the table and their parents waiting for them; Sakura sits next to their Mother while Rio sits next to her Father, she notices Sakura pushing her food around the plate as the rest of them eat enjoying her Mother's food.


Rio wakes around 4:30 am to her alarm clock and gets up from her comfy bed trudging towards her closet to grab her clothes for the day, she dresses and stops when she hears shuffling from next door, her Sister's room.


Rio and Sakura walk down the street towards the training grounds, Rio eating an apple as they walk in the early morning. "Rio, Kakashi-sensei told us not to eat breakfast," Sakura complains, Rio continues eating savouring the fruit teasingly to Sakura.


The Haruno Twins walk to the training ground, with Naruto and Sasuke all very sleepy from the early awakening. "Morning." The Twins greet the boys with Sakura still rubbing at her eye.

Hours pass with no show of their Jounin teacher; they wait around for too long when Kakashi shows up. "Yo, folks. Morning!" Kakashi greets them as if he's not late.

"You're late!" Sakura and Naruto yell at their teacher.

"Well, a black cat crossed my path, you see." Kakashi fakes an excuse; he sees that none of his students believing his words and lets out a fake awkward cough. "Well, let's move on." He walks over to a tree stump placing a timer cloak. "Okay, alarms set for 12:00. Today's assignment is to take these bells away from me before noon." He shows them two bells on the end of two strings. "If you can't, you won't get lunch. You'll get tied to one of those, and I'll eat my lunch in front of you." He points to the three columns of wood on the training ground, the four of them all look at the columns feeling the effects of the no breakfast but Rio, who is thankful for the apple.

"But wait a minute. Why are there only two bells?" Rio asks, pointing to his hand.

"There are only two, so at least two will be tied to the logs. Those people will be disqualified for failing the mission. Then, they'll be sent back to the Academy. It might just be one person, or it could be all four of you. You can use your Shuriken. You won't be able to take these unless you try to kill me." Kakashi explains.

"But that's too dangerous, Sensei!" Sakura argues.

"That's right; you couldn't even dodge that chalkboard eraser!" Naruto taunts Kakashi.

"In this world, those who aren't skilled enough tend to complain more. Well, let's just ignore the loser…" Kakashi hits back. "We'll start on my mark." Naruto gets angry at Kakashi taking out his Shuriken from his back pouch, twirling it around his finger. He runs towards Kakashi, who grabs hold of Naruto's hand forcing him to turn around facing away, pointing the Shuriken still in his hand at the back of Naruto's head. Kakashi stands behind the shocked Naruto along with Sakura, Rio and Sasuke next to him even more upset at the sudden appearance. "Don't be hasty; I didn't say 'start' yet." The three others step away when Kakashi lets Naruto go of him; he steps away all of them, feeling the shock of the show of power from the Jounin. "But, well, it looks like you were trying to kill me, so that's good. How can I put this…? I think I'm finally starting to like you guys. We're going to begin now. Ready… start!" The four of them jump off to hide from the Jounin in the shrubbery.


Rio hides in one of the many trees, quickly assembling her Naginata trying to be quiet when she hears Naruto, she looks over to see him standing in the clearing with Kakashi. "Alright, let's have a fair fight!" Naruto exclaims, causing Rio to face palms mentally at the implication.

"Say, aren't you a bit weird?" Kakashi questions him just as surprised by the proclamation.

"What's weird is your hairstyle!" Naruto snaps before running towards Kakashi again, as he runs towards him, Kakashi reaches into his left side weapons pouch, Naruto reacts to the movement by stepping back to assess.

"Shinobi Battle Technique #1: Taijutsu." Kakashi comments, Naruto tenses up but Kakashi gets out an orange book from inside, tilting Naruto off his focus. "What's the matter? Come and get me."

"But… hey, hey! Why the book?" Naruto asks him, trying to remain calm.

"Why', you ask? Because I want to know what happens next? Don't worry. It doesn't matter if I'm reading if it's just you." Kakashi leaves him and the others listening in a hint, but all it does is anger Naruto though Rio registers it but brushes it off.

"I'm gonna rip you apart!" Naruto yells as he dashes towards Kakashi with a raised fist, lunging for Kakashi but he just raises a hand to deflect him with ease, Naruto lands on the ground again. "Damn it! Spin-kick!" He leans on his right foot, lifting his left in the air going for a kick but Kakashi crouches to the ground dodging out of the way. "Crap!" Naruto lands on the ground again and goes to punch Kakashi disappears. "Wha…?"

"A Ninja shouldn't let the enemy get behind him so much, idiot," Kakashi warns him, Rio and the others see the hand sign Kakashi is displaying.

"Naruto, get out of there quick! You'll get killed!" Sakura yells compromising her position.

"Too late." Kakashi comments as Naruto turns his head towards Sakura's voice then turns his head back to see Kakashi behind him. "Hidden Leaf Village Secret Taijutsu Technique: One Thousand Years of Death!" He sticks his fingers up into Naruto who flinches before jumping up high into the air.

"That's not a Ninjutsu…" Sakura whispers in distaste at the view in front of her.

"They're both idiots…" Sasuke mutters also looking at them in distaste.

"Poor Naruto…" Rio whispers wincing as Naruto lands in the stream.

"Alright." Kakashi goes back to reading his book as Sasuke moves to his weapon pouch, and Naruto swims up to the surface of the stream, throwing two Shuriken towards Kakashi, who doesn't even flinch as he lifts his hand catching them on his fingers. Naruto comes to the surface of the water, coughing up water from staying in there for too long completely drenched. "What's the matter? You won't get any lunch if you can't take a bell by noon."

"I've got that, ya know," Naruto complains as he looks up at Kakashi.

"You said that you'd be the greatest Hokage, but I'm really not seeing that…" Kakashi pokes at him.

"Damn it! Damn it! I can still fight, even if I'm hungry! I was just off guard earlier!" Naruto shouts as Kakashi walks away back to the middle of the clearing. "Damn it! I'm hungry, so my strength… but… I've gotta take a bell no matter what! No matter what! I… can't… turn back now! I'm gonna become a Ninja!" The surface of the water moves violently when several Naruto clones break the surface jumping high in the air. "You're sure of yourself! Now, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" They land on the clearing and run towards Kakashi who stands there, and the other three watch in surprise at the knucklehead.

"Not just Clones, but Shadow Clones?" Kakashi questions, as the Narutos stop in front of him in different positions. "Judging from what you can do, that technique should last for about a minute." The Clones all run for Kakashi when somehow one of them jumps onto his back. "W-what?! Behind me?!"

"A Ninja shouldn't let the enemy take them from behind. RIght, Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto taunts him as the rest of the Clones jump on Kakashi as he tries to shake them off. "Using the Shadow Clone Jutsu, I had one of them come up from the river and sneak behind you. This is payback for my butt!" The real Naruto jumps in the air falling towards Kakashi ready to punch him, "Brace yourself!" when Kakashi swaps himself with a Clone, and Naruto hits him square in the face. "What?"

"The one who got hit was… Naruto?" Sakura wonders and watches as the Clones fall to the ground.

"You! You're Kakashi-Sensei, right! You used the Transformation Jutsu, didn't you?!" Naruto yells at him, and the rest of the Clones begin punching and kicking each other. "It's you! You're him! You smell like Kakashi-Sensei! The smell of an old guy! Hey! Let's try undoing the Technique! If we do that, there'll only be two left! What took you so long to think of that, idiot! You're me, idiot! Just undo the Technique!" Naruto continues arguing with himself and stops the Technique to see himself alone in the clearing badly beaten up when he sees a glint of silver in the grass by a tree. "He must've been in a hurry to drop one like that!" Naruto runs towards the fallen bell and just as he's about to pick it up a piece of rope wraps about his ankles, hoisting him up. "What the hell!?" He yells as he swings around. "Hey, hey, hey! The bell!" He tries to reach for it though he's too far off of the ground when Kakashi grabs at the bell.

"You have to think when you use a Jutsu. That's why it was used against you instead. Also, don't get caught in such an obvious trap, you idiot." Kakashi teases him, and this angers Naruto. "A Ninja must see through deception!"

"I know that!" Naruto yells angrily.

"No, listen, I'm telling you because you don't. Got it? Your movements are wasteful! You're so…" Kakashi tries to speak when Sasuke releases his Shuriken, hitting Kakahi in the side of his body.

"No way!" Naruto shouts in shock, "You idiot, Sasuke! You went too far!" A puff of smoke envelopes the falling Kakashi to reveal it's a log with the Shuriken embedded, Sasuke does the right thing and runs away to find another hideaway, Sakura knowing he's in trouble runs to find him.

She runs along the ground when she comes to a stop seeing a Clone of Kakashi reading his book and ducks behind a bush spying on him. "Sakura, behind you." Kakashi makes himself known.

"Huh?" She turns around to see him crouched behind her; she lets out a scream of shock.


Rio hears her Sister's scream and jumps to her feet, and runs towards him but stops in her tracks, thinking to herself and walks to a tree and climbs to a higher point.

"A Ninja must see through deception'? Damn it; I'm never going to fall for his crap again…!" Naruto grumbles to himself and gets out his Kunai slicing the rope around his ankles, he falls towards the ground but lands on his feet in a crouched position. When he goes to walk away, another piece of rope catches around his ankle hoisting him up into the air. "I fell for it again!"

Sakura stands facing Kakashi who puts her under a Genjutsu, leaves float around her rising high into the sky as she goes into a haze, she snaps out of it looking around the clearing expecting to see Kakashi still there, but he's gone. "Huh, what was that?" She questions herself and looks around frantically. " Hold on! Where's Sensei? Huh, what's going on? What's what?" She pulls at her hear when she hears Sasuke's voice come from within the trees.

"Sakura…" He calls out to her.

"Sasuke?!" She calls back and turns around to see an illusion of Sasuke bloody and leaning against a tree looking defeated.

"Sakura. P-please… help… me…" He requests desperation in his voice, but she's too in shock with tears pooling at her eyes that leak down her cheeks before she lets out a short scream and falls on her back, knocked unconscious from the shock. Kakashi up in a tree on one of the many branches still reading his book observed her reaction.

"Maybe I overdid it a little. But still, she should know if it's real or not…" Kakashi comments to himself, unaware that someone is watching him.


Further, in the trees Sasuke turns having heard Sakura's piercing scream, Kakashi stands some distance between him and the Uchiha. "Shinobi Battle Skill #2: Genjutsu. Sakura fell for it so easily." Kakashi comments.

"Genjutsu…? An illusory mind-controlling technique. No wonder she got caught up in it. However… I'm different from them." Sasuke replies with too much confidence.

"Why don't you say that after you get a bell? Sasuke, my lad." Kakashi comments as he pushes off of the side of the tree and walks towards Sasuke, the two of them face off. Sasuke makes the first move, going into his weapons pouch taking out his Shuriken throwing them towards Kakashi who jumps out of the way. "It's no use just using straightforward attacks," Sasuke smirks throwing another Shuriken towards a piece of rope, it cuts in half. " A trap?" Kakashi skids towards a tree and jumps out of the way of more oncoming Shuriken, Sasuke appears behind him. "What?" Sasuke jumps up, kicking at Kakashi, but he blocks the attack and grabs hold of his leg, Sasuke twists his upper body to punch Kakashi, but he blocks it again. Sasuke uses his other leg to kick him on the top of the head, Sasuke smirks as he tries to grab one of the bells, but Kakashi sees this and jumps away as does Sasuke and the two face off.


Sakura alone in the trees comes to, looking around confused. "What…? Was I…?" She wonders and lets out shrieks closing her legs thinking back to what had happened the image of the injured Sasuke in her head and get to her feet. "Sasuke! Don't die and leave me behind! Where are you!?"


Naruto continues to hang upside-down thinking to himself and looks down to see the lunchboxes on a bench in the distance. "So that's what it looks like behind the logs… the lunch boxes are on that rock! 'A Ninja must see through deception' eh?" Naruto says to himself and laughs.


Rio quietly steps onto a branch of a tree and sees Kakashi and Sasuke facing off one another and in hopes to gain some insight on how to get one of the bells. "Well, I'll admit that you're different from those two. Though I can't speak for the other one." Kakashi comments and Sasuke forms multiple hand formation with speed and stops.

"Horse. Tiger! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke yells and pulls back as he holds his breath and holds his hand out as a tunnel allowing him to funnel the flames towards Kakashi, the flames roar with life as Sasuke continues but stops leaving a crate with a smouldering middle. Sasuke looks around once he notices Kakashi jumped away before the Jutsu, he looks all around him.

"Down here!" Kakashi's voice comes from below as Sasuke looks down at his feet, Kakashi's hand reaches through the earth, grabbing Sasuke's ankle.

"Wha-?" Sasuke gasps in shock at the raw power of this Jounin.

"Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu!" Kakashi yells up and pulls Sasuke down into the dirt only his head left above and Kakashi switches, crouching down looking at Sasuke. "Shinobi Battle Skill #3: Ninjutsu. How's that? Now you can't move, right? Although, you're already starting to make your mark. But, oh well. They say that the nail that sticks up gets hammered back down." Kakashi says and gets to his feet, pulling out his book beginning to read as we walk away.

"Damn it!" Sasuke curses to himself; a shadow looms over him, he looks up to see Rio standing over him with a smirk. "Rio, get him," Sasuke tells her, and she nods jumping away back into the trees with an unaware Kakashi.


Kakashi walks along through the trees as he reads his book and Rio tails him, she holds her Naginata in her left hand as she jumps to the next branch, she lands hard on the next branch gaining Kakashi's attention. He looks up into the trees spotting the pinkette alone in the trees; she smirks as if she expected this, he blinks up at her and looks around, finally seeing strings all around him. "Ah, Rio Haruno, the last one standing." Kakashi muses Rio pulls her Naginata from left to right. Kakashi sees the glimmer from the strings as they all move before the surrounding w can capture him he vanishes, Rio loses her smirk and looks around, Kakashi jumps down from a higher branch behind her. Rio turns around but puffs into smoke, Kakashi looks around but doesn't see her.

"Kakashi-Sensei, may I ask, why hide behind a mask?" Rio's voice echoes through the trees, Kakashi smirks under his mask, thinking she had given her position, but her presence completely vanishes then appears behind him as she jumps down behind him. "Hello, Kakashi-Sensei." She greets him overly smug as she swings at him with her Naginata, he jumps away from the sharp blade, before it can completely swing she turns it up before sharply pulling it down at the retreating form. He lands on the ground hard on his back, Rio jumps down on her feet hard cracking the earth from the force. "Sensei, that's not how you defend yourself." Rio jokingly scolds him; she flips her Naginata around in her hand. "Kakashi-Sensei, the point of catching you seems pointless." She grabs the bottom end of the pole and swings down towards Kakashi who looks at the approaching weapon with a wide-eye as the blade draws closer, Rio stops abruptly, looking around in confusion. Rio searches the trees allowing Kakashi to escape from her attack. The pinkette hears nothing as Kakashi gets up to his feet and knocks her Naginata from her hands, she feels the stinging of the kick but doesn't back down as she grabs hold of his offending foot and swings him using muscles no 12-year-old should have. Rio lets go of Kakashi, and he flies into the side of one of the trees, he catches himself before he impacts.

"I'm impressed, Rio, you've gotten farther than the others." Kakashi praises her.

"I know, I've been watching, taking note of their failures, but something doesn't make sense about this test. What is it?" She asks him, he smirks under his mask and rushes at her, she jumps out of the way, but he appears behind her before she can react and punches her down into the ground, she hits her head hard on the ground, her vision going fuzzy as she tries to get back on her feet. Blood drips from the cut on the side of her head, but she doesn't pay any mind, Kakashi watches her with admiration, but he needs to stop this fight quickly. Still, before he can do anything, Rio collapses from the earlier hit, Kakashi catches her before she lands on the ground, he gently places her on the ground as she's unconscious.

"You did good Rio." He whispers and disappears, leaving her as she slowly regains consciousness.


Naruto finally gets free from the ropes and runs over to the stone with the lunchboxes and sits down with them in his lap, giggling to himself unaware of his teammates' whereabouts or conditions. "I don't have to take those stupid bells. All I have to do is hide and eat. Let's eat!" Naruto says greedily.

"Hey," Kakashi calls out from behind him above as he crouches atop the stone.

"I was just joking." Naruto lies trying to get out of trouble.

"Too late!" Kakashi snaps in a low voice.


With Sasuke still only his head above the ground, scolding himself when Sakura comes through the bushes running but stops when she sees Sasuke's head poking out of the earth, they stare at each other for a moment. "Sakura," Sasuke calls out to her as she stares at him with wide eyes for fear of her earlier nightmare.

"Now it's a freshly severed head!" Sakura freaks out, and she falls back unconscious again, leaving a confused Sasuke.

"What's wrong with her?" Sasuke wonders and tries digging himself out of his hole and crouches over the unconscious Sakura when she gains consciousness again; she sees her crush looming over her, perfectly fine.

"Sasuke?" She says and gets up attacking him in a hug of relief. "You're okay!"

"Hey, get off me!" Sasuke tells her as he tries to get the fangirl off of him, he stands to his feet looking off towards the last place he saw Kakashi moving towards. "There's not much time left until noon. I'm going."

"Sasuke, are you still going after the bells?" Sakura asks him in shock, getting to her feet.

"I was able to touch them last time. Next time, I'll take them." He vows.

"What?! I-I see. You're really amazing, Sasuke. Uh… hey. There's really no time left… why don't we give up for now and try harder next time?" Sakura asks him, and he looks at her with a menacing look in his eyes, and she cringes under the intense gaze.

"I'm the only one who can kill that man," Sasuke mutters to himself thinking about his older brother.

"What? You mean Sensei?" Sakura asks, misunderstanding.

"I was crying, back then…" Sasuke mumbles.

"Crying?" She echoes in worry for her crush.

"My…" He can't finish his sentence.

"What…? What is it...?" She asks him.

"I'm an avenger. I must become stronger than him. I don't have time for setbacks." He says but the alarm sounds out through the forest, catching him off guard. "Damn it; I wasted my time talking."

"Sasuke," She calls out to him as he walks away back to the three logs.


Rio hears the shrill bell and groggily opens her eyes, seeing only a blur, she blinks, clearing her vision and gets slowly to her feet before strolling to the clearing sighing in defeat.


The three pre-teens walk from the tree line, Sakura sees her older Sister with blood down the side of her face, she gasps running to her Sister, hugging her arm in worry. "Don't worry Sakura; I'm okay," Rio assures her, and the twins walk over to their standing Sensei and sitting teammate not seeing Naruto tied up to one of the logs till they get closer and notice the three lunch boxes laying in front of him. The four Genin's stomachs all growl with hunger after the survival test went wrong for all four of them. "Your stomachs are growling, eh? By the way, about the results of this test… well, there's no need for you guys to return to the Ninja Academy." Kakashi tells the four who all have different reactions; Naruto gasps in glee while Sakura is in shock.

"What? All I did was pass out. Is that okay?" Sakura wonders before standing to her feet and cheering while Sasuke and Rio sit not believing that is the reason.

"Then… then! That means the four of us...!?" Naruto joins in with Sakura's cheers.

"Yes, the four of you… should quit being Ninja!" Kakashi tells them, and they all look at him in shock hearing this.

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