Byakugan! Ultimate Defence! True Power, It Gets Complicated! Zero Motivation For Dancing Sand

Chunin Exams - Episode 60 - 65

Rio's POV:

I stand between Shikamaru and Shino in the arena as we all stand in a line, I look around to see the stands full of people, man I'm nervous at the thought of all of these people judging me. I look around and see everyone is here apart from Sasuke and Naruto, and another Jonin, as Hayate isn't here, but I have no idea what happened to him. I hear a yell; I turn around with the others to see Naruto skidding towards us, looking a little out of it. I walk over to him with Shika trying to get him to his feet as he snaps out of it. "Hmm? Wait, where's Sasuke?" Naruto asks as he looks around the arena.

"No idea, he's been gone all month," I inform him.

"Hey, you guys over here. Throw out your chests and show your faces to the spectators." The Jonin instructs us, and I hear the audience cheering and clapping for all of us. "You guys are the stars of this 'Final Round'."

"Everyone, thank you very much for coming to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Chunin Selection Exam! We will now begin the 'Final Round' matches for the ten who made it through the preliminaries! Please stay and watch until the end!" Lord Third announces from the main stand where he stands by the railing along with the Kazekage and the crowd cheers and claps again.

"I have something to tell you before the match." The Jonin in front of us announces and takes out a piece of paper, it's the same one from before about our matches. "Look at this. Check who you'll be facing one more time."

"Er… question?" Naruto asks, raising his arms up.


"Umm… Sasuke still hasn't come. What'll happen?" He asks, and he's got a point.

"In case a competitor does not arrive by the start time of his match… he or she will lose by default." I look over at Gaara in the corner of my eye. He has a hidden smirk on his face, I hope he hasn't done something to Sasuke, but then I think Sasuke is off somewhere training. "Listen up, you guys. The terrain is different, but the rule is that there are no rules, the same as in the Preliminaries. The matches will continue until one or the other dies or acknowledges defeat. However, if I judge that it has been settled, 'll stop the match there. Arguments will not be allowed. Understood? So the first match is… Naruto Uzumaki. And Neji Hyuga. Just those two remain, and the rest of you go to the waiting room." I walk off with the others and look over my shoulder to watch Naruto. I know he can win, he doesn't give up, and he takes his word seriously, he'll avenge what that punk did to Hinata.

Chunin Exams Arc

I sit on the floor in front of the railing with the others in the waiting area as we all watch below, the match between Naruto and Neji. "You seem like you want to say something." Neji comments and I watch Naruto holding his arm out again as he did before when he promised to get back at Neji for Hinata.

"I said it before, too, didn't I? I'll win, no matter what!" Naruto snaps at him, he seems calm.

"That makes it more worthwhile for me." Neji chuckles and gets into a fighting stance. "I look forward to your look of disappointment when you know the true reality."

"Stop whining." Naruto unleashes a surge that creates a ring of dust around them and the blowback breezes around them towards the rest of us. "Let's… get started!"

"Now, then, Round One." The Jonin announces and gives a pause to create the drama. "Begin!" the crowd breaks out in cheers, and the boys seem to be studying each other as they keep staring at each other for too long. I hope Naruto has a game plan on how to avoid what happened to Hinata, happening to him. Neji slides his foot forward a sliver, and Naruto seems to have a plan as he throws three Kunai towards Neji, he catches the first one with the end circle of his own Kunai, deflecting the others and goes in for a frontal attack. That won't work!"

"Idiot! Why would anyone attack from the front?!" I hear a faint shout from the stands, sounds like Kiba. He's not wrong, as Neji throws away the Kunai as Naruto swings at the brunette who deflects it with an open palm hand to his other side, down to the ground, Naruto catches himself and goes into kick Neji but spins away, going in again. Naruto keeps trying to punch Neji, but he dodges out of the way, Naruto doesn't give up as he goes in for more punches, but Hyuga blocks him with each other blow, it's a blur. Naruto tries kicking him, but Neji slaps his foot away, but the blond jumps up going for another kick though Neji dodges out of the way. He lands and goes for another hit, but it's a bad idea.

"No! Naruto!" I hear Sakura cry out as Neji comes in as Naruto tries throwing a punch, Neji gets him with his Chakra, stunning the blond before he goes in again with the same attack he did with Hinata. "The opponent can see your Chakra points!" Neji goes in again with two fingers, trying to cut off Naruto's Chakra point in his shoulder, the blond goes down and rolls away to avoid the hit. Naruto sits up, holding his shoulder that almost got hit, he needs to be more careful.

"You understand, right? You have no way of winning." That arrogant guy announces he's too arrogant as if he's already won.

"Heh. All I did was to verify your power." Naruto replies and gets to his feet.

"Such a Naruto thing to do," I mutter and smile, shaking my head.

"The real fight is just getting started!" He uses his trusted Jutsu, which will stall Neji for some time I hope. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He creates four clones, and he hangs back as they all get out a Kunai at the ready.

"But there's only one real one, after all." Neji scoffs in his usual arrogant tone.

"Heh. don't be acting tough!" He and his clones reply with a grin.

"If you're going to come, then come." He tries baiting the blond.

"Hry! Don't… you… underestimate… me!" The blonds all say and the four at the front run towards Neji, who uses the two to jump over them, the other two running from either side. He pushes them away, and the fifth Naruto runs towards him, kicking up almost clipping Neji in the chin, but the brunette jumps away making it look as if he was hit. Neji flips away and lands away at a safe distance.

"Damn, almost." I mutter as we all watch from the waiting area.

"Dang it. I'll get you next time!" Naruto curses and two of them run towards Neji going at either side of him, he jumps into the air, spinning as they get closer kicking them away, and they disappear into a puff of smoke. The other two go in from behind, Neji pushes them in front of him, they turn stunned, and he thrusts his hands into their stomachs, pushing them into the air and they go flying towards Naruto, landing on either side of him before disappearing into the smoke. "Does he have eyes behind him?" Neji walks over to the remaining Shadow Clone and picks it up, allowing it to puff into smoke.

"You're going to become the Hokage? With this level, it's impossible. I can generally tell with these eyes… intrinsic abilities are set. Figuratively speaking, everything inherent about people is set." Neji speaks, and it's only going to drive Naruto further into kicking him to the dirt, he's only going to make Naruto try even harder to make his dream come true.

"Why… Why are you always so judgemental like that?" Naruto snaps at him.

"Then… are you going to say that anybody can become the Hokage… if they just work hard?" Neji tries to anger and discourages Naruto. "Only a very small percentage of Shinobi are chosen to be the Hokage! Look more at reality! Those who become the Hokage are born with a destiny. It's not something you become by trying to become it. It's determined by destiny. People must live within their different respective currents that can't be defied. The one single… destiny every has equally… is death." If we all have a destiny, then it's Naruto's to become Hokage, I just know it.

"So… so what?" Naruto snaps at him and holds his fist out at the brunette. "I don't know when to give up! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He creates dozens of clones and runs towards the brunette, who fights them, the clones seem to be doing okay, but Neji is holding up against them.

"I told you I'm not such a fool, didn't I?" He runs through the crowd of Naruto, singling out the only one that's holding back and thrusts his arm out, hitting Naruto in the chest. "That is the body that has the least attack due to its fear of having Chakra points attacked. The more you attack, the more that one body becomes clearly evident." Naruto coughs up blood, I grip onto the bars in worry as the clones begin disappearing. "You're the real one." More of the clones keep disappearing as Neji steps away and Naruto falls into a crouch. "I said it was pointless." I stand up, and Shika places a hand on my shoulder, stopping me from beating on Neji, and I hear Naruto chuckle.

"I've been telling you not to frivolously assume things." He warns the brunette and looks up with a smirk with blood dripping down the side of his mouth before disappearing, it was a clone.

"It can't be." Neji seems worried as two of the remaining Narutos jump up behind him, and they aim for him.

"All right! Go, Naruto!" I hear Kiba scream from the stands, seems okay with losing now, that's good.

"I've been striking from the beginning, prepare for an honourable death! Believe it!" Naruto shouts as he tries landing a punch, but something seems to halt his fist from making contact as Neji turns away. Chakra seems to incase around Neji pushing the two away from him, and he spins on the spot, throwing them away, landing hard on the ground. The last clone disappears, and only Naruto remains as the debris slowly disappears around Neji and he stands straight turning to face the fallen blond. A crater is left behind from his defence manoeuvre, it's strange, I've never seen anything like it before. "W-what was that?"

"Did you think you'd won?" Neji smirks down at Naruto who gets back on his feet.

"You punk. Don't make a fool of me!" Naruto creates six clones, and they spread out around Neji who gets into a stance with a handout and spins around again, throwing the blonds around, causing the clones to disappear. "Dang it."

"This is the end. You're within the area of my Eight Trigrams." The brunette gets into another fighting stance. "Gentle Fist Art. 8 Trigrams 64 Palms." He gets into a crouch with his arms out front to back before running at Neji. "8 Trigrams… 2 Palms!" He hits into Naruto's upper and lower chest, but Naruto has no time to recover as Neji keeps going in. "4 Palms. 8 Palms. 16 Palms. 32 Palms. 64 Palms!" Neji finishes his assault, leaving Naruto to crash to the ground, the Proctor walks slowly towards the two to call off the match, but I know Naruto he's going to get back up.

"It's over." He comments and Naruto tries getting to his feet but falls.

"I pressed the 64 Chakra points all over your body. You can't even stand." Neji stands over Naruto as he tries to get up. "Are you frustrated? Kneeling down before power that can't be changed and knowing your powerlessness. Your dreams will come true if you just work hard. That's just an illusion."

"Come on Naruto, get back up." I mutter as I watch him struggle to get to his feet, like the goofball he is, he gets up when it's impossible, and I can't help the shout of joy watching him back on his feet.

"He-no way." Neji seems even more shocked. Hopefully, he'll be thrown off by this.

"I told you, didn't I? I don't know when to give up." Naruto reminds him, and I shake my head at the blond.

"No way. Stop already. It'll be the same, even if you fight more than this. I don't have a grudge, particularly against you." Neji comments but Naruto doesn't care.

"S-shut up… even if you say so I have something against you." Naruto tells him, I know he's talking about Hinata.

"What are you talking about?"

"Why? Here you're this strong… why did you, with a look like you've seen through it all, go after Hinata mentally who was trying so hard?" Naruto demands an answer.

"It has nothing to do with you." Neji refuses to answer.

"Mocking Hinata, selfishly labelling her a failure as you please. Head family, branch family… I don't know what happened to you. But I don't forgive the jerk who'd call another person a failure."

"Okay… fine. If you insist, I'll tell you about the Hyuga's destiny of hatred. In the Hyuga head family, there's a secret Ninjutsu that's been passed on from generation to generation. That is the Curse Mark Arts." Neji begins to explain.

"Curse Mark Arts." Naruto echoes.

"The Curse Mark represents a bird in a cage… and it's a mark of those who are bound to a destiny they can't escape." Neji takes his head protector off, and I see a mark in green across his forehead, it's two lines that curve up and down on either side of a cross in the middle of his forehead.

"W-what?! T-that mark?"

"One day, when I was four years old, this accursed mark was inscribed on my forehead with the Curse Mark Arts. A large ceremony was held in the Village Hidden in the Leaf on that day. It was also the day when the head Ninja of the Land of Lightning, the land that the Leaf had fought with for many years, came for the conclusion of the allied treaty. However, there was one clan who didn't attend the ceremony that was attended by everybody else, from Leaf Jonin to Genin. It was the Hyuga Clan, and it's because that day was the day of hope when the head family heir was to turn three. Hinata's third birthday!" He turns and looks into the stands, probably for Hinata or her father. "My father, Hizashi Hyuga, and Hinata's father who's over there, Lord Hiashi Hyuga, were twin brothers. However, Hinata's father, Lord Hiashi, is the eldest son of the head family born into this world first. And my father, who was the second son is a member of the branch family. When the head family heir grew and became three years old… I had the Curse Mark imprinted on me, and I became the bird in the cage. And became the Hyuga branch family."

"Why's it necessary to do something like that?" Naruto asks him. "Why separate into a head family and a branch family? What does that weird mark mean?"

"This mark on my forehead isn't just a decoration. This Curse Mark is the absolute fear called death, so to speak, that was given to the branch family by the head family. The Secret Sign that the head family members form easily destroys the cerebral nerves of those in the branch family. Of course, killing is easy. And this mark only goes away at the time of death. Sealing away the power of the Byakugan. The Hyuga family possesses the most distinctive Kekkei Genkai. There's no end to those who target the secret of that distinctive power. In other words, this Curse Mark keeps the branch family alive only to protect the head family and does not allow disobedience. And it's an effective system created to defend for eternity the Kekkei Genkai called Byakugan. And then, that incident occurred." It seems whatever happened hurts Neji, I feel horrible about the things I say about him but still the way he treats Hinata isn't any better. "My father was killed by the head family. One night, Hinata was snatched up by someone. At that time, Lord Hiashi immediately rushed off and killed the abductor. Who do you think that person was, who was in the shadows and also wearing a mask? It was the head Ninja of the Land of Lightning who had just completed the allied treaty. It was clear that he came targeting the secret of Byakugan from the start. However, the Land of Lightning exploited the killing of their own Ninja due to a botched plan… and set an outrageous condition in violation of the treaty with the Hidden Leaf. Naturally, things got worse and worse, and there was almost a war between the Leaf and the Lightning. However, the Leaf who wanted to avoid war made a deal with the Lightning."

"A deal?" Naruto asks him, and everyone else listening too.

"The Lightning demand was the body of the Hyuga head family who possesses Byakugan the Kekkei Genkai. In other words, the body of Lord Hiashi. And the Leaf accepted the condition. And war was safely avoided." If that's true then, why is Hinata's father still here, unless… "Thanks to my father who was killed as a body double of Hiashi Hyuga, to protect the head family! Other than dying, there's no other way to escape this accursed Curse Mark. Even though they were twins with nearly equal power, their destinies were already set by who was born first and born later. And then, this match… your destiny was decided at the point when I became your opponent. Your destiny is to lose to me. For sure." Neji seems to bury his feelings and covers them with his usual arrogant self.

"You don't know until you try!" Naruto snaps at him and seems to be doing a little worse for wear as he keeps having to catch his breath, and Neji puts his headband back on. "Your father was killed a long time ago, and I don't know the extent of the pain you've felt, but it's a huge mistake for you to think that has determined your entire destiny!"

"You're hopeless." Neji comments as he flattens the back of his head and activates his Byakugan before running towards Naruto, smacking him in the chest, pushing him away, Naruto tumbles to the ground with a yelp of pain. "Proctor, it's over. You failure."

"Don't… run away." Naruto gasps out as he shakily gets to his feet, holding his chest. "I won't… run. I'll… stand by my own words. That's my Ninja way!"

"I think I've heard that line before." Neji smirks, and Shika holds onto my shoulders, stopping me from jumping down to punch that smug Hyuga again.

"You with your destiny stuff… I won't lose to a jerk with cold feet like you, no matter what!" Naruto argues with his whole heart.

"A brat who knows nothing shouldn't lecture arrogantly! People are born burdened with an inherent destiny that they cannot defy. You can't possibly understand the destiny of being burdened with a mark that cannot be wiped off for life!" Seems Naruto hit a nerve, but I know Naruto for whatever reason was hated by everyone in the village and didn't really have any friends growing up. Still, he seems to understand better than Neji could possibly know himself.

"Yeah. I do understand it. So… what of it?" Neji seems even angrier at Naruto.

"This brat!"

"Don't be acting cool. It's not just you whose special! Hinata was also suffering the same as you! Even though she's the head family, not being acknowledged as such, trying desperately to change herself… she fought you while coughing up blood with that in mind! You too! The branch family that protects the head family, doing all that to Hinata just because it's an exam. In actuality, you were just as frantic in attempting to go against destiny, right?" Naruto scolds Neji a little, but he makes his point.

"Your 64 Chakra points are now shut. How are you who can't use Chakra for a while? Planning to fight? At the end of the day, you and Hinata have the same destiny." Neji baits Naruto more, and even with no Chakra, the blond won't give up for anything.

"Shut up… with your Byakugan, labelling people and talking like you understand!" Naruto growls.

"Then… show me whether what you're saying is true or not."

"I will! I'll defeat you no matter what and prove that to you!" Naruto seems to have thought of something, and he closes his eyes, something seems to change.

"This is as far as the talking goes. Proctor, I'm going to fight with the intent to kill him! If you're going to stop me, please feel free." Neji is overconfident even the Proctor seems surprised then Naruto makes a hand sign trying to channel Chakra. "Didn't I tell you it is pointless?" Naruto lets out a shout. "It's futile, I pressed the Chakra points." But Naruto still keeps going. "Why do you try to go against your destiny that much?"

"Because I was called… a failure!" Naruto growls and something changes as Naruto begins producing Chakra, but it's not normal, and whatever Neji can see with his Byakugan seems to scare him. The force of the new Chakra coming from Naruto is creating a strong force, with debris flying around and Neji has to shield himself.

"Here I go!" I watch Naruto, it seems almost familiar to when he fought with Orochimaru in the Forest of Death, Naruto disappears with his newfound speed and flies into the air, Neji turns in time to see Naruto in the air above him with a Shuriken in hand, he throws them towards the brunette. Neji uses the same move from earlier and spins on the spot, using the force and Chakra to repel the Shuriken.

"Rotation!" He stops and collects the Shuriken and takes his own out as Naruto lands on the side of the arena wall before jumping down towards the brunette, who throws the Shuriken at the blond who disappears before they can hit. "What?!" The Shuriken embeds itself into the wall, as Naruto appears next to Neji. Throwing a punch but he dodges out of the way. The boys both get out a Kunai knife, throwing it at each other, the Kunai clash as they skid along the ground from jumping back, and they jump back towards each other, grabbing the Kunai clashing again in the air. They land on opposite ends, skidding to a stop.

"Okay, you! You're confident in close combat, right?" Naruto runs towards Neji, he steps hard crushing a hole in the ground as he runs towards Neji. "I don't know what the Hyuga destiny of hatred is! But if you're going to say it's futile, you don't have to do anything! After I become the Hokage...I'll change the Hyuga Clan!" The two Chakras clash as Neji tries to use his Rotation technique and it creates a massive bang, dirt and debris clouds the small area, but it's big even shaking the arena from the impact. The cloud of dust soon begins to clear, and there are two smoking holes in the ground, an arm suddenly pops out the hole closer to the Proctor, and Neji climbs out not looking so good. Neji walks over to the other hole where an unconscious Naruto lies, something doesn't sit right with me.

"Failure, hey. Sorry, but this is the reality. Now this is really the en-" Before Neji can finish his rubbish, there's a crack from under his feet, he looks down and out pops Naruto, he uppercuts Neji on the chin sending him flying onto the ground. "My body…" The unconscious Naruto disappears, showing a hole, that the blond tunnelled with his own hands. Naruto catches his breath before walking over the Hyuga who can barely move. "In those conditions, you used the Shadow Clone Jutsu just like that, the Ninjutsu that you're good at, huh? I was careless." Yeah, should have seen Naruto before, he could barely make one clone in the Academy.

"I've… failed the graduation exam three times. As luck would have it, the Ninjutsu tests that appeared on the graduation exam were always… infallible the Ninjutsu I stunk at. Clone Jutsu was the Ninjutsu I stunk at. Don't be whining about boring stuff like destiny and whatnot, and how it can't be changed! Because unlike me, you're not a failure." Naruto tells him, and I can't help being proud of him even more than before.

"Winner of this match is Naruto Uzumaki." The Proctor announces, and the crowd breaks out into cheers, and I clap, jumping on the spot happy for the win.

"Yeah, go Naruto!" I cheer as everyone claps.

"That was awesome!"

"Well done!"

"That was a great fight!" The crowd all applaud, and it seems to settle on Naruto as he gives them a goofy grin and a peace sign.

"Yay!" Naruto cheers and runs around seeming fine after his tough match, and seems to be glowing in the praise coming from the crowd.

"He won. Is it for real?" Shika complains as we watch the goofball prancing around the arena. "I thought he was the same as me, in the 'not going anywhere class'…"

"Not going anywhere?" Shino asks him.

"Now people are squealing… looks like he's part of the group that's going somewhere. Maybe I couldn't beat him… this is really bad. It kinda depresses me…" Shika sulks a little and I watch the medics take Neji off on a stretcher, guess it's poetic seeing as after his last fight it was Hinata. I watch Naruto runs up towards the stairs, and I run to the stairs waiting for him, the second his feet step on the landing, I jump at him, hugging him as he laughs.

"I knew you could do it!" I squeal as I hug him, he doesn't hug me back, so I pull away to see him blushing, and I pull him over the railing with Shino and Shikamaru, who both congratulate him too. Everyone in the crowd seems to be getting restless on the wait for Sasuke and Gaara's fight, seeing as the Uchiha isn't here yet, meaning he'll be disqualified if he doesn't show up soon or we'll have a riot on our hands.

"That guy… What in the world is he doing?! Is he planning not to show up?" Shika wonders.

"A wise man never courts danger… a wise judgement… is it?" Shino gives out a questioning answer.

"What are you saying? He'll definitely come! Believe it!" Naruto states with absolute faith and shares a look, I see him staring at Gaara who looks back at the blond and Shika looks worried Naruto is going to start something.

"He better get here soon, if he misses another match I'm going to hit him when I see him." I grumble as I lean on the railing. "Naruto give me your hands." I instruct him, and he holds them up, and I begin bandaging his fingers that are bleeding from his tunnelling.

"Yeah, sure." Shika remarks, not seeming to believe me.

"I slapped him, remember, he's getting a punch in the gut if he misses me beating Dosu." I reply and smile, waving at Dosu as he stands in the corner away from the rest of us. I see a Jonin appear in front of the Proctor and they talk for a few seconds before he disappears again.

"Everyone! The candidate for the next battle has not arrived here! We'll briefly postpone this battle and start the following battle ahead of it." The Proctor announces, and it seems to settle the rowdy crowd, and even Naruto lets out a sigh of relief.

"That's good…" Naruto seems happy about that, guess he wants to fight Sasuke more than anything.

"Hey! That means my match is two matches closer! What a drag!" Shika complains, and I jump on the spot in excitement.

"Then, on to the next pair" The Proctor announces. "Kankuro and Shino Aburame! Come down!"

"Proctor!" Kankuro calls out after a moment. "I withdraw!" I look over with the others in surprise, is he for real? Shino doesn't seem all too happy about this either, and even the Proctor looks surprised.


"I withdraw! Please advance to the other matches!" He announces, and it doesn't go over well with the crowd.

"Due to Kankuro's abstention, Shino Aburame wins by default!" The Proctor announces, and the crowd begin to rowdy again, shouting their displeasure. Dosu jumps through the gap and lands on the ground with a boom probably using one of his Sound Jutsu, and I smirk as I begin walking down the stairs.

"Guess it's my turn! Well, don't want to leave them waiting." I comment as I descend the stairs and place Kunai and Shuriken around my body with a grin.

Chunin Exams Arc

3rd POV:

"And you are?" Genma asks the Sound Ninja as the dust clears and the audience settles down.

"Dosu, it's my rematch against that pink girl." He replies and Genma nods in response.

"Very well then, we'll begin the next match. Hey yo-" He looks up, but he doesn't see the girl and looks at the stairwell entrance as he hears footsteps and out steps Rio with a big smile on her face as she walks over, taking out her Naginata and spins it around letting it assemble before thrusting it into the ground.

"Ready when you are, I won't even use my Naginata." Rio smirks and turns to Genma.

"The next match is against Dosu Kinuta and Rio Haruno… begin!" he announces, and Dosu jumps back as Rio reaches into her weapon pouch, she plays it as if searching for something giving Dosu a feel of comfort as he runs towards her. As he punches into the ground creating a loud bang, and debris goes flying, clouding the arena.

Chunin Exams Arc

Sakura watches in fear for her twin next to Ino and now Choji who joins them with a bag of snacks. "Rio!" Sakura calls out as everyone else in the crowd watches, and the dust begins settling, Dosu stands alone in the arena with a hole from his attack, and Genma stands a safe distance away. Sakura falls into her seat in relief for her sister, but she wonders where she could be.

"Man, Rio sure knows how to scare us." Ino complains but is happy her friend is okay.

Chunin Exams Arc

Tenzo watches from behind the crowd at the top of the stand and sighs in relief, having grown fond of the pinkette and sees something moving within the tree close to the Sound Genin and a strand of pink hair peeking out.

Chunin Exams Arc

Naruto watches with Shino and Shikamaru, his hands gripping the railing hard, causing his knuckles to turn white as he searches the area for Rio, but he can't see the pink-haired girl he likes. "There she is." Shikamaru sighs in relief and points over at a tree by Dosu and Naruto follows it to see a wisp of pink hair blow in the wind and sighs in relief too.

Chunin Exams Arc

Rio makes a few hand signs quickly before stepping out from behind the tree and throws a set of Shuriken at Dosu who easily deflects them with his amplifier. "Man, I thought that would work." Rio dramatically jokes and walks into the light with a grin on her face. "Oh well, I guess I could do this." She places her hands on the ground. "Earth Style: Golem Jutsu!" The ground begins to shake and out forms a head bigger than the last time Rio performed the Jutsu and out rises the Golem taller than the arena walls. "I think I may have overdone it." "This should be easy, all Dosu will do is attack and shatter Abella before she can do any real damage then it's time for that."

Chunin Exams Arc

"Man, are we sure she's a Genin?" Izumo comments as him and Kotetsu watch the match.

"I don't know, but it seems like she's going to win." He replies, but Dosu does exactly what Rio predicted and smashes into the leg of Abella, the hit amplifies and shatters the leg. Abella and Rio go falling towards the ground, Rio fakes a scream as the rubble kicks up more dust, clouding the arena again.

Chunin Exams Arc

The dust clouds clear after a few moments and it appears Rio is flying under the rubble of her fallen Golem, Genma slowly walks towards the figure but stops when Dosu lets out a yelp of pain from behind him. He turns around to see Dosu holding his shoulder with blood pooling around the wound, a Kunai sticking out of the back of his shoulder and Rio stands there with a smirk as she runs towards Dosu now only able to use his right arm. "Come on, Dosu, I thought this was a rematch." Rio speeds to the left and stops, cracking the ground at the force before jumping towards him, his reaction is slower due to only having motion in his right arm. Rio slices him in the left leg as he's too slow and she spins in the air, smacking into the side of his head, and he goes down. "You're making this too easy, I was hoping for a better fight." Dosu gets up, angrier than before and runs towards her and thrusts his good arm towards her in the stomach, a sickening crack echoes through the stadium.

"Don't get so cocky little girl." Dosu spits.

"I'll remember that." Rio replies from behind him as she appears from the ground, the one in front of him turns to stone and falls apart. Rio stands as Dosu turns around facing her and goes to smack her in the side of the head, she kicks up, blocking him but he uses his frequency to mess with her ears, but she doesn't seem affected and uses her leg to kick his leg down along with his body to the ground. Rio smashes down her foot onto the top of the amplifier and keeps stomping on it till it cracks and breaks into pieces. "Not so tough without it are we?" Rio kicks Dosu in the side onto his front before performing hand signs some have seen before. "Wood Style: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial." Roots begin to spread around Dosu and spread up, creating a sakura tree in full bloom. "Man, lucky I mastered that one, I mean three Wood Style Jutsu seems to be enough for now." Rio mutters to herself and kicks the trunk of the tree, causing a branch to fall down, and there's a thud sound as it hits Dosu on the head.

"Dosu is unable to continue, the winner is Rio Haruno." Genma announces, and the crowd breaks out in cheers.

Chunin Exams Arc

"I never thought I would see someone with the infamous Wood Release." Lord Kazekage comments and looks at Lord Hokage who looks as surprised as him.

"I am as surprised, but Rio Haruno has always seemed to have surprises in store for everyone. And it's almost like fate for her to obtain this gift." Lord Third replies and smiles as he watches the pinkette take her Naginata out of the ground.

Chunin Exams Arc

"Seems Kakashi has some interesting students this year." Asuma comments as he watches the girl disassemble her Naginata as she walks towards the stairs.

"Indeed. I'm surprised she didn't use her Naginata, I heard from Hinata she's an expert, so why not use it?" Kurenai questions and sees the girl taking out Kunai and Shuriken she hid within her clothes.

"Seems she had a plan from the start and probably didn't want to rely on something that can easily be taken away." Asuma assumes.

Chunin Exams Arc

"Man, Rio always surprises me!" Ino cheers as she jumps out of her seat clapping.

"Yeah." Sakura replies feeling a little down but happy that her sister is okay and won her match but that she couldn't make it to the Final Rounds like the other three.

Chunin Exams Arc

Rio's POV:

I walk up the steps to see Naruto jumping up on the spot at the top of the steps, and he attacks me in a hug like I did after his match, I hug him back happily. "That was awesome, Rio. Believe it! I remember you using that Jutsu before, but it seems almost better this time! And that Golem of yours was huge!" Naruto exclaims as he pulls away from the hug.

"Yeah, Abella can be much bigger if I have a larger source of earth than I did back at the Preliminaries, but still I am glad my plan worked for the most part." I smile and walk over to the railing. "Looks like it's your turn Shika." Temari gets out her metal fan and creates a gust of strong wind, I cover my face, and she hops onto the fan, sailing down towards the Proctor.

"You are…?" He asks her, not seeming impressed.

"It's my turn, isn't it?" She replies as she leans on the fan.

"It seems that you're really fired up. Okay, let's go to the next match. Hey! The last one, come down!" He yells up to Shika who's not happy about his match.

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing, frivolously building things up? I mean, why does my match have to be next? This is such a drag." He complains as usual and panicking a little.

"Shikamaru Nara! You!" The Proctor yells seems to be growing frustrated, and Naruto pats him too hard on the back.

"C'mon! Shikamaru, fight hard!" Naruto cheers and pushes him over the railing, and he topples over the edge, landing on the ground below with a thud, not looking too happy with Naruto.

"Naruto! Shika, are you okay?" I call down as the crowd grows frustrated and begin throwing rubbish towards Shika as he lies on the ground.


"Hurry up with the match!"

"Finish it up already!"

"Stand up and start the match!" Shika still seems unmotivated, and everyone is not happy.

"What? You're giving up, too?" Temari teases him, and he looks at her. Guess he doesn't want to fight a girl, he's such a pain.

"Hey, why aren't you moving?!"

"C'mon, get started!"

"C'mon! What is he doing?!" Naruto shouts in my ear. "C'mon Shikamaru! Get it together and do it!"

"If you don't come, I'll go!" Temari grows impatient and runs towards Shika.

"Hey! I didn't start the match yet!" The Proctor yells, but she doesn't listen as she runs at Shika who gets out two Kunai knives. She swings down creating a loud bang from the metal fan hitting the ground, and a cloud of debris and dust makes it hard to see where Shika is, but once it clears he is standing on the two Kunai in the wall, above Temari.

"It doesn't really matter if I become a Chunin or not. But there's no reason why a man should lose to a woman. Well… let's do it!" Shika seems to have a plan, and it riles up Temari as she swipes her fan at him creating a gust of wind picking up more dust, but as it clears, Shika is gone and hidden behind a tree out of the way. Temari seems calmer now as she stands and Shika is as usual unmotivated as he stares at the clouds probably regretting becoming a Ninja again.

"Go! Shikamaru!" Ino shouts from the stands, but Shika still doesn't move, I hope he's thinking of a plan, and that's why he's taking so long.

"Get it together! C'mon Shikamaru!" Naruto yells out to him, Shikamaru stands up straight with a grin which riles up Temari who swings her fan creating a dangerous gust of wind towards Shika, the wind slices parts of the tree even though a branch. I cover my face as the strong wind blazes around the arena, even creating a cloud of dust and out of it comes Shika's Shadow Possession Jutsu, speeding towards Temari. She flips back trying to escape the shadow, she steps back as it keeps coming, but she falls back a little, and it reaches it's point and falls back, she swipes her fan in the ground, marking the ground. Seems she's smarter than I thought at first. She knows that's as far as he can reach, but he better have a plan, or he's toast.

"Almost got me! Aren't you clever? With that Shadow Possession Jutsu of yours, you can manipulate any shadow your in. The wall's shadow, for instance, but there's a limit isn't there? No matter how thin you stretch it, it'll only reach so far. Isn't that right?" Temari realises.

"Yeah, we already know that." I huff as I watch the match.

"You got it…" Shika admits, and he looks up to the clouds again, waiting for the length of the shadow to get longer the lower the sun goes down, and then he does his little tick, he's thinking up his next move and then some.

"Bout time, this is going to be epic." I grin.

"What'd you mean Rio?" Naruto asks, looking confused.

"Well, Shika is wicked smart, and he has a tick when he's thinking, he does it when we play go, and I'm winning." I reply, and Naruto still looks a little confused. "See what he's doing with his hands, he does it to focus his mind, he's thinking up a strategy to win."

"Oh, I get it." Naruto grins and cheers for Shika, and it sees Shika has a plan as he opens his eyes and reaches behind him.

"Looks like you've got some fighting spirit now…" Temari taunts him and opens her fan fully, and swings creating a powerful gust of wind, and Shika gets out a Kunai before running for cover behind a tree again. "It's pointless to hide!" I try looking for Shikamarau, but I can't find him.

"What is he doing?" I wonder, but the wind stops, but I hope Shika has a plan.

"How long are you going to run away! Cut it out!" Temari yells at him and swipes her fan creating a larger blast of wind creating a cloud of dust, out appears a Kunai heading straight for her, she dodges out of the way, and another one comes for her at her side, she deflects it with her fan. Shikamaru uses his Jutsu again, and she seems calm, but with the increasing length of the wall's shadow, his shadow also gets longer, and she jumps back out of reach.

"You caught on well." Shika comments and I see he's not wearing his jacket.

"So you were dragging your feet to wait for the sun to set… in order to make the surface of your own shadow larger by stretching the shadow line of the wall. As the sun goes down, the shadows lengthen. Isn't that so?" She guesses correctly, but Shika looks as if he's waiting for something and I see why, I look above Temari to see his jacket slowly coming down as it's tied to a Kunai.

"Temari! Up!" Kankuro yells out a warning, and she sees it as well, and it begins creating a shadow the closer to the ground it gets and Shika creates an extension of his Shadow from within, and she jumps back trying to get away, it seems almost like Shika is pushing her that way.

"I won't let you escape!" Shika seems to be playing her and luring her right in front of the hole from Naruto's fight with Neji which are connected. Clever. She places her fan in the ground in front of her obscuring her vision of Shika's Jutsu, and he uses that as she begins performing hand signs but can't finish as Shika has successfully completed his Jutsu.

"Yeah, Shika, nail her!" I yell out, and he moves his arms out, and Temari copies him.

"At last… Shadow Possession Jutsu is a success!" Shika sighs in relief. "I'll let you take a look behind you…" He turns his head allowing her to see the hole from Naruot's match. "You saw it oo, didn't you…? That hole is the hole Naruto burrowed and flew out of. So it's connected to the big hole in front of you."

"I didn't expect that… A shadow in a tunnel of a hole…" Temari grits her teeth.

"Right." He agrees, and they begin walking towards each other.

"Great, I know that look, he's going to give up, what a pain." I mumble as I watch them.

"Yes! You did it!" Naruto cheers for him, and they lift their arms up in the air.

"Good grief… I give up!" He admits defeat, shocking everyone in the crowd and Naruto, and the crowd begin shouting their displeasure just when it was getting good.

"Shika, take that back!" I yell at him, but he won't listen.

"W-what did you say?!" Temari squeals a little.

"I've used too much Chakra from Shadow Possession Jutsu in rapid succession. I can't hold it another 10 seconds. I thought of the next 200 moves in my head. But I'm out of time…" He lowers his arm down and shrugs. "This has become such a pain. Doing one match is good…"

"The winner is Temari!" The Proctor announces, and Shikamaru releases her from his Jutsu,

"Oh, I'm tired…" He complains as he rolls his shoulder.

"Why the heck did he give up!" Naruto complains and smashes his fists on the railing. "Is he an idiot?! This ticks me off!" And he jumps off towards Shika. "I'm gonna really give him a lecture!"

"Naruto!" I yell after him and jump as well down as he runs to Shika who seems to be stretching.

"You idiot!" Naruto snaps as he points at Shika.

"Shut up, super idiot!" Shikamaru complains right back.

"Why the heck did you give up?!" Naruto argues with rage.

"Let's not talk about that anymore, alright?" Shika calmly replies.

"It's not all right! It was a match you were close to winning!"

"Let's just watch the next match."

"But you just gave up! Unimaginable! Simply unimaginable!" He stops having finally heard Shika. "Huh? The next match?" He seems happy and forgetting that Shika willingly gave up but will most likely become a Chunin ahead of the rest of us. "Sasuke…!"

"Shika, well done on your match." I congratulate him, and he nods, but I smack him hard on the back, making him fall to the ground.

"What was that for?!" He snaps at me as he gets back up.

"For trying hard." I smile, and I hear the crowd getting restless waiting for Sasuke again, I try to keep Naruto from running around and see the same Jonin behind our Proctor whispering in his ear and the Proctor gets out a pocket watch as if waiting.

"Oh Sasuke, what's he doing!" Naruto complains as the crowd gets even more restless waiting for Sasuke.

"If he doesn't show soon I will be the one he'll have to face." I grumble and watch Naruto pacing.

"Sasuke! Hurry up and come! It won't be good if it stays this way!" Naruto grumbles but I stop him before he can create a hole in the ground.

"Because the time limit has expired, the last match-" The Proctor begins to announce when Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke make the most ridiculously showy entrance as they come in a whirlwind of leaves, standing back to back.

"Well, I'm sorry we're late…" Kakashi-sensei doesn't look sorry at all.

"Your name?" The Proctor asks Sasuke.

"Sasuke… Uchiha." He answers with a scowl like usual, I clench my fist in anger for the suffering he put Sakura through and then showing up all stoic.

"Huh! You're pretty late! I thought you weren't coming cos you were scared to take me on! Or face Rio!" Naruto snaps at him.

"The first round… did you win?" Sasuke asks us.

"Of course!" Naruto replies.

"Yes. Shika forfeited though, and Shino won too." I reply, and he laughs a little.

"Don't get too carried away… loser!" Sasuke grins back at the blond.

"Well, I know it's somewhat rude to be showing up all flashy like this… but was Sasuke… disqualified?" Kakashi-sensei questions nervously.

"So your habit of tardiness rubbed off on him? Cripes…" The Proctor sighs.

"And… what about it?" Sensei asks him.

"It's all right, Sasuke's match has been postponed anyway. Your arrival was barely in time, but… he hasn't been disqualified." He assures Sensei, who sighs in relief with a chuckle.

"That's good to hear!"

"Don't lose to a guy like that!" Naruto warns him.

"He's been patiently waiting, but you can feel his intent growing." I warn him.

"Yeah…" Sasuke replies, looking up at Gaara who looks even more terrifying as usual.

"Sasuke! I want… to fight you too!" Naruto replies to what Sasuke said to him a month ago.

"Got it." Sasuke replies and the crowd seems happy to see the Uchiha, I step towards him, and I see Shika trying to stop me as I pull my arm back as I smile at him.

"Sasuke, I made a promise that if you missed my match that I won I'd do this…" I punch him hard in the stomach sending him flying into the wall. "That was for making Sakura and Ino worry about you when you went missing from the hospital. But good luck in your fight against Gaara." I walk off as he gets to his feet and the crowd aren't too happy with my hit against the precious Uchiha, but they don't understand that he hurt my sister and my friends with worrying about him, and I worried for him, and he doesn't even apologise for it.

"Gaara, come down here!" The Proctor yells up to the redhead as I make it to the stairs.

"Naruto! Come on, we've got to calm Rio down!" I hear Shika call out to the blond and runs catching up to me. "Look, I agree with what you said, but you made him puke his guts up."

"I know, but he hurt Sakura, when it comes to her I'll always put her first." I reply, and Naruto catches up.

"Man, you have one mean punch, he looks ready to go." Naruto chuckles and takes my hand in his, and I can't help the blush spreading across my cheeks as we walk up the steps, I look down at my feet the whole time.

Chunin Exams Arc

3rd POV:

Sasuke peels himself out of the stone wall onto the floor, and wipes around his mouth, everyone watches the Uchiha. "Dear me, it seems you've upset Rio again." Kakashi comments with a hidden smile.

"Kakashi, I need to ask you something." Genma asks him, and the CopyCat Ninja looks at him. "She has come a long way, you should watch out for Orochimaru. He may not only go for Sasuke but for her as well now that she has Wood Release." Kakashi nods, knowing all of this.

Chunin Exams Arc

"Hey, hurry up!" He yells at Shika as he speeds up, still holding my hand.

"Nothing good's gonna happen in your life if you panic." Shika gives him a little advice and Naruto stops, looking over behind us.

"What's wrong?" I ask him and follow his gaze to see Gaara walking towards two adults standing closer to us and us, it doesn't look good for the two adults.

"Low-level tournaments like this Chunin Examination are ideal as gambling matches. A number of feudal lords are here for that purpose." Dummy one comments, trying to deter Gaara, but that isn't going to work.

"So… would you lose this match for us." Dummy two requests and there's a tense moment as Gaara doesn't answer them.

"Hey, come on, at least give us an answer." Dummy one sneers at the redhead.

"Too scared to say anything…" Dummy two jokes and Gaara gives the scariest look I've ever seen as Dummy one gets out a Kunai, but that sets Gaara's sand as it pops out of the gourd smashing the lights above the two. The sand comes for Dummy one and wraps around him, taking him to his death, as the other watches and tries to run from the sand but it's useless as it snatches him up before he can escape and cries out for help as the sand pulls him into the dark. The silence is deafening before I can hear the sound of footsteps getting closer from within the darkness into the light comes Gaara, I feel the small hairs on the back of my neck standing on end as he gets closer, the killing intent coming from him is terrifying. I hold onto Naruto's hand tighter, and I feel him collapse onto the step sitting catching his breath along with Shika.

"If those two in front of us hadn't been there, we probably would've been killed… this is the first I've seen anyone kill people without hesitation like that… this isn't looking good even for Sasuke." Shika sweats and wipes it away, I feel Naruto squeeze my hand, and I know he's worried for the Uchiha, even I fear what Gaara can do to that arrogant Uchiha.

Sorry, that it took so long but last week has been emotionally and mentally painful, but I'm trying to focus on work and my stories so again sorry it took so long as I wasn't in the right mind frame for it. But I still hope you like the chapter, and I know it'll be the last one for a while again sorry, but I will try hard to get through my stories as quickly as possible. DEADGIRLETERNAL OUT!