Chapter one:


It had been just another day at the castle where the Volturi had resided in Volterra, Italy. Alec and his twin sister, Jane, who were both only physically the age of thirteen but had been around since 800 A.D. had been walking amongst the castle before they were ordered to join the three leaders in the throne room. "Aro wants to see you in the throne room." Felix stated. Jane tilted her head slightly to the side as she studied the vampire guard. "Who, Felix?" Jane questioned. Felix slightly felt intimidated by Jane, mostly because of her ability to cause pain at any given moment but nonetheless, the guard didn't flinch. "Both of you." Felix pointed out before leaving the hallway. Jane rolled her eyes before turning to Alec. "Let's see what they want." Jane insisted before walking away as her heels clicked against the stone floor. Alec followed his sister all the way to the throne room where the three leaders remained.

When Jane and Alec arrived, their fellow clan member, Heidi, had just returned with some fresh humans to devour. Though he was less sadistic than his sister, Alec would never tell that he wasn't exactly fond of slaughtering humans the way the Volturi had just for their blood - like herding a group of pigs to the den of wolves, no pun intended. Luckily, Aro has trusted himself and Jane enough to not need to be evaluated every day. Though, Alec wasn't to be underestimated, he can be just as ruthless as Jane and the rest of the Volturi, he had just preferred getting his blood intake in a more, let's say, humane way. Nonetheless, Alec had no choice but to feed the way the rest of his clan had if he wanted to eat. "I see the two of you had arrived. Come along, Alec and Jane..." Aro greeted the twin teenage vampires while his shield, Renata, a short female vampire with black hair stood close by in protection of the Volturi leader like always. Heidi smiled deviously as she gestured the group of human tourists to walk inside. "Here is the beautiful throne room, look at the ancient Italian architecture." Heidi showed before the doors slammed closed behind them and then the screams filled the room as the three leaders fed first.

This was the part that Alec tried to ignore, the screams. Every time he would puncture the skin of a human with his fangs, he remembered the pain he felt when Aro had turned him and his sister when they turned thirteen. When the leaders were finished with their meals, the rest were up for grabs. It would make it easier to shut off their senses before the kill, but knowing the leaders, they enjoyed the chase which was opposite of Alec. Using his lethal like ability, Alec shut off the senses of the rest of the humans before taking his turn to feed. Once everyone was done, the bodies we're burned of course and they would continue their day. The day passed like a normal day until there had been news about a vampire army being created in Seattle, apparently chaos forming in the city. Being called back into the throne room with his sister, Alec stopped in the middle of the room while waiting for words to escape the lips of Aro, Caius or Marcus. Looking to his left was Felix and Demetri while Jane was on his right.

It had seemed that Alec was the quiet one of the two siblings but he knew it was smart to keep to himself, it made him unpredictable to others outside of the Volturi. "We had been informed of such... a chaotic scene, being played in the quaint city of Seattle."Aro stated, flickering his red eyes around at his guards. Alec knew this means that Aro would send some of them there, he knew Aro had been speaking about wanting to get Alice Cullen to join their clan ever since the scene that occurred with Edward Cullen and the human. "Do we know who started this?" Alec questioned in a neutral tone. Jane turned her red eyed stare into her brother while he remained focused on the leaders. Aro took a moment to think it over before parting his lips in reply. "It is only such a rumor that a particular female vampire by the name of Victoria, a nomad, is working behind the scenes. Though, a newborn vampire is helping with such a creation of a newborn army..." Aro trailed off.

Alec turned to his sister, Jane, before she went to speak as Felix and Demetri remained where they were standing. "Will we be taking action, master?" Jane asked. Aro turned his attention onto his favorite twin. "Yes, but for now, I will need you along with Alec to pay a visit to Seattle, only to observe the scene. Take action when necessary. Also, pay a visit to Forks to check on Bella." Aro instructed. Caius sat up in his seat despite his stiff disposition. "Do check up on the human as she is supposed to not be one as promised. We do not offer second chances. Take Felix and Demetri with you." Caius ordered.Alec and Jane took the orders and walked away from the throne room and into their individual rooms of the castle for their dark robes as Felix and Demetri did the same.

Into the night, they left Volterra and to not become conspicuous, they had left it by plane. "Where exactly in Seattle are we keeping watch, sister?" Alec questioned. Felix, sitting behind the twins, listened on while Jane turned to her brother before facing forward once again. "Demetri will track where the source of this chaos is coming from. It will unfold once we arrive." Jane explained in a calm tone. The flight lasted the maximum of 14 hours, having to pretend they slept was the worst part of the flight despite the fact there was loud children from the coach section while they remained in first class. Once the plane landed and they departed, not worrying about luggage like the humans had, the four Volturi members headed out of the airport and to downtown Seattle. Stopping at a five star hotel, only renting a room for them to relax and plan our the course of action for their visit, they booked a suite for the week before stepping out and into the city.

Walking to a secluded alley for a moment, Jane turned to Demetri and Felix. "Track the movements of the apparent problem and when you find the scene of such a newborn army in creation, find us." Jane ordered. Demetri and Felix then hesitantly sped off into the city, leaving the twin Volturi teens standing there. "I suggest we scope out the city for ourselves, sister. It is a big city, after all." Alec suggested. Alec was determined to get this taken care of and to get back home, he often worried a little about humans noticing their eye color difference since they were red though the only excuse for it would be contacts. He knew that his sister, Jane, would always opt out to just kill any humans that became suspicious of them but Alec dealt with enough killing as it was being in the Volturi to handle just random kills. "I was deciding on paying a visit to Forks...but I have a feeling we will, before leaving." Jane pointed out.

Of course, Jane was Aro's favorite of the twins and had been in charge most of the time away from the leaders, Alec knew that but he also knew that he was the most lethal of the twins when it came to their abilities. Jane and Alec headed back to the hotel to put their black robes in the closet before going out in their usual professional clothing. In his normal grey suit, Alec made his way downtown Seattle while his sister Jane tagged along before Alec decided to inspect the local library. "I'm going to look around here." Alec stated. Jane shrugged and spotted a graduation parade full of green and yellow decorations before deciding to go check it out after a chuff escaped from her from the idea of how small the parade was in comparison to the ones in Volterra.

Walking into the library, Alec entered there on curiosity and one mission only - to find any type of lead to the newborn army and perhaps any newborn strays. Scanning the aisles with his red eyes, he figured he would take this time away from home and from his sister to engage in a few human books that he may have never heard of in Italy. Picking up a book in the romance section, the aisle he ended up standing in, he flipped open the book titled The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Alec never quite understood the aspect of romance; of course, the leaders of the Volturi had wives but anything romantic or involving love had been behind closed doors. As Alec looked through the pages curiously, he heard someone walking down the same aisle he was in, causing him to immediately turn his red eyed stare onto the human - a teenage female. Alec, with his suspicious behavior, closed the book in his hand and stood there frozen for the moment, never quite had human interaction outside of meal time.

Alec felt his nerves actually react for the first time upon the greeting of female human. She had dark blond hair and ice blue eyes, the look of innocence compared to himself. 'I bet she's never killed one person in her lifetime.' thought Alec. "The Notebook? It's a nice love story. There's a movie made as well." the girl pointed out. Alec inadvertently moved his gaze from her and to the book he held in his hand, quickly glancing at it before he shoved it back into it's place on the shelf. "I wouldn't know. Never heard of it." Alec replied hesitantly. Alec knew it wasn't a good idea to be talking to a human, especially if he was going to let her live and knowing that his sister, Jane, wasn't far away in the same city, he didn't want to risk her spotting the human he spoke to either. Alec wouldn't risk his family's secret. "Too bad. Why are your eyes red?" she asked curiously. Alec assumed someone would eventually question his eyes and luckily he already had an excuse. "They're contacts. I...have to go." Alec stated before walking passed her.

Of course Alec found himself attracted to her, something he wasn't used to but he knew the rules that the Volturi leaders had placed and he wasn't sure if he was ready for the drama that it held to turn the human into a vampire or kill her. As Alec made his way to the other side of the library, scanning the aisles, he once again spotted the female human but using the library computers. Standing there, he curiously watched onto what she was doing which seemed like a school paper but he couldn't help himself, he was studying her intently. He moved to another aisle as he kept an eye on her before turning around to find Jane standing behind him.