The fires burned while the rain lashed down from above.

It had been a complete disaster.

All around her she could see destruction.

And in front of the assembled men and women lay their prey: a kaiju-like Grimm, codenamed Mothra.

Smoke curled off its body as it disintegrated in the pouring rain. And Genki Sanban narrowed her eyes as she swept her sharp gaze around the battlefield.

Buildings stood tall and proud, but these titans of the city bore battle wounds of their own, a mark of how ferocious the battle had been. And amongst them lay the bodies of both men and women, Faunus, Humans, and Mobians alike. Blood ran in rivers down the streets, oil from overturned cars slithered like black snakes through the cracks in the roads, and trees lay in splintered remains across the sidewalks.

All in all, it was downright devastating.

'This... This is not good...' Genki thought to herself as she sheathed her sword. 'Today we lost too many...'

Her eyes hardened. 'Far too many lives... way more than in prior events...'

She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, her fists clenching tightly at her sides. 'At this rate... Japan's Hunters will be wiped out!'

"Lady Sanban?"

Genki's eyes snapped open as she heard the voice of one of her aides. She turned to face the man. "Yes, what is it?" she asked, becoming serious.

Beside the aide stood another individual, and her eyes widened as she saw the emblem on his uniform. "You... You're...!"

The man nodded. "Yes. I am a member." His eyes flicked to her sword, and then back to her gaze. "I wish to speak to you on a matter of great importance."

"If you mean the recent Grimm attacks, then I am well aware," Genki said. "This is a grave matter indeed."

"I see. Then you are aware of how many lives we keep losing to these things," the man admitted. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists. His shoulders shook. "My wife... She died at their hands..." He gritted his teeth in anger. "And there wasn't anything I could do to help!"

Genki stepped closer to him and put her hands on his shoulders. "I understand how you feel," she whispered. "Many have lost their lives, so it is hard for all here. Including me. Many of them I trained by my own hand. So to me, it feels like losing loved ones as well."

"I suppose it would, Lady Sanban," the man murmured as he rubbed his eyes. "But... the gist of it is... if this keeps up, we'll be in trouble... and the seal could break."

Now she understood where this was going. "I see. Sammael intends to break the seal on the main pool sealed within the mountain." Her eyes narrowed into mere slits. "This is troubling indeed."

"And I have a feeling that the next Grimm could very well be the one that dooms us all," the man said seriously. He touched the emblem on his uniform, right over his heart. "So, I have a radical idea..."

Genki's eyes widened the tiniest amount. "Oh? What is it?"

Here, the man's eyes hardened as he straightened up. "I propose a new project. One that can be of use to us. And give us a fighting edge against the Grimm that have been attacking us as of late!"

"I assume it will be like the Vist Foundation's Project: GUNDAM?" Genki asked. "Because if it is..."

"Sort of," the man admitted. "But it's also very different. We recently uncovered a surprising discovery off of Iwo Jima not too long ago, as you well recall. So..." He reached into his soaked uniform jacket and pulled out a tablet. "This is what I was proposing."

He handed it to Genki, and her eyes widened in pure shock at what was on it. "This is...!"

Her companion nodded. "Yes. It takes our greatest asset and turns it into our greatest weapon!"

Genki frowned as she pondered this. True it would be of use, but... what would the implications be? There were too many unknowns, and yet with the possibility of Sammael finally breaching the seal on the main Pool of Darkness beneath Mount Fuji looming closer every time there was an attack, what else could they do? Time was short, they had very few options for heavy firepower, and unlike many other cities, Japan's defenses were slowly falling behind. While they were still ahead in many other areas, in terms of heavy hitters, they were sorely lacking. Scotland possessed Scotty Blake as their main heavy hitter, and Britain was guarded by Big Ben. Major Glory watched over GrimmFall and the whole of America, while within Denver lurked the formidable Gundam, Joseph 'Dracon' Matthews, otherwise known as the Dragon of Denver. And of course, then Seattle had its own guardians in the form of the 'Ghost Ship' and its six 'War Men'. Plus there was the wanderer known as the Grimm Slayer, Omnimon and the Legendary Warriors. So Japan had a lot of catching up to do.

Her eyes closed as she delved into her mind, trying to run through several scenarios. But all it came down to was one thing: defeat. Unless Japan had some real heavy hitters, they were out of the game. And without the Sword of the Emperor, well, what else could they do?

She finally opened her eyes. "What is your name, sir?" she asked.

"My name is..." Here the man saluted. "My name is Hokuto Hayasagi."

"Very well. Mr. Hokuto, your project is under consideration. However, I must run it by the proper authorities first," Genki stated. "And if it is approved, I will assign the Anaheim Electronics division to construction of the proper equipment, gear, and systems."

Hokuto smiled, his cat ears flicking in relief. "Thank you, Lady Sanban..."