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My twin sister Bella is standing up on the cliff looking down to the angry waves of the sea a good ten meters down her feet. My best friend Leah and I are standing on the shore, watching her, and we wave when Bella turns her head towards us. She is going to jump.

And so she does.

One great breath and she runs to drop away from the cliffs, and more importantly away from the rocks the waves are crashing into.

"That's my girl!" Leah shouts. One week ago, Leah's father, Harry Clearwater, died of a heart attack while he was helping Bella and I's father, chief Charlie Swan, hunt down some big wolves. Or at least, that's the story. Even though Dad doesn't know it, the wolves are no danger to us, nor are they the one responsible for the deaths which were assumed to be of animal origin. Vampires are the one to fear, and it was a vampire who chocked Harry to death.

Victoria is her name, and she has been after my sister for a few months since Edward Cullen, Bella's ex-boyfriend, killed her mates James when he tried to drain my twin of her blood.

The wolves, like I said, are no threat. In fact, they are the one who protect us. They are shape-shifters and Leah is one of them since last week when her grief over Harry's death triggered her and her brother Seth's transformation.

Among Bella, Leah and I, I was the first one to discover that the world holds two intelligent species beside the human one. While Bella continued to live with our divorced mother, I chose to go back to our father in the small town of Forks, Washington, needing the calm and quiet, but most of all the stability I couldn't get while moving around from city to city with my mother, Renee.

When I arrived in Forks just before starting High-School I went over to the reservation several times with my father. Dad's two best friends lived there : Billy, who still does, and Harry. There I met Leah, and through her I also became friend with her cousin, Emily. I was with Emily when Sam, the first shape-shifter of this generation, turned into a wolf for his second time. Luckily, as I was standing between Emily and Sam to calm them down as they were fighting, Emily came out unscathed. I didn't, which earned me Sam's unconditional friendship since to his eyes I protected his beloved from great harm. Not that I mind being protected by the wolves' Alpha. It came in handy when Bella moved in, joining me and Dad.

The Cullen had come to live in Forks one year earlier, and through Sam and the elder of the Tribe, I learned that they were vampires. Maybe I would still have tried to get to know them, that is if they didn't make a show of staying away from the other students to keep the mystery around their family safe. Maybe them being wary of me because of my knowledge would have made all the efforts I could have done vain anyway.

It doesn't matter, because Bella and Edward had an instant connection and it didn't take long for them to become friends, and than lovers. I therefore found myself interacting with vampires, and I did love all Cullens. Until they left and Edward broke Bella's heart. It is quite unfortunate, I was quite happy with how I managed to make vampires and wolves get along through me.

Well, vampires and wolves - it was mostly Alice Cullen and Leah, and Leah wasn't really a wolf then, but... Anyway.

Edward left Bella, and it broke my sister's heart, and I have tried to lift her spirits with Leah's help ever since.

Hence our presence at the shore. Bella wanted to feel adrenaline, she said it made her better, made her feel as if Edward was still here. Leah wants the adrenaline too, because she wants to focus on the present and not her father's death. And I, I gave up on the idea of Bella managing to get over Edward, and I am simply happy that she is back to looking alive.

"I'm going!" Leah shouts, jumping into the water to help Bella out of it. I am not worried: I know that even if my sister's head did not come out of the water since her jump, Leah will be strong enough to lift her up. And the rocks are far enough not to be a danger.

Bella and Leah soon come out of the sea and I hand each a towel and dry clothes. We are laughing as we go back to Bella's car and drive home. There, Leah will leave us, letting us in the care of whatever wolf has been assigned to guard my family. Sam doesn't want to take any chance when it comes to Victoria.

But things are not to go as expected, I realize the moment Bella notices Carlisle Cullen's car parked in front of our home. One of the Cullen has come back. Who? And more importantly, why?

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