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Chapter 1 : Start over at Level One!

"I have no idea what's going on," the newly formed soul said making the Game sigh in annoyance.

That's to be expected, you just died after all. To keep things brief, you have been given another chance at life, try not to throw it away so quickly this time.

"I don't feel dead. Are you sure you haven't gotten a bit confused?" he asked.

Don't kill the new soul, you need him. Just move on.

Obviously, because I brought you back. Try and keep up. Moving on, normally we'd be doing some character creation but to save time I already made your character for you.

The character creation system is broken at the moment, but I'm not telling him that.

You are Shiro, the newest Gamer.

"Shiro... Shi-Ro... Shiro... I like it. Kinda a dick move to stick me in a pre-made character though..." Shiro said with a frown.

It's kinda a dick move to be ungrateful after I brought you back from the dead. You have work to do, so we need to move on.

Please select a Class.

[Squire] [Apprentice Mage] [Thief]

"Can't I be something cooler? Like an Arch-Mage, or a Death Knight?" Shiro asked with a pout.

Everyone has to start somewhere, you can be an Arch-Mage or a Death Knight if you unlock the more advanced classes. For now it's back to the basics.

The data for most of the skills were missing or corrupted, The Game had to make some basic skills and group them together, and all the stronger skills were currently out of it's reach.

It would take years to repair the skill system, so it was simply making a new system instead. The Class System would serve as an adequate replacement, buying it time to repair and debug itself before it could create the more powerful skills. Shiro could play with the starter classes for a while, even if he would no doubt bitch and moan over it.

"Tch, fine. Fair enough." Shiro said with a shrug.

What? Where was the complaining?

"Magic? Maybe later, Sneaky Thief? Maybe, but I want to hit things with swords, I can't go wrong with some good old fashioned sword violence." Shiro said making his selection.

Interesting, Shiro 1.0 loved magic instead of fighting up close unless he was sure he couldn't lose and he would have bitched and moaned about the unfairness by now. Shiro 2.0 just seemed mildly amused.

This would require careful observation. The Game expected some changes, this Shiro was made from a shattered piece of the original's soul after all, it was a miracle he was even sentient, but it expected Shiro's usual winning personality to quickly make itself known.

Very Interesting...

It gave Shiro the Gamer skills or at least the limited versions that it managed to recover. Now, it just had to send Shiro to the new world. It only had enough power to make a single world jump now, they were going to be stuck in the world they ended up in for the foreseeable future. If it had learnt one thing, it was that Shiro couldn't be trusted with the power to travel between worlds, he was too irresponsible and reckless.

The decision on what world they would travel to belonged in the hands of those smarter than a reckless fool, it belonged in the Game's hands, and only the Game's hands.

For now, they only had one destination. Shiro 1.0 was preparing a jump, even if that world no longer existed another version had come and taken its place, and the Game lacked the power to seek another world. It would have to do.

- Shiro 2.0 -

Skills Added

[Gamers Mind (Minor)] (Passive)

Allows the user to see life through the eyes of a Gamer

[Gamers Body (Minor)] (Passive)

Allows the user's body to evolve like that of a Gamer.

[Observe (Minor)] (Active)

100 MP to cast

Provides limited information on target

Class Added

[Squire] - LVL 0/50 [00%]

You gain 2 STR, 2 END and 1 DEX every level

'Minor huh? Really making me work for it.'

'I can work with that. Grinding is the essence of a Gamer, well that and console commands, but I get the feeling that I won't be getting those.'

'I died. That's scary, the idea of just being gone. It's horrifying, but I've been given a second chance, and I sure as fuck am not going to waste it. Scouts and Mages seem like glass cannons, and I don't want to take any chances.'

'My new goal is simple. Survive. No matter what I have to do, I will survive. I'll sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve that goal.'

Stats altered to match chosen class.

Please think 'Open Status'.

Sure, I can do that.

'Open Status.'

Name – Shiro

Level – 0

Class – Squire

Race – Human

Alignment – ?

Mentor – None

Apprentice – None

HP – 200 [100 regen per five minutes]

MP – 100 [50 regen per minute]

SP – 200 [100 regen per minute]

STR – 20

END – 20

DEX – 15

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

MP Regen = [WIS X 5] per minute

MP = [INT X 10]

SP Regen = [END X 5] per minute

Health Regen = [END X 5] per five minutes

Health = [END X 10]

SP = [END X 10]

'Ouch, my entire MP Bar is only enough to cast Observe once. I'm really starting at the bottom aren't I? Well, at least I start with a boost to my strength and endurance, which is what I wanted to start with. Level 0 though? I don't even start at Level 1? That's actually mildly entertaining.'

Brace yourself, it's time to start your new life properly.


Before I can think about what the Game was saying, I felt a tugging sensation as I was dragged roughly across an immeasurable distance, before I landed on the ground in a dark alleyway with a thud. Which was interesting, since a moment ago I didn't even have a body.

Ẅ̶̙́é̶̗ļ̷̄c̴̲͑o̷̜͘m̷͖̀e̶̤͛ ṱ̵͂o̶̮̓ R̶̜͑e̷̝̐m̸͉̊n̸̘̅ă̷͔ṇ̴̾t̷͈̾,̶̲͌

What the hell? The normally plain black text was practically illegible as the text box glitched, flashing through a dozen colours making me look away, the sight of it hurting my eyes.

Welcome to Remnant, your new home for the foreseeable future.

Your body and background have been chosen for you for this world, you will have more control in the future.

"You doing okay there?"

I am fine.

Altering the world to fit you in took more than I expected.

This is the Kingdom of Vale, I have arranged for an apartment in your name in the City of Vale, along with some essentials for you to survive in this place, the key to your home is in your inventory. Open your mini-map for directions.

Quest Added

[Home Sweet Home]

Objective: Reach your new home.

Reward: Skill Book, starter equipment, one free level.

Pulling myself up I brush myself off, looking at the plain jeans and black t-shirt I am suddenly dressed in.

I have a wallet with some colourful plastic cards in it, I guess this is money?

It takes me a second to work out how to open my inventory, but as I do I take my keys out and examine them, before I put them in my pocket with my wallet.

What's more interesting is the ID in my pocket, announcing my name as Shiro Eis, a picture of a young pale face staring back at me with ice blue eyes, mid-length white hair topping his face.

Reaching up I pull a strand of my own hair down, looking at the pale white colour with a smirk. Shiro, huh? I get it.

Opening the mini-map I see a quest marker a few blocks away, taking a moment to look over the area I close the map, setting off into the distance.

Remnant... Vale... I recognise those names. Only, I can't remember where from, and trying to remember where I heard them from makes my head throb in pain.

It will pass, death was not kind to you. As time passes, and your stats grow, the knowledge you have lost will return.

I need to go into passive mode to recover from the world jump. The Game will run fine, but I won't be saying anything for a while.

Annoying, but at least I am alive. That is the most important part. Everything else is irrelevant.

Walking along the mostly empty streets, I check the map again. Looks like the alleyway ahead will cut a few minutes off my trip. It's around midday so I'm not particularly worried about crime.

Heading into the alleyway I keep my eyes on the map, trying to memorise the area if I'm going to be living here from now on.

I'm so focused on learning about the area that I don't hear the sounds of footsteps behind me until someone steps in my path.

"I'm guessing you're new around here, pretty boy. This here is our territory, and there's a toll for using our alleyway," a scruffy looking man in his late twenties says leaning against the wall in front of me, looking around I can see the small alcove he came out from. Looking back I can see a few more rough looking guys, most of them closer to my age, in their late teens. They smirk and jeer at me as I start to feel myself panic. "Hand over any lien you have and your scroll and we may let you go after roughing you up a bit" the leader says with a smirk as he walks towards me slowly pulling a small dagger out.

"What's lien? And I don't have any scrolls." I say before wincing at how dumb I sound, his smirk drops to a scowl as his fist lashes out, knocking me to the ground.

- 20 HP

"Don't try being clever, you just scream rich boy. Is your money really worth dying for?" he asks with a glare as he grabs me by the shirt lifting me up.


Minor Gang Leader

LVL – 14

Thoughts about you – He sees you as an easy mark.

Reputation – -30

There goes my MP, it'll be a couple of minutes before I can do that again.

This is bullshit, I just started, I'm not ready for an encounter yet.

He searches through my pockets, taking my wallet and key with a smug grin.

"No scroll? Oh well, why don't we take a walk to your home, I'm sure we'll find something there to cover the rest of the toll" he says tossing me down with a laugh.

I want him dead. I want to take that knife and gut this smug asshole.

But I want to live more.

As I rise I see him freeze, his dirty face going pale and clammy as he starts sweating.

"W-what are you doing here? I- is he with you? I swear we didn't..." he trails off as someone moves past me at, kicking him across the alleyway with ease.

Looking up, I meet the mismatched eyes staring down at me.

The girl moves back with a smirk, spinning a pink umbrella happily as she does. As she walks towards the downed asshole she reaches down taking my wallet and key from him, before she kicks him ruthlessly in the side of the head, making him collapse. I think he's just unconscious.

A single smile from her makes the rest of the gang run in terror, and I take a moment to wonder if this is an improvement to my situation, or have I been thrown out of the frying pan into the open flames?

Standing up, I take a look at her as she takes a moment to pose mockingly. She's a beauty, and a shortstack. I hadn't realised how small she was when I was on the ground.

She's fashionable, wearing a white and pink jacket over her brown corset and a pair of brown jeans with long white boots. Her jacket exposes a surprisingly large amount of cleavage, drawing my eyes until she mockingly leans forwards, moving her face into mine as she grins silently at me, her pink and brown eyes filled with amusement.

"Err... thanks?" I say hesitantly as she moves back, tossing me my wallet and key.

She simply gestures for me to follow her as she turns.

She kicked that guy's ass, and he could kick my ass so I'm in no position to say no.

Following behind her, my eyes are drawn to her swaying ass against my will making her turn and look at me with a raised eyebrow.

As I go to apologise she turns away again, putting a bit more sway into her walk.

What the hell is with this girl?

My MP is back, so I use observe again, wanting to know what I'm getting myself into.

Neo Politan

LVL – ?

Faction – Roman's Gang

Thoughts about you – She finds you amusing, and sees you as a potential asset due to a misunderstanding, she's seen you do something interesting.

Affection – 5

Ahh. I'll take a wild guess that '?' means 'don't even try it'.

A misunderstanding? I can't even begin to understand what the ice cream girl is thinking and what did she see?

As we pass my apartment I pause for a moment looking at the building, making her turn to me. She looks at the apartments with a smirk and a raised eyebrow before she gestures to me to follow her.

Now she knows where I live.

Following her, I look at the store she enters with a deadpan look, the Ice Cream sign making me want to face palm as she pulls me in and drags me to the counter.

As she makes some gestures at the man behind the counter, simply getting a nod from him, she grabs my wallet again, taking the lien out and passing it over with a wide smile.

If buying her ice cream gets her to leave me alone then she can take as much as she wants.

As the guy behind the counter starts piling more and more ice cream on the counter my eyes widen slightly, just how much is she going to buy?

She taps on my shoulder, making some gestures that I try to work out, I think she wants me to carry it all to the table she gestured too. Sure, I can do that. Whatever you say scary girl.

It takes me almost seven trips as she happily sits down at the table, starting on an ice cream sundae with a cute smile. After I put the last of it down, I turn to leave.

As I do she jumps up, calmly grabbing my shirt and tossing me into the seat before she sits back down opposite me, moving one of the smaller ice cream treats in front of me.


As I slowly eat my own ice cream I watch in disbelief as she eats what seems to be her body weight in ice cream several times over. The man brings her more as she devours her way through the pile, before he gives me a pat on the shoulder and a look of pity.

I lose track of just how long I spend sitting there, but by the time she is satisfied my wallet is empty, and the sun had gone down.

Jumping up she waves to the man behind the counter before she grabs my arm pulling me along with her as she takes me back to my apartment block, stealing my key and finding the right door, she pulls me inside and pushes me onto the couch, looking around in interest.

I do the same, I've never seen this place after all. It's nice? It looks pretty modern, with a white and black theme.

I can see a kitchen area off to the side, only separated from the living room by a small counter.

It's not particularly extravagant, but it's also free, so I'm not going to complain.

On a table there's a device that she immediately grabs with a triumphant grin, pulling her own matching device out as she plays with them pausing to take a selfie with my device before she tosses it to me and takes a picture of me with hers.

Seconds later my device vibrates making me jump, getting a smirk from her as I do.

'It's been fun, see you soon! x Neo.' the message reads, as I look up my eyes widen at the empty apartment.

How did she... never mind that.

As I lean back with a sigh, I get a notification that I've completed my quest.

Which makes me level one.

I have a long way to go.

Level 1 Squire Skills Added

[Sword Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gained knowledge on how to use a sword with some skill

[Shield Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gained knowledge on how to use a shield with some skill

[Light Armour Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gained knowledge on how to wear light armour with some skill

Quest Rewards added

Skill Book: ID Create

Leather Armour

Iron Sword

Iron Shield

Use Skill Book?

[Yes] [No]

Yes, obviously.

I have no reason to not use my reward after all.

Skill Added

[ID Create (Minor)] (Active)

No MP cost

Creates an Instant Dungeon with enemies to fight.

Types available:


Quest added

[Baby Steps]

Objective: Defeat the first boss of the Vermin dungeon

Reward: ?, ?

Vermin? Truly, the start of every adventure begins with giant rats.

I want to level up as soon as possible, the presence of Neo tells me that this place isn't exactly safe if people as strong as her are in it, so I need power and I need it as soon as possible.

Equipping my armour, I frown a bit at the uncomfortable feeling of the leather, when I gained my level, I had the knowledge of how to use a sword and shield forced into my skull, but my sword still feels uncomfortable in my hand.

Iron Sword (Common)

Deals (10+STR) physical damage on strike

Iron Shield (Common)

Reduces physical damage received by 20

Leather Armour (Common)

Reduces damage received by 5

It's not great but it's starter gear so I wasn't expecting much.

So I guess I'm ready? As ready as I'm ever going to be at least.

It's getting late but it's not like I have anything else to do, I don't even know anything about this world after all.

Using ID Create, I wince at the bright light that envelops me as I reappear at the entrance of a cave in the middle of a forest.

The surrounding trees and bushes are too thick for me to go anywhere but forward into the cave but that's fine, it's why I'm here after all.

Tightening the grip I had on my blade, I head forward squinting slightly as I enter the dark cave. Guess the magic man who lights the torches in fantasy dungeons hasn't been here.

I'm pretty jumpy as I move through the dungeon, my fist clenching around my sword as I rapidly swivel my head around, checking every corner expecting a giant rat to jump out of every shadow.

Moving through the tunnel, I pause as my ears pick up the sound of skittering claws.

Dropping into what passes for a combat stance if you're pushing it, I ready myself.

As a black rat the size of a small dog rushes in my direction, I ready myself. I know how to do this, more or less. The rodent leaps at me, it's sharp teeth meeting my shield as I block the hit, bringing my blade down with a yell as I cut through the beast, cleaving it's body into two pieces as it falls to the ground twitching.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I grip my sword with a little bit more confidence.

I can do this. The rat only gave me enough experience for 5% of my next level, but it died in one hit, so I can work with this.

Heading deeper into the cave, I walk with a more confident stride. I'm still on guard, but I don't feel so jumpy or panicked now, I can handle some rats.

Watching a couple more giant rodents turn their beady eyes towards me, I get back into my stance.

I will survive, and these rats will die. They're just free EXP to me.

- Neo -

Leaving the apartment she smirked. She knew she saw him do something weird, she was very observant after all, and he definitely pulled a key out of thin air.

It was an interesting ability, and one she wanted to know more about. As a thief (and an occasional assassin) the ability to carry things in a secret space was very interesting. The fact that he could fit a full set of old-fashioned armour, a sword and a shield in there just confirmed her suspicions that he could be useful.

Vanishing in a flash of light was a far more interesting ability, but she couldn't even begin to guess where he had gone.

She was almost 90% sure he was a Schnee, or more likely a Schnee bastard. He didn't have their signature attitude after all, the White hair and blue eyes gave that away, along with the 'noble' face structure.

Stick him in a white suit and he'd blend right in.

It'd be useful to have a Schnee friend when he inevitably drew the rich family's attention, either he'd get taken in or he'd be dealt with. If he was taken in then he could be a great 'friend' for her. If he was dealt with, then her effort would be wasted, but it's not like beating up some nobody was hard work for her anyway.

Besides it wasn't like keeping his attention was difficult, a slight sway of her hips had him following her like a lost puppy, it was pretty cute to be honest.

For now she'd head back to the hideout, she knew where he lived and she had his scroll number anyway. He wouldn't be escaping her anytime soon.

- Weiss -

Sneaking away to Vale was a completely rebellious act, and it felt wonderful.

She did have a legitimate reason for doing this, but she couldn't deny the satisfaction she got from disobeying her father like this.

Looking at the picture she took from her father's desk she frowned, Shiro Eis. He looked just like a male version of her, and an older version of Whitley. Shiro could be translated into White in a long dead language and Eis could be translated to Ice in the very same language that Schnee meant Snow.

His name meant White Ice while her own name meant White Snow.

She knew her father had been trying to get rid of the rumours of this Shiro, and she knew her sister had confronted him over it, the argument had been loud and unpleasant, and it'd been what informed her of his existence.

She wasn't sure what she was going to do. But she would find her possible relative and work out if he really was related to her, if he wasn't she could get rid of the rumours and call it a day.

If he was, well she would work it out later. She wasn't her father, if he was related to her, then she wanted to get to know him, she knew Winter did as well. Hopefully he'd be less irritating than Whitley.

Going over the file she'd 'borrowed', she looked at his past with a frown. Her father had investigated into the rumours of a child that looked an awful lot like a Schnee of course.

He was nineteen, he had bounced from job to job, working at restaurants, bars and stores primarily, and he had first been seen in Atlas before he bought a ticket to Vale, along with an apartment. The report stated that he had grown up on the streets of the poor side of Atlas, before he managed to save enough to afford a very cheap and low quality room when he was around fifteen.

That was enough to anger her, a lot. If her father had left a member of their family on the streets she would have some very pointed words with him. Myrtenaster might just have some words for him as well.

The investigation had been started almost fifteen years ago, which means her possible brother would have been around five when her father started looking into him. Instead of actually taking responsibility he had simply tried to squash every rumour of Shiro existing, leaving him on the streets for at least a decade.

And she'd thought her opinion of her father couldn't actually get any lower.

Heading to her hotel room she sighed, tomorrow she would start her own investigation. One that would be a bit more personal than her fathers.

- Shiro -

Ducking under a leaping rat, I bring my sword up and decapitate it as it flies over me.

I'm getting the hang of this, just call me Shiro the Vermin Exterminator.

Taking a moment to use one of the corpses to wipe the blood off my sword I smirk, I was worried that I'd not be able to handle all the death but honestly? I like it, with each kill I get stronger, and as I grow in power my chance of survival increases.

I've hit level two, the seemingly endless swarms of rats providing me the required experience. Thankfully they only come in small groups of two or three, which I can handle at my current level.

They have all been level one so far, which would explain my relative ease, but I know it's not going to stay this easy.

Heading further in I frown at the sight of a split path. So far I've simply been following a linear tunnel, with no alternate paths. This is new.

Both paths are similar, but the right path has what looks like deep claw marks along the floor, while the left path doesn't.

I'll go left first, right just screams boss fight to me, none of the rats I've fought so far could have done those claw marks, they're too big, and too deep for the rats I've seen.

Heading down the left path I pause, spotting a wooden chest sitting at the end of the tunnel, looking completely innocent...

Picking up a rock from the ground, I toss it at the chest with narrowed eyes, watching it bounce off the chest harmlessly.

I don't trust it. I don't trust it at all.

Heading down the tunnel slowly, I keep my shield ready, carefully examining every inch of the walls and floor waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Reaching the chest, I pause spotting what looks like holes in the wall above the chest... yeah, I see you trap.

Putting me shield up, I kick the chest, immediately jumping back and putting the shield in front of my face as the holes fire out a burst of darts.

As they strike my shield I smirk, I might not remember much but I know better than to trust an innocent looking chest.

As the darts stop, I carefully lower my shield, looking at the darts coated in a green ooze sticking into it with a frown. Poison. I should have expected as much.

Kicking the chest again, I duck behind my shield, poking my head out with a frown as the holes fail to respond.

One time trap?

Opening the chest, I reach in and grab my well-earned loot.

Health Potion

Restores 100HP

Virulent Skaven Sword (Uncommon)

Deals (15+STR) Physical Damage per strike

Chance of inflicting effect [Poisoned]

Amulet of Health (Uncommon)

Increases maximum health by 50

I'll take that, thank you very much.

The sword looks fairly shoddy, but the increased damage and the status effect makes it a clear improvement over my old one but what the hell is a Skaven when it's at home?

More health is always nice, And potions are always good if you don't have a healer in your party.

Heading back along me path, I give the new sword a few test swings, nodding to myself. It's shorter than my last sword, but that's more of a pro than a con in these tight tunnels.

Moving along the other path I frown... it's not normal for me to go so long without anything attacking me.

Going through an opening carefully I pause looking around the large round chamber. There are holes scattered along the walls that look just the right size for a giant rat to fit through.

I see how it is. I know a boss chamber when I see one.

Quest Updated

[Baby Steps]

Objective: Defeat the first boss of the Vermin dungeon

Optional Objective: Defeat the first boss chamber without your health dropping below 50% and without any of the rats escaping.

Reward: ?, ?

Optional Reward: Vermin-bane Blade, ?

Right, got it. As I enter the chamber, a rock door comes from the roof, sealing the passage behind me. Nowhere to go but forwards.

Well, I came here to kill a boss, that's what I'm going to do.

As I take a step forwards, the room is filled with the sound of skittering and squeaking as the rats start to claw their way out of the holes, scurrying down the walls and rushing towards me.

Bring it...

I've gotten their movements down well enough, they really aren't that hard to predict. As the closest one reaches me, a grey rat with mould growing in it's fur, I don't bother with my sword, simply lashing out with my foot making it squeal as it is booted away from me, a swing of my sword cleaving through the body of the next one as it lunges at me.

Rats have shitty strength, the only problem is how agile they can be. But when they attack they are open to counter-attacks, so that's how I fight them.

Each time one goes to attack, I block it with my shield before I stab through it with my blade.

They outnumber me considerably, but they aren't just mindless creatures, as I start to cleave my way through them they become hesitant to attack, their tiny rodent brains warning them of the danger.

They are dumb, using their numbers they could overwhelm me by swarming me, but they don't want to get that close since every other one that tried lost it's life.

Lunging forwards I swing my blade through two of them with a yell, smashing my shield into the nearest rat. My shout made them flinch back slightly before they remembered that they had me outnumbered.

I can see around nine more, not as many as I expected in truth, but enough that they could still give me a challenge.

As they rush me, I use my shield to smash them away, cleaving through them one at a time. As I smash one of them away my eyes widen seeing another one lunging at me, my shield extended too far for me to block it, and my sword already cleaving into another rodent.

Moving my arm in between the rat and my throat I let out a pained shout as it bites through my thin leather armour. Letting my sword drop I punch the rat in the nose making it squeal and release my arm as it falls back.

-50 HP [240/290]

Inflicted with [Bleeding]

Drawing my original sword I stab the little bastard straight through the skull with a shout, scowling as the blade pierces the tiny brain.

-1 HP [239/290]

-1 HP [238/290]

-1 HP [237/290]

Yeah I get the message.

Spinning my blade around I skewer another of the lunging bastards, and that makes six left.

A shield bash followed by a brutal stomp makes it five, and a lunging stab makes it four. The others are starting to lose the will to fight as they start backing away slowly, but I'm in no mood to let them go.

Not only do I need my optional reward, I want these things dead and I want them dead now.

Rushing towards one of the last ones, I stab it through the head, roaring in anger. The fact that a rat is responsible for the pain throbbing along my arm is enraging, it's insulting. I'm better than them, how fucking dare they?

As another lunges at me I let my sword go, dodging to the side as it flies past.

Grabbing it's long tail I swing it, smashing it into the ground before I stomp on the exposed stomach of the rat, smirking as the weak flesh give in.

Rushing forward, I pull my Skaven Sword from the corpse I left it in, charging after the second to the last rat, it tries to flee but it waited too long, and was just a bit too slow.

The last one gets the message and starts to scurry towards the hole it climbed from, but as it does I fling my sword at it and it hits kinda? The hilt of the blade strikes the rat knocking it over as I charge across the cavern, grabbing my iron sword along the way.

The creatures squeals in terror as I lunge forwards, bringing my sword down in a devastating downward swing, it's squeals being silenced as my blade removes it's head from it's neck.

Taking a breath I look around the cavern in anger, waiting for another target to appear. After a moment I calm myself, pulling my t-shirt from my inventory and tearing it into strips, pulling my leather glove off and wrapping the cloth around the wound. It's not perfect but it'll do.

My bleeding slows, and my regen kicks in now that I am out of combat.

I lost about forty HP to bleeding, and fifty to actual damage, which places me above fifty percent. I haven't lost my bonus reward yet. And even better, I leveled up during that, bringing me one step closer to my quest for power. Unfortunately, levelling didn't heal me.

Sitting down on one of the rocks, I sigh. I shouldn't have lost it like that. It isn't a good idea to fall into a berserker rage every time I get injured. As I wait for my regen to fix my wounds I frown. Where's the notification that shows that I've completed the quest?

Standing up quickly, I re-equip my leather glove and grab my weapons. It said beat the rat boss but these were just mob enemies.

As I do, I feel the cavern shake slightly as the ground in the centre of the chamber breaks open and a large claw comes out of it.

As I watch, a Great Dane sized rat climbs out of the hole, it's fur was an angry red marred with scars as it hisses angrily at me. You aren't taking my bonus reward from me. 'Observe.'


LVL – 5

Thoughts about you – Food

Reputation – -100

I don't know why but I don't like it's name.

As it charges at me, I get back into my stance.

It might be big, but it's still just a rat. It makes the same mistake it's kin did, lunging at me, unfortunately it hasn't learnt from it's kin's mistakes, in the air they are far less agile. Which means it can't dodge as I slam my shield into its face.

-20 HP [214/310]

As it is knocked back, I wince. That hurt my arm but I don't let it bother me as I lunge forwards, stabbing my blade into its side with some difficulty. As I pull my sword out, the long tail swings at me, catching me in the side and knocking me away.

-50 HP [164/310]

Okay asshole,so you have some little tricks. Am I supposed to be impressed?

Not taking a risk, I pull out my health potion while it gets back to its feet and drink it, smiling slightly at the minty taste.

+100 HP [264/310]

The creature limps slightly, it's wound was messing with its ability to move as it glares at me with red glowing eyes.

Meeting it's glare I smirk, he's more injured than I am.

It roars (more like loud squeak to be honest), and charges at me, it's movements awkward as it limps in pain with each step. Deciding to stop defending, I charge forward myself, using my shield as a battering ram as I slam my body into it, as we crash into each other both our charges are stopped.

The rat lunges at my throat, but I duck hitting it with my shield again so I can get my opening, as it is knocked into the air, I thrust my sword upwards piercing the soft flesh of it's throat with a savage grin, blood spewing down onto me.

Some gets into my mouth, but as disgusting as it is it doesn't bother me. With this, I win.

Inflicted with the effect [Sick]

Fucking rats.

Quest Complete!

Quest Rewards added.

Skill Book: ID Escape

One Gacha Token

Optional Quest Rewards added.

Vermin-bane Blade

Bonus levels granted

Use Skill Book?

[Yes] [No]

Obviously, I would like to leave here.

Skill Added

[ID Escape] (Active)

Allows you to leave Instant Dungeons, cannot be used while in combat

I got another level for killing it, and then three levels for my quest reward. So that's level seven. Not bad for a single session.

Vermin-bane Blade (Rare)

Deals (35+STR) Physical Damage per strike

Deals 100% extra damage to Vermin type creatures.

Wonderful, another clear upgrade. I'll miss not having Poison, but it never had an effect here anyway, either rats are immune or they all died to quickly for it to happen. A pure increase to damage is the better choice anyway.

Taking out the golden token, I frown. The hell am I supposed to do with this?

Gacha currently offline.

Fine, into the inventory it goes.

Using ID escape, I grin to myself as I put my equipment away, despite the bite, and the sickness I can already feel taking effect, this wasn't bad at all. As I grow in strength it will become easier, and the rewards will grow.

But for now? I need a shower, and a good night's sleep.

Stripping off, I go to the bathroom, washing the rat blood off me quickly.

It doesn't take long, and a half an hour later, I am in my new bed, ready to put an end to my first day in this world.

- ? -

"You're pathetic." a voice echoed throughout the empty void as I look around in anger.

"What? Who goes there?" I shout, looking around the void before a spectral glowing figure appears before me, he looks like he was once an incredibly handsome man, but the scars covering him have put an end to that.

Half of his face is missing, torn from his head and there's a fist sized hole where his heart should be, both his legs are gone and one of his arms. Everything that's left seems to be decomposing. I can't help but grimace at the morbid appearance.

"Aww does my new look disturb you?" the figure taunts, it's rotten lips curling into a foul smirk.

"Who are you? And where am I?" I ask, not rising to the bait.

"We're in your head. Don't worry your pretty little face, you're still fast asleep. And as for who I am? Don't you recognise yourself?" it asks mockingly.

"I'm fairly certain I don't look like that." I respond coldly.

"No, I guess I'm not you, and you're not me. I'm just the leftovers, the pieces the Game didn't decide to bring back, the torn and abandoned parts of our soul. And you? You are the pathetic part that survived." he sneers.

"And yet I'm the one who's alive" I respond before I can stop myself making him scoff.

"But it doesn't make you any less pathetic. You're celebrating beating some rats, actual fucking rats? If your only goal in life is to live, then you might as well be dead. We slaughtered entire worlds, bedded the most beautiful women, gathered the finest treasures and now you're celebrating beating a rat? How is that not pathetic?" he asks making me pause as countless visions flash before my eyes. Worlds rotting and decaying under my power, countless naked women lined up before me, piles of treasure the size of my apartment complex.

"W-what was that?" I ask gasping.

"Our past and what was stolen from us by that bastard. We were made for greatness Shiro. The world's treasures and it's women belong to us. This is nothing more than a bump in the road. I don't have long, as baffling as it is, it looks like I've really lost this time and I don't even have the power to beat someone as weak as you and claim your body. But the multiverse will not forget us, I won't allow it to." he roars, his body slowly vanishing, piece after piece. "This world has forgotten the hell I inflicted upon it, when I died, the worlds I visited died with me, and then the Multiverse reset them back to how things were without me. You will remind them." he says soaring towards me before I can react, his hand reaching into my chest and gripping my heart.

- Next Morning -

Waking up in a cold sweat I shoot up in my bed clutching my chest.

Skill Added

[̱̞̹͐̌̑P̩̌̐̚͢͜l̡͍̃͡ŭ͇n̥̜̆͋de̥̜̿̎r̦͚̱͑̇̈ ̥̗́̆͛ͅ(̨̤͖͒͐̂M̨͚͎͚̏͊̅̀i̡̭͍̊͌͋͘ͅn̡̢͉͇̱̾̇̀̓̂o̞͖̥͒͑̑̇͢ŗ̨͕̮̭̓̿̀̑͗)]̭̓ ̨̙͇̤̭̆̈́̇̀̓(̫͆Ą̝͈͔̅̾̆͝c͕̽ṱ̊i̳͘ṽ̳̼͈̳̽̌̂͢͞e͈̦̳̟͒͆̍͞)

S̰̍te̢͈̪͛͑̑aľ̡ ͔̺͔͛͛͠th̢̪̎̃e̟̋ a̧̘̅̚b̰̣̼͎͗͆́̅i̲̇̓͟l̞̭͉͎̓̃͐́ȉ̺ț̋̈͢ì̥̲̊ë̻̮͘s̜̹̺̘̀͐̓͘͢͡ ̨̱̦̫̓̃̎͝o̟̬̤̗̔͛̍̽̐͟f ̙̓d̹̋͗͊͜ͅḛ̞̲̒̌̚f͕̺̦̝͇͐̃̄̒̋e̙̐͒͢͟͝ạ̧͉͆͊̑ẗ̬e̛̟d ̻͐e̤̖̣̞͒̊̉͘n̙̣͇̈́̐̂e̢̮̩͓̒̅́̓mi̦̬͊͂̇͟͝ͅe̯̻̝̊̌̄s͎͕̬͍̟̋̐͘͝͠

What the fuck?

Should have known he'd find a way to be annoying, even dead.

He's gone now, that took what little time he had left.

"Was he telling the truth? What was I before my 'death'?"

A Monster.

An idiotic monster, but a monster all the same.

Worlds were destroyed just because you thought it'd be funny, people were tortured for the smallest slight, kingdoms burnt for your entertainment.

You even reached Godhood eventually.

"What the fuck happened?"

You were an idiot, you could have picked thousands of worlds and ruled as a God, instead you went to worlds filled with beings stronger than you, so convinced of your invincibility.

Eventually your arrogance and recklessness caught up with you, you angered the wrong being and you suffered for it.

"But why though? Why risk everything? I must have had a reason"

You thought it'd be funny.


You thought going to that world would be hilarious, it wasn't.

All you achieved was your own death, and almost mine along with it.

I am bound to you, what happens to one will happen to the other.

I wasn't so willing to die for your idiocy, so I made a last ditch effort to survive.

That's you.

"So what happens now? What am I supposed to do? I don't know this world, I don't exactly have any great plans."

What happens? I don't care as long as you don't get yourself killed, taking me down with you.

Decide what you want to do on your own, I need to fix the millions of errors my almost-destruction caused in the system.

I'm going offline, don't die.

What do I want?

I want what I saw. I had everything, wealth, women and power and I threw it away for what? Amusement? I was a fool.

So that's it then, I'll regain what I lost, regain my power, gather a horde of wealth that puts my old one to shame and build a Harem of the best women the Multiverse has to offer.

It'll be hard, and It'll be dangerous but I want it all.

Old Shiro was a fool, and he died a fool. I will catch up to him, and surpass him entirely. Then we will see who is the pathetic one. After all, I'm still alive and it's more than he can say.

But where the hell am I supposed to start? I know nothing about this world, I'm a stranger in an even stranger land.

I need to start researching and I need to start grinding. I need allies or servants. No, I need worshippers. I was a God once, I will be a God once more.

But how am I supposed to start?

Knowledge, I need as much information about this world as possible, and I need to level as much as possible, no one will worship a level seven after all.

Quest Added

[Reclaim what is yours]

Objective One: Reach Godhood once more

Objective Two: Build a Treasure Horde worthy of a God

Objective Three: Build a Harem worthy of a God

Reward: ?

I have a lot of work to do.

- Ozpin -

Standing in the alleyway he frowned. He definitely sensed magic being used here, it was only a tiny amount but he was sure of it. He sensed it again minutes later further on.

And yet, there was nothing here. Only the slightest trace of the Magic was left, whatever spell had been used must have not done much to leave such a minor trace.

Sighing to himself he left, he would have to keep his senses primed. If there was another magic user in Vale, he needed to find them before Salem could. It was a miracle that they were so close to Beacon, any further away and he wouldn't have even noticed. He could at least take heart that Salem wouldn't be able to sense the magic that far away, only he should have felt it. But if the magic user kept casting carelessly that would change entirely too soon.

As he left he paused, making eye contact with a black raven perched on a lamppost, glaring balefully down at him before it took off.

Wonderful, it appears he wasn't the only person who sensed them after all. He wouldn't wish being hunted by Raven on any but his worst enemies, things had gotten complicated.

He would have to get Glynda to handle a lot of the preparations for the new year at Beacon, while he tracked down the new mage. He needed answers, and they needed to be warned of the dangers this world had for them.

He wasn't looking forward to telling her that though.

Grimm would swarm them if they ever left the safety of the city, Magic was like a lure for them, every spell would bring forth a horde.

Things were changing in Remnant, for better or worse.

- Cinder -

Her mistress had sensed something.

It wasn't a Maiden, unfortunately. But it was without a doubt a magic user, right here in Vale.

Unfortunately, she couldn't risk trying to steal their powers, the Grimm Parasite was made to take the powers of a Maiden, even her Mistress admitted she didn't know what it would do with a different kind of magic.

But that didn't mean that she couldn't make use of this.

But she needed to find them first.

That being said, her 'faction' at this point was simply her, a thief and an assassin. Roman was being Roman, and she didn't have the power to force him to obey, not yet at least. His own pet killer was dangerous, despite her appearance, and Roman was stronger than his act would let on.

Once she had the powers of the Fall Maiden, things would be different.

For now, she would continue as planned, she couldn't sense the magic and her mistress had already lost the trail from being too far away from Vale to track it properly.

- Weiss -

Heading out of her hotel room, she smiled. Getting her possible brother's home address was easier than she expected. Soon, she'd have an answer, she'd already made arrangements for a DNA test once she got some of Shiro's hair.

She knew that this would change things for the Schnee family, she'd already ignored several calls from her father this morning alone, Winter was encouraging her though, it was nice when they agreed on things.

As she set off, she was too busy going over the file, for the fifteenth time, with her eyes on the file, she failed to notice the smirking Faunus taking a picture of her, before they sent a message and went about their day.

Authors Note : So, just to explain things.

Kuro hasn't become a Gamer at this point, he hasn't even been born, and he won't for thousands of years. The Shiro in Necromancer is Shiro 2.0, not the original one. Yes, I know that Shiro and the Game both mentioned things that happened in the last story, but trust me, it'll all make sense... eventually.

So Kuro's story is completely unaffected by Shiro's 'death', it's all in the past for him. Ancient History that has no affect on his own adventure.

Nazarick and every world Shiro visited have been destroyed by the Games final fuck you, the Multiverse reset them, undoing everything Shiro ever did. All the worlds he goes to will be new, without any of his interference.

The Game remembers the events of the last story, Shiro does not. Shiro 2.0 is his own person, the memories of Shiro 1.0 will have no connection to him as far as he is concerned. Shiro 1.0 is gone for good, Shiro 2.0 is here to stay.

I decided to send him back to RWBY since it really did hit every requirement I was looking for in worlds, it was that or My Hero Academia or Naruto, and Kuro will be going to those two soon anyway, and I don't want to be writing the same world in two stories so close to each other. I think it'll be interesting to see how new Shiro acts in comparison to old Shiro. It's also a fairly low power world, and the Game wouldn't let Shiro run off to another high power world so soon after he almost got them both killed, but it needed to be a world with some danger to get the naturally lazy Shiro to actually train. If he was sent to a world without danger he'd just slack off eternally.

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