Chapter 1

Armonton Playground Park

Chicago, Illinois

12:46 PM

Laughter and voices of children were heard as they played on a playground, the skyline of Downtown Chicago looming in the background with trees covering the rest of said skyline behind the partly cloudy blue summer sky.

The playground was a mixture of red, blue, yellow, and grey. It has two slides, one of them being tube slides that were about ten feet in height had a slight curve at the top before going to straight down. The other being the same design and about half in size. The slides were both straight and both had a slight cover over the top of it, the playgrounds had grey decks that acted like steps with yellow bars going up vertical and positioned with multiple horizontal bars on the top of them, making a wall. The steps were split apart and led up to two tower-like structures, both having a red cone-shaped roof, grey decks that were octagonal in shape, both had two red walls with one obviously missing to lead up to grey stairs, four in total with the steps being slightly widened in size that led up to the red right slide with the other side having blue walls with one missing in the middle like on the other side which led up to the stairs which were the same number and the same size which led up to the blue slides.

"I win!" A voice exclaimed amongst the playing children, that voice belonged to none other than Junior Danger Ranger Derek, a fox with brown fur, blue eyes, wearing a small red knit cap, a light blue t-shirt with light yellow sleeves and blue shorts as he had finished sliding down the slide with his best friend, Scott, a golden-furred bear with blue eyes, wearing teal-colored baseball cap with a red button and visor, a turquoise v-neck t-shirt with red sleeves, dark blue pants and white sneakers following close behind down said slide.

"Alright. Way to go, Derek!" Scott exclaimed, congratulating the fox on winning the game they were playing.

"Thanks, dude." Derek replied as the two fist-bumped. As they did, they heard something that caught their attention. The two turned to what the sounds were and saw a fire truck racing down the street with its sirens wailing.

As the two watched the fire truck go by, Derek then looked down at his wrist, which had his SAVO Unit and continued to look at it even after the fire truck had already gone by and the sirens faded out.

Scott turned his head after the fire truck had already passed by to see Derek still staring at his SAVO Unit.

"Derek, you okay?" Scott asked, taking concern with Derek staring at his SAVO Unit, thinking something might be wrong.

"Hm? Oh. Y-yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about what we-... rather, I did." Derek replied, Scott snapping him back into reality when asking the fox if he was okay.

"You mean the false alarm and the fire?" Scott asked in which Derek replied by shaking his head yes.

"Yeah, I can't believe that me calling a false alarm and setting my old apartment on fire led up to us meeting the Danger Rangers, me becoming a Junior Danger Ranger and earning this." Derek answered, seemingly having feelings of lament as he looked back at his SAVO Unit, reminding himself of what he did that made the chain of events that led him and Scott meeting the Danger Rangers, although albeit under less than stellar circumstances, learning their lesson from what happened and learning about Fire Safety while teaching other kids to deter them from committing the same crime that caused all this, and finally, Derek becoming a Junior Danger Ranger.

"Well, we did learn our lesson and we promised we'd never do that again." Scott added.

"Yeah. Wait, I just realized something. Why did you get in trouble? As I can remember, I was the one who called the false alarm, I was the one who set the matches on fire and I was the one who set the fireworks off that caused the fire. So why did you get the six months of community service? You didn't do anything wrong." Derek responded, realizing that Scott didn't actually do anything that would warrant him to get the six months they received after what happened with the fireworks and the revelation that Derek had called a false alarm, asking his best friend why he would take the punishment for something he didn't do.

"Derek, I didn't want you to go through this alone, that's what friends do. I guess I felt like me not trying hard enough to stop you from calling the false alarm and setting the fireworks were the reasons why." Scott replied, giving his reasons why he deserved the punishment he and Derek got.

"You really did that… all for me?" Derek asked, trying to process or clarify the fact that had been presented to him from Scott.

"Derek, I'm your best friend. I would-..." Scott started to say before he suddenly stopped at another voice interrupting him.

"Derek! Scott!" The voice said, calling out to the two, causing them both to look in the direction of said voice.

The voice came from an adult fox with brown fur wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants, waving to the two from behind a bench who was being sat on by adult bear with dark brown-colored fur, wearing glasses with purple-tinted lenses, a white shirt, tan pants and brown shoes, Both of the boys recognized them as they ran over to them and approach them.

"Hey, Dad. Mr. Bearonhart. You wanted to see us?" Derek asked, revealing the fox to be his dad and the bear to be Mr. Bearonhart.

"Yes, you two. I just wanted to tell you boys that we'll be leaving soon because we've got some storms coming across later today and I do not want to be the one to explain to your mother how you got sick from being in the rain or getting struck by lightning." Derek's dad answered, explaining to the two boys why they wanted to see them.

"That goes for you too, Scott. Me and Derek's father just want you both to be safe and not to do anything dangerous like set off fireworks again." Mr. Bearonhart added.

"Don't worry, Dad. We won't, we promised to never do that again." Scott replied, revealing Mr. Bearonhart was his father, meaning that Bearonhart is Scott's surname.

"That's good, boys. Maybe after we leave, we'll get you two a treat before we get home, how does that sound?" Derek's Dad said and asked the two boys about getting a treat before they got home.

"Yeah! Thanks, Dad." Derek answered, thanking his dad for the suggestion.

"Thank you, Mr. Crevan." Scott added, thanking Derek's dad as well as revealing Derek's Dad's surname to be Crevan, meaning Crevan was Derek's surname as well.

"You're welcome, you two. Now run along." Mr. Crevan replied to the two boys before telling them to run along back to the playground, and so they did as Mr. Crevan and Mr. Bearonhart started to converse.

"Can you believe how much has changed, Nicholas?" Mr. Bearonhart asked Mr. Crevan, revealing Mr. Crevan's first name to be Nicholas.

"What do you mean, Joel?" Nicholas asked Mr. Bearonhart, trying to clarify what he meant while also revealing his first name to be Joel.

"I mean everything that led up to your son becoming a Junior Danger Ranger." Joel replied, which gave Nicholas an expression of realization written on his face.

"Oh, yeah. That. Listen, Joel, I'm really sorry for what happened. I know I've apologized numerous times, but I want you to know that I am really sorry for what happened. I-..." Nicholas responded, apologizing profusely to Joel as the bear gave a slight chuckle.

"Nicholas, you've apologized enough already, I know you didn't mean for this to happen and I'm pretty sure your son has too. Plus, you and your wife and a new house and a little sister for Derek too." Joel replied, stopping the fox from rambling on by apologizing profusely.

"I know, I just feel like part of it's my fault, I should have taught him about Fire Safety, then the whole fire wouldn't have happened." Nicholas said, lamenting about how he should have done something before Derek set off the fireworks that lead to said fire.

"I know, Nicholas. But we can't change the past, what we can do is change the present and the future." Joel responded as they continued to talk while their boys returned playing on the playground.

Derek had just slid down the slide when as he got up, beeping sounds came from his SAVO Unit, which caught his attention and he looked at it to see it flashing.

"DANGER ALERT! DANGER ALERT!" SAVO exclaimed as Derek moved away from the slide, to make sure no one bumped into him after sliding down.

"What's up, SAVO?" Derek asked the AI, asking for the details of the Danger Alert.

"My scanners have indicated an explosive hazard in the nearby area, do be cautious, Junior Ranger Derek." SAVO answered in which, after telling Derek and finishing with the details, the fox child turned and looked towards the surrounding area for the explosive hazard, but to no avail before looking back at SAVO with a confused look on his face as Scott came over to him.

"Derek, is something wrong?" Scott asked, confused at what was going on.

"SAVO just said there's an explosive hazard nearby, but I don't see anything. SAVO, can you-...?" Derek answered, answering Scott's question before turning his attention to SAVO and was about to ask him something before the boys heard something drop on the ground which made their ears perk up, they turned around to see some type of small canister that was black.

Both Nicholas and Joel heard the sound of the canister dropping and looked into the direction of the boys to see the canister.

Nicholas' eyes widened as well as the boys before he exclaimed, "Boys! Run!" before turning towards everyone else and only was able to let out a small wording of what he was going to exclaim as before he turned, the boys started to run towards their dads before suddenly, the canister exploded with the sound of a loud 'BOOM!'.

The entire playground was engulfed in black smoke and screaming kids were heard a few seconds after the canister went off. The boys were knocked off their feet and were knocked unconscious for a few seconds as ringing filled their ears and Nicholas were knocked off his feet as well as he covered his muzzle and his eyes shut to block the smoke, Joel did the same thing.

Derek opened his eyes as the ringing in his ears continued and he got up to his knees and looked up, seeing nothing but black smoke and the flashing of his SAVO Unit. He also noticed that he wasn't coughing, so the smoke must be non-toxic. The ringing soon dissipated from his hearing as the ringing was switched out with sounds of children screaming and parents calling out for their child, including his.

"Derek! Derek!" Nicholas exclaimed, calling out his sons' name as he and Joel ran through the smokescreen of black darkness.

"Dad! Scott!" Derek exclaimed as he started crawling on his hands and knees, looking for his Dad, Scott or Mr. Bearonhart.

"Derek!" Scott exclaimed, his voice sounding like it was from a distance, that caught Derek's attention as he continued to crawl around in search.

"Scott?! Scott, where are you?!" Derek yelled as he suddenly heard the sound of another loud 'BOOM!'. Anxiety started to hit Derek full force as he was about to call out again before he suddenly bumped into something and then feeling something black grab his right arm and pulled him up by said arm above the smoke which started to clear where he was, Derek's eyes went wide as he saw what, or rather who grabbed him.

Who grabbed him was someone, possibly male based on the physique in all-black attire, black hoodie, black ski mask that only had eye openings, black pants, black shoes, and black gloves. It was like whoever grabbed him was trying to blend with the smoke.

Derek started to struggle to get free of the grip of the unknown masked person.

"Let me-! Let me go! SAVO, call the P-! Hey! Give that back! That doesn't belong to you!" Derek exclaimed as he tried to pry the fingers of the masked person in an attempt to let him go before trying to get SAVO to contact the police before the masked person grabbed Derek's SAVO Unit with his free hand and pulled it off his wrist.

The smoke had cleared in the area the two were in, so that Derek could see the bottom as the masked person dropped the SAVO Unit and it landed on the ground, Derek watched with widened eyes of shock and horror as the masked person took his foot and crushed the SAVO Unit beneath it, making the sound of 'CRUNCH!' as he did so.

The masked person moved it his foot to reveal the SAVO Unit with a blank cracked screen with a small hole and parts of it scattered in the surrounding small area it was in.

Derek was in disbelief, the SAVO Unit that he had worked hard to earn for was on the ground and broken. Tears started to fill his eyes before the sound of a recognizable voice caught his attention away from what had happened.

"Let me go! Let me go, now!" The voice screamed as Derek saw another masked person, also possibly male but with a different physique, wearing the same clothes the other ones wearing as he grabbed Scott, who was clearly struggling to break free of the other one's grip.

"Scott!" Derek exclaimed, catching the attention of the bear who saw the fox in the grip of the first masked person.

"Derek!" Scott exclaimed as the boys continued to try and break free of the grip of the two masked people.

"Derek! Scott!" The voice of Nicholas called out, catching the attention of the boys who turned to see both their dad's as the smoke had already cleared away enough to see them as the two started to run towards the boys and the masked people.

"Dad!" Both of the boys exclaimed to their respective fathers as the first masked person suddenly went over to the second one and gave Derek to him who in turn, was keeping a tight grip on Scott with one arm and was now doing the same thing with Derek with the other arm as the first masked person released his grip on Derek's arm and started to approach the two approaching dads before putting his hand on the left side of his waist and grab something that was blending in with the black clothing he was wearing.

What he pulled out was a combat knife that was entirely black, the only noticeable thing about it was the ridges or its shape on the blade. The masked person then pointed the knife at the two dads and started to swing at them which made the two dads stop and back up to try and not get injured from the knife being swung at them.

Joel tried to get past the person by running around him, but the masked person was fast on his feet as he made Joel stop his attempt and continue to swing, but it also gave Nicholas the opportunity to pass the masked person and get to the boys, and so he took it.

Nicholas ran passed the first masked person who was preoccupied with trying to keep Joel back, but he quickly turned around to see Nicholas approaching the second masked person and the boys, who had happy expressions on their faces at the thought of being rescued.

The masked person suddenly turned and sprinted after Nicholas, Derek's expression changed to fear as the masked person was nearing closer to his dad and showed no signs of stopping.

"Dad! Watch out!" Derek exclaimed, which caused Nicholas to look behind him and see the masked person racing towards him, knife in hand.

Nicholas continued to run towards the second masked person and the boys, but the first masked person suddenly caught up to him and ran in front of him before putting Nicholas in a hug-like hold and suddenly plunged the knife into Nicholas with the sound of 'SHIK!', deafening the surroundings.

Everything was nearly silent except for the pained gasps coming from Nicholas as a red stain appeared on his shirt in the stomach area, where the masked person stabbed him.

Derek's eyes widened in shock as tears started to fill his eyes and even started to stream down his face, sorrow and disbelief were engulfing him as he was seeing the color from Nicholas started to dim like the life was being sucked out of him.

Shock and disbelief were the expressions of Scott and Joel

The masked person quickly pulled the knife out of Nicholas, the blade stained with adult fox's blood as he started to stagger and he was having his hand on the wound, trying to put pressure on it possibly. Joel tried to run over to him, but the first person noticed this and quickly got in front of the adult bear and proceeded to swing the bloody knife at him, keeping him from reaching Nicholas as the adult fox continued to stagger before falling to his knees and reality kicked back in.

"DAD!" Derek screamed as he suddenly opened his muzzle and bit the arm of the second person, causing him to scream in pain, releasing a masculine voice tone, so the second person was male as Derek managed to break free of the second person's grip and ran over to Nicholas as he fell to the ground on his back, blood staining his shirt and a hole where the knife went through.

Derek fell to his knees once he approached Nicholas.

"Dad! You have to get up! Dad, please! Don't die, Dad! Please!" Derek cried as tears streamed down his face and he tried to lift his father up before suddenly the first person suddenly grabbed him by the arm and put it behind his back before pinning the fox to the ground and pulling out something from his pocket, it was black zip-tie handcuffs as he put them on Derek's wrist and tightened them as the fox continued to struggle.

Derek then caught something on the corner of his eye, he looked and saw what had caught his attention, he realized that what caught his eye was the second booming sound he had heard earlier, the playground was on fire.

Flames were shooting out of the black smoke that still covered the playground, making it look like the whole thing was on fire and the smoke from said fire seem to blend within the smoke from the canister.

"D-...D-...Derek…" Nicholas softly said as his free hand, the one that wasn't trying to pressurize the wound extended out in reaching towards Derek as the first person picked him up from the ground and held him in a grip with his right arm.

Derek continued to struggle as the first person continued to hold his grip on the fox, barely flinching at the kicks to him being done by Derek in order to let him go.

"NO! NO! LET ME GO! DAD!" Derek exclaimed as he kept struggling and kicking the first person.

Derek then tried to bite the first person as he had done to the second one, but as he was opening his muzzle, he suddenly felt it shut and saw the first person with a cloth in his free hand, covering the fox's nose and mouth.

Derek started to feel tired and nauseous as his eyes lidded and his struggling seemed to slow down as he seemed to be slipping into unconsciousness, he tried to keep his eyes open as he could hear Scott calling out to him, but his eyes did close and his struggling and kicking stopped, he was unconscious.

"Derek! Wake up, man! You gotta wake up! Yo-...MMPH!" Scott exclaimed, trying to get his friend to wake up before suddenly, he felt the cloth gag his nose and mouth and saw that the second person, who was holding him was the one who put the cloth over his nose and mouth.

Scott started to feel lightheaded, tired, and nauseous, just like Derek had as the struggling was slowing down. He saw Joel started to run towards him and seeing the first person, who was still holding Derek was waving the still-bloodied knife at him, keeping the adult bear back from reaching his son as Scott also slipped into unconsciousness.

The first person stopped swinging as he held the knife up to the unconscious Derek's throat to keep Joel back as the second person suddenly grabbed another black canister from the back his belt, pulled the pin with both hands as he held Scott in his arms before throwing it, it landed near where Nicholas was, who's eyes were slowly starting to close with tears seemingly streamed already down his face before detonating and releasing another black plume of smoke.

Joel covered his eyes as the plume of smoke hit him as the two masked people ran with Scott and Derek in their arms out of the smoke, Joel uncovered his eyes and saw they were gone, he then kicked the canister away from Nicholas and saw they were running towards a white van nearby when the smoke cleared up a bit, he ran out of the smoke to try and catch them, but it was too late as the two got into the van after putting Derek and Scott in there first, in the empty back and closed the door, the two people got into the van's front seats and closed the door. Joel tried to catch up to them, but the van suddenly sped away, but not before Joel managed to catch the license plate number, J0L7JY.

He ran back to Nicholas, who has slipped into unconsciousness as he checked his pulse to make sure the adult fox was alive and started pressurizing the wound with his hand to try and stop Nicholas from bleeding out as he heard sirens start to approach.

"Hang in there, Nick. Hang in there." Joel said as the sirens approached closer.

Later at 1:04 PM

Joel watched the ambulance with an Elk paramedic pressurizing Nicholas' wound drive away with its sirens blaring after the doors were closed, the adult bear telling the police about what happened quickly after.

As the ambulance left, the fire on the playground had been quickly extinguished and fire investigators, who had just arrived were determining what caused it, but as the fire investigators were about to start, one firefighter got the attention from the broken SAVO Unit.

"It can't be." The firefighter said, revealing he's male by his voice as he picked up the SAVO Unit and its pieces which also caught the attention of one of the fire investigators, a male Shiba Inu.

"What's going on, Chief Daniels?" The Shiba Inu asked the firefighter now known as Chief Daniels, and he was right. Chief Daniels was a chief as he wore a white firefighter helmet which has the words Battalion Chief on it and the middle section on the back of the turnout gear, also on his helmet were the words Battalion 5 in a square section and below that was the word Chicago.

On the back of the turnout gear were the words exempting Battalion Chief in the middle section were the words Chicago Fire Dept at the top section and on the bottom section was the word, Daniels.

Chief Daniels was a dog with brown fur, tan fur making up his eyebrows and mustache, and dark brown fur making up his ears.

"It's one of those SAVO watches the Danger Rangers have." Chief Daniels answered as the Shiba Inu looked at the broken SAVO Unit.

"I don't recall hearing the Danger Rangers being in Chicago." The Shiba Inu said, giving an expression of confusion.

"Neither do I, I would have at least heard that they were coming." Chief Daniels replied, confused as well.

"And I think there about six...maybe?...members of the Danger Rangers, and I don't think whoever did the kidnapping would be able to take on all six of them." The Shiba Inu added.

"Right...wait, kidnapping?" Chief Daniels started to say before he suddenly realized what the Shiba Inu said, which caught his attention.

"Yeah, I overheard some of the officers say something about kidnapping and that someone was stabbed, I'm surprised you didn't know about until now. You must be getting Alzheimer's or something if you're forgetting things easily." The Shiba Inu replied.

"Hikari, two things. One, I can assure you I do not have Alzheimer's. And two, I was kind of busy focusing on the fire then my surroundings." Chief Daniels said to the Shiba Inu whose name or surname was revealed to be Hikari.

"Well, the fire has been put out and the police are right over there." Hikari replied, gesturing towards the police nearby, Chief Daniels turned towards the direction Hikari gestured towards and once he saw Joel, it clicked.

The broken SAVO unit, Joel being there, the kidnapping he just found out about, it all seemed to correlate together.

"If there's no evidence of the Danger Rangers being here and as Hikari said, the six of them wouldn't have been captured that easily. And if Mr. Bearonhart is here, plus the kidnapping I somehow did not find out about beforehand, then the only person I know of who would wear this would be… oh my god." Chief Daniels thought as he put everything together and realized who the SAVO unit belonged to as his expression changed to dread and horror.

"I know who this belongs to." Chief Daniels said, realizing who the SAVO unit belonged to as he suddenly hurried over towards the officer who was a female german shepherd and wore the CPD uniform which consisted of a light blue t-shirt with a patch of the flag for the city of Chicago on her right sleeve and the octagonal patch of the Chicago Police with the bold blue letters spelling out the words CHICAGO and POLICE. It also consisted of a black bulletproof vest over her shirt, black pants, black shoes and on her head was the black peaked cap with the Sillitoe Tartan checkerboard wrap and the silver cap badge.

He approached the two, which the officer and Joel took notice as they saw the broken SAVO unit.

"Chief Daniels, what's going on?" The Officer asked the Chief and he gave his response.

"Officer, I know who this belongs to… and I think the CPD is going to need to activate the Amber Alert."


Keystone, South Dakota

2:55 PM

Sully was walking down the hallway, going to do something when suddenly he stopped as he heard something.

What the sea lion heard was humming, more specifically, a female voice humming which Sully recognized as he smiled and started walking towards the direction of where the voice was coming from.

Sully kept on going until he approached the recreation room and peeked inside, seeing Kitty on a chair near the bookcase and looking at a book with a brown cover on it, Sully noticed that the book was wider than a normal-sized one, so it wasn't a reading book, but he quickly turned his attention when she starts to sing.

"Way down upon the Suwannee River, far, far away. There's where my heart is turning ever, there's where the old folks stay. All up and down the whole creation, Sadly I roam. Still longing for my childhood station, and for the old folks at home."

To Sully, her voice was angelic and he started blushing a bit as Kitty looked up away from the book and saw Sully peeking inside, who became red with embarrassment as Kitty giggled before speaking to him.

"Hey, Sully." Kitty said as Sully was up at the doorway of the recreation room's library.

"Hey, Kitty. What are you reading?" Sully responded as he walked up to her and asked her what she was reading.

"I'm not reading, Sully. This is my family Photo Album. I just wanted to take a little trip down memory lane. Look, there's my baby picture." Kitty replied, explaining what she was looking at and showing Sully a picture of baby her in a long-sleeved white bodysuit and in her crib, sleeping and sucking her thumb.

"Aww. Who knew that a cute little baby could grow up to be a beautiful woman." Sully said, complementing the picture and Kitty being beautiful, in which the cat gave a smile as she blushed at Sully's compliment.

"And I got a stud of a boyfriend to match." Kitty replied, complimenting Sully as a stud which made the sea lion blush again before smiling and started to chuckle.

"Stud, huh? Well, then… you want this stud, Ranger Kitty?" Sully responded, taking off his shirt and hanging it over his shoulder, revealing his slight muscular chest and teasing Kitty.

"You know I do, you dork." Kitty said as she closed the book and put it aside before getting up and approached Sully and Kitty closed her eyes and started to lean in for a kiss with Sully following suit as their lips were about to lock before suddenly…

"DANGER ALERT! DANGER ALERT!" SAVO exclaimed as the alarm sounded, stopping the two from locking lips.

"Killjoy." Sully muttered in irritation as Kitty smiled before she leaned in and locked her lips with Sully for a few seconds before she stopped and quickly started heading towards the recreational room itself.

"Come on, Sully." Kitty said as she ran into the rec room itself, Sully in a bit of shock before quickly recuperating and following after, putting his shirt back on as he did so.

"DANGER ALERT! DANGER ALERT!" SAVO continued to exclaim as the words DANGER ALERT appeared on his monitor screen in bold red letters that were behind a yellow background and the screen was flashing.

"What is it, SAVO?" Kitty asked the AI as her and the other Rangers got prepared for what the Danger Alert was about.

"My scanners had indicated an explosive device in Chicago, in the same vicinity as Junior Danger Ranger Derek. I issued a Danger Alert to him, but shortly thereafter, my compu-scan detected multiple 911 calls from the very same location and Junior Ranger Derek's signal had disappeared shortly after the first few calls came. " SAVO replied. The Rangers gasped at what SAVO said, the Junior Rangers were kids after all, so concern for their well-being was not unfounded.

"SAVO, can you try and get access to the signal?" Burt asked the AI.

"I have tried already, Ranger Burt. As I said, the signal had disa-... Rangers, I have just detected an Emergency Alert System activation in Chicago." SAVO answered as he started to explain that he already tried to track the signal again, but to no avail before three beeps sounded, interrupting the AI and telling the Rangers about the EAS activation he had just detected.

"Let's hear it, SAVO." Sully said to the AI, asking him to play the EAS activation for the Rangers.

And so, he did.

The sounding of the EAS's three tones known as Specific Area Message Encoding or SAME headers that sounds like it comes from a dial-up modem blared out before the Attention Tone was heard right after the three tones sounded, the Rangers awaited for the voiced announcement detailing the nature of the alert as suddenly they flinched at a new sound they didn't expect, causing to startle them a bit in surprise.

What they heard sounded like the pneumatic wail of a civil defense siren, it was short as it only lasted a couple of seconds before the voice spoke.

"This is an activation of the Amber Alert system requested by the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Police is investigating the abduction of two children from Armonton Playground park, Derek Creavan is a-..."

Once the Rangers heard Derek's name, the shock hit them hard like an oncoming train… then came the dread and fear as they listened voice described Derek, from his age, to his fur color, to what clothing he was last seen wearing, which were all correct.

The Rangers' fears were confirmed, Derek had been abducted and is in immediate danger.

A look of shock, dread, and worry came upon the Rangers' faces before the voice said something that caught their attention the same way it did when they heard Derek's name.

"...Scott Bearonheart is a-..."

Once they heard Scott's name, the shock hit them again, although not as hard because the voice did say that two children were abducted, they just didn't know who the second child was until the voice said Scott's name as the voice described him, being all correct… which meant that both Derek and Scott have been abducted and both were in immediate danger.

The Rangers continued to listen as the voice said where the boys were abducted from and the voice said who abducted the two, which the Rangers paid close attention to.

"...The two boys were abducted by two unknown individuals, the two were seen wearing all black clothing and their heads being covered by black ski masks, one of the individuals also stabbed Derek's father, Nicholas Creavan during the act and are considered armed and dangerous by Chicago Police. The two are driving a white conversion full-size van with license plate number J0L7JY. If you have any information regarding the Amber Alert or see the two boys or the van, do not approach, call the Chicago Police immediately at-..."

As the announcement read the number for the Chicago Police, the Rangers' mouths were agape, their eyes widened in shock, dread and anxiety filled within them and their expressions were stricken with horror as reality set back in. The three End Of Message or EOM tones blared once the voice had stopped talking, the tones signifying the end of the Emergency Alert.

Once the reality set back in, the Rangers were still in a state of shock, fear, and dread. Derek and Scott, two boys they met under less than stellar circumstances, learned their lesson in fire safety, one even becoming a Junior Danger Ranger had been abducted and is now in extreme danger.

"Dis… just… got... personal!" Squeaky said, an angry glare coming upon his face, his teeth clenching as he spoke, and rage filling within his voice, the Rangers knew what Squeaky was feeling.

"Sully? What are we going to do?" Burble asked, asking their leader what their game plan was.

Sully took a few seconds to think about what they were going to do before coming to a conclusion.

"Rangers, we're heading to Chicago. SAVO, contact Chicago PD and tell them we're coming to help." Sully answered, coming to his conclusion and asking SAVO to contact Chicago PD.

"Right away, Ranger Sully." SAVO replied, granting Sully's request.

"Come on, Rangers." Sully said as he started heading to the control room with the other Rangers following suit as they got onto the Hovercraft and took off from Mt. Rushmore to Chicago.

Sully having a determined look on his face as the Hovercraft flew through the sky.

Chapter 2, Coming soon