Chapter 3

Silence, that was the atmosphere within the vehicle as it went down the now wet and slick road with rain pouring down from the sky with bolts of lightning streaking through the clouds, the flashes lighting the dark grey clouds and claps of thunder echoed throughout.

A pair of blue eyes that started to get a bit red in its white surroundings, also known as bloodshot eyes looked up at the sky as a lightning bolt streaked across it, which was followed by a clap of thunder.

Sully's eyes moved away from his gaze at the sky as a couple of tears still flowed down his face, a sniffle from him being the only noise anyone within the vehicle would emit.

Kitty's eyes were the same way, slightly red in its white surroundings, a couple of tears still flowed down her face and along with Hunter were silent.

Hunter would focus on the road in front of him, he would occasionally wipe his eyes of tears that were emitting from his eyes and streaking down his face, only for the tears to reform again and stream down his face once again, the process starting over when the tears started to hinder his focus.

Sully then broke the silence within the vehicle after the sound of quiet shuddering and crying emitted from him, catching Kitty's attention and seeing the Danger Rangers' leader weeping with his eyes closed and his palm was against his left eye, possibly trying to wipe away the tears from his eyes as they fell onto the floor.

Kitty extended her arm out towards Sully, but stopped as she started to hesitate for a minute before mustering up and put her hand upon the sea lion's shoulder.

Sully, upon the feeling of Kitty's hand on his shoulder, suddenly started to cease his crying as he turned towards her, sitting up as he continued to look into the worrying look in her eyes and the same expression written on her face.

Sully then took his right hand and put it upon Kitty's in a comforting manner to reassure her even though tears still streaked down his face and he did emit a sniffle or two as the vehicle continued down the road towards the station.

Chicago Police Department Station

Chicago, Illinois


A bit after Sully, Kitty, and Hunter had left to where the Danger Alert was, Hank went back into the room where Mrs. Crevan and Everett were. The room was in actuality the break room as there were cabinets on the wall and below it was a countertop with a sink and on the said countertop was a coffee machine with mugs that had been recently washed.

Next to the counter where the three were was a circular wooden table with chairs of the same nature. Mrs. Crevan was sitting in one of the chairs as Hank sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the table while Everett also took a chair and sat down next to Hank as their conversation began.

"Sergeant, where did Rangers Sully, Kitty, and Agent Stripes going?" Mrs. Crevan asked Hank as she had watched the three leave. Everett looked a bit confused as he was in the room and didn't hear why the three left.

"Mrs. seems that we have found the vehicle that was used in your son's and his friend's kidnapping... and I have heard that it...was burning. Now we don't know if anyone is inside, which I pray will not be the case, but I can guarantee you that we will catch the perpetrators." he answered Mrs. Crevan and cleared up the confusion emitted from Everett.

"Thank you." She replied, thanking him as the interview began with Everett asking the first question.

"Mrs. Crevan, do you know of anyone who would want to do this to either Derek or Scott?"

"No. I-...I don't know of anyone who would want to do this. Oh, my baby could be anywhere and those monsters are probably doing something horrible to him! They could be pedophiles for all I know!" she replied, answering Everett's question and started to fear the worst before Hank stopped her from rambling.

"Mrs. Crevan, I can assure you that the odds of the perpetrators being pedophiles are very slim. The perpetrators also set fire to the playground the boys were playing on, so this doesn't look like the work of a pedophile, but as I said, the odds are slim."

"Mrs. Crevan, we also looked at your son's juvenile record, it seems that he and Scott were sentenced to six months of community service for making a false 911 call and playing with illegal fireworks which caused a fire." Everett said. Mrs. Crevan was about to reply back when the door suddenly opened and Jose peaked his head in.

"Sorry to interrupt, but they're back." Jose said to the three as all of them stopped the interview and headed out of the room to join the awaiting group, getting in front of them.

Everyone awaited as they heard the three come up the stairs, they saw Hunter come up first and everyone started to notice the tiger's eyes were bloodshot and expression was a mixture of forlorn and frustration as he quickly sat down in an empty chair and he put his hand on his head, resting upon it as he put his arm on the desk right next to him.

The feeling of dread came upon everyone as they turned to the sound of Sully and Kitty heading up the stairs and saw them, noticing the two's eyes being bloodshot and having a saddened look written on their faces.

As the two Danger Rangers approached the group, that feeling of dread was turning into fear as Mrs. Crevan with a worried expression on her face, approached the two.

"Ranger Sully, what happened? Did you find the boys? Is my son okay?!" Mrs. Crevan exclaimed, wanting to know the answers to her questions concerning Derek and Scott.

Sully didn't answer, all he could give was the silent saddened expression on his face.

This increased the fearful feeling that was being emitted by everyone as GB whispered: "Ay Dios Mio, say it isn't so.".

Mrs. Crevan's eyes started to fill up with tears, her eyes started to glisten and her hands started to shake a bit in fear as she turned to Kitty, who also had the silent saddened expression on her face.

"Ranger Kitty?... Please answer me! What happened?!" she asked, going over to Kitty and asking her, she didn't respond at first as tears started to shed down her face and she looked back at the fox mother and broke the fearful silence with two words, the two words hitting Mrs. Crevan like a bullet to the heart.

"I'm sorry."

"No...No. No, it can't baby...please tell me it isn't true...please..." Mrs. Crevan said as the tears started to stream down her face as the fox had taken a few steps backward in shock and anguish, her hands covering her muzzle as she spoke.

"There were...t-two bo-...bodies i-... in the v-van a-...and th-they looked a-and...D-...Der-...Derek. I-it...i-is p-possible th-...that th-...they were b-...b-...bur-...bur-burned I-...I'm-...I'm...sorry." Sully said to Mrs. Crevan, choking up as he did so as tears streamed down his face.

" baby boy baby... it can't c-...can-...can't c-can't…" she said as she started to choke up as she spoke, still trying to reel from Sully telling her son was dead before the anguish got to her and she started to cry, tears streaming down her face like a waterfall and woeful sobs emitted from her.

Hank then helped Mrs. Crevan to walk towards the break room where she could mourn in seclusion as she sat back down at the table and grabbing her purse before pulling out a picture of Derek and held it in her hands as she mourned the loss of her son.

Meanwhile, the Rangers were all mourning as well, their eyes filled with tears and it streamed down their faces.

Burble was in shock and disbelief, he couldn't fathom what he had just heard, he started to stumble a bit, but didn't fall and managed to keep his footing as Burble started to emit small, quiet cries as he tried to wipe away the tears from his eyes.

Burt bowed his head in mourning, the turtle kept silent as tears still continued to streak down his face and drops fell to the floor.

GB started to choke up, emitting small shudders and cries as tears continued streaming down the hummingbird's face while Squeaky had a saddened expression written on his face with his head bowed down as both performed a gesture that neither noticed, they put their right hands on their foreheads and tapped it with their fingers or wings in GB's case, they then tapped the center of their chests before finally tapping both of their shoulders.

The movement and the pinpointed tapping was in the shape of a cross and the gesture is done by those of the Catholic faith, meaning that both Squeaky and Gabriela were Catholics.

The FBI agents all bowed their heads in mourning with the officers and Hank following suit.

"Excuse me." Sully said as he quickly walked away from the group and down a hallway and into a room where interrogations were held.

The room was a dark shade of light blue with a window emitting light at the very top near the ceiling, on the opposite side of the wall was the one-way window for viewing and a grey metal table and chairs occupied the room.

Sully closed the door and laid against the wall on the right side of the door, the sea lion exhaled before he started to shudder and gave off a few sniffles as tears continued streaming down his face. Then the shudders turned into cries as Sully started sliding down against the wall and onto the floor before he put his hands over his eyes and started to try and wipe away tears as the leader of the Danger Rangers continued to sob softly, anguish and sadness for the two boys who had just been murdered.

The door opened up shortly after and Kitty came into the room, seeing Sully sobbing in a fetal position with his arms wrapped around his legs, Sully looked up and turned to her as she closed the door, both still had tears streaming down their faces, but Kitty was drier than Sully's as the cat got down on her knees and looked at the sea lion, who got out of the fetal position as Kitty got down on the same level as him.

An expression of concern was written on the cat's face as the two stared at each other, saying nothing as their surroundings became silent.

After what felt like a few minutes had gone by, Sully started to choke up, letting out small cries and shudders as the tears continued streaming down his face.

Kitty then brought him in for a hug, the sea lion stopping with the cries, but tears still streamed down his face as he embraced the hug, wrapping his arms around Kitty before he started to choke up again, the sea lion soon starting to sob in anguish as Kitty comforted him, sounds of soft crying and shuddering emitted from the Danger Rangers' leader and his tears fell to the floor as they both mourned the loss of Scott and Derek.

Meanwhile at the unknown location…

"Where were you?!" A voice exclaimed as an older brown-furred Doberman as he got up from his chair angrily as another person walked to him and pulled off his black mask, revealing a Doberman as well, younger in age as he replied back to the older Doberman.


"Jason, I am not playing games, where were you and what did you do!?" The older Doberman said to the younger now known as Jason in which he replied.

"I told you, old man. I was out. And I was just giving their parents the pain I felt when they took her away from us."

The older Doberman became shocked and appalled at what Jason had said as he replied back to him.

"Jason...What did you do?"

"All I did was "burn" those kids alive in the back of the van...which is now torched if you really wanted to know." Jason answered as he put his mask back on and opened the door into the room, leaving the older Doberman still in a state of shock.

Tears dropped onto the concrete floor and soft crying was heard as the door opened, Jason then walked towards the sounds as he closed the door with older Doberman coming up to the window on said door.

Jason approached who was making the sounds and an angered glare came upon his face as he spoke in a cold tone of voice.


"Leave him alone!" Another voice exclaimed at Jason which made him turn his head towards the other voice.

"Keep your mouth shut! You don't get to speak for the murderer." He responded back before turning back to who it was who was making the sounds of crying.

That person being Derek Crevan as tears continued to flow down his face and teardrops continued to hit the concrete floor, and the other voice belonged to Scott Bearonhart, blood drops stained the bear's shirt and the blood from the nosebleed had dried while Derek's black eye was still swelling a bit.

" Dad!" He mustered out, in anguish and pain from what had transpired as he lifted his head up.

"An acceptable casualty, he got in the way of your forthcoming justice, I stopped him the best way I knew how." Jason replied back as he grabbed a pack of cigarettes from one of his belt holsters, pulled one out, and then pulled out a lighter. The Doberman lifted up his mask to only uncovering his muzzle, put the cigarette to his lips and flicked on the lighter before bringing the flame up to the end of the cigarette and took an inhale of nicotine that was within it before removing it from his lips and suddenly blew the smoke in Derek's face.

The fox quickly started to hack and cough from the smoke as Scott as well as the older Doberman watched in shock.

"You know, I don't usually smoke, but in this case...I'm willing to make an exception." Jason said to the still hacking and coughing fox as he suddenly lifted up Derek's shirt and struck his side with the burning cigarette.

Blood-curdling screaming came from Derek as Jason continued to twist the burning cigarette into the fox's side.

"See that? Now you know how it feels to be burned!" Jason exclaimed as he continued, Derek's screaming turning into pained crying.

"Stop it!" Scott screamed as the older Doberman pounded on the door, which caught Jason's attention as he stopped twisting and removed the cigarette from Derek's side, leaving a burn mark.

"You're lucky." Jason said to Scott as he walked to the door, which opened up when he got near it and went through the doorway before the older Doberman closed the door, stopping for a second during the process as he heard Derek's sobbing, remorse was what he was feeling and what his face was expressing.

Once he closed the door, he turned to Jason, who was ticked off as the older Doberman gave him a scowling angry glare before Jason spoke.


"What!? You burn a child and all you can say is "What"!?" The older Doberman angrily exclaimed at Jason who still had an enraged look still on his face.

"You interrupted me, old man." Jason replied back in the cold tone he had been exhibiting.

"That doesn't matter! How do you think she would feel if she saw you doing this?! She would have resented you for what you-...!" The older Doberman responded in the same angry tone before he suddenly was interrupted by Jason taking out his knife and pointing it at the older Doberman's neck.

"Don't you dare bring her into this! You have no right to do that!" Jason exclaimed towards the older Doberman, an enraging tone in his voice.

"Jason…" the older Doberman started to say before he looked at his watch before taking the knife away from the older Doberman's neck and putting it back in the holster.

"I have somewhere to be, lucky for you. But we'll finish this talk when I get back." Jason said as he started to walk out of the building, the older Doberman was a bit dumbfounded at what he said.

"Wha-?! What are you going?" The older Doberman asked,a bit testy as he watched Jason walk out.

"It's none of your concern, old man." Jason replied as he continued down the hallway before turning and a door opening and closing were heard as the older Doberman turned towards the door and looked at the crying fox, clearly still in pain and mourning the "loss" of his dad.

The older Doberman started to take pity on the fox as he went over towards a nearby white case with a red cross symbol on it, it was a first aid kit. The older Doberman then opened the door, which made the boys look up and see him walk towards them with the first aid kit in hand.

The older Doberman approached Derek and got on one of his knees, setting the kit down before opening it.

"Don't hurt him!" Scott exclaimed towards the older Doberman as he pulled out an instant cold compress from the kit and applied it to the burn after lifting up Derek's shirt to reveal it.

Derek winced and hissed in pain once it was applied to the burn, the older Doberman finally replied to Scott.

"I don't plan on it. I'm applying a cold compress to the burn, it may hurt a bit, it'll relieve the pain until I can apply the rest of the necessary ointment and bandage." the older Doberman replied, explaining what he was doing as about fifteen minutes pass and two extra instant compresses were applied, he then put antibiotic ointment on the burn, using a sterilized applicator or a cotton swab to do it before putting a non-stick gauze bandage on it before grabbing the roll of gauze from the kit and wrapping it around Derek's waist before ripping it at the end in order to hold the bandage.

While he was being treated, Derek managed to stop crying, but tears still flowed down his face, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, one of the kidnappers, the one he bit, was now helping him as he then went over to Scott and used a wipe to wash away the dried blood before heading back as he then put everything back into the kit and closed it, getting up after.

"The bandage should be kept on for a couple of weeks so the burn can properly heal... It's getting late, I think you better get some shut-eye later on, and don't worry, I won't allow him to come in and hurt you two again." The older Doberman said to Derek as he turned and headed for the door.

"Excuse me, sir… thank you." Derek said which made the older Doberman stop before he thanked him for patching the burn.

"You're welcome. Listen, I want to say I am truly sorry for my son's actions against you." The older Doberman responded, revealing Jason was his son as he apologized for Jason's actions before opening the door and leaving the room.


Chicago Police Department station

Chicago, Illinois

"This has now...become a manhunt."

Hunter rose up from seat as lightning flashed and thunder cracked outside, the rain still pelting down on the building, everyone was reeling from the news at the loss of Derek and Scott as this now had become a manhunt for the murder or murderers.

"I'll cancel the Amber Alert and get a press conference ready." Hank said as he started to go into his office.

"Sarge, wait. We should wait for the official confirmation before we do that. It might give us time to get a lead on the perpetrators." Jeff noted which managed to stop Hank as he was about to pick up the phone before giving his reply.

"You're right, we should at least wait, thank you detective." Hank replied as he put the phone down and came back into the squad room as the detectives and agents got to work.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, small cries and shudders still emitted from Sully, though they were few in far between as Sully managed to get out a few words, saying "It's-...It's fault.

Kitty took notice of what Sully had said, blaming himself for the boys' deaths. She pulled out of the hug and went back to facing the distraught sea lion as tears still flowed down his face.

"Sully, it isn't your fault. You can't blame yourself for what happened." Kitty said to him in a concerning tone of voice, reassuring Sully as the sea lion replied back to her.

"It should be! First Ricky…now Scott and Derek! It's all my fault, Kitty! The boys are dead because of me!" Sully exclaimed at Kitty, still distraught as he put his head down and continued to emit small cries, still blaming himself over the boys' deaths as Kitty put her hand under his chin and lift the sea lion's head up, Sully saw her expression turn from concern to grave, the same in the tone of her voice as she spoke to him while tears flowed down her face

"Sullivan Sealford, I will not have you blame yourself for the death of Derek and Scott! How do you think I feel?! Derek admired me as his favorite Danger Ranger and now he's dead! I feel the same way you do, Sully. I want to take a bat with nails or barbed wire to those monsters that murdered them and start beating them with it! But I will not have you wallowing away, blaming yourself for this!"

Sully quickly managed to stop crying during and after Kitty's stern talking towards Sully. He stared at the stern look she was giving as Kitty still had tears flowing down her face. Sully then hung his head as teardrops hit the floor.

"I-I...I'm...Sorry." he said to her, apologizing as Kitty's expression turned back to that of concern, and Sully began letting out shuddered cries once again.

"Hey, has anyone seen Sully and Kitty?" Burble asked the Rangers, noticing the absence of the two.

"Yeah, where are those two?" Squeaky seconded, also taking notice as well as Burt and Gabriela

"I saw Ranger Sully and Kitty go into the interrogation room, they've been there in a while now." Erin answered, the Rangers then went over to the interrogation room door before Burble knocked on it.

The Rangers stood back as the door opened, Kitty appearing in the doorway with a solemn look on her face. Silence came upon them as Kitty stood out of the way for the Rangers to come in.

When they did, they saw Sully still on the floor, emitting small cries and shudders as he kept wiping tears from his eyes, but more kept flowing as a few drops hit the floor.

"I-I-...It-...It's a-all my f-...fau-...fault. It-It's a-...all m-my faul-...fault…" was all Sully could say as he repeated saying it over and over in his anguished state, the Rangers' expressions had become a mixture of concernment, sympathy as they watched Sully continued to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Burble quietly closed the door once everyone had gotten in as Kitty got down on one knee and put her left hand gently on Sully's shoulder, the sea lion stopped repeating what he was saying, managing to stop wiping the tears from his face and letting it freely flow as he lifted his head up and looked at Kitty, who then gestured her head towards the other Rangers.

Sully slowly turned his head towards the other Rangers, seeing the concern expressed on their faces.

"Sully, are you okay?" Burble asked him, Sully then turned his head back down before it moved side to side, his answer was no.

The Rangers except for Sully looked at each other for a few seconds before Kitty took his hand and held it firmly, Sully's head lifting up and looking into her eyes, which also had tears filling in them and shedding down her face which continued to express sadness and concernment.

Kitty then got off the ground and stood up as she helped the sea lion up off the ground and pulled him into a comforting hug in the process when Sully was at her height.

Sully still let his tears freely flow as he then wrapped his arms around her, embracing his girlfriend in her hug of comfort.

The hug wrapped up about a minute after as Kitty turned her head to the other Rangers with Sully following suit. The other Rangers, most notably Burble, had tears in their eyes with the polar bear having his arms spread out like a hug, waiting for Sully to embrace the comforting hug he was offering.

"We're all here for you, Sully. I'm here for you. You don't have to go through this alone." Kitty said to him, reassuring the sea lion as he managed to give a small smile.

"Thank you, all of you." Sully replied, thanking his teammates.

"You're welcome, Sully. Now, let Burble give you a bear hug." Kitty jokingly responded as Sully gave off a small chuckle before he walked over to Burble and let the polar bear embrace him in a hug before the other Rangers joined in, forming a group hug.

After a couple of minutes of the group hug, the Rangers came out of the interrogation room with everyone's tears wiped away from their eyes and faces. The CPD and FBI personnel noticed this as the Rangers went back to where they were.

"Ranger Sully, is everything alright?" Hunter asked. Sully turned to face the agent before giving his response.

"Just-...just had a mourning period." He responded, giving his answer to Hunter.

"We all have had one, Ranger Sully. Don't let it take control of you." Hunter said to him as the tiger came up to Sully and gave him a pat on the shoulder as the law enforcement personnel went back to what they were doing.

As the detectives and agents continued working, the Rangers noticed a female cat with black fur and wearing light blue medical scrubs walking up the stairs with a clear bag with the word Evidence in black bold letters with an orange rectangular stripe background in her hand.

"Emily? What are you doing here?" Hank asked the cat, revealing her name as she came into the room and approached the panther.

"Hank, there's something of concern at the mor-...Hank, why don't you introduce me to your new friends, so we can all catch up to speed?" she replied, starting to bring up why she was here before noticing the Rangers and the agents, asking Hank to introduce her to them.

"Right Everyone, this is Dr. Emily Catra-Panmann, She's our medical examiner…and my wife. Emi-...I mean Dr. Catra-Panmann, I'd like you to meet Agents Stripes, Lowell, Malines, and Spots with the FBI and the Danger Rangers, they both are helping us with this investigation regarding the kidnapping and murder of those boys." Hank said, introducing her as Dr. Emily Catra, the medical examiner for the Chicago PD and Hank's wife before introducing the FBI agents and the Rangers to her.

Mrs. Crevan came out of the break room after mourning as she had seen Emily come into the squad room as the vixen approached her.

"I take it you're the mother of Derek Crevan?" she asked Mrs. Crevan.

"Yes, I am...I-...I'm Catherine Crevan. Are you here about son?" Mrs. Crevan replied, revealing her first name to be Catherine as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Well, that's what I came here for. Hank, those bodies I have in my morgue, they're not real." Emily said, shocking everyone, including Catherine, who started to shed tears at the revelation.

"Y-You mean-...m-my son i-is s-...sti-...still a-alive?" Catherine said to Emily, hoping that Derek could still be alive while she tried not to break down in tears.

"I-... I don't know for sure if he is or not, but there could be a better chance of that, in my opinion." Emily replied to Catherine's question with her own opinion.

"Doctor, what do you mean the bodies aren't real? I and Kitty were there after the firefighters had found them." Sully said, questioning Emily.

"And both of us saw them being carried on stretchers in body bags." Kitty added, backing Sully up.

"The bodies were made of some kind of non-flammable material, whoever set the faux bodies on fire probably used an accelerant like gasoline to do it, so it would give off a charred body look, plus I found this in it when I opened it up, it's a note." Emily replied before she gave the transparent evidence bag to Hank, inside was a white sheet of paper with handwriting on it.

"It says: "Now you know how it feels, the pain of losing someone close to you. We hope you'll remember this, because this is how you'll feel when we do this for real, try and see if you can find them, Chicago police." Jeff, get this to forensics and have them dust for fingerprints and check for any traces of DNA." he read before handing Jeff the evidence bag.

"Got it, Sarge." Jeff said before going down the stairs to forensics were as everyone got over the initial shock of what the letter said.

"I think we have a potential motive here. Whoever the perpetrators are, they are doing this out of a sense of vengeance, it could be in retaliation for the fire at 3684 Chicago Drive, the boys not only set the fire by lighting illegal fireworks but according to the report, Derek made a false alarm earlier that day. It could be possible that someone close to the perpetrators died or was injured in the fire." Hunter said,

"Wait a second, Agent Stripes. Me and Kitty were both at that fire, and as far as we know, no one died or was injured." Sully added.

"Then what about after the fact? It could be possible something happened after." Carlos interjected, adding his own conclusion to the motive.

"You could be on to something, Carlos. Check for any tenants who lived at 3684 Chicago Drive at the time of the fire who had died after and check for any who had underlying health conditions prior." Hank said, telling Carlos to check for anyone who lived at the building and died after the fact.

"Yes, sir." Carlos replied as he focused back on his computer.

"Well, I better get back. The rain is letting up and I'd rather get back to the office before it starts pouring down again. I'll come back later before I head home, okay?" Emily said.

"Okay." Hank responded as Emily gave him a kiss on the cheek before she left the squad room and went down the stairs, Hank unknowingly blushing after it happened.

"Sergeant Panmann, yuh're blushing." Squeaky pointed out to the panther, who quickly stopped when he realized what he was doing.

"Sarge, we got something!" Carlos exclaimed, catching the attention of everyone as he got up from his desk and went over to them

"What is it?" Hank asked.

"I search for any deaths from any cause that occurred after the fire, there was only one. Angela Tauber. 63 Years old, died from complications of Stage 4 Lung Cancer two weeks after the fire." Carlos answered, revealing the one death that had been reported.

"Did she have any family?"

"Yes, she did. A 64-year old husband, Tyler and two adult children. 41 year old, Noah and 32 year old, Tyler."

"Any whereabouts of the three?" Erin asked Carlos.

"We only have Noah's whereabouts, he lives in Texas. Tyler and Jason's address is listed as 3684 Chicago Drive. So they must haven't changed it." Carlos answered, revealing the known and unknown whereabouts as Rachel got off the phone and spoke up.

"Sergeant, detail just reported Mr. Crevan has just woken up and is responsive."

"I'm going to head down there personally and get his statement, everyone keep on investigating, the minute you hear something, let me know." Hank said as he went into his office and grabbed his service weapon before starting to head down the stairs.

"I'm going with you and do what he said." Hunter added as he followed Hank.

"So are we." Sully responded, him and Kitty following Hank and Hunter down the stairs to head down to the hospital as the rain stopped and the clouds started to break.

Chicago General Hospital

Chicago, Illinois

The hospital was bustling with activity as Hank, Hunter, Sully, and Kitty arrived at the hospital, they walked through the hall towards where a CPD officer, a Jaguar was sitting in a blue chair next to the door, he quickly stood up as the four approached to the room and went in as Catherine was talking to Nicholas, who was lying in bed in a light blue hospital gown, the sheet covering him up to the top half of his torso, on his right hand was an Intravenous or IV line that connected to an IV drip and bag that was filled with Saline, a bloodline on his left arm connected to a blood bag that is used for transfusions with both bags were on the same metal pole with hooks.

Catherine was in a chair next to the bedside whilst holding her husband's hand as she kept talking to him.

On the other side of the room on a couch was Joel and sitting another bear, a female with yellow fur, wearing a light blue t-shirt and khaki pants. The four walked into the room and stood near the front of the doorway.

"...I am just so glad you're okay, Nicky. Oh, Ranger Sully, Ranger Kitty, Sergeant Panmann, Agent Stripes, I didn't know you all were coming." Catherine said as the four walked into the room, Catherine noticing them.

"Well, when we heard Mr. Crevan was awake, we came by to see how he was doing. But also, we would like to take a statement from you with regards to the search for your son." Hank replied, explaining why they were there.

"Have you found the boys?" the female bear asked Hank as she and Joel got up from the couch, tears forming in her eyes as the four turned their heads to them, Hank approaching the two.

"Unfortunately, we have not, but we're not giving up. I take it you must be Scott's mother." Hank said to the female bear before Joel spoke up.

"That's right. This is my wife, Maya."

"Mrs. Bearonhart, I'm Sergeant Panmann with the Chicago PD, I lead the team of CPD detectives in this task force to help find the boys." Hank said to Maya, introducing himself to her and showing his badge.

"And i'm Special Agent Stripes, FBI. I lead the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team of agents that are part of the task force." Hunter followed, introducing himself as well before also showing his ID and badge.

"It's nice to meet you both, but I heard that the Danger Rangers were helping as well." Maya replied as the two Law Enforcement officials put their credentials away.

"Yes, they are." Hunter said before Maya and Joel walked up to Sully and Kitty.

"I guess we've never formally met. I'm Maya Bearonhart, Scott's mother." Maya said to the two Danger Rangers.

"And I'm Scott's father, Joel Bearonhart." Joel followed, introducing himself as well.

"I'm Ranger Sully and this is Ranger Kitty. Mr and Mrs. Bearonhart, I can't imagine what you both are going through right now. But I will promise we'll do everything we can to find Scott and Derek." Sully replied, introducing himself and Kitty to Joel and Maya as the bear wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Thank you. All of you. I will hope and pray that my baby is brought back home safe." Maya said, thanking the four for the reassurance.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Bearonhart. We all feel the same way and like Ranger Sully said, we'll do everything we can to find them, we are also glad you're going to fully recover, Mr. Crevan." Kitty replied as Maya and Joel went back to the couch, Kitty turning to Nicholas and spoke to him, the fox replying back.

"Well, we Crevan's are fighters after all and we Irish always have a slight trace of alcohol in our blood system to numb the pain."

Catherine suddenly snorted with laughter as she tried not to burst out laughing, Nicholas having an expression of confusion along with everyone else.

"Nicky, you know better than I do that you cannot handle alcohol, remember what happened the last time you drank." Catherine said whilst laughing, sudden realization hitting Nicholas as his expression turned to that as he started to blush in embarrassment.

"I thought you were never going to talk about that!" Nicholas exclaimed, the fox clearly embarrassed when his wife brought it up.

"Oooh. I wanna hear this, what happened?" Joel said intriguingly, interested in what happened.

"Nothing Happened!" Nicholas quickly denied, still in a state of embarrassment before Catherine told the story.

"Well, Joel, it happened a few hours after he proposed to me, we were meeting some of our friends in a bar, don't worry, we were at the legal age at the time. I showed them the ring he proposed to me with and we ended up getting drinks on the house when one of our friends decided to tell the whole bar about our engagement. We proposed a toast to the engagement and Nicholas, I honestly don't know why, but he chugged half of it down really fast." Catherine explained, telling the story before Sully spoke up.

"That was not only unhealthy, but a very bad idea, Mr. Crevan. You should've never drank that fast."

"You can't really blame me for doing that, Ranger Sully. I was happy, I had proposed to the woman I love just a few hours earlier that day." Nicholas retorted, explaining his reasoning.

"We don't blame you, Mr. Crevan. You were both adults and the legal age, you have a right to drink alcohol, it's just that what you did was not safe." Kitty added before Catherine spoke up again, finishing the story.

"And trust me, he learned that the hard way. Anyway, after that we did get to talking for a bit before one of my friends noticed Nick was starting to get drunk, I decided to take him home and he went on this happy drunken rant, I don't remember what he said exactly, but I do remember him saying "Surely my...inhibitions...LOVE YOU!" and then you nearly blacked out on me, it was hysterical."

Joel started laughing with everyone else except for Nicholas giving off some giggles as Catherine finished telling the story, even pulling off a drunken voice when she was impersonating Nicholas.

Nicholas however, wasn't really as happy as the others as he was expressing scorn towards Catherine before he spoke to her.

"I hate you."

"I love you too, sweetie." Catherine replied, giving him a kiss on the forehead as Joel managed to calm down and stop laughing before wiping a tear from his eye as he spoke.

"Oh, we needed a good laugh."

"It's kind of getting crowded in here, i'm gonna step out for a bit to get a drink of water. Would any of you like anything?" Cathrine asked as she got up from her chair.

"No thanks, Catherine." Nicholas replied, she then turned to Joel and Maya, who shook their heads no before turning to the two Danger Rangers and the two law enforcement officials.

"No thank you, Mrs. Crevan. We're good." Sully responded with Hank and Hunter also shaking their heads.

"Okay then, excuse me." she said as Sully, Kitty, Hank, and Hunter moved out of the doorway and let Catherine pass, she started walking down the hall before something grabbed her attention.

"Mom!" A voice exclaimed, Catherine turned towards the voice. Surprise, joy, and a forming smile were expressed on her face as Sully, Kitty, Hank, and Hunter also came out of the room when they heard the voice.

Coming down the hallway was a fox with brown fur-like Nicholas' and Derek's, but was more akin to Sully in terms of height.

The two Danger Rangers both took notice of what the fox was wearing, a camouflage uniform used by the military known as the OCP or by its nickname, "Fatigues". He wore a camouflage jacket over a tan shirt, pants with the same camouflage design and tan laced combat boots.

On the right side breast was a name tag in spice brown letters and having the same camouflage pattern that read CREVAN, revealing the fox to be Catherine's older son.

On the left side breast of the uniform was another tag that read U.S AIR FORCE in spice brown letters and above that tag was a small patch with the image of a shield engraved with stripes and having wings connected to said shield in spice brown.

In the center of his chest was another small patch of an image of a single spice brown rectangular bar, on the right upper shoulder was a reversed American flag that was usually done by the US Military, below it was a patch of a circle with the image of an eagle looking through a scope with a missile in its talons, connected to the bottom of the shield was a curved strip that had the words 492D FIGHTER SQ on it.

On the left upper shoulder was a single patch that was a shield that had the image of the Statue of Liberty, showing only her head, part of her shoulders and her right hand which held the famous torch, surrounding her were thirteen stars and connected to the shield at the bottom was a ribbon with the words STATUE DE LA LIBERTE, all three of the patches were in the spice brown color.

In his right hand was a cap known in the military as a "Patrol Cap", it had the same camouflage design with the name tag also being on the back strap and on the front, just above the visor was the same rectangular bar as the one on his chest, both also in spice brown coloring.

"Darren!" Catherine exclaimed happily, revealing his first name to be Darren as she ran up to the fox and hugged him tightly, both embracing it as few tears of joy came from her eyes.

The two finished the hug as Catherine looked at him whilst wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"Wha-? What are you doing here? I thought you would be in England." Catherine asked Darren, revealing that he was in England, most likely based there.

"That's not important right now, how's Dad?" Darren replied, shifting the topic quickly to Nicholas' condition.

"Oh, right. The doctors have said he's going to make a full recovery. In fact, he's awake right now." Catherine said to Darren with him quickly sighing in relief.

"Thank goodness. And what about Derek? Have they found him and Scott?" Darren responded and asked after sighing. Catherine gave a forlorn expression to him, indicating to Darren that Derek and Scott hadn't been found yet.

"They haven't been found yet, Darren. I'm sorry." Catherine replied, answering her son's question as a tear fell from his eye, but he quickly wiped it away before turning to her again.

"And Casey?" Darren asked about his younger sister.

"She's with your Grandparents." Catherine answered as Darren looked up to see Hunter, Sully, and Kitty looking at him.

"Mrs. Crevan, I take it this is your eldest son." Sully said to her as she turned to the Danger Rangers' leader when he spoke.

"Yes, he is. Why don't you go introduce yourself. " Catherine replied to Sully before turning back to Darren before he introduced himself to the four.

"Right. My name is Darren Crevan, I'm a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, I'm also Derek and Casey's older brother. I take it you two are Danger Rangers." Darren said, introducing himself, revealing his rank and in fact, he is Nicholas' and Catherine's eldest son as he turned his attention to the two Danger Rangers first.

"Yes, we are. I'm Sully, and this is Kitty." Sully responded, introducing himself and Kitty as Darren came up to them and shook their hands, Sully giving off a quick saluting gesture to Darren after.

"Nice to meet you, First Lieutenant." Kitty said to Darren as he shook her hand before he replied back to her.

"Thank you, Ranger Kitty. But please call me Darren, Derek's told me a lot about you, Ranger Kitty. You're his favorite Danger Ranger, you know."

"I am aware of that, Darren." Kitty replied, giving a smile at the reminding of Derek's favoritism for her. Darren then turned to Hank and their conversation started, Darren shaking his hand throughout.

"I'm Sergeant Panmann, Chicago PD. I am part of a task force in finding Derek and Scott. I do wish this meeting was under better circumstances."

"I understand, Sergeant. I just hope my baby brother and Scott are both found safe, I would do anything to find them if I could."

"I hope that too, Lieutenant. I can relate to what you and your family are going through. If my daughter or my son had been kidnapped, I would have done nothing but search the planet to find them."

Darren then turned to Hunter as the tiger pulled out his badge and ID, showing it to the fox.

"Lieutenant, I'm Special Agent Stripes, FBI. I'm also part of the task force in the finding of your younger brother and his friend. If I may ask, Lieutenant, why were you in England?" Hunter answered, introducing himself and asking Darren of his whereabouts.

"I'm stationed at RAF Lakenheath, I'm part of the 492nd Fighter Squadron which is part of the 48th Fighter Wing. See." Darren replied, answering Hunter as he pointed at the patches of the fighter squadron and the wing he was a part of.

"I can see, Lieutenant." Hunter responded before he heard a familiar voice catch him.

"Darren? I-Is"

Darren turned to face the hospital room and he looked at his father with happy tears in his eyes and a joyful smile on his face. The eldest Crevan also had tears forming in his eyes as well with a smile also expressed on his face as he walked into the hospital room and bent down next to his bed.

"Dad! I-I'm so glad you're okay!" Darren said as he suddenly hugged his father as he gave a small shudder with the tears falling from his eyes, although he was hugging Nicholas a bit too hard as he had winced in pain when Darren hugged him, but he still kept his smile as he gave his response.

"Thanks, Darren. But you're kinda hugging me a bit too hard!"

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Dad!" Darren said, letting go of Nicholas before he turned to Joel and Maya and approached them.

"Mr and Mrs. Bearonhart. I express my condolences for what you are going through right now." Darren said to the two as he got on one knee.

"Thank you, Darren. But how did you get here?" Maya replied to Darren as he got back up.

"Well, mom had called the Air Force to let me know what happened, at the time, I was taking part in war games and was heading back to my Base Housing when I got the message, my CO and Base Commander offered me the chance to come stateside since what happened to Derek and Dad would be considered authorizable for emergency leave. So, after going through the PERSCO form and assortments, I managed to get a flight that was heading stateside to Naval Base Great Lakes and I had to take the transit train to get here into the city and here we are." Darren explained.

"So, how long will you be staying?" Catherine asked her eldest son.

"A week." he answered.

"Well, i'm glad you're here, son." Nicholas followed, expressing his joy that his eldest son was here.

"Thanks, Dad." Darren replied before Catherine spoke up.

"Sergeant Panmann, you said that you had something to tell us concerning the search for the boys?" Catherine said, realizing that they neglected to tell them that earlier.

"Oh, right. Angela Tauber, ring any bells for any of you?" Hank replied, asking them about Angela Tauber, they all shook their heads no as Hunter spoke.

"We have found that Angela Tauber had passed away two weeks after the fire at 3684 Chicago Drive. She had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and it is evident that the fire may have contributed to her death."

" going to charge the boys?"

"That's up to the District Attorney, but I do highly doubt they will since she passed from natural causes, the boys already having been punished already, and the fire was determined to be negligent, but not deliberate." Hank replied, answering Catherine's question as Hunter spoke up.

"And it seems the deceased had family, her husband, Jason and her two sons, Noah and Tyler. The eldest of the two boys is currently in Texas, so he has been ruled out as a suspect, but we have determined Jason and Tyler to be the current prime suspects. Do any of their names mean anything to any of you?"

Everyone shook their heads no as Darren spoke.

"No, are...they the ones who took Derek?" Darren asked Hunter and Hank, his eyes starting to glisten for the oncoming tears.

"We do not know for sure, but the death of Angela Tauber may have been a motive for revenge against the boys if they did, indeed kidnap them." Hunter answered, implying the motive for Derek and Scott's kidnappings.

Darren's eyes widened as he turned to Nicholas for a few seconds before he looked down at the floor, the fox's eyes quickly shutting as tears flowed from them down his face and he let off a small whimper. Catherine and Nicholas quickly noticing this with concern quickly being expressed on their faces.

"Darren, what's wrong?" Catherine asked her distraught son as he put himself against the wall and slid down it. Sully expressed concern and sympathy as he watched someone be in the same state he was in.

Catherine got up from her chair and went over to her son, bending down to his level as the distraught fox tried to wipe the tears from his face.

"I-It's…It's all my fault! I should have gotten rid of those things before I left!" Darren said in his distraught state,

"What do you mean, Darren?" Kitty asked, the fox turning to her and seeing her expression of sympathy and concern, just like Sully.

"T-The...The matches! I-If I gotten rid of those things before I left for the Air Force, this all would have never happened! Dad told me, those matches were the ones Derek used to light those fireworks that started the fire!" Darren exclaimed, answering in his distraught state.

"If those matches started that fire, why did you have them in the first place and how was Derek able to get them?" Hank asked Darren, the fox turning to Hank as he gave his answer.

"I-...I was in a...dark place when I was a junior in High School. I got into the wrong crowd, trying to fit in. The crowd was involved with drugs. Marijuanna. I only did it a couple of times before my high butt managed to get stabbed in the side with a switchblade, I woke up in the hospital and I found out the person who stabbed me and the group had been busted and they were sent to jail, I was very lucky I wasn't charged. Was Dad mad? No, he was furious! Both him and Mom. He told me that I had to straighten my life out, not only for them, but for Derek too. Derek was a little tyke at the time. Anyways, after going through not only withdrawal, but also getting clean. I still had those matches, so I put it on a little display thing to remind myself to never go back to that life. Oh, he must have snuck into my room one day and grabbed it."

"I'm glad you got clean from drugs, Darren. But you shouldn't blame yourself for this, you don't share any blame nor does Derek or Scott. The kidnappers are the ones who will take the blame, it was on their actions and their actions alone." Sully said, reassuring Darren as the fox got up and managed to wipe the tears away before he replied to the Danger Rangers' leader.

"Thank you, Ranger Sully."

"You're welcome." Sully responded before Sully and Kitty's SAVO units began flashing and beeped.

"Danger Alert! Danger Alert!" SAVO alerted, catching everyone's attention.

"What's up, SAVO?" Sully asked the AI.

"My compu-scans have detected a 9-1-1 call about a fire at 1247 North street, the fire department is already on its way." SAVO replied, giving the location where the fire was.

"SAVO, activate the Hovercraft's auto pilot and bring it-..." Sully started to say to the AI before Hunter put his hand on the sea lion's shoulder, stopping him.

"Hold on, Ranger Sully, let me get you and Ranger Kitty to your aircraft, it'll be much faster." Hunter responded.

"Thanks, Agent Stripes. We'll get the other Rangers. SAVO, cancel that request." Sully replied as all four left the hospital.

Hunter dropped Sully and Kitty off at the Hovercraft, the two Danger Rangers heading up the ramp and soon enough, it hovered off the ground and took off.

1247 North Street

Chicago, Illinois

Charred remains of the building blended in with the black night sky, the only illumination came from the street lights and the red and blue lights of the emergency vehicles. A few hoses being wrapped up by firefighters on the wet pavement while only one still spraying water into the building to stop any hotspots from flaring up.

Chicago Police officers block the scene and redirect traffic away from it, two paramedics take a body in a body bag on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance, and watching them, was Sully, wearing yellow turnout gear, holding his helmet in his hands with it placed on his lap, and sitting in the back of the ambulance.

Sully watched the paramedics load the stretcher into the ambulance with a forlorn expression written upon his face before turning his head away to face the wet pavement of the road. Then, a pair of boots came within his field of vision, which caused Sully to look up and see that the boots belonged to Kitty, also in firefighter gear like his except she still had her helmet on.

Sully could see the obvious look of concern on Kitty's face as they stared at each other for more than a few seconds before Sully brought his head down, Kitty took off her helmet and sat down in the ambulance next to him, putting the helmet in her lap and holding it in her hands.

"Hey, are you okay?" Kitty asked him as she turned to her head towards him.

Sully didn't reply at first, he continued to stare at the ground for about half a minute before he lifted his head and replied to her.

"I-...I don't know."

Kitty's eyes slightly widened for a second before she replied back to Sully.

"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked as Sully turned his head to look at her, her concerned expression looking at his forlorn expression before Sully sighed and turning back his head to the pavement.

"They told me it was the overnight security guard who had called 9-1-1, that guard is now in a body bag. I saw his body, Kitty. And I feel like I could have to see Derek, Scott, or both of them in that thing, we thought we lost them both earlier today. But I feel like I failed and could have done more to try and save him." Sully said to Kitty, explaining what was going on as she put her hand on Sully's right shoulder.

"Sully, you know as well as I do that not everyone will make it when accidents or disasters happen. But I think I can kind of get what's going on with you." Kitty replied to him.

"What?" Sully asked her before she replied to the sea lion.

"It possibly could be PTSD, it sometimes happens when someone loses a family member. You could be feeling guilt for what happened not only to Scott and Derek, but also Ricky, and you feel like you were helpless to do anything about it. Sully, there are some things that are out of your control, but if you can overcome any disaster or rescue, you can overcome this. Remember what I said to you back in the interrogation room, We'll all be there for you, Sully. You don't have to go through this alone." Kitty answered.

"T-...Thanks, Kitty. That was...really insightful." Sully responded, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"Well, I had someone who does this for a living who gave me some tips on it. Maybe I can arrange for you and her to have a session, it might help." Kitty said as Sully wiped the tears from his eyes before he looked at and replied to her.

"Thanks, Kitty."

"You're welcome, Sully." Kitty responded as she put her left hand on his right hand in a gesture of reassurance.

"Ranger Sully, Ranger Kitty." A voice said, the two turned their heads to the voice, it belonged to Chief Daniels.

"Chief Daniels, what is it?" Sully asked as he and Kitty got up from the back of the ambulance.

"We've found what caused the fire and it has been determined to be arson, possibly by the same person who set fire to the Armington Playground." Chief Daniels answered, revealing what happened.

" saying that the same people who kidnapped Derek and Scott, also set this fire?" Kitty asked Chief Daniels.

"It would seem that way, yes. I-...also heard about what we found at the van fire, I am glad that the boys aren't dead, but I am still fearful for them and hope and pray that they are found safe. I have kids of my own, and I wouldn't know what to do if they were kidnapped." Chief Daniels answered.

"We do too, Chief." Sully added.

Later on…

Panting. Running. Darkness. Silence. That's all Sully was doing and could see as he ran through the dark void until he suddenly stopped, his eyes widening in fear.

What he was seeing was Derek and Scott, terrified as they were surrounded by a ring of fire which inched closer and closer to the two boys, Sully quickly sprinted to try and reach the boys.

"Help us!" That's all they could muster to scream as the ring had encased them in a small circle before the fire suddenly shot upwards with a loud FWOOSH!, engulfing the boys.

Screams of torturous pain and agony escaped from the boys as he watched in horror as the two were burned alive until he could hear their screams no more, their shadows disappearing from the flames.

"Sully!" Squeaky's voice exclaimed which made Sully turn his head to see the other Rangers except for Kitty in the same position that the boys were in, the Rangers were just as terrified as the ring inched closer to them, Sully, fearing what happened to Derek and Scott would happen to the Rangers, sprinted towards them while calling out to them.

Silence, that's all he could hear, it was evident that he couldn't hear his own voice, it was like he was deaf. The ring quickly inched closer as he continued to run, but he couldn't seem to reach them, it was like the rings were moving the Rangers away from them, he was about to catch up before…


The rings engulfed the Rangers, Sully stopped and fell to his knees as he could hear the blood-curdling screams of his teammates, watching in horror. Sully's eyes quickly filled with tears and shedded down his face, he quickly shut them and tried covering his ears, but he could perfectly hear the agonizing screams, he started screaming himself as the screaming of the other Rangers ceased, his silent screams of anguish was all being voiced within the dark void he was in, the one where he watched not only Scott and Derek

"Sully!" Kitty's voice exclaimed, Sully quickly opened his eyes and sprinted, running as fast as possible towards her, she stood at the end of the five pillars of fire shooting upwards. Sully nearly reached her before he suddenly felt something grab his lower leg, which made him trip.

Sully was suddenly brought up to his knees, where he could see Kitty looking at who or what had grabbed him in horror and shock. Sully turned his head to look behind him and see what had grabbed him, what had grabbed him were two humanoids made of fire with only having red eyes on their faces holding onto his arms, keeping them behind his back. Sully's eyes widened and was even more surprised at the fact that he felt no pain.

Sully tried to get up and run to Kitty, but the fire humanoids kept a strong grip on his arms which prevented him from getting up. The ring of fire surrounded her as Kitty's eyes filled with tears and they shedded down her face as she looked at Sully with a saddened and distraught expression on her face.

"I love you." Kitty said before the ring erupted with a loud FWOOSH!, engulfing Kitty. He then heard the agonizing screams, Sully continued to struggle to escape the grip of the fire humanoids as he screamed and started sobbing. Kitty's screams ceased about a minute later, in which the humanoids let him go and disappeared into the void.

Once let go, Sully was on the ground on his elbows and knees, bawling as the tears escaping from his eyes continued to stream down his face and hit the ground, the sea lion slammed his left fist on the ground a couple of times as he let out another silent scream of anguish, something bright suddenly caught Sully's eye which caused him to stop crying and look up to see a ring of fire surrounding him and quickly inching closer. Sully then got into a fetal position and wrapped his arms around his legs before burying his face into his knees, closing his eyes and awaiting the inevitable.


A white flash hit his vision.

Sully suddenly opened his eyes and quickly lifted himself up, the blanket falling from him as he sat in the cot bed he had been sleeping on, he looked to his surroundings, The other Rangers were in the same type of bed, soundly sleeping as Sully saw that he was a bit sweaty and he could feel tears streaming down his face. Turns out, Sully was having a nightmare.

The sea lion quickly got up from his bed with a blanket wrapped around him and headed for the cockpit of the Hovercraft, unaware that someone had woken up and saw him get up.

Once he got into the cockpit, he sat himself against the left side wall in the same fetal position he had been in at the police station and in the nightmare before he started sobbing quietly, trying to wipe away the oncoming tears from his face to little or no avail.

The door to the cockpit then opened which made Sully suddenly stop sobbing and look up and see Kitty come into the cockpit, seeing him in his distraught state, her expression turned to concern as she rushed over to him, getting on her knees to face the distraught Sea Lion.

Anguish overrode him as he let off a quiet sob before suddenly hugging Kitty, quiet sobs emitted from him as Kitty embraced Sully to comfort him.

Later on, as the sun rose in the sky, the two would be sleeping together, laying against the wall with their blankets surrounding and embracing them. Kitty's head would lay on Sully's shoulder while his head laid on hers.

The next day…

The Rangers returned to the station as everyone continued on with the investigation which now had an actual body on it, as they did so, three people walked up the stairs and into the squad room.

They consisted of a male white tiger wearing a dark blue t-shirt and black khaki pants, a lioness with golden fur, she wore a white blouse under a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. And finally, a male bobcat with tan fur wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

"Who are you?" Hunter asked the White Tiger who had just appeared with the lioness and the bobcat.

"Special Agent Jeremy Tatara, ATF. Behind me is Special Agent Katie Liron and Adam Bobak." The white tiger said to Hunter as he pulled out his wallet from his pocket and opened it with the other agents following suit. Inside was a gold badge like Hunter's, but parts of it were blue and were bigger than the FBI badge.

The badge had an eagle connected to the top similar to the FBI one, but the difference was that the eagle wasn't holding it by its talons and in front of the said eagle were balancing scales.

The badge itself consisted of three sections, at the top was a blue background with the letters Department of Justice and the letters ATF below it, both engraved in gold, the second section was the biggest out of the three, in the middle of it was the seal of the ATF, the corded edge was in the outermost ring of the seal while the next inner circle was a blue background and had the words Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with the number 1972 which signifying its founding year in gold, the final inner circle had the symbolism of a shield that had a chevron arrow on it, pointing upwards towards and below it was a symbol of scales, the shield was wrapped in a laurel wreath with three stars above it.

Next to the seal were the letters U and S engraved in blue.

And the third and final section was a small blue stripe with the words Special Agent, also engraved in gold.

The ATF or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (and explosives) is the federal law enforcement agency whose responsibilities include the investigation and prevention of federal offenses involving the unlawful use, manufacture, and possession of firearms and explosives; acts of arson and bombings; and illegal trafficking and tax evasion of alcohol and tobacco products with it also regulating via licensing the sale, possession, and transportation of firearms, ammunition, and explosives in interstate commerce.

"Hello." Katie said, extending her greetings.

"Hi." Adam said, also extending his greetings.

"Special Agent Hunter Stripes, FBI. This is Agents Lowell, Malines, Lobo, and Spots" Hunter replied, revealing his ID card and badge to Jeremy and introducing himself and the other agents as he extended out his hand for a handshake before Jeremy followed through with it and they shook hands before letting go while everyone gave quick hellos to each other.

"Hello Agents, I'm Sergeant Hank Panmann, and I'd like you three to meet the other detectives. Detectives " Hank said as he came up to Jeremy and introduced himself and the detectives before they shook hands as well.

"It's nice to meet you all too." Jeremy said as the two finished shaking hands.

"Agent Tatara, if I may ask, why are you here?" Burble asked Jeremy which made the white tiger suddenly noticed the Danger Rangers and turned his head towards them.

"Hey, you're the Danger Rangers, aren't you?" Jeremy responded to them before Sully approached him.

"We are, I'm Ranger Sully, behind me is Rangers Kitty, Burble, Burt, Squeaky, and Gabriela. It's nice to meet you, Agent Tatara." Sully said to Jeremy, introducing himself and the other Rangers as he reached out his hand for a handshake as well, Jeremy putting his hand into Sully's and both shook before replying to him.

"Likewise, Ranger Sully. I do wish it was under better circumstances."

"So do I, Agent Tatara. Now, as Ranger Burble asked, why are you here?" Sully replied as they finished the handshake and let go.

"My team and I are officially joining this investigation, you have an arsonist who not only kidnapped two kids but has set three fires already, one of them having a body on it, this is ATF territory." Jeremy replied, explaining his reasoning.

"Hold on, you're not taking over this investigation, are you? We still have to find the boys." Jose said to Jeremy.

"No, we aren't, Agent Lobo. The ATF is joining this task force, we'll take on the fires, the rest of you can continue looking for the boys. Now, would you mind filling us in so we can get up to speed?" Jeremy replied, assuring Jose of the ATF's intentions before asking to be filled in.

"Oh, right. Derek Crevan and Scott Bearonhart, both-..." Hank said as he started to fill in the ATF agents on the case as the Rangers also listened in.

Meanwhile at the unknown location…

The door opened up once again and the boys looked up to see the older Doberman come in.

"Hello, boys. I hope you're doing well." the older Doberman said, greeting the boys.

"Thank you, sir. I-...I also wanted to apologize for biting you. I'm sorry." Derek replied before apologizing to the Doberman.

"No need to, I should be the one who's apologizing. But let me try and make it up to you, you guys must be hungry." the older Doberman said to them before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a granola bar.

"Do you guys like them?" the older Doberman asked the boys, which they replied by shaking their heads yes. The older Doberman unwrapped the granola bar and broke it in half and fed them to the boys, getting on one knee to match their level. After Derek and Scott ate the bars, the older Doberman stood up and spoke to Scott and Derek.

"I think I should introduce myself properly, my name is Tyler, but you can call me Mr. Tauber." the older Doberman said to the boys, introducing himself as Tyler Tauber.

"I'm Scott and this is Derek." Scott replied back to Tyler, introducing the two to the older Doberman.

"Mr. Tauber, why did you and your son kidnap us? And why did he kill my dad?" Derek asked Tyler the reason why they were kidnapped and why Jason "killed" his father as a shed of tear dripped down his face.

"I was...forced to under threat by Jason...I…do not exactly know why he...killed your father, but his reasons for kidnapping you and Scott are because he believes that you two caused the death of my wife and his mother, whom he had a really good relationship with. He saw you two being led into a police car at the scene of a fire." Tyler explained to the boys which left the boys a bit confused.

"Death? What do you mean, Mr. Tauber?" Scott asked Tyler before he replied back to the boys.

"Let me tell you a story, boys. I'd like to tell you about a woman named Angela, we were high school sweethearts and we got married after we both graduated from college, we stayed together for fifty years and even gave birth to two boys, but then came the day that changed everything, during our high school days and our young adulthood, we were both avid smokers and it resulted in Angela getting Lung Cancer, stage four, she had about six months to live, but then about five months pass by and a fire broke out in our apartment building and the resulting smoke caused her lung cancer to spread. She passed away about two weeks after, And then I was diagnosed with lung cancer as well, but this one was treatable and I've already had the procedure, but I still miss her and will be ready when I am to be reunited with her."

"I-... I'm so sorry." Derek said, offering condolences to Tyler.

"It's okay, I have moved on." he replied back to the fox.

"Mr. Tauber, if you don't mind me asking, where was the fire?" Scott asked Tyler.

"3684 Chicago Drive. Why?" he answered, revealing the address to the boys before Derek's eyes suddenly went wide as he started to have a Flashback to what happened there.


"Look at these, Roman Candles!" Derek said as he held two fireworks in his hand, showing them off to Scott as the bear replied, "Yeah…".

"We're gonna have our own fireworks spectacular right here." Derek said, putting down the ones he was holding and grabbed a few from the box and quickly juggled them for a few seconds before letting them drop back into the box.

"Derek, maybe we should turn them in." Scott suggested as Derek started to pick up one of the fireworks he had earlier set on the ground.

"What?" Derek dejectedly said, dropping the singular firework in his hand he had picked up when Scott suggested they turn in the fireworks.

"I mean the fire department might even give us a reward, like a super-fast ride on the fire truck or something." Scott said, suggestively before the fox chuckled at the suggestion and replied back to the bear.

"Get real, Fireworks are cooler than a hundred fast rides on a fire truck, just wait till we light one of these off." he replied as he gave Scott the fireworks he was holding before grabbing a box of matches from his pocket, opening it and grabbing one before he started to try and light it.

"Where'd you get matches?" Scott asked, coming over to him as Derek continued to try and light the match.

"My big brother's room. Don't worry, there's nothing to this." he answered, revealing where he got it and reassuring Scott not to worry before he did finally light it, but it lit the rest of the matches as well, catching the whole pack on fire.

"Ouch!" Derek exclaimed as he threw the flaming box away as it started to burn on his hand, but he unknowingly threw it into the box holding the fireworks as he threw away the match he was holding. First, a thin stream of smoke rose up from the box before the fireworks suddenly started sparking, indicating the fuses were lit and were about to go off.

"Look out!" Scott exclaimed, the boys ducking down as the fireworks went off, multicolored blurs shot out of the box and went in all directions.

"Oh, man!" Derek said as Scott followed with "Let's get out of here!" as the boys ran inside the building as the fireworks kept bouncing off the walls of the building and the ground, even starting a few small fires on trash and garbage cans next to the entrance, Derek and Scott nearly out of breath after they got inside.

"Aw man, that was close!" Scott said before one of the fireworks smashed through the small window in the door and started bouncing around, setting fires as the boys ran upstairs into Derek's apartment, Derek looked out the kitchen window at the fireworks bouncing below before one went through the open window and hit the curtain, setting it on fire.

"The curtain's on fire! Put it out!" Derek exclaimed as he dialed 9-1-1 with Scott trying to put the fire out with a broom by whacking the curtains with it, but to no avail and it only caused the broom to catch fire.

"Help, I need the fire department! Hurry!" he exclaimed to 9-1-1 as the apartment continued to burn, smoke quickly rising with soot staining the walls.

Later on...

"Check the closet!" Kitty said as she ran through the burning apartment with Sully to the closet at the back end of the wall of the apartment.

"Right!" Sully responded as they put the back of their hands to check for any fires lurking behind doors.

"It's cool." She said as the door opened, Sully's expression turned to slight anger.

"But that's not!" Sully said as what they had found were a scared Scott and Derek, hiding in the closet.

"Hiding in here is one of the worst things you guys could do in fire." Kitty said, reminding the boys why that is a bad idea as the boys quickly ran out.

"We didn't mean it! It was an accident!" Scott exclaimed as he ran into Sully's arms.

"We were playing and the fireworks exploded!" Derek exclaimed, trying to tell Sully and Kitty what happened.


"Oh, man! My whole building's on fire!" Derek said, exclaiming after Sully and Kitty had gotten the boys out of the burning apartment building.

"These boys say the fire started by accident, Chief." Sully said to Chief Daniels, who was waiting for them at the bottom of the ladder, telling the fire chief what the boys told him and Kitty.

"Because you were playing with these, right?" Chief Daniels responded, revealing one of the burnt-out fireworks and the box containing several from behind his back.

"We found them down near the pier." Scott admitted to Chief Daniels.

"This is why fireworks are illegal, and the kind the fire department does allow are only used by adults! You two are in serious, serious trouble." Chief Daniels said sternly, reminding the boys that fireworks are in fact, illegal and the allowed ones are only used by adults, not kids.

End Flashback

The flashback ended as Derek looked at Tyler with a look of remorse, regret and forlorn written on his face.

"What is it?" Tyler asked Derek, noticing the expression written on his face.

"I-...I-...I'm-...I'm the-...the one wh-...who set...that... f-fire. I had lit off a box of fireworks and accidentally set the building on fire, it was stupid and I should have known better, but I didn't mean to do it, me and Scott got six months of community service with the Danger Rangers and was grounded as punishment and I still don't get why he was punished as well as me when he didn't do anything. But what I'm trying to say is...I'm sorry." Derek admitted to Tyler, revealing what he did and apologizing to him.

Tyler had an expression of disbelief once he heard Derek admit to setting the fire as he got up and looked at the fox, Derek awaiting him getting attacked or possibly even killed. Tyler said nothing at first as he continued to process what Derek just said before his expression turned to realization.

"Wait, the Danger Rangers. You mean the ones that have that watch thing on their wrist?" Tyler asked Derek.

"Yeah, I even became a Junior Danger Ranger and earned the watch, but…he smashed it." Derek answered, once he did, a determined look came upon Tyler's face.

"I'm getting you boys out of here." Tyler said adamantly.

"Really?" Scott asked excitedly.

"Yes, I am. But I will have to go directly to the police since Jason took my phone. I'll be back and if Jason gets here before I do, stall him as long as possible." Tyler said, confirming it as he quickly ran out of the room to go to the police directly.

"Can you believe it, Derek? We're gonna be rescued!" Scott exclaimed, ecstatic and happy over the thought of being rescued.

"I know!" Derek replied in the same ecstatic and happy tone as Scott as they awaited for Tyler to come back with help.

After what felt like hours, but was actually about thirty minutes, the boys saw the door open and smiles quickly came to their faces, but quickly went to slight terror as it wasn't Tyler who came in, but Jason, who managed to see them smiling. Jason's face went from a bit of surprise to flustering anger.

"What were you two smiling about?" Jason asked sternly as he approached the two boys.

"N-nothing, sir." Scott quickly answered in a nervous state as Jason got in front of Scott and suddenly punched him across the face, the bear exclaimed out in pain after the punch to the face he had received.

"Scott!" Derek exclaimed as Jason spoke up again, this time in a more angered tone.

"Bull! I saw you both smiling and you know it! Now, I'll ask you again, why were you both smiling!?"

Jason then punched Scott again, the bear screamed out in pain as Derek watched in horror of his friend getting beaten like that.

"Stop it! I'll tell you!" Derek exclaimed, which made the Doberman stop his assault on Scott and go over to Derek, the bear quickly realizing what Derek was going to do.

"Derek, don't do this!" Scott exclaimed, worried about what Derek was about to say to Jason as the fox looked back at his best friend, giving him a reassuring smile.

"You don't deserve this, Scott. Besides, isn't this what friends are for?" Derek replied, reassuring the bear as Jason still was confused about what Scott was implying.

"What are you talking about?" he asked Derek as the fox then took a deep breath and replied to Jason.

"I was the one who set the fire, I accidentally lit off a box of fireworks and it caused it. Scott had nothing to do with it, I was the one who lit the match. You can have me, but let Scott go, he doesn't deserve this." Derek admitted to him as his expression went from shock and realization to anger and rage as he quickly lifted up his shirt and was about to burn him again with the cigarette when he noticed the bandage on Derek's side.

" you!?" Jason said angrily to Derek who replied back with, "Mr. Tauber did this, he told me why you kidnapped me and Scott, I wanted to also apologize to you for what I did, but if anyone should be getting hit, it's me, leave Scott out of this." Jason's expression turned to unyielding rage as he quickly stormed out of the room for about ten minutes before the door opened again and Jason came in with two gas canisters in his hands.

"Is that-...g-gas? What are you going to do with it?" Scott asked in which Jason replied as he took off the lid cap of the first canister.

"What your friend, the murder rightly deserves."

Jason then started to pour the gasoline contents out onto the floor and spread it across the room and on the walls before he cut the zip ties holding Scott's ankles with his knife.

"Ah!" Scott exclaimed in pain as the knife had poked him in the process, Jason then cut the zip ties connecting to the bear's bound wrists and the chair before grabbing Scott's shirt and throwing him onto the ground.

"Scott!" Derek exclaimed as he saw Jason pour the rest of the gasoline onto the chair that Scott had been sitting in and threw the canister to the side. He then grabbed the second one and opened it before proceeding to do the same thing he did with the first one, dousing the floor and the walls with gasoline before running out and throwing the second one off to the side as well.

The entire floor, except a small strip that led to the door was now covered in gasoline as Scott got up and tried to run for the door, but Jason quickly grabbed the bear by the back of his shirt and pinned him down.

"Where do you think you're going?" Jason said as he grabbed zip ties from his back pocket and quickly put them on Scott's ankles and tightening it, Scott thrashed about, trying to break free before Jason took the chloroformed cloth and putting it over Scott's nose and mouth, getting the bear to forcefully calm down before he hoisted the semi-conscious Scott over his shoulder.

"W-What are you going to d-do to me?" Derek asked nervously as Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of matches, he then grabbed one and quickly lit it before replying to Derek as he held the burning match in his hand.

"Consider this your judgment day, murderer. You are going to suffer just like she did as you will slowly be burned alive, do you have any last words?" Jason replied which made Derek's eyes fill with tears and he started crying in fear before replying back to Jason.

"Please! No! Don't! I don't wanna die! Please, don't kill me! Please!" he cried, begging to be spared as Jason gave a disgusted look.

"Begging will get you nowhere, I hope you learn that in the next life. Goodbye, murderer." Jason said to Derek before tossing the lit match towards the gasoline doused chair as he started to leave with the semi-conscious Scott, he opened the door as Scott managed to see Derek's terrified face before blacking out and the door closed, doing so at the same time as the match hitting the chair, setting it ablaze and the fire quickly consumed it as it started to spread across the floor and reached the walls.

Derek started to freak out, crying as he struggled to break free of the bond he was in, but to no avail, as the fox started coughing as smoke started rising to the ceiling and he noticed that outside of the room was burning as well.

"HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Derek screamed as loud as he could as the fire continued to rage on, threatening the young fox as he continued to scream for help whilst coughing as the flames continued to burn all around him.

Chicago Police Department station

Chicago, Illinois

10 minutes later...

As everyone continued to ponder who the perpetrators were, Tyler came up the stairs, catching everyone's attention.

"Can I help you?" Hank asked Tyler in which he responded as he put his hands out to be handcuffed.

"My name is Tyler Tauber, I would like to turn myself in for the kidnappings of Derek Crevan and Scott Bearonhart. I want to help you all find my son, Jason."

Shock hit everyone quickly, one of the kidnappers was surrendering to them and is going to reveal the location of where Derek and Scott were being held. Hank quickly went up to Tyler after the shock wore off a bit.

"Mr. Tauber, where are the boys?!" Hank exclaimed to Tyler, but as he was about to reveal the address where the boys were being held captive, something happened.

"Danger Alert! Danger Alert!" SAVO exclaimed suddenly, yellow flashes coming to the Rangers' watches as it caught everyone's attention and interrupted Tyler.

"Come on, SAVO! We are about tuh find out where Scott and Derek are, what could be mawh impawhtant than dis?!" Squeaky exclaimed back frustratedly at the AI.

"If you must know, Ranger Rodent, I have just detected a 9-1-1 call from the cellular belonging to our titular kidnapper."

"SAVO, let's hear it." Kitty said, telling the AI to play the recording of the call, which he did.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?... Hello?" A female operator asked. At first, there was no response, but Jason was heard shortly after in a cold tone of voice, replying to the 9-1-1 operator.

"I want you to give a message in regards to the kidnapping of Derek Crevan and Scott Bearonhart, I have both of the brats with me as hostages at 2020 Jackson Avenue, I have a machine gun and will execute them in thirty minutes unless my demands are met."

Jason then hung up as the call ended, everyone in a state of shock for a few seconds before quickly getting out of it.

"SAVO, put in coordinates for 2020 Jackson Avenue and directions for the fastest route from here!" Sully exclaimed,

"I'm calling in SWAT." Hank said as he picked up his phone to call the CPD's Special Weapons And Tactics or SWAT unit as everyone started headed down the stairs

"I'm going too." Tyler said, catching everyone by surprise as they saw him opting to go with them.

"No, you're not. You are staying right here. Besides, you are still under arrest." Hunter replied, denying Tyler to come along with them.

"But I can probably try and get through to him, I can try and get him to surrender peacefully, so you don't have to worry about the boys getting caught in the crossfire." Tyler added, giving his reasoning as to why he wanted to tag along.

Hunter seemed to think about it for about a minute or two before replying back to Tyler.

"Are you sure you will be able to get through to your son?" Hunter asked Tyler with the Doberman answering the tiger's question.

"I think so." Tyler answered as Hunter again started to think about it again before coming to a conclusion.

"Fine, you can come. But you will stay in the car, I'll put some handcuffs on you to make sure you don't try any funny business, and you'll be brought out as a last resort." Hunter said to Tyler before everyone ran quickly down the stairs and into their vehicles to go to where Jason and the boys were with Hunter handcuffing Tyler and putting him in the back of one of the vehicles. But unbeknownst to them, Derek wasn't with Jason and was already in danger.

Chapter 4, coming soon



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