Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I used this old thing, huh? So much's happened that I've never had the time, I guess. It's been a hectic week since that bitch Tyreen died, and I think things're gonna be for the better.

Ava smirked to herself, seated on the sofa in the common area of Sanctuary. People were coming and going, going about their days and doing whatever.

The newly made Siren pressed her pen back to her page, eager to keep going.

I heard they buried Typhon out on that weird planet, and…well everyone who know about it is either dead or just us, so Maliwan shouldn't be out there anymore. Good, cause fuck those guys.

For Eden-6, the COV died out there, and the locals retook their planet. I even heard Hammerlock and Wainwright are getting married, but I didn't get invited to the wedding.

Ava pouted a bit at that, but dismissed it. The wedding was probably gonna have some stuff a teen didn't need to see…even if she spent much of her teenage years killing people. Logic was weird.

Maya went back to Athenas. I was…well I was sad to see her go, but she told me my place's on Sanctuary now, with Tannis, helping to keep it running and whatnot. The planet should be safe, and if it isn't? She can still kick plenty of ass, even without her powers.

Prometha? Doing great. With that one weird guy dead, the merger fell through. People're already heading back to the planet and getting their lives back on track. Rhys said a lotta other corporate jargon about Maliwan, but…well Zane told me it meant Maliwan was abandoning the planet, and giving up so they could recoup their losses.

I hope those fuckers go broke. Especially since they worked with the COV.

Oh, right! The COV! Yeah, things went bad for them. Think Amara told me they divided in two, with some of them thinking that, somehow, the twins would come back, and the rest turned to worship a new god, and got a new name.

The Children of the Firehawk.

"Fuck! FL4K be careful with that shite!" Ava looked up. The Vault Hunters were working on packing some luggage and getting it dragged away.

"You guys are serious about the vacation thing?" She asked.

"Yep. We killed 'nough fuckers to deserve at least six," Zane slammed a suitcase shut and tossed it away. "So it ain' wrong to cruise 'round space for a bit. Have some fun while we can."

"Don't worry, kiddo," Ava scowled when Moze ruffled her hair. "We'll be back in a month or so. Old man's adamant on us hitting a few hot spots and partying before we come back and look for more Vaults or, if we gotta, wipe out the remains of the COV, before they do something."

"I ain' gettin' younger."

"Right…" She wasn't angry about it. They all deserved a break for literally stopping the end of the universe. "I just wish I could come with you guys or something. To be a Vault Hunter, y'know?"

"You can do that aboard Sanctuary, Ava." FL4K tossed a treat to each of their beasts. "Being a Vault Hunter doesn't mean going off on extravagant hunts. It also means defending what's close to home. So, stay here, and guard the hearth. We will return."

"Ugh…alright." She watched them resume their packing and, soon, leave the room.

The Vault Hunters'll be back, but until they get here…guess it's up to me. Oh, scratch that, me and the others. They had all the fun on this adventure; now it's up to us, I guess.

I'm looking forward to it. After all, Siren's rule, as Maya's friend Brick said…I think…I...don't actually remember what he said.

-Ava, the Siren

"So, where to first?" FL4K took their seat in the Maliwan ship with the others, fiddling with their ECHO. Zane was at the controls once again, talking with Moze and the others on where to go. They voted for the frigid tundra of Caspian, so they could hunt some yetis, but…later. They had a long time.

"Dunno. Get us somewhere away from some gunfire for a bit." Moze sat in her own seat, as did Amara. The ship lurched forward and the Beastmaster watched the visage of Sanctuary fade in the window. They were gone, for now. When they returned, they would regal the others with tales of their hunts…but for now, time to relax.

FL4K's audio receptors picked something up. Humming. They glanced over.

Zane was silently nodding his head, and humming something under his breath. Moze no doubt picked up on it as well, evident by her looking over. "The fuck kinda song is that, old man? Sounds…familiar…"

"Oh, somethin' me brothers 'n I used to listen to whenever we got the fuckin' radios to work as kids. We also liked shootin' shite to it. Think the song's called…Happy Together?"

"Sounds catchy." Amara smirked. "You got it on tape or—"

The radio blared an old, but enticing song, no doubt the tune Zane spoke of, which meant he slammed the tape in before Amara could even finish talking. It was…oddly fitting, in a strange way.

"Least we're cruising in style." Moze joked.

"Shh, hang on, this is me favorite part." Zane took a deep breath. "I can see me lovin' nobody but you, for all me life! When you're with me baby, the skies'll be blue, for all my life…!"

The song continued. FL4K wished they could smile.

The name of the tune perfectly suited them; Happy Together, as Vault Hunters.

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