New Place Day 1

Ugh... my bones are sore... anyways, I, Greg Heffley, have found myself in a weird place. There are lush trees... Where am I?

It's lucky I have my journal with me, so the person holding this can read about my crazy adventure.

New Place Day 2

I've wandered for a night, but I don't see any humans nearby. I saw a flash of darkness. I wonder what it is? I followed the darkness.


It hit a tree!

Inside was a... girl? I'm not sure if it is human. It keeps T-posing.

"H...Hi? My name is Greg Heffley..."

"Is that so? I'm Rumia."


*bares fangs*

AHH NO! SHE/IT IS LUNGING AT ME! Will I get out alive? *faint*


"Hello sir! I saw you unconscious in the Forest of Magic!"

I'm.. in a house. Another girl was speaking to me.

"The what? Where am I?"

"Forest of Magic! Welcome to Gensokyo!"


"You don't know? Wait... You're not from here?"

"I'm Greg Heffley from Plainview, USA."

To be continued...