The Backyard Gang was visiting Donna for the weekend. After they heard about the unexpected disappearance of Ben, they thought they could comfort her.

Luci was fixing up some churros when Staci went off to Donna's room.

Inside, she saw some old treasures. Her Glitter Force, and CLST window stickers, her poster of the Pastel Pallettes, and her Faberge egg music box with her friends from Equestria. That's when she found a book that says, Timon and Pumbaa's Safari Tours. She rushed down to show Donna, "Staci," Donna asked, "Where did you get that?"

"I found it" Staci answered, "How come you never showed me this?

"Stac," Megan said as she finished her churro, "You were just a baby at the time, plus Mom and Dad had to take care of you for the weekend after you threw up on Mr. Johnson. Plus Grover made it worse by performing his Furry Blue CPR"

"And we had to take him to a safe hospital for it." Adam finished.

"I remember that tour" Rocket recalled, "It's the one where I thought you all were going to get eaten by panthers."

"Yeah," Derek said, "And it wasn't funny when you tricked us into getting eaten by panthers.

"Timon and Pumbaa took their tour to Wakanda," Amy recalled, "Because Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thought it would be too dangerous if you did your magical tour in your world."

"It was the only way to keep foals from getting hurt." Derek recalled, "It was a good thing that we didn't get hurt, otherwise Alan would get our cover blown."

"What was I suppose to do," Rocket asked, "Either teach you crootaken brats how to throw knives or help that Hooper Hooligan store owner to unpack a new shipment of Sugar Rush Sugar Cereal while he takes care of that whiny baby of theirs."

Staci got offended, then Megan comforted her little sister.

"We didn't want you to eat all of them, and spit in the customer's faces." Michael replied, "So you had to teach us how to, "Throw Knives" Alan wouldn't like it if you used real frogs or animals, so you used an old elephant toy for target practice."

"Yeah" Rocket groaned.

"So," Staci asked, "How did this whole thing start?

Donna opened the book to a pic of Timon and Pumbaa promoting their tour, "This whole thing started when Timon and Pumbaa coming to Sesame Street, hoping to get good marketing."