Tap pt. 1

I know this is smutty but I had an idea to write a two part fic and I just had to write it out. All credits and characters go to their respective owners.


There is nothing better than that feeling of being clean. Walking into a clean room and climbing into bed with fresh clean sheets. The moon shining bright and a calm and quiet peace settling around the area as the day died down.

Although I could no longer sleep, these simple human joys still overcame me as I breathed in the pear scented soap from my recent hot bath. I let out a satisfied sigh. Sometimes the littlest things can bring you to a place of relaxation.

I lay perched on my huge bed lazily flipping through a magazine I'd found lying around the living room earlier. There wasn't anything particularly important to me about the little book, as I had no serious interest in human affairs. I really just liked to look at the pictures of the models and their outfits, along with the dramatic huge font depicting storylines of the lives of the rich and famous.

"Must you always tempt me with your nightwear?"

I jumped slightly at the sound of that familiar deep voice with the southern twang. I turned my head from the colorful booklet just to see his tall broad figure standing in the doorway of the bedroom we shared.

"What?" I asked confused at his random statement, paying close attention to any movement he made. He stepped into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Coming closer to the bed, he bent over placing his hands at the edge of the bed. His eyes roaming over my relaxed form. There was something off in the way he looked at me.. I could sense something darker looming under the surface of his entire demeanor. It stirred something inside of me.

"Why are you wearing that María..." He asked softly. His voice had a hard edge to it. His eyes lingered on my backside as I contemplated why he seemed so stuck on what I was wearing. I could feel the heat of his gaze as he awaited my answer.

"Because it's light and comfortable and you know I am not fond of wearing too much, especially not around the house." I answered eyeing him curiously. I was currently only clothed in soft, breathable, baby blue, lace underwear with a small tank top of matching color. I figured it'd be the most comfortable for the night. His eyes met mine for a moment. It felt as if he was staring right through me, looking for something.

"Is that really why you're wearing such.. provocative sleepwear?" He asked suspiciously. "Are you sure you don't have any.. ulterior motives? He inquired, his head tilting to the side an inquisitive smirk playing across his face. His eyes danced with light as I turned completely, flipping myself onto my back and adjusting my head to look down at him.

"What ulterior motives could I possibly have?" I asked copying his head tilt and smirk. The mirth in the air dancing between us. A deep laugh sounded from his throat.

"Well I mean you just so happen to be lounging in skimpy underwear, lying in a position that accentuates all your assets, and might I add that said underwear just so happens to be one of my favorite colors? I definitely think you're up to something." He stated, his smile growing wider. That edge in his tone, his entire presence seemed more pronounced now.

"And I suggest you cut the shit and tell me the truth." He tacked on causing me to look at him in shock. He usually never spoke to me like that, especially not in an intimate setting. Not to say he's never been dominant with me intimately before because he has; but not to this degree. This was.. different. On the rare times he ever spoke like this, it was usually because of something dangerous; but the only dangerous thing around us now was him. I knew he could feel my surprise at his sudden change. His eyes darkened.

"Oh cut that innocent act. I know what you're doing María.." he admonished, "and you won't get away with it. Not this time." He was challenging me. I decided to concede. I sat up looking him square in the face, my face prideful and defiant. If he wanted to have this battle, we would have it.

I always loved it when he became demanding with me and I feel like this time would not only be different, it'd be better. I could see the underlying hunger in his eyes. The way his jaw clenched, his muscle taught against his shirt. He was breathtaking. The very thought of the things I wanted to do to him aroused me. I felt my legs close together. I could feel myself growing hotter at the apex of my thighs. His nostrils flared before he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. I noticed the upper half of his body tremble as he exhaled loudly.

"I can smell your heat angel. You're getting turned on by this aren't you?" He asked confidently. It hardly sounded like a question as he already knew the answer. His smug attitude made me want to get up in his face and smack him. However it also made me want to crawl over to him and suck him off. I fought my subservient feelings and sat up even straighter. I wanted to test him.

"So what if I did have 'ulterior motives'?" I asked using my fingers to quote his wording. "So what if I was trying to tempt you? What exactly are you gonna do about it besides standing there quejándose como una pequeña perra?" I continued, casually slipping into Spanish. Cocking my head, I gave him a devilish smile as I leaned back on my hands. He raised an eyebrow as if he was shocked at my little outburst. We stared at each other for a minute. The tension was thick in the air. I was about to say something more but my words were lost on me as a pair of rough hands grabbed my legs and I was forcefully dragged down to the edge of the bed. Next thing I knew I was face to face with an angry looking Jasper. His eyes blazing.

"I suggest you watch what you say mi muñequita" he spoke lowly, his accent thick. "before you get yourself into something you just might regret." I could hear the threat clear in his voice, however I couldn't help the next words that spilled out of my mouth. My need to say something back overpowering my inner desire to submit. I leaned up getting extremely close to his face before I opened my mouth.

"Try me." I whispered. Not a second later my elbows fell from under me as my arms were brought up and over my head. I lay completely flat over the bed as my blonde soldier with the wicked smile hovered above me. "You've been a bad girl angel. I think it's time I put you in your place. You should know I don't take too kindly to disrespect." He began to plant soft kisses along my neck and shoulder.

"Well you know what they say.." I started, closing my eyes, "if you can't handle the he-" He cut me off with a smoldering, rough, kiss. I opened my mouth in a gasp as I was caught off guard and he took that as an invitation to slide his tongue down my throat, deepening the kiss. I felt his chest swell with pride at my responsiveness to him; but before I could really delve into it he broke away.

"I don't think you're really in a position to be talkin' like that tiny.." he spoke lightly kissing my lips "So drop that attitude or I'll do it for you." I gave a small smile before nodding.

"You're right. I am in no position to be talking to you like that." I admitted looking at him innocently. He smirked. I could tell he thought I was giving in and that made me laugh.

"So.. why don't we change that?" My smile turned devious as his smirk fell. Before he could do anything I had already grabbed him and flipped us over. Taking my place above him, where I was meant to be. I giggled.

"Oh how the tables have turned."

He glared then, quickly trying to lift himself up but he didn't get far before I roughly pushed him back into the comforter. "Did you really think I was going to just let you take over?" I chuckled as he looked at me with incandescent eyes. "No. If you want my submission you must earn it! Trust and believe, I am not one to go down easy.." I finished darkly. He just looked at me. I could feel him growing between my legs causing me to smile even wider.

"What do you have in mind-" Jasper broke his sentence with a grunt as I gripped him through his jeans. Dipping my head forward, I lightly traced my tongue from his jaw, down to his collarbone, and back up to his ear as I breathed against it. "I'm glad you asked. I want to play a game. A competition really.." I grinned kissing the outside of his ear before continuing, my voice lowering to barely above a whisper. "Whoever taps first loses. There are generally no strict rules except you cannot use your gift whatsoever so don't try to cheat, understood?" He gave a silent and curt nod. "and you can't tease for too long. Doing so counts for an automatic disqualification." I added before leaning up and straightening myself back into a straddling position.

I cocked my head, my hair spilling over my shoulder. "So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?" I asked bearing my teeth. He just looked at me through squinted eyes. No response.

"It's okay you can back out at any time, or now if you can-" the room suddenly shifted too fast for my eyes. I yelped as I felt myself rising higher into the air. Jasper had risen to his feet taking me with him, he hooked his arms under my legs hoisting my body up above him. His face level with my lower half. His hands gripped my waist holding me in place as he looked up at me, a wild glint in his eyes. "You're going to let me cum in you tonight." Before I could say anything more he used one hand to reach up and snatch my sheer panties right off my body. My screech of anger was cut short as he growled before he dove into the wet heat between my legs. Licking and teasing in my most sensitive area.

I knew that once he started, he wasn't going to stop until I had climaxed at least twice. I had to find that out the hard way; the man can eat. Sometimes for hours on end, and once he's made the decision to do so, there was nothing I could do about it; but I wasn't complaining anyways. Not when he was able to do these things to me. I cried out as his tongue delved between my folds. The way his tongue moved, how much it toyed with me, teased me, tasted me. My hands gripped at his biceps as I moaned out his name my hips moving restlessly. His hold on me tightened as he continued to devour me. There was nothing I could do but take him and try to stay still, which was a lot easier said than done.

"Jasper…" I moaned throwing my head back as I felt a tingling sensation deep within me, I knew it was coming, my body ached for it. Having been so aroused for a minute I knew that when it finally got the attention it needed, the release would arrive faster. I bucked my hips into his face, whining as my eyes shut tight. Finally, with a gentle suction and a hard lick I jolted forward as my orgasm overtook me. I tensed up crying out as I squeezed his arms. I could hear him licking and slurping at my juices that spilled from me. Jasper slowly turned around and lowered me gently onto the bed. The soft cool comforter hit my back as I relaxed further into the mattress.

Jasper never lifted his head. His tongue still sliding and sucking all over me. He had gotten on his knees at the end of the bed. His hands massaging from my hips up to my breasts. "Jasper… please.." I moaned softly. He slowly pulled away looking up at me.

"I've never tasted anything like you before.. you are absolutely delicious." He smiled, keeping eye contact as he lowered himself again, kissing my thigh. I lightly twitched as I felt his lips touch my clit.

"There's nothing I love more than treating you like a meal." he blew out a breath, the cool air hitting my soaked, heated pussy. He kissed at my entrance before his tongue began to lap at my pulsing, sensitive clit, my next release hit me like a freight train. It was swift and unexpected as there wasn't much of a build up. I was numb on ecstasy. His groans intensified my pleasure as his mouth vibrated against my sex. My legs relaxed over his shoulders as he spread them wider allowing his tongue to delve deeper. My foot lightly rubbed at his muscular shoulder blade as my toes scrunched up yet again from the mind boggling gratification. Part of me hated how vulnerable I was to him at the moment. How exposed I was. But I would be getting back at him once he let up. I had to power through this somehow. I couldn't let him win tonight.

My thoughts stopped abruptly as I felt him circling my entrance with his tongue until I quivered. He pushed two fingers inside me. They slid inside with ease due to my own lubrication. The two sensations of his tongue and his fingers had me thrashing my head in no time, my body sensitive from the last two orgasms. I was ready to peak again. "Jasper… no!" I cried hoarsely, "Please!"

His lips broke away as he looked up speaking smoothly. "Just cum once more.. one more time baby." He whispered. I shook my head.

"I can't!" I whined. He looked me dead in the eye then.

"You will." He stated factually, as his fingers found that special place inside me, stroking and tickling it until, to my surprise, an orgasm pulsed right through me.

"Jasper! por favor, para ya no puedo aguantar más!" I yelled through the height of it all, he'd brought me to such a feat, I could no longer speak English. He crawled from his place at the edge of the bed backing us to the middle, pinning me to the bed as he waited for me to come down from my extreme high.

"All of that and you still didn't tap" he finally spoke, sounding both playful and disappointed. "Guess I'm going to have to try harder." He laughed giving me a dirty smirk, his fingers dancing along my sensitive body. I glared at him. "I told you I'm not going down that easy." I smiled moving much too quickly for him to catch onto my plan, I was now on top of him stripping away his pants and undergarments. I had him inside me before he could even ask what the hell I was doing. Both of us groaning at the feel of him filling and stretching my insides, causing me to clench around him tightly. He tensed and moaned at the constrictive feeling I'd created around him, and pushed his hips up into mine as if to reinforce his dominance over me. But I wasn't going to let that happen. Not while I was on top. I buckled down on him forcing him down into the mattress, his mouth opened wide as he let out a loud grunt. "María, I know what you're doing."

I leaned down kissing his chest. "Then don't try and stop me. As you know I am always ambitious in my quest to win." Steadying myself I began to rock against him, letting our hips join together in a perfect rhythm. "Oh I definitely know what you are capable of." He groaned out as I lowered myself further, pulling him deeper.

I began to increase my speed moaning at how delicious he felt as I sat on top of him our bodies becoming one. He seemed to be having a hard time keeping his composure, the harder I went the louder he became and the harder he squeezed my hips. I knew he loved to see me like this, on top of him, my breasts bouncing, my neck exposed as I cried out from the immense pleasure. But I knew I had to do a little more if I was going to make him tap. So I got near his ear and opened my mouth. "Tap for me baby, I know you're close, all that built up tension, and you haven't even cum yet. Let it go amante." I whispered nipping the bite scar i'd given him so long ago knowing that it drove him crazy.

He groaned louder than ever. "María!.. I'm going to cum." I smiled hearing the stress and restraint in his voice as if he was trying to hold himself back from falling over the edge but it was no use. I had him. I was going to win. "I've got you. Just tap." I spoke seductively, trying to coax him into letting himself go.

Suddenly, he grabbed my wrists from their resting place on his chest, locking them in one hand and snatching them forward. His other hand came around my body, fisting itself in my hair viciously yanking it back exposing my neck to him. "On the contrary." He responded gruffly, sitting up. "I believe it is I that has you." He said. I had no time to react to my new vulnerability before an onslaught of pleasurous delight flew into me. My eyes opened wide. I screamed out. Jasper's grip on my hair only tightened.

"When I told you that you were going to let me cum into you tonight." He started again; grunting as he fucked me with a frenzied determination, "I meant on MY terms, which includes you tapping out. If you must know." He declared bringing his body closer to mine, pushing and thrusting harder and stronger each time. He was so deep inside me. His strokes so very calculated and pointed, never sloppy. He twisted and maneuvered his hips hitting all the right spots in me and I was completely helpless against it. I couldn't even form words, the only sounds leaving my mouth were screams of absolute bliss. I felt his lips at my neck, his nose inhaling my scent as he destroyed me from the inside out.

"Hmm, you were all talk before and look at you now.. putty in my hands. qué lindo." He chuckled. I could hear the smugness in his voice. As much as I wanted to say something, a smart remark, anything, I was unable to. He had me locked in and I could do nothing but let him bounce me on his dick. It was getting to be too much. We were like that for a while before I found myself laying on my side. Jasper still sliding in and out of me. He was behind me this time keeping up his steady pace. He lifted my leg with his own, opening me up further, giving him better leverage to fuck me thoroughly. I cried feeling him touch every single nerve spot inside me. I didn't know how much more I could take. "J-Jasper I.. I'm gonna."

"Shhh, I know angel, tap for me while you cum." He whispered nibbling at my ear. I slowly lifted my hand hovering it over the spot in front of me, wondering if I should tap and end it. Should I do it? Could I really give him the satisfaction knowing he'd just rub it in my face when it came to an end? I couldn't lose to him. I hated it, hated him for being able to do this to me. Had it been anyone else and I probably would have been the victor much sooner. But this wasn't just anyone else. This was Jasper. The same Jasper that trained, fought, spoke, moved and loved with the same intensity as I. Anything I threw at him he matched and even had the audacity to throw back at me. The same way it was back in the wars is the same way it was now. He was my equal in every way. I hated losing; but at this point, losing just felt right..

Feelings of euphoria began to envelop me as I began to cum. My body stiffened as I cried his name over and over. This was not enough for Jasper, as he noticed I was not tapping. He continued to fuck into me, sliding one hand up my body, stopping at my breast to tease my right nipple. His other hand sliding around and down between my legs to play with my swollen clit. The twin assaults only serving to heighten my exhilarating release. He kissed my neck before uttering his final words.

"I said tap." He demanded, sinking his teeth into my neck.

My eyes shut tight as I let out a loud whimper before reluctantly raising my hand even higher and slamming it down repeatedly onto the soft blanket that lay under me. I'd finally given in. I could feel the satisfactory vibe oozing from the confident man behind me. He watched as I breathed, his pace sped up as he grunted and groaned. He pulled me close to his body as he stilled and came, his seed spilling out of me as he slowed and eventually came to a stop.

"I hate you." I stated breathlessly. Trying to remove myself from his grip. He pulled me into his chest, holding me tighter.

"You're just pissy because you lost." He teased, nuzzling his face into my hair. I smiled relaxing as I was already planning my revenge. "Maybe so.. but I'll get you back for this." I muttered closing my eyes. He kissed the top of my head.

"I can't wait." Laying his head on my shoulder he sighed in content. I thought it over. Knowing exactly what I was going to and when I was going to do it. I grinned at my thoughts. Oh yes, he'll be getting what he deserved soon enough.



quejándose como una pequeña perra? = whining/complaining like a little bitch?

mi muñequita = my doll (or my little doll can't remember)

por favor, para ya no puedo aguantar más! = please!, i cant take it anymore!

qué lindo = how cute.