Chapter Four - End.

"And it was at that ball that your grandfather proposed."

An obviously old lady was sitting on a rocking chair by a smouldering fire surrounded by three small children. The children were looking up her with an interest in their eyes that they usually reserved for a large purple dinosaur. Just then a much younger woman entered the room, "You're not telling that story again, are you?"

"They asked for it." Said the old lady.

"I don't think they could ever do anything bad enough to deserve that." Said the young woman before going back to the kitchen.

The old lady moved closer to the children and whispered with a smile, "Your mother inherited that from your grandfather, not me."

"Do you miss him?" Said the youngest of the children.

"Of course." The old lady leaned back and looked at some distant point on the wall, "Everyday. He was a great man, you know. A great man. Did I ever tell you how we first met?"

Before any of the children had a chance to answer the young woman returned and said, "Yeah, like a million times."

"I thought you were cooking the dinner."

"I am."

"Doesn't look like it."

"All right, calm down, Mama." The young woman headed back the kitchen, "It's nearly ready anyway."

"That's your cue to get cleaned up." Said the old lady to the children.

The children then made their way out of the room except for the youngest. She remained at the feet of the old lady and said, "That was a great story, Nan."

The old lady looked thoughtful, "Yeah, it was."

She remained looking into the distance for a moment before looking back at the child and saying, "Now, come on and clean up or you'll miss dinner."

Author's Note: That's all folks.