Disclaimer: not one of the character is mine..but plot is mine hahaha!!!

A Veela's Charmer - part 1 Learning and keeping mask.

It had been a year since Cedric's death and it make Harry work even harder to find the way to kill Voldermort. Harry had long perfected his mask. During the days, he is Harry Potter, who quarreled with Draco Malfoy a lot and always getting into trouble with his side-kicks. At nights, he could ditch his mask and became one with the shadow. He haunts the castle, looking for every secret its hold at each crack and nook. Mostly he haunts the libraries that he had found and the Restricted area, learning every spells, potions, hexes and charms.

From one of the books he had learn how to keep a Dimensional Pocket where he could lots of things orderly and look just like how he put it in at first. It does not get damaged, lost or bad. He keeps a lot of things in there, a whole stock of foods, clothes weapons and many others even plants and animals. He also had a large collection of manuscripts of many languages from different eras and countries.

In fact, it might be said that his knowledge is more expand than even Dumbledore and even more powerful. His collections are also the dreams of many people. However, he keep all of them at dark by acting like a just- past student who, well, always get into trouble.