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The Veela's Charmer 12 The attacks and Yipee!!

It was a great week, everyone is having fun and the summer ball is around the corner. Lessons went well and those few Slytherins that excluded themselves before have get friendlier while Snape, well he still Snape. Only Harry, Draco and the twins know that he is helping with the twins new products and of course that meant that Snape and Draco knowing of Harry's involvement of being a silent partner. Snape had Drawled out, "What could one expect from a Marauder's son?" This earn a confuse look from Draco and surprised look from the twins. After much explanation, things went well.

It was a few minutes before the ball, when Harry felt his scar starting to hurt and he feel a familiar chill. A little while and the memories start to barged him. Harry could feel the shock and sorrow from his lover but ignored it after sending a calming feeling down the bond. He pulled out his wand and shouted "Accio Patronous!" (it is correct sp?)

At first the rest were shocked to see a silver stag among them but when the see the stance the stag and Harry took at the entrance, they quickly get their wands out and summon their patronous (teach by Universe) and other warding and protection shields. The first and second years, acted as healers, quickly moved to each groups forming at the hall.

The staff and Draco moved to the front and after doing the same, wait with Harry for the upcoming battle. The Dementors, werewolves and vampires are quickly pushed back by the patronous as soon as the door creaks open. The deatheaters and Voldermort were shocked nether less as they thought it will be a surprise attack for it was planned last minute and Snape was not told.

The school sends one attack after another, replacing each other when the other gets tired. The deatheaters retaliated but they are losing the fight especially when the patronous attack them from the back. One by one, the deatheaters fall into unconsciousness for none of the student are allowed to us the killing curse or any of the other unforgivable curses. They each use a basic curse which if sent send with the right thought could even kill. The temporary healers meanwhile acted as binder, binding the deatheaters into full bind and take away their wands away from reach.

Harry, Draco and the staff also take count of their share and then with same thought the young lover channel their power together and send a curse so ancient, no one know it exist, the Soul Destruction, towards Voldermort. The Dark lord could only watch as the combine power move towards him, unable to dodge the curse hit him right at his heart. He and Harry screamed as green light enveloped the two of them. The rest looked with concern and when the light disappear saw a pile of ash and a young boy which Draco take hold into his embrace and kissed. Most smiled as they realized who he is and cheered when the whole thing take impact on them. Voldermort is dead and the deatheaters are caught. They win the war!!

The next day, the picture of the Charmer as his true self and without the famous jagged scar is published. "Harry Potter and School saved the world!!" is the headline. "Peter Pettigrew alive! Sirius Black innocent!!" were the other after the week of the attack. Sirius are compensate as the students amazed as they learn about their Professor's pet true identity. Fudge are overthrown and Arthur Weasley are voted Minister. The deatheaters and Pettigrew are sentenced to Akzaban for Dementor's kiss. Harry meanwhile were marveled by the school as he walk around as his true self. To those who know why he keep the disguise, he explained that as the scar is heal and Voldermort's power were transferred to him, he now are powerful enough to control the Charmer's strong attraction, and does not need the disguise anymore to avoid hormone raging mob. They laughed as Harry said it with disgusted face and added "Not that it does not happen now!" referring to the mails and the lustful glances he received lately.

That summer, as the trees around them shed their leaves, giving a look of greenish brown around the lake and as sun set, a group of people gather, surrounded from many kinds of the forest folks and other magical creatures, to witness a marriage ceremony of two special boys. After Dumbledore said his speech, he ask the young couple for their pledge. Both boys, no men, looked deep into each other eyes and said at the same time, with trust and love from their heart and soul, their agreement. When their rings are placed and as they kiss, they open their minds to the world and share their love with them. The trees waved their branches waiting patiently for spring, the people stood at awe and joy of the deep feeling and the rest roared out with their unique music at the young couple's union.

Harry looked at them in his love, no!, his new husband's embrace with face glowing with love and happiness and cherished the feeling of peace around them. He laughed and waved goodbye as the blonde veela carried him off his feet to the awaiting chariot for their honeymoon. He looked at Draco and kissed him deeply. "I love you, my Dragon." "And I love you, Firebird" if any of them looked at the sky, which none of them did, they would see the clouds forming the shapes of a firebird (similar to phoenix but with feathery curls at the head and longer, curly tail feathers.) snuggled in the embrace of a dragon. As the clouds moved, the chariot rode off to its destination carrying the newlyweds off with their friends' blessings and waved of joys.