Kurogiri was perhaps All for One's greatest asset. A warp quirk like that was hard to find, and even harder to steal without drawing attention to himself. Kurogiri, on the other hand, was completely aligned with All for One.

I intended to kill Kurogiri, if only to level the playing field.

As for as I was concerned, there were four factions to be wary of in Japan. Kurogiri and his long-distance, long-duration, and high-volume "Mover" quirk upset that balance too much. If it wasn't for the fact that All for One wanted something to rule, then Kurogiri would be the best tool one could have to cause chaos.

To have Kurogiri's whereabouts was as precious as a gold car.

And so, after a quick threat to Koma, I waited inside the nightclub.

And waited and waited and waited.

Finally, the man appeared.

Stepping into the nightclub's second story was the man himself in flowing black and purple mists, Kurogiri.

My eyes widened as I saw someone else with him, however. Someone I hadn't wanted to fight yet because I needed him alive to fight a true hero like All Might.

All for One.

He came here himself with Kurogiri!

… Well, good. This saved me time, considering that I did have a little question. Oh, I still intended to kill Kurogiri, but I also wanted All for One to answer something.

"Koma-san," All for One opened up, greeting the man. "I-." He stopped. "... I see. Were you forced to remain silent?"

Koma and I both realized what he was referring to. I scoffed as I stepped out of the shadows. "That was stupid of me," I noted, seeing Kurogiri startle upon seeing me before shaking as he realized who I was in my mask and lab coat. "I hadn't expect you to have sensor-type quirks flaring, but maybe because I was being stupid. Why wouldn't you have it up?"

"Doctor Bonesaw," All for One greeted me coolly as he turned his body just a bit to face me more than he faced Koma. "I did not expect you to come to a place like … this."

I stared at him for a second. "Yeah, well, I was scouting your group out."

"So open?"

"You're smart enough to figure it out anyway, right?" I asked. "I don't see any reason why I need to hide the details you will figure out minutes into this conversation."

"So you s-" he flicked his finger. "-ay."

Kurogiri tried to warp away.

Instantly, the entire building shook as I activated Predator's Aura (Submission). Kurogiri and Koma slammed into the floor as their bodies felt my aura press down upon them like enhanced gravity.

"S-S-Sens-sei…!" Kurogiri hissed from the floor.

All for One remained standing, but I could see his legs shaking just a bit.

But a bit was enough for me to know that I was stronger than him.

"I only really came this far because I needed to ask a question. So tell me, Shigaraki," I rolled his name like I would say a disgusting and cheap food alternative or stupid vegan diet. "Did you try to find out about my family?"

Because three months ago, I had to kill more than five villains who were "coincidentally" snooping around my neighborhood simultaneously, looking for a very specific description that fits me the best. Oh, they could have been working for Doctor Bonesaw, but they had other details. Like my other names and a certain ability I only showed three people: him, my dad, and my little sister.

I stared into his unmarred eyes and he stared right back. We knew lying was useless. We weren't naive nor inexperienced, after all. Both of us were readers of people; people knew when others lied.

And so he answered honestly with all of the bravery he could muster.

"I did."

I wasted no time.

He was no longer worth keeping around.

I kicked with the full strength of the combination of powers behind me. Quirk: Hyperhuman, by itself, would have put me on par with some of the better quirk fighters. Combined with Well, I would be far above average. The passive effects of the Quirk: Martial Lord would have put me near but beneath All Might in terms of combat capability because the fantastical aspect of Martial Lord allowed me to do things like "cutting air seventy meters away from me with a blade kick."

But combining them all with Maximum?

It made me a monster that even All Might could not win against. The battle five months was done with less than half of EVERYTHING I had.

This? Right here?

Me striking at All for One?

I put everything into it.

It happened in an instant. The moment I poured Maximum into the rest of my powers, All for One had to use his own quirks to just stay standing up from the abruptly intensified Predator's Aura.

He also knew that I would not be satisfied with simply pinning him down with my Predator's Aura. The moment he used his quirk, he used everything to get himself - and no one else - to safety.

Hell, he didn't even give a shit about stealing Kurogiri's quirk in the midst of it all because he knew - just as I did - that if my next attack struck true, then he would be dead.

With a strength and ferocity that would put a brigade to shame, I struck with a roundhouse kick.

Despite the fact that I was sixteen meters away from him, the pressure from my kick caused the windows to blow out and eardrums of normal humans to pop. In the direction of my kick, the brick walls and the resin flooring ripped and blasted backwards. Koma and Kurogiri died instantly as their ribs shattered and then splattered away.

But I didn't care. All I cared about was whether All for One was dead or not.

When the dust cleared, All for One stood with multiple layers of energy shielding, transmuted walls, and hardened skin.

And I saw all of those because my kick had penetrated everything between me and his hardened skin.

Again, I wasted no time. This time, I punched straight and narrow, aiming for his biggest target: chest.

If the roundhouse was a wave of destruction, then my straight punch was a directed explosion. The remaining bits of the shields and walls blasted away and All for One narrowly dodged the hit by rolling to the side, dodging the two and a half meters of my destructive blow by using a short-distance instantaneous movement quirk.

Everything behind him was not as lucky. My attack blasted through everything. Plaster, walls, resin, people, bricks, air, the building next over, the building behind that, the parking lot's central support beyond that building, and then finally vaporized a tree into a million splinters.

Said tree was over three hundred meters away.

All for One was upon me with nine different quirks, all of them powerful, but I moved faster. I spun and then struck true at his waist with a spin kick. Too absorbed in his own attack, he didn't react fast enough and all of those quirks were rendered useless as they never reached me.

Instead, he struck the ceiling at an angle, blasted through that, blasted through the building's penthouse, and then flew into the night.

I sniffed and then jumped after him. My jump shattered the floor and the pressurized air blasted apart all of the windows from the buildings in the immediate area.

My eyes locked onto All for One and the other debris that flew out with him, and I grinned maliciously. I spun in the air even as my momentum carried me forward towards him faster than he was flying backwards, and struck with another spin kick.

This one, however, was different. I put more into it than the first spin-kick, which I meant to use to put him in this exact situation.

Out in the open.

Nowhere to run.

Nowhere to hide.

Right where I could use all of my strength and power without a collateral damage (hopefully).

'[Earth Sundering Kick]!'

And I kicked.

All for One saw it coming, and did the smart thing. He dodged. The same quirk that let him escape my punch tossed him back down to the ground. The air above him superheated for a single second and expanded violently. Everything in that area of my kick in an outwardly widening cone shape lit up for a brief second before the expansion of the superheated air (heated by my kick) stopped and then imploded from the inherent instability in such expansions.

I tanked the hit no problem and flew backward, allowing myself to drift away for a split second before I "struck" the air and double-jumped back towards All for One, who was falling down… and then sprouted wings.

Okay. Cool.

With a mighty flap, he stabilized himself again and put his hands up towards me and fired lasers from his eyes.

"You don't have the license to go Cyclops on me, bitch!" I roared before I kicked off the air, speeding faster towards him like a missile.

"RAWWW!" All For One roared as his right arm abruptly grew and expanded into some abomination giant's arm, and then punched towards me.

I flipped around and struck with a side kick.

Our two attacks connected, and the resulting shockwave broke the buildings below us, killing everyone within it.

The blast expanded out like slow bomb, and whatever building caught in the shockwaves crumbled. People fled in the streets, but too many were caught.

And then it was over.

To most, it ended as abruptly as it had started. There was a boom and then silence, which was quickly followed by screams of pain, sirens, and stampede of people trying to get to the site of destruction or flee it.

For me and All For One, it was just another phase of the battle. The connection of our attacks had thrown both of us back, and upon the ground which had been cratered and flattened by our attacks, we stood, shaking off dirt and dust.

"You will die tonight," he growled as at least two dozen Quirks activated, giving him extra limbs, layers of defense, and other details that I didn't care for.

Me? My Predator's Aura slammed down on the area, and I smelled the intent of those who had been rushing towards us quickly turn from righteous fury into whimpering fear.

"And I will eat your heart for threatening my family!" I roared. I sped forth, spider-cracking the flattened earth with a single push of my feet.

"OOOHHH!" All For One roared as he slammed his giant fist into the ground. Centering on him, the ground seemed to shatter. Chunks of earth flew into the air, shards of stones and concrete became jutting deadly spikes, and the straight path to him for me was broken.

Instead, I punched the air with precision that would have left wristwatch makers in awe.

All For One's head snapped back from the shockwave of my punch's blow, and then his body caved forward as another blast struck his abdomen.

I knew they were doing nothing, only annoying him. Jumping between flying boulders and then launching myself towards him, I came down with an axe kick. The air split with a shrieking boom, and then All For One raised a head guard with his giant arm over his head.

My axe kick met the arm, and cleaved right through. The giant forearm crashed into the ground with enough weight and density that the flattened ground cracked where it landed.

All For One hissed in pain as he teleported backward, only to find me in his face, following him as he teleported.

Sidekick, parried.

Jump-kick, dodged. Duck, punch. Spin kick, parried.

Wind spears from above, spin-kick to neutralize.

Strike, dodged. Double-barrel punch, ducked. Exotic cutting attack, sidestep-!

A huge blast attack!

Duck, jump back, sidestep, parry-.

Sonic blast, punch to neutralize.

Right jab with extended arm with all the force I could muster!

All For One had not time to dodge the last attack and tanked the hit.

It wasn't enough.

"NOOO!" he shouted angrily as his defenses broke one by one until he was left with his body.

And I struck with a push kick, putting enough force to break a small hill in half.


And just like that, All For One laid defeated with my feet through his chest, lying in a wasteland which used to be a Tokyo ward.

He gurgled, blood leaking out of his mouth.

"M-Monster…" he murmured. "A-All M-Might i-is n-noth-hing c-compared t-t-to y-you…!"

I ignored him and pulled my feet out with a jerk, causing his body to jerk as well. "And you will soon be nothing. Because you came after my family." I spat on him, directly into his chest wound.

"C-Curse…. You…." he sighed out his last words… and died.

I stared at All For One's corpse for a second before deciding that I needed to double tap. I lifted my foot back up and crushed his skull.

Then I looked up.

Hundreds of heroes, soldiers, and even All Might himself watched in a gathering of circles. I could taste their bitter fears. I poured Maximize into my Predator's Aura, and the 10 meter and the 100 meter effective radius and the limit tripled. Suddenly, the 150 or so meters that the heroes had been at became somewhere in the middle of my effective radius. The weaker ones crashed to the floor, rendered incapable by my aura alone.

The knees of the stronger heroes bent as they felt gravity seemed to double in intensity.

"You lot want to fight me or something?" I growled.

All Might, being the courageous fool, stepped forward, and despite smiling for the people who were surely watching us (if the distant and weak taste of fear from afar were anything to go by), that smile became strained as he used increasingly more strength to just remain standing.

"Shounen, is that you?" he asked me. "Doctor Bonesaw?"

"Yeah," I grumbled as I dialed the Predator's Aura down. It didn't seem like they were trying to rush me. "What do you want, you dumb old man?"

All Might sputtered before calming down. "... Why did you do this?" he asked, gesturing to the ruined city around us.

I quirked an eyebrow. "Because this dead fucker," I said, ripping my feet out of All For One's ruined head. "Threatened my family."

"... This is still too far."

I laughed. "Nothing else but what I cherish matters, All Might," I replied with a snicker. "He was supposed to be my entertainment but he stepped over the line."

All Might did not look happy with me.

"You can't use other people as entertainment."

"Why not? The public certainly seems to use you as theirs."

"It is different fundamentally from what you said you were doing."

"... Are you here to argue with me or fight me?"

There was a pause. "I do not believe I can win against you. Not if you defeated him so easily."

I gestured to the other heroes. "Even with them?" I asked. It was a stupid question.


"Then what are you going to do?"

"I will ask you to stand down."

I blinked and blinked again.

I laughed.

"I was wrong!" I snickered as I tried to keep my laughter contained. "He wasn't the entertainment, you were!"

All Might just watched me laugh stoically.

"And your answer?" he asked me.

I wiped a tear from my eyes and then turned to him.

"Sorry. Can't do that."

"Can we truly not negotiate on this?"

I thought about it. "Well, he is a villain," I gestured to the dead All For One. "All I did was kick and punch." I shrugged. "I defended myself and my family."

All Might opened his mouth, and then closed it. He seemed to think some time about it and then clasped his hand on my shoulder. He turned to the heroes.

They looked hopefully up to him.

He raised a single thumbs-up.

"We're good!"

I scoffed as the heroes cheered. Just how influential and trustworthy was this man that two words was all it took for the heroes from the entire nation to start cheering?

"Well, I'm going to go now. I don't want to get tangled with the media and politics." I pushed his hand off me, but then paused. "Oh, and tell all of your friends not to come after me. Because if they find me, they'll find my family, and if they find my family, then my family will be in danger. If my family is put in danger…" I didn't finish the sentence, but I stared meaningfully into his eyes.

All Might didn't move or change his expression.

"Understood," he replied warily. "But I am only one man."

"... Eh, good enough."

Then, I disappeared into the Dream Realm.