Me: Get me a damn drink! I don't care where we go.

Trey: what's going on

Me: Family just got done visiting.

Trey: be waiting outside your dorms

I grab my dorm key and both of my IDs, one to get me back into the dormitories and the other that allows me to drink, then head outside. I don't bother waiting for Trey, his truck is parked right in front of me. Guess I have to wait for his slow ass. I tap my foot in annoyance. Hopefully I don't take my irritation out on him tonight.

Trey and I have been friends since freshman year. We had to do a project together with this other chick. The two of us became best friends because the girl wouldn't do her part so we kind of kicked her out of the group and it was just us. The professor was pissed but I honestly couldn't care.

Trey comes outside the dormitories, looking his usual self. Blue jeans, his camouflage hoodie, and his stupid Green Bay Packers hat. He is only a good inch above me, so 5'7. He has brown hair that he hides under a hat and a goatee that he always keeps neatly trimmed. He has this dad look to him even though he's only 21. Our archery team always likes to mess with him.

"Come on slow ass. Mama needs a drink." I say, hopping in his truck. He rolls his eyes, climbing in. "Where we heading to?"

"My uncle works at the bar down the road. It's quick and cheap. Good shit too." he nods my way. "What happened today to bring this on?"

I lean my head against the window and barely sigh. "I'll tell you when we get there."

When he pulls up to the bar, I know exactly where we are. This is the place a certain group of bikers likes to stay on a daily basis. I mean I've seen people who aren't apart of an MC go in, but they come out minutes later trying to get away as quickly as possible. I wish I could remember the name of the group that likes to basically live here.

Before I open the door, Trey quickly stops me. He tells me that I have to pretend to be his date. The look in his eyes worries me a bit. I mean I can take care of myself, but Trey? He freezes up completely, maybe throw a few curse words, but that's it.

I take his hand. "Best friends. Right?" he relaxes a bit. "Now come on. Let's have some fun and go see your uncle."

Walking up to the building, I can already hear it. The laughter of men intoxicated, music loudly playing, hard enough that you can hear a bit of it from the outside. The concrete underneath me vibrating. But when we get closer to the door, I hear a woman's moan ring out. I look over at Trey and he blushes, covering his face with his hands.

"Fuck, I forgot it's just the guys night to be here. Come on, let's go somewhere else." he starts to pull me away, but I shake my head.

"Nope, we're already here. Just ignore them and head for the bar. Now come on." I think I hear him whisper, if it were only that easy, but I ignore it and wait for him to make the first move. He sighs, pushing the doors open.

Damn, the smell of booze and weed fills my nostrils. The music is playing so loud that I can barely hear myself think. I look around and see women stripping for men wearing leather jackets or vest. They all have patches on them. In another corner I see a man getting sucked off by a woman with blonde hair. It seems that every single one of the women here are blonde. Well, except for me.

I see men staring at me and Trey as we walk in. He's completely different from these guys. So quiet and shy. I've opened his shell, but he still has a long way to go. I on the other hand, am a bit crazy. Always have been. Even though I only wear jeans, t-shirts, and converse all the time doesn't mean I'm innocent. I'm a perverted son of a bitch.

The music suddenly gets quiet. All eyes are still on us. Out of nowhere a guy walks through the crowd with a vicious smile. He's lean and tall, but not the one girl's fan over. His eyes are gray but look black as he keeps staring down Trey. His blonde hair is greasy and long. It makes me want to yell at him to take a shower. When I look at his patch on his vest, it reads Road Captain. I already know what that means. He transports the items.

"What is our little prospect doing up past his bedtime?" my eyes bug out. Trey is apart of this shit? What the fuck!

"My friend just needed a drink. I forgot that it was Saturday." his eyes widened at the word friend. He knew he fucked something up. The guy smiles wickedly, making a shiver run down my spine.

"So… This little one is on the market?" he says, running his thumb down my cheek. Trey moves in front of me, pushing the guy back. The guy actually looks shocked.

"Back the fuck off, Eddie!" he snaps. Eddie grabs him by his shirt and throws him at a table full of empty cans and bottles. Trey goes crashing down.

Trey isn't usually the one to get up in someone's face because of his autism, but I guess messing with me pushed him over the spectrum. Just like seeing him on the ground, hurt, pushes me.

I look up at a grinning Eddie, but it's wiped clean as soon as I bring my fist back and to his face. He goes crashing down a lot harder than Trey did. I run over to Trey and help him up. I tell him to go clean up in the bathroom, telling him I'd be okay. He doesn't move.

"I swear I will be. Just go." I snap.

As soon as he leaves I've taken notice that the music and moaning has stopped. When I turn around, I see guns being pointed at me. I put a hand on my hip and glare at all of them. Even Eddie, who is still unconscious on the ground.

"This is kind of cheating, don't you think?" I say sarcastically. "Should have brought my gun to make things even."

"Ha! This broad thinks she can take us all." a man laughs in the back.

"Well this broad saw you sucking dick for the last ten minutes. So if I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut." I hear snickering throughout the crowd.

A door slams open and heavy footsteps fall forward. I cross my arms, feeling my nipples tighten.

When the door had opened, I only saw Trey and this older version of him. His badge read V. President. When the two came walking out together, I saw a glint of pride in the man's eyes. Did Trey tell him about trying to protect me?

That's not what's making my body react in an uncomfortable way, though. It's seeing the person behind the two after they walk over to me. This very dark shadowed man who seems to be hiding everything behind those dark ivy green eyes. He looks bigger than anyone here. He could be a foot taller than me. His arms are wrapped in tattoos that look to have meaning behind it, and I want to find out. Especially the small heart I spotted on his wrist. Thick black hair that comes a little past his ear makes me think of why I would be gripping it so tightly. Lips that are turned down in a frown, but still so thick. I wonder what else is thi…

I'm brought out of my lust filled adventure when I hear a voice boom out in the room.

"What the fuck happened here!" he growls, kicking Eddie's side. "This fucking dumbass throwing the VPs boy across the room." while he paces, I spot his badge on his vest. President. "Now why is Eddie down, and why are your weapons drawn?!" he demands an answer. They all look truly scared of him. Hell, I wish I could be, but I can't.

"It was her. We had gotten our weapons out because of her." one steps up. His badge only says member. "She knocked him out."

When the president spots me his eyes roam my body, making me squirm. He then begins to laugh.

"You really think that I'm going to believe that Raggedy Ann knocked Eddie out and caused this?" he's still laughing. Nobody else is, and I'm fuming.

My fist tighten and I hear a small whisper from Trey, telling me not to do this. I don't listen though. I kick the back of the president's legs making him fly forward. He lands on his hands, but I turn him over onto his back and sit on his chest. I grab both of his muscular arms and pin them down. He's too shocked to know what to do, so I get to have my fun with him. I run my tongue over his neck to his scruffed up chin. Then I start sucking and licking my way to his earlobe. I bite his earlobe, causing a small growl to come from him.

I let go and whisper, "Call me Raggedy Ann one more time and you'll end up like Eddie, President." I brush my lips across his and I slowly stand up and walk over to Trey and his uncle. His uncle is staring at me in shock.

"We need you with us." he chuckles. "He is the strongest man in our MC." I scoff.

"I don't want to be someones old lady. And he shouldn't of doubted me."

"I wasn't ready." I hear his voice speak up. Now it's my turn to laugh.

"Right." even the VP is chuckling. I spin towards this big hulk of a man and pat him on his chest. "It's okay to get your ass kicked by a chick."

He grips my wrist, then swiftly throws me over his shoulder. I slap the back of his head, making him slap my ass. I do it again, making him slap my ass harder. My toes curl as my panties dampen.

I bite my lip to keep from grinning at Trey. He just rolls his eyes and grabs a drink for himself. He knows my situation and that I don't mind this in the very least.

Caveman opens the door to a room, when I look around it looks like an office. He sets me down on the plush couch against the wall then hovers over me, his body heat making the goosebumps fade.

"What's your name red?" he asks.

"It's red." he glares.

"I hate liars. Tell me." he orders. Fuck, I hope he's not one of those men with a great sense of smell. I would seem like a damn virgin in heat. Almost am.

"I'll tell you if you tell me yours." I say stupidly. He raises an eyebrow.

"Eli. Now yours."

"Gabrielle, but everyone calls me Gabby." I gasp as he presses against me.

"Gabrielle." he says it slowly, like a caress. "Beautiful name on such a wicked woman." he growls, then slams his lips to mine.