"Everyone, quick!" I yell. "Go hide. He's coming!" the kids go hide behind the couch, while I slip into the closet and peek out.

When I hear the footsteps getting closer, I back up into the corner. Covering my mouth to hold back a scream when he opens the door, Jameson pulls me out and shoots me with a water gun. The kids jump up and laugh, but end up getting sprayed too.

"You guys suck at this." he chuckles. I roll my eyes.

"We weren't trained like you, buddy." I say, poking his chest. He cocks a brow.

"The closet Gabby?" he asks. "So unoriginal."

"Oh shut up." I pout. "I ran out of good ones."

"Well-" he stops when his alarm starts going off somewhere, and I realize that it's his phone. "Sorry guys, most of us have to go. Some of the other members should be out here in a few."

He runs out of the room, and leaves us all confused, even Scarlett but only for a few seconds. "Gun wars!" she yells. Theo heads for the small nerf gun, and they start shooting me! How is their aim so good?

After I get Theo and Scarlett settled for the night, I walk to the living room and lay down on the couch. More like fall on it. Those two kicked my butt today. Seriously at one point. But, at least I was able to keep up with them, even if I didn't feel well. I forgot to eat breakfast with my medication and that fucked me up.

I'm too tired to look up, but when the front door closes I know Eli is home. His heavy footsteps get closer to the couch that I'm laying on, and he sets down right beside me.

"Tired?" he asks. I mumble something, but even I don't understand it. "Come on. Let's get to bed."

He lifts me up and cradles me against his chest. I just snuggle closer to him until I smell something on it. Blood. I sigh in annoyance. Does he not know how to interrogate people without hurting them?

"Next time you interrogate someone, don't use them as a punching bag." I mumble.

"How did you-" I stop him.

"Your vest smells like blood." I explain.

"Well, guess we have a lady Sherlock Holmes with us now." he says sarcastically. I chuckle.

When he gets to our room, yes our room, he lies me on the bed and covers me up. Scarlett wanted to already sleep on the bunk beds in Theo's room the second night she was here, so now those two are hanging out more and Eli and me are teasing each other more again. Which is annoying, but I'm still not ready. He's okay with that though.

I fall asleep quick when my head hits the pillow, and I drift off into a vivid sleep of angry bikers.

"So let me get this straight, you fucking idiots decided to just beat the fuck out of two of Kondrashka's men?" I snap, then shoot a glare at Eddie. "I tried to help you out, but you just lost all of my goddamn trust!" I shout, shoving his heavy ass into a damn chair.

"What are you talking about?" he snaps back. Eli grabs my arms to keep me from killing Eddie myself.

"What the fuck are you going to tell Kondrashka happened to his men?" I ask Eddie. He rolls his eyes.

"That's easy." he says. "Tell him that they got killed by the men trying to keep the money and women." he explains.

"Has that happened before?" I ask him. He just nods. "Is that why Anderson got injured in the process?"

"No, he got hurt because we tried to save the women too quickly. He let his guard down." he explains. "But he'll be fine and Kondrashka just thinks this was just the usual shit. Two new men were assigned for tomorrow."

Eli explained to me during breakfast that the men decided that my help would be very much helpful during the process of getting the men to talk. And to help those survivors of human trafficking calm down. He said that yes, they tried beatings but nothing had worked. They were trained warriors. These two men could handle anything.

He said he just needed me to try what I could on them like I did on Eddie. These two are trained by specialists, so I don't know how this will work. Maybe I'll try something.

Anyways, when I had found out about the plan I was pissed. Especially since Eddie was the one in on helping as well. The man was given a second chance. It's fucking gone now and he needs to learn a less or two.

I get up, and head towards the room where they do their interrogations. It's basically like a freezer except hotter.

When I walk into the room, I already feel my skin start to feel slick. Damn. My eyes fall over everything and it looks like they cleaned up the two Russians, because it looks like they never been touched. Well, except for the black eyes and many cut wounds on them.

I walk over to the chair and see the two men asleep or knocked out. Next to them is a bucket of water. I grab for it and throw it on them. Their sputtering turns into silence when they notice me.

"What?" I ask. "Can't speak?"

"You're a broad." one chuckles through a thick Russian accent. "Do they think that giving us entertainment would make us talk?" they both laugh. My eyes go to the mirror where everyone is watching. What did this fucker call me?

I laugh with them. "Excuse me, but what did you call me?"

"A broad." he smirks.

"One more time." I say getting closer to him. He grins, leaning forward.


Before he can say anything else, I grab his dick and pull out my switchblade. Didn't actually think I'd need it today. Yeah, yeah I did. He groans, but stops when I push the blade against his groin. His eyes widen.

"Don't you ever call me a broad." I whisper, pressing the tip of the knife down harder. He cries out.

"Okay."He tries to say calmly, but the hot air and other beatings are getting to him.

"Now, I need you to tell me a bit about Kondrashka and what you guys are planning." I say simply. He glares at me.

"Трахни тебя." he growls in Russian. I twist the knife a bit.

"Нет, спасибо. Я предпочитаю мужчину с членом, который не разрушен." I reply back in Russian as well causing his eyes to widen. I remove the knife and sigh.

"I'll be back, just know that you two can't keep any secrets." I tell them then leave the room.

When I step out, all the men seem to be looking at me strangely. The only person grinning is Eli, and he comes up to kiss me. Is seeing me put a knife to a guy's penis a turn on for him?

"I've been wanting to do that all day today, especially when we found the girls in rough shape."

"I was looking at the two of them and trying to get a read on them. Seems like manipulation will be hard with these two, but with the beatings you gave and how hot the room is I'll be able to break them." I explain.

"You speak Russian?" he asks in a whisper. I shrug.

"That, Portuguese and Italian." he smirks.

"The bedroom just might get kinkier now." I slap his arm and laugh, but stop when the others want an update.

I start to explain all of the basics from top to bottom. Telling them that this won't be easy and that it might even take hours to break them. These men might trust me more knowing that I can speak their language and lie about my reason for being here. I tell the Grizzlie men that I'm going to make up a lie to let these two's guard down. They all agree with the suggestion. Eli looks concerned.

"It'll be alright." I tell him. "No reason to worry about anything. Just keep a closer eye on Eddie." I whisper. He is about to say something but stops himself.

"The real reason I wanted you to come is because of the girls. They don't trust us because of the Russians wearing our vest." I narrow my eyes.

"And who gave them your vest?" he doesn't say anything for a moment before realization sinks in.

A growl slips past his lips, and he turns towards another room, about to bust in before I grab his arms. He yanks his arm out of my grip before realizing what he's done. I watch as he's about to say I'm sorry. I put my hand up before he can talk, and pull him to the room where they meet.

"What are you doing?" he asks, surprised.

I take a seat in his chair, and cross my legs. The pulsing of my clit finally pushing me enough to do what I want. "Follow exactly what I do." I order, unbuttoning my jeans.

His eyes find their target. Jaw ticking, his hand reaches back and locks the door to the room. My lips twitch. He reaches his hand down and unbuttons his pants as well. The swell of his cock pressing hard against the fabric of the jeans. My mouth waters at the sight.

Standing up, I slide my pants down my thighs and slip my legs out of my jeans. My eyes follow his hands, and I watch as he strips out of his jeans, his muscular thighs on show and his cock springing free. My eyes widen when I see that he's not wearing any underwear. Looks like I have to play catch up.

"Didn't know that we were going commando today. I need to start catching up with you." I say, slipping my shirt off. His eyes widen at my blood red bra. He closes his eyes and mutters something under his breath, ripping his shirt off.

I take in his naked form before me and almost drool. This man is absolutely magnificent.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm loving this side of you," he says walking over to me, "but you need to let me take control from here."

A whimper escapes my lips as he runs his tongue over the swells of my breast. I run my fingers through his hair, pushing my chest forward. A growl escapes him, causing my pussy to throb harder. He runs his hands down my body, and grips my ass tightly. He lifts me onto the table and sits me down, pushing me back.

"Just remember that I like my control, baby. You may like it as well, but you will never have it when it comes to sex." he tells me. "You better tell me now that you understand."

The words are stuck in my throat as I try to talk, so all I do is nod. The devilish smile pressing its way through his features makes my whole body tremble. Okay, he's right. I can't take control with him in the bedroom, he is just too good at what he does.

As he begins sliding off my panties, someone knocks on the door. I watch a dark look cross Eli's face.

"Whatever it is, it can wait!" he shouts. The person on the other side knocks again, causing Eli to push away from me and storm over to the door and snatch it open enough to peek out. "I said-"

"You said what?" someone says, their voice sounding amused.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Eli asks, but then looks down. "Give me a sec, okay?"

I watch Eli pull back on his pants and shirt, and he walks over to help me with my clothes. I wonder who's here to make Eli's mood change so quick. Must be someone important. I quickly throw my clothes on and follow Eli to the door. When it opens, there are two men standing in the doorway looking amused by Eli and me. One guy has light blonde hair, blue eyes, and a grin as big as the sun. He reminds me of Shawn. The other looks less amused, but still happy. His eyes are a dark gray, and his copper colored hair is messier than the blonde guys. His demeanor is more serious. Just like Eli's.

"What are you guys doing here?" Eli asks, taking my hand in his. I just watch the three as they look at one another.

"Taylor called us, telling us what happened with Eddie and the Russians." copper haired guy says. His facial features change and he looks scary now that he is mad. "This is bullshit Eli." The blonde just slaps him on the back, with a grin. He then looks at me.

"Well, we can talk about that later. Who is this adorable looking redhead?" I peek over at Eli, and watch as he rolls his eyes. I feel myself blushing. Shit…

"Gabrielle, these are my brothers. Elliot and Christian." he explains to me. "They can just show up at random times." he says, cursing under his breath.

"I noticed." I chuckle, a smile cracking through my embarrassment.

"Nice to meet you, Gabby." Elliot grins, but when I look over at his brother Christian I freeze. He's just staring at me, his eyes going back and forth between me and Eli.

"Yeah." I say slowly. Elliot elbows Christian in the ribs, making the brothers glare at one another. Christian finally breaks from the stare off, and looks to Eli.

"We need to talk." he snaps at Eli. "Now."

He pushes past Eli and me, taking the seat in Eli's chair. My eyebrows must be nowhere in sight because Elliot chuckles. "Looks like my brothers got a lot to tell you."

"Shut up Elliot." Eli growls. Elliot just holds his hands up in surrender.

"Anyways, Kate and Ana are in the bar area. You should go meet them." he then looks back to Eli. "We brought along the kids. Figured you wouldn't mind seeing your nieces and nephew." he shrugs, walking past him and into the room.

Okay, so this man that I barely know has brothers. I need to get Scarlett back home so the two of us don't bother him and his family. I don't want Scarlett feeling like she is in the way.

"Stop it, Gabrielle." Eli orders. "You are overthinking everything. Just go spend some time with my idiot brothers girls and we can go home and see the kids."

"No, I need to go talk to the girls who were involved with the trafficking."

I push past him, embarrassed that I've come this far with him and barely know who he really is. I'm not upset with him, I'm upset with myself for letting my daughter get involved. For getting attached so quickly to a man that I have just met. Look where that got me last time. With a broken heart and a daughter with a dad who never sees her. What the hell is wrong with me. Do I just get attached too quickly to actually think straight?

Walking away from him, I head towards the room with all of the girls. Even though I have barely been here long, I need to let them know that the men in this place are good guys. They are nothing like the criminals who used them for profit. In the end they will find trust again. Hopefully it won't take long like it did me.