Exhaustion still plagued Charlie Swan, the black coffee he had been sipping on doing nothing to wake him up as he made his way back into the office several hours earlier that he was required to. It was two thirty-seven in the morning and normally at this time, he'd be asleep in bed. After all, he did pull a long shift yesterday and God knows he could have used the extra time to sleep.

Despite the fact that the moon was still high in the night sky and the street lights still on, the Forks Police Department was bustling with energy and activity. A single phone call to the police that night had flipped the entire department on its head, calling in nearly every officer in early to get to the bottom of their latest strange case.

"Morning Chief," Trooper Martins immediately greeted Charlie as soon as he set foot in the office, "here's all the info we got. Not much yet, but it's a start."

Charlie sat his coffee cup down on the nearest desk and took the papers that were pushed into his direction. He quickly flipped through it, his eyes flickering across the written reports.

At approximately one in the morning, Karen Newton was driving home from work late. She had to stay an extra shift at the family shop after a small mishap. She was halfway home when she noticed a figure off the side of the road, barely illuminated by one of the few street lights that stood on the long woodsy road. She pulled up to it and upon seeing that it was a body, she immediately called the police.

The body turned out to be a young woman, somewhere between the ages of sixteen and nineteen. The EMS quickly determined she was still alive and quickly rushed her to the hospital. While there, all her vitals were found to be stable. It was as Carlisle Cullen was taking her blood pressure though, that he noticed a large burn covering the palm of her left hand. The burn was fresh and required treatment, but there was no signs of where it came from.

"Did she have anything on her? A purse, bag?" Charlie asked, flipping the page once more.

"Oh yeah," Trooper Martins reached into a nearby cubicle and pulled out a sealed evidence bag. Inside it was a lone leather wallet, "we haven't check inside it yet. Figured we should wait for you given how freaky this all is…"

Charlie unsealed the bag and plucked the wallet out. Cautiously, he flipped it open. Sat in the clear pocket was her ID. 'Irene Elizabeth Foster' the name line read. The girl had a heart-shaped face, big brown eyes and long dark hair. She looked nice enough, but who knew why the found her the way they did. Irene's ID revealed that she was seventeen, born in late June, and her home address led to somewhere all the way in Maine. Instantly, the chief of police's mind began to race.

She was far from home, that was for sure. Why was she out here? Maybe she was visiting family, or maybe she was touring colleges in the area? She was about that age where one would.

The only other things in her wallet was a debit card with her name (Charlie assumed that it must be connected to her parents account, since she was a minor after all) and a couple of dollar bills.

"Good work. There's a lot of information to go off of. Trooper, you and the others start searching the missing person's database for a report matching her description. I'll call up her local police department and see if they can give me any information and head by her home address."

The floor erupted with a newfound energy of hope and determination. They knew her name, her birthday, her address and banking information— this was all enough to find out who this mysterious young woman was. Surely they'd have her on a plane ride home before the end of the day at this rate!

The clacking of keyboards and soft over-the-phone chatter filled the department as Charlie took a seat at his desk and got down to work. With a quick google search he had found the police department closest to her home and gave them a ring. The cops there were just as perplexed as the ones in Forks, and quickly agreed to send an officer out to the address found on her ID.

An hour later, Charlie got a call back.

"Hello, Chief Charlie Swan? This is Matthew Rhodes of the Wells Police Department. I sent two officers up to the address you provided, but oddly enough no one by the name of 'Foster' lived there. They asked a few neighbors and no one had heard of her either. We looked up city records to see if we had any proof of her folks previously owning the home or possibly renting it, but we've come up empty-handed."

Charlie hummed in thought, "well, thank you for your effort. I'm guessing that the ID is a fake... If she gives us any more information about livin' out there, we'll give you a ring."

After the phone was hung up, Charlie paused. Fake IDs were common, but how often did they lead to an actual address? Usually it was a made up one, or the address of family or friends— yet the people at said address knew nothing about this missing individual? Not even the neighbors had any answers?

Charlie left his office and walked out onto the department floor, making a bee-line for Martins' desk.

"Any information? She match any of the missing kids?"

"No sir," the other man sighed, "I searched the database for kids missin' all over the US and she doesn't match any of 'em."

"Boss man," Deputy Mark called out from his desk a few rows down, "I checked with her bank— gave them all the info from her wallet and they didn't have a clue who I was talking about. There was no account with her debit card number, let alone matching her name and information."

Charlie's worry began to increase by tenfold. A fake ID was normal, but a fake debit card too now? Who in the world would carry a fake debit card with their possibly fake name on it?

"This is getting weirder and weirder," Mark rubbed his hair wearily.

"You could say that again… I'll catch up with you guys later. I'm going to wait out at the hospital till she wakes up. Keep checking the databases, go as far back as you can. She coulda been missing for years for all we know."

His mind wandered to the darkest possibilities. Was she a victim of human trafficking? Someone who had gone missing years ago and was now living some sort of lie? Maybe she had got mixed up with come big city gang, and pissed off the wrong people. A part of him wondered if the ID and debit card were planted on her, but quickly pushed that suspicion away. Unless someone had been stalking her and somehow got a clear photo of her to use on the ID, it wasn't possible.

Still… Charlie Swan feared the worse. He could only hope this girl could recollect what truly had happened.