Online Predator Chapter 1

Jasper Whitlock embraced the freedom he was currently feeling as he crossed the border from Mexico into the United States. He was headed towards Nashville, Tennessee on a mission. Once a month, Maria gave him furlough from the war, so he could kill the human he was hunting online.

It was a deal he had struck up about eight years ago. He wasn't sure why Maria had agreed to it, but he wasn't questioning it. All he did, once a month, was leave Maria's Army, head Stateside, find his victim and kill them. Then he rejoined the army back in Mexico.

Jasper had been killing his victims for Maria the same way for a century and a half. It was too easy, too predictable, he hated it. Hunting them online first was more of a challenge, you had to be smart, you needed to draw them in, you had to get them to trust you.

It worked out well, Jasper could see what they looked like, what photos they posted, learn their routines. Most put way too much information online, they made it too easy. All accounts were connected, nothing was set to private. Jasper could choose someone he was attracted to and use his cunning wit to draw them in. It made the quiet times in the war more bearable. It gave his mind something to focus on.

Jasper's phone buzzed and he pulled it from the pocket of his ripped jeans, never breaking stride.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: Are we still on for tonight? I can't wait to meet you

Humans were too easy.

hunting_grounds: Of course, I can't wait. I might be a little late, but I'll be there

That was a lie, Jasper wouldn't be late. This was a practiced routine by now. He pushed himself faster, the excitement from a month's hard work was finally about to pay off. His phone buzzed against his leg, he ignored it. Humans were stupid, especially the girls, they always felt the need to reply when it was unnecessary. His phone buzzed again and he reluctantly pulled it out.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I can't wait

Her reply was pointless, of course. It didn't matter, she would be dead soon enough. The second message was from Peter.

Peter: Why didn't you say goodbye to me?

Jasper ignored both of them, it wasn't worth it. He would be back with Peter soon enough. He needed to stay focused on what he was doing. It was relatively easy, but there were always factors he needed to account for. He couldn't ruin this, he had spent one month getting Jennifer to trust him and Maria wouldn't allow him to try again for another month, at least.

Tonight would be fun, it was the anticipation of it all as well. The hunt, the manipulation, the game. In the wars he was stuck under Maria's command, it was her show, but this was something that was all his. Jasper couldn't wait to sink his teeth into Jennifer's neck, to feel her warm blood flood his mouth, to feel her struggle against him as she fought for her life, to feel the emotions that came with her death; anger, fear, desperation, the will to live, determination, and finally defeat. It made his mouth water.

When Jasper hit the outskirts of Nashville, he pulled out his phone. Jennifer had messaged him again and again.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: What should I wear?

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I'm just going to go casual

He ignored her again. He had no doubt that she would be dressed to impress. It was a joke, all of it. Jasper dismissed her messages and brought up the location of the bar. He was early, but it was needed.

Scouting was a big part of this. Jasper would never risk going into the bar, he had to lure his victim out to him. Usually, it was easy, they were desperate to meet him, eager, they wanted to see who he truly was, they wanted to see if he was the man of their dreams, but he'd only ever be the man of their nightmares.

Willie's, the bar, had a back alley and Jasper slunk into the shadows to wait. Hours only took minutes to pass when you were a vampire, it wouldn't be long before Jennifer was dead and Jasper was back with Maria and her army.

His phone buzzed.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I'm here, where are you?

hunting_grounds: Almost there. Go inside and order a drink, I'll let you know when I arrive

Jennifer_H_Patterson: Okay

Jasper stretched out his gift, trying to work out which human Jennifer was. There were too many to choose from, so he decided to wait and see. It was close now, so close. Getting a drink into her was always a good start, it would loosen her up a bit, inhibit her judgement. Jasper waited twenty painful minutes, his mind was consumed with many thoughts, trying to plan for every outcome which was virtually impossible.

hunting_grounds: I'm here, I think, I'm not sure

Jennifer_H_Patterson: Where are you exactly? It's called Willie's, it's downtown

hunting_grounds: Red brick building?

Jennifer_H_Patterson: Yes, I can't believe you're here

hunting_grounds: Can you come out? I don't want to go in if it's the wrong place

Jennifer_H_Patterson: Sure, give me a sec

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I'm out front, where are you?

hunting_grounds: Around the side, at my car. I don't think I'm at the right place

Jasper picked up on her emotions now, she was feeling disappointment. He locked onto her, tracking her movements as she got closer to him. This was the tricky part, humans were easily spooked, you had to play it just right.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I'm heading around the corner, just stay where you are

She was getting closer to him, but the further she got away from the safety of the bar, the more she started to hesitate.

Jennifer_H_Patterson: I don't see you, what color is your car?

Jasper spied a car just down the road from his hiding spot.

hunting_grounds: Blue. I'm inside. I think I see you

The hesitation left her and Jennifer picked up her speed. Her excitement had returned, her anticipation too. Jasper kept to the shadows, slinking to the edge of the alley. She was so close.

When Jennifer passed by, he reached out, lightening quick, and grabbed her. One hand clamped over her mouth and the other arm locked tightly around her chest, immobilizing her arms.

He couldn't stay here, it was too risky, so he stuck to the darkness and pulled her away, moving quickly to a deserted spot. When they were far enough away, he spun her to face him. Jennifer's eyes were wide, fear coursing through her, her breathing labored. Now, it was time to play. Jasper smiled.

"Scared you," he said. His eyes were a bloody brown, Jasper had spent years perfecting it, he could never let the humans know he was different, he couldn't scare them off before he had the chance to kill or change them, so now, whenever he was in the presence of a human, his eyes looked more brown than anything, it was an automatic response.

Jennifer looked at him confused, he didn't seem as threatening anymore. "You're Jack?" she asked, her heart still racing as she worked out how to feel about this.

"Yes." Jasper was still smiling. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I saw you and something overtook me, I hope I didn't scare you too much."

"No," Jennifer lied, "I'm fine, just surprised is all."

Humans were so fickle, you could tell them anything and as long as it lined up with their desires they accepted it.

"It's so good to meet you," Jasper said, drawing her in further, "you're more beautiful than your display photo."

Jennifer blushed. "Thank you. It's good to meet you too. Should we go get a drink at the bar?"

"Well, we could," Jasper took a step towards her, "but I don't really like the idea of sharing you. It's nice out here, quiet, I can put all of my attention onto you." He reached forward and smoothed her hair behind her ear. "What do you think, darlin'?"

Jennifer giggled. "I, umm, yeah, sure. We can stay here for a little while."

"Good." Jasper was waiting for the perfect time. He hated this part, the act he had to put on, but the payoff was always worth it.

Jennifer's fear was gone, replaced with lust and longing. She leaned towards Jasper and he met her halfway, their lips were an inch away from each other. Jasper knew what Jennifer wanted, but she would never get it. He didn't kiss his victims, he didn't have sex with them, that didn't interest him. He was more concerned with how they felt and the moment they realized their fate.

Jasper placed his hands gently on her upper arms, then, when she moved to close the gap, his grip tightened, fingernails digging into her skin, he bared his teeth. Jennifer's eyes widened in fear. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. It didn't matter if it had, they were far enough away from everyone else. Jasper bathed in her emotions for a moment. They were good but predictable.

He felt relief, knowing he would never have to interact with her again, no more messages from Jennifer H Patterson. At that thought, Jasper sunk his teeth into her neck, the blood flowed into his mouth. It was sweet and tangy all at once, the one drink she had at the bar hadn't tainted it too much and Jasper was thankful for that.

Her heart continued to race and it only made things easier on Jasper, he didn't even have to work to draw the blood out, it was given willingly. When he'd taken enough to zap most of her energy, he pulled back, revealing his blood red eyes to her.

Jennifer gasped. She was currently feeling fear, pain and defeat, but there was a small amount of hope there too. She thought Jasper might spare her, but she also realized the truth, that this was the end.

"Why… Why…" Jennifer sputtered, weakness overtaking her. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

Jasper paused, it was a question he got often, but one he never answered. There were many reasons he did this; because it was his nature, because it was a challenge, because it was fun, because he could. He decided, once more, that this human didn't need to know. He leaned back in and Jennifer started crying, then the pleads came. Jasper smiled as he sunk his teeth in a final time.

He didn't stop until she was dry. Her heart beat its last beat and Jasper pushed the body away from him, it fell to the ground in a useless heap. Jennifer H Patterson was dead and it meant nothing to him. Jasper wiped the excess blood from around his mouth as he looked at her slumped form. Human life was so fragile; alive one minute, gone the next.

Once his mouth was clean of blood, Jasper got to work. He found her phone and got it unlocked. He deleted everything they had ever sent each other, it would still be out there, online, but hopefully the authorities didn't dig too deep. What would they do anyway? He didn't smash the phone, that would be pointless and a dead giveaway, he just shoved it back into her pocket.

Next, he slashed at her throat, tearing through the puncture wounds his teeth had made and slicing across her neck. He even drew a random symbol into her forearm. He didn't do that all the time, just when he wanted to confuse the humans who were sent to solve this death. Jasper knew he could burn the body or bury it, make some attempt to conceal it, but he hardly thought that was worth the effort.

When done, he double checked everything. He liked this game, and although the humans would never catch him, let alone charge him for this death, he still wanted to keep playing. It was his reprieve from the monotony that was war. He stretched out his gift, making sure no one had seen or heard. Sometimes they did, but all that meant was an extra feed. Tonight, there was no one.

Jasper left the body of Jennifer H Patterson behind and fled Nashville, heading south, back towards Maria and her army. He pulled out his phone, it was time to find his next victim. There were a few keywords he typed in to find them. He chose one and started scrolling through the tweets as fast as he could. He knew exactly what he was looking for and patience was key. Some humans were too hesitant, they never got drawn in, he was looking for someone who was already susceptible.

clumsy_af: Sometimes one must do something they don't want. They must force themselves away from everything that's known and leap into the unknown. Trading sun for rain, I regret it already.

Jasper paused his incessant scrolling on that particular tweet, there was just something about it. This person was on the move and that was always a good sign. Breaking ties was the hardest thing to do, but they had already done it. Their life was already in motion so Jasper should be able to slide in without too much effort. He clicked on their profile.

Their username was clumsy_af and that was another good sign. If they were really clumsy then an accidental death would be easily accepted. First name was Bella, no last name listed. The girl was smart, or at least she appeared to be. Bella's profile photo was that of a teenage girl with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Jasper felt his lips twitch when he read her bio: I don't want to see your dick, show me your words. He liked her immediately, he was so sick of everyone pretending to be like everyone else, but not this girl, she already stuck out to him. It would be a shame to rob the world of such a beauty, but once Jasper's mind was set on something, he got it done, no matter how hard it would be.