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Anabelle woke up to the sun beating down on her through her curtain-covered window. Great, she thought. Another day. But before she could roll over and bury herself in her blankets, she realized what day it was. Today was her fourteenth birthday! When she was about to hop out of bed, she heard a knock on her door. She quickly laid back down and hid herself with her comforter. "Happy Birthday to you!" A deep voice sang from her door. She peeked through her comforter to see a blurry version of her big brother grinning at her, holding a stack of pancakes in his hands. She reached for her glasses and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before putting them on.

"Paulie!" She whined. "I thought we agreed no more breakfast in bed." She shivered at the memory of Paul's sixteenth birthday. Paul rolled his eyes. Apparently seeing your brother with everything out changes a person. He just told her that it was better him than their father. He placed the plate on her bedside table and sat down on the edge of the bed. He watched her eat a few bites before speaking.

"Ok...here's the game plan." He said determined. She raised an eyebrow at him and smirked. "Oh, don't look at me like that. Ok so first you are going to eat then get ready for the day. Before lunch we are going to watch whatever movie you want." Anabelle grinned at the thought. Her and Paul had two totally different tastes in movies. While Paul like action, gory and thriller movies, Anabelle loved fantasy, comedy, and romantic movies. She was also a sucker for movies with a ton of cliches. "Then we are going to Emily's for your birthday." Paul continued. Anabelle practically beamed at that statement. She was the baby of the pack. Even though she wasn't a part of the pack, either being a shifter or imprint, it didn't matter. They still treated her like any other member. "So hurry up fourteen year old." Paul finished ruffling her hair and walking out, leaving her to eat in peace.

After eating, Anabelle quickly scurried down the stairs, disposed her dishes in the sink and made her way upstairs to take a shower. Paul watched her in amusement from his spot on the couch. She was always like this on special occasions especially her birthday. It was a way to cope with the loss of her mother. It helped her in distracting her from the tragedy that was her birthday. Neither of the Lahotes liked to talk about it because it hit them very differently. Their father lost his wife, Paul lost the mother who wanted him and Anabelle lost the mother she never met. Paul was only two at the time but still lived with the pain of Maria's death. They all did.

Paul was pulled out of her thoughts when he heard the footsteps of his sister descending the stairs. She walked into the living room wearing black Nikes, a pair of black leggings and a flowing white shirt that read, 'It's my birthday! Deal with it...' And lastly, her thick black rimmed glasses sitting atop her nose. Paul laughs as Anabelle makes her way to the TV to play her movie of choice. "Where the hell did you get that?" He asks still laughing. Anabelle looks down at her shirt and chuckles.

"Emily saw it when we went clothes shopping for everyone. Thought is would be funny." She shrugged. She walked over to him and snuggled into his side. "Has he called?" she asked out of the blue. She was asking about their father. He was on a business trip and wouldn't be back until next week. He was always like this around this day. After Maria died, he shut down some. It was difficult for him and he never had time to properly grieve. Evey year he always has a work excuse and planned to celebrate her birthday the next week. And this year was no different.

"I'm sure he wishes you a happy birthday." Paul assured her. Although he doubted their father ever thought of them when he was away. "I knows she's up there planning and planning." She smiled. Of course her mother would do that. "Probably pissing the big man off too." He added making her laugh. Anabelle could only imagine what her mother's doing. Their father told them that she was a perfectionist. She planned everything. For their parent's first Thanksgiving, she had a seating chart...for the food. It made her think...what would mom be doing? Then she remembered something...

"Wait!" She exclaimed. She quickly scrambled off the couch and bounded up the stairs. She reached her bedroom and yanked open her door, walking in and heading straight for her closet. She reached inside her closet, towards the top shelf and grabbed a thick binder. She put it under her arm and descended the stairs. She then plopped down on the couch and placed the binder in Paul's lap. Anabelle Lahote's Quinceañera Planning Binder. He smiled and examined it. I was heavier and thicker than when he found it when he was ten. He got in trouble and his father made him clean out the attic. "I secretly added some after I learned what it was. Figured it was the least I could for her. Finish what she started. You know?"

Paul nodded and opened it, surveying the contents. Pictures or dresses, flower arrangements, centerpieces for the tables. She had also put in sample invitations, food recipes and suits for boys. He was amazed. When he first found it, there was only dresses. "This looks really good, Belle." Paul said bringing her close to his chest. "She would be really proud of you." He tapped her on the nose and hugged her to him, protecting her. And that was the last he said before looking back at the movie and watching it with his sister.

"Hurry up Bellie button! We're going to be late." Anabelle pouted at the nickname and patted her way towards the front entryway. Her hair was in a long French braid, with her bottle cap purse slung across her chest and her binder under her arm. Her glasses weren't on, so Paul concluded that she finally got over the fear of contacts.

"You know I hate that name Paul. I was five, get over it." She grumbled walked past him to the door. She stopped abruptly when she walked into her brother's arm. She looked up at him in confusion.

"¿Tomaste tu aspirina?" He asked her. She nodded. Of course she took her pill. "¿Y tus puffers? ¿Ambos?" He further asked. She nodded again. He was about to ask the third and final question but she silenced him. She reached into her purse and pulled out two similar puffers each a different color. Red and blue.

"Already ahead of you, hermano. ¡Vamos!" And with that she left him to silently laugh and shake his head.

Paul pulled up into the front yard of the Uley residence and cut the engine. He looked towards his sister who had her eyebrows furrowed. "What are you looking at?" He looked towards her line of vision and saw the house. None of the lights were on and it looked like no one was home. Had he gotten the time wrong? Paul searched through his head to try to remember what was going on..."Shit." Realization dawned on him as he remembered a key factor of today.

"Don't worry...I'll act surprised." Anabelle winked, jumping out of the small grey pick up truck. She made her way to the front door where she could already smell something delicious. She then carefully opened the door and was met by darkness. Then, out of nowhere, the lights flickered on and three bodies popped up from various pieces of furniture and yelled, "SURPRISE!"

Anabelle was amazed by all the decorations in the house. They were shades of blue including balloons, streamers, and a banner that said, Happy Birthday Anabelle! She covered her mouth with her hands and gasped. "Oh my God guys, this is amazing. Thank you so much!" She exclaimed, hugging Emily, Sam, and Jared. "You really didn't have to do that. I would've been fine with just your cooking Em."

Emily dismissed her comment with a swipe of her hand and walked towards the kitchen with everyone following. "Boys help me with the food please." Emily said. She then turned to Anabelle and pointed a finger at her. "You. Young lady are going to sit down and wait. Oh and I will take this." She grabbed the binder out of Anabelle's hand with a grin and tuned towards the kitchen. Just then she heard the front door open and close. Who could that be?

Jacob was pissed. Pissed at Sam. Pissed at Paul. Why the hell did he have to go to this girl's birthday party? And for Paul's little sister, no less. He would much rather be spending the day with Bella. She probably has nothing to do and is missing him as much as he's missing her. "Come on man, cheer up." Embry said clapping a hand on Jacob's shoulder. "Belle is nothing like Paul. She's sweet and kind and funny. You'd like her Jake. Plus Paul is totally different around her, instead of a hot-headed asshole, he's calm, and collected."

Jacob snorted at his attempt to cheer him up. He guessed he could at least stop by so Sam doesn't rip him a new one. "How old is she?" He asked out of curiosity.

"Fourteen." Embry replied. "She hangs with the Clearwater's a lot. Especially Seth. I think he's fifteen, not sure."

Jacob nodded and put his hands in his pockets. "I didn't get a gift. Can I sign yours?" He asked Embry. He didn't know the girl but didn't want to seen rude by coming without a gift. Embry waved him off.

"No gifts. Belle doesn't like people spending money on her." He laughed and continued with, "Paul told me she refused a 60 doller silver bracelet from this jewelry store that her old man gave her. Said she wouldn't wear it until she paid him back." Jake chuckled. He was about to ask another question but they were already at the front door. Embry opened it with Jacob right behind him.

Not even a minute after he closed the door, a small figure zoomed past him and into Embry's awaiting arms. "Embry!" The teen squealed, hugging him tight. Jacob's ears perked up at the angelic, soulful voice of the teen. He felt drawn to it, something he didn't understand. The first thing he noticed was her hair. It was long, reaching the bottom of her back and braided in a complicated looking braid. It reminded him of his long hair. He would never admit it but he hated it. It was really hard to manage and he was relieved when he had to chop it off.

The teen turned towards him and he froze. When he looked at her, the first thing he saw were her eyes. He was entranced when his dark brown ones met her dark brown ones. Every string connecting him to Earth vanished. Bella,the pack, his dad, everything. Like the imaginary strings were cut, and replaced with steel poles binding him with the angel in front of him.

He had found her. His happiness. His life's purpose. His gravity. His imprint.

Another moment passed and Jacob went flying out the door with Paul hot on his heels. Paul quickly phased, shredding himself of his clothes with Jacob doing the same for protection. Paul was ready to make Jacob stand down from the imprint but Jacob wanted everything to do with his imprint. They were both ready to fight for Anabelle. Even if they loved her in two totally different ways.

Anabelle was confused to say the least. One minute she was being introduced to Jacob, a pack member she had never met, and the next, he was being catapulted through the front door by Paul. It all happened rather quickly. She looked around the room to find her self alone. She made her way to the front yard, where growling and snapping could be heard. She was terrified at the sight she saw. Both wolves, a grey and a red-brown one were in the middle of trying to take a bite out of each other. Anabelle felt overwhelmed, and terrified for both wolves. Her heart was beating erratically, and she felt her chest compress in tight pauses. She couldn't breathe and closed her eyes only to be met with stars.